Unlimited [Science Book] Ò Poil de Carotte - by Jules Renard ¾

  • Title: Poil de Carotte
  • Author: Jules Renard
  • ISBN: 9782035877345
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback

  • Qui se souvient encore de son pr nom Poil de Carotte, ainsi appelle t on depuis toujours le petit dernier de la famille Lepic Tout simplement cause de sa tignasse flamboyante et de ses taches de rousseur Poil de Carotte n a peur de rien, ce qui ne l emp che pas de trembler dans le noir en entendant la voix de sa m re, sa m re qui le punit toujours injustement et luiQui se souvient encore de son pr nom Poil de Carotte, ainsi appelle t on depuis toujours le petit dernier de la famille Lepic Tout simplement cause de sa tignasse flamboyante et de ses taches de rousseur Poil de Carotte n a peur de rien, ce qui ne l emp che pas de trembler dans le noir en entendant la voix de sa m re, sa m re qui le punit toujours injustement et lui pr f re son grand fr re F lix et sa s ur Ernestine Et pourtant Poil de Carotte ne manque pas de tendresse mais, ne sachant pas l exprimer, il se montre souvent maladroit et sot
    Jules Renard
    Pierre Jules Renard or Jules Renard February 22, 1864 May 22, 1910 was a French author and member of the Acad mie Goncourt, most famous for the works Poil de Carotte Carrot hair 1894 and Les Histoires Naturelles Natural Histories 1896 Among his other works are Le Plaisir de rompre The Pleasure of Breaking 1898 and Huit jours la campagne Eight Days in the Countryside 1906.


    Poil de Carotte ("Carrot Top"), the young hero of this book, reminds me of my son Jonathan. Jonathan is autistic spectrum and thinks a lot about the past, which he remembers in minute, Proustian detail. He dwells almost exclusively on unpleasant episodes, known generically to his family as "Bad Things That Happened A Long Time Ago". Thinking about the Bad Things can sometimes make Jonathan angry. I have often suggested to him that he should write down some of the Bad Things; it seems to me that [...]

    مغامرات الفتى أصهبعبارة عن مقتطفات من طفولة الكاتب فى القرن 19كُتبت بطريقة تشبه طريقة بوستات الفيسبوك الموجودة الآن لذا قيمتها لا تتعد قيمة مثل هذه البوستات19/4/2017

    Cristina Boncea
    Prima oară când am auzit despre această carte eram în clasele I-IV iar doamna învățătoare ne-o recomanda cu fiecare ocazie ca lectură suplimentară. Am ignorat titlul pentru că mi se părea pueril, o carte pentru copii ca oricare alta, un alt autor clasic overrated. Anii au trecut și am ajuns să pun mâna pe cartea "Jurnal", apărută la Nemira, ce a reușit să mă farmece anul acesta și să mă facă să îmi doresc să pun în sfârșit mâna pe marea operă a lui Jules Renard.Am [...]

    Sandrine Cousquer
    Très surprenant. Pensais retrouver l'esprit des contes de Perrault. Au contraire, l'histoire est pour le moins aigre-douce et certainement pas a mettre entre les mains de tous les petits. On ne peut pas dire que ce soit une illustration de l'amour maternel. Neanmoins c'est un très beau portrait d'une famille ou la mère est sadique, le père j'm'en fouttiste, le frère opportuniste, la soeur sans intérêt et poil de carotte, quoiqu'attachant, un peu simplet.

    Liam Duffy
    Disguised as a children's book, this is actually a shocking and hilarious autobiographical portrait of a young boy in provincial 19th century France enduring the indifference of his siblings and the sadistic cruelty of his mother. In one vignette, Mme Lepic feeds Carrot Top a soup made of his own excrement and invites the family to watch the spectacle. Finishing the broth without much reaction, he states, "once you get used to a thing, it ceases to be funny."

    JeongWoo Cho
    This book was a really entertaining but also a very deep book. It had multiple short stories about Carotte's child life, where everyone in his family hates him and plays tricks on him. I had a feeling as I was reading that it was a bit exaggerated because no mother would do such thing to her son. But then I thought that it was a difference of perspective of culture. I was born and grown in a asian culture where manners are highly valued and equality is valued. But this book was written in a olde [...]

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    People who loathe children's books often do so because they find the stories in them, the characters in them, insipid. Here, then, is a book for those: Poil de Carotte. Poil de Carotte as well as the family of Poil de Carotte are the real thing, fussy, feuding, calling names, having favorites, being lazy, forcing others to do one's work, full of greed and cruelty and meanness. No sweet, sappy story here. And, astonishingly, first published in 1893. Refreshingly bleak, but not recommended for tho [...]

    Domenico Fina
    Sulla rete, in un Blog, ho trovato il racconto di una mamma che vuole leggere "Pel di carota" - il famoso libro di Jules Renard - ai suoi due bimbi. Pel di carota è il libro per bambini meno libro per bambini che esista, nessuno si spiega come sia diventato un libro per bambini. Forse perché nessuno lo ha mai letto. O forse perché i bambini sanno stare allo scherzo. Sia come sia: lo prende in prestito dalla biblioteca, lo sfoglia, si mette a leggere ad alta voce davanti ai suoi due bambini e [...]

    هذه حكاية الفتى أصهب آخر العنقود في عائلة السيد لوبيك. ومع ذلك أصهب فتى مضطهد من جميع أفراد العائلة؛ وهو يشعر بالكراهية تجاه جميع أفراد عائلته تقريبا_عدا أبيه_وتحديدا يكره أصهب والدته القاسية. وبحسب سياق الرواية لدى أصهب أسباب وجيهة لهذه المشاعر.لن أقيم الرواية بنجوم لأني لا [...]

    Je suis vraiment déçue.

    Je viens de finir ce livre, et je ne sais vraiment pas quoi en penserLa famille de Poil de Carotte est effectivement horrible, avec lui surtout, et en particulier sa mère. On sent que les bêtises qu'il fait sont faites pour attirer un peu l'attention sur lui (passage à l'internat où il casse une vitre), et que les gens le remarque pour ce qu'il est, et pas pour les choses que ça mère met en avant (et qui sont toujours négatives).Mais en même temps je rejoins certains avis que je viens de [...]

    I started this book and honestly put it down because it's so sad and ugly.

    Find an English version.

    Isaac Ionescu
    ”Morcoveață” este una dintre puținele cărți despre care pot să spun cu mâna pe inimă că este literalmente genială.

    Vitani Days
    Pel di Carota, all'anagrafe François Lepic, nasce rosso di capelli e per questo si merita il non proprio lusinghiero nomignolo e le vessazioni della madre, che reputa il rosso il "colore della perversione" (come non farsi venire in mente, a proposito, il "Rosso Malpelo" di Verga?). Pel di Carota trascorre l'infanzia in campagna, e la vita rurale di metà '800 (circa) è tratteggiata molto bene. Preponderante la figura della madre, una donna dispotica che privilegia i due figli maggiori a discap [...]

    Birbiriyle bağlantılı kısa hikâyelerden oluşan bu romanda, üç kardeşin en küçüğü olan Poil de Carotte (“Havuç Saç”) lakaplı bir çocuğun, ailenin günah keçisi olarak hep suçlu çıkarılmasını, ödüllerde ise genelde görmezden gelinmesini eğlenceli bir üslupla okuyoruz – aslında “eğlenceli” kelimesini tırnak içine almak gerek, çünkü çocuk sadece yaramazlık yaptığında ceza almıyor, sadistik eğilimli annesi onu ezmek istediğinde de aşağılanıy [...]

    Assia Chelaghma
    This is a book that readers either like too much, or dislike too much. A story of a young boy named Poil de Carotte who grews up with mean siblings, a cold father, and a sadistic mother who constantly mistreats him, mocks him The tone is neutral, sometimes kinda dull, with a touch of dark humour. The story is told in a non-chronological order, descriptions of short events that happened to him, and how it has all impacted his personality, and made him the person he later became, that is the write [...]

    This was a tough, tough book. I understand that it's a classic of French literature, but I could hardly get through this book on unrelenting child abuse. In the book "1001 Children's Books You Should Read", it is listed in the section for much younger children, perhaps because of the age of the protagonist, but I would have to argue in favor of young adults upward because of the subject material.

    It's curious how children think and act, how generous they are when they see flaws in other people. Carrot Top doesn't have another name in the book because his name is a symbol of gratitude and content for whatever life brings, he's pure and happy, until one day when the leaves of the trees start to tremble in a certain way and he finally realizes

    Emilie Champagne
    À milles lieux de la série tv de mon enfance (dont je n'ai que de vagues souvenirs), Poil de Carotte est un enfant battu, maltraité, peu aimé par sa mère. Au rares adultes qui le prennent en pitié, il ne sait pas répondre. J'aimerais bien savoir comment un enfant lit et comprends cette histoire

    ‏مغامرات الفتى أصهب رواية حقيقية كتبها الكاتب الفرنسي جول رونار عن طفولته، حيث كُتِبت بطريقة المقاطع القصيرة المُمسرحة، والكثير من مواقفه ذكّرتني بطفولتي، رواية شيّقة، ٣١٥ص.

    Pobre pel de pastanaga.

    Una dintre cele mai frumoase cărți ale copilăriei mele!

    Taha Noman ( طه نعمان )
    رواية ممتعة رغم ما يقال عنها أنها كتبت للناشئة الا أنني أنصح الاباء بقرأتها فهي مفيدة في تربية الابناء فهي على اقل تقدير تعطي الاباء تصور عن كيفية تفكير الابناء ، ففي هذه الرواية والتي كتبت بطريقة جميلة وهي المقاطع القصيرة يتحدث الكاتب عن طفولته حيث عانى كثيراً من الظلم أبتد [...]

    une histoire ravissante et douce te laisse sentir de la tendresse et de l'humour.poil de carrotte ce garçon mal traiter de la famille le pic vous révèlera son histoire et ses aventures

    I really don't know what to think about this story. A number of the reader reviews seem to confirm my feelings and yet a number also characterize it as a great tale. Renard, it is said, had a 'difficult ' childhood (un grand silence roux, says ) in rural France and consequently wrote this "autobiographical novel" in which the young Poil de Carotte (Carrot Top) is tortured and tormented by his family, esp. his mother. I read a few of the secondary sources about this story in an attempt to see if [...]

    Ln Kio
    Intéressant pour le côté suranné, les relations entres les personnages, et la qualité du style et de la langue française. Je suis restée un peu sur ma fin côté explication de la psychologie des personnages. Pourquoi Mme Lepic est-elle si cruelle avec son benjamin, même si on devine qu'elle l'aime autant que les deux aînés? Qui est le parrain et quel rôle joue-t-il dans l'enfance de Poil de Carotte? Je ne conseillerais ce livre qu'à des enfants qui peuvent prendre de la distance ave [...]

    je viens de le relire une énième fois, la première était quand j'avais 10 ans et ce livre me fait toujours autant rigoler, même si la rigolade est toujours accompagnée d'un petit pincement au coeur, car la vie de Poil De Carotte n'est pas agréable, Madame Lepic s'en assure, elle aime le tourmenter et le torturer en subtilité. Bref, faites lire ce livre à vos enfants, les bêtises du petit rouquin sont intemporelles.

    Je ne m'attendais pas à une série de petits épisodes comme c'est le cas, mais plutôt à une histoire avec un début et une fin: cet aspect m'a déjà déçue. J'ai trouvé ces petits épisodes ennuyeux à périr, sans intérêt, et déprimants: quoi qu'il fasse, ce pauvre Poil de Carotte, qu'on n'appelle même pas par son vrai prénom, est dénigré par sa propre famille! Je ne vois vraiment pas ce qu'on peut retirer de ce livre, sinon de l'ennui et un sentiment d'injustice.

    Daniel Ramírez Martins
    I loved this book, it was so sweet and I as this is a kind of "autobiography" by Renard it was very deep and personal. The Lepic family constantly mock of the little Poil de Carotte and he is one un-loved child, but he really doesn't really care and even makes fun of this. It's a sweet [and maybe a little bit ironic] story after all.

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