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  • Title: Datta
  • Author: Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
  • ISBN: 9788129103239
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback

  • A romantic story, influenced by the Victorian notion of romantic love , it dwells on the growing attachment, despite all odds, between an affluent Brahmo woman and an indigent but brilliant young man, a Hindu The novel is at once serious and light With a deep understanding of human psychology combined with flashes of humour, with occasional barbs at religious bigots, skA romantic story, influenced by the Victorian notion of romantic love , it dwells on the growing attachment, despite all odds, between an affluent Brahmo woman and an indigent but brilliant young man, a Hindu The novel is at once serious and light With a deep understanding of human psychology combined with flashes of humour, with occasional barbs at religious bigots, skillfully woven with respect for women, Saratchandra has created a delightful story that cannot grow old in its appeal.
    Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
    Complete works of Sarat Chandra is now available in this third party website sarat rachanabalics iSarat Chandra Chattopadhyay also spelt Saratchandra Bengali was a legendary Bengali novelist from India He was one of the most popular Bengali novelists of the early 20th century.His childhood and youth were spent in dire poverty as his father, Motilal Chattopadhyay, was an idler and dreamer and gave little security to his five children Saratchandra received very little formal education but inherited something valuable from his father his imagination and love of literature.He started writing in his early teens and two stories written then have survived Korel and Kashinath Saratchandra came to maturity at a time when the national movement was gaining momentum together with an awakening of social consciousness.Much of his writing bears the mark of the resultant turbulence of society A prolific writer, he found the novel an apt medium for depicting this and, in his hands, it became a powerful weapon of social and political reform.Sensitive and daring, his novels captivated the hearts and minds of thousands of readers not only in Bengal but all over India.Some of his best known novels are Palli Samaj 1916 , Charitraheen 1917 , Devdas 1917 , Nishkriti 1917 , Srikanta in four parts 1917, 1918, 1927 and 1933 , Griha Daha 1920 , Sesh Prasna 1929 and Sesher Parichay published posthumously 1939 My literary debt is not limited to my predecessors only I m forever indebted to the deprived, ordinary people who give this world everything they have and yet receive nothing in return, to the weak and oppressed people whose tears nobody bothers to notice and to the endlessly hassled, distressed weighed down by life and helpless people who don t even have a moment to think that despite having everything, they have right to nothing They made me start to speak They inspired me to take up their case and plead for them I have witnessed endless injustice to these people, unfair intolerable indiscriminate justice It s true that springs do come to this world for some full of beauty and wealth with its sweet smelling breeze perfumed with newly bloomed flowers and spiced with cuckoo s song, but such good things remained well outside the sphere where my sight remained imprisoned This poverty abounds in my writings.

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    I always read and reread Datta with the deepest pleasure. The idyllic Bangla grammo backdrop, the noble ideals of an aspiring age, the underlying flaws and intrigues the lovely, rich heroine who is caught between the demands of duty and the claims upon her heart the extraordinarily intelligent and utterly unworldly hero Oh, I fell in love with Naren as a youngster and I find him irresistible still. There is something of Dostoevsky's Myshkin in Naren's character the same straightforwardness, guil [...]

    Mahmudul Hasan
    আমি পড়েছি "বিজয়া"। "দত্তা" আর "বিজয়া" একই বই। শেষের কথোপকথনটি আমি যে কতবার পড়েছি তার হিসেব নেই।

    Sheetal Maurya Godse (Halo of Books)
    I loved this story. This is the story where a girl named as Vijaya follows the promise of her father. The story also represents the cultural disturbance of that time. She faced many discrimination and taunting from the people, but still she didn't move from it. I loved the powerful character of Vijaya. This is a translated version and due to this I have noticed that this book has many grammatical mistakes. This is a small book, which you can finish in a day.Haloofbooks

    ফরহাদ নিলয়
    আমার মতে বাংলা সাহিত্যের সেরা ক্লাসিক হল শরৎ বাবুর দত্তা। এই একটা উপন্যাস পড়েই আমি তার আজন্ম ভক্ত হয়ে যাই।অনেকেই বলে শ্রীকান্ত হচ্ছে শরৎচন্দ্রের শ্রেষ্ঠ কৃর্তী। কিন্তু সত্যি বলতে কি, আমার [...]

    Shilpi Chaklanobis
    Datta is a simple love story that grips one's attention till the end. A story that can never grow old as long as human sensitivity prevails. I simply loved it. One of my all time favourites.Read the full review here: Datta book review

    Soumitro Roy
    PITY. FEAR. CATHERSIS. এরিস্টোটেল এর মতে এই তিনটি agent একটি রচনায় থাকলে রচনাটি পাঠকদের মন নাড়িয়ে দিতে পারে। আর শরৎ স্যার এর এই উপন্যাস এর চূড়ান্ত প্রোডাক্ট। Character sketch, Character development Plot twist এ রমরমা এই উপন্যাসটি পড়ে এক মু [...]

    Book Worm
    this is epic Sarat Chandra touching, going through the entire spectrum of human emotions. Depicting each of them with equal panache and beautyThe story line is amazing and describes exactly how the Bramho samaj functioned back in those days as well as the zamindari system and its shortcomings

    Wasima Aumi
    The most righteous love story to me from Indian Subcontinent.Read this minimum for once in a year. I am a permanent fan of Dutta.

    Romeo Rubell
    খলনায়ক রাসবিহারী যেহেতু ধূর্ত, আর নায়ক নরেন সহজ-সরল ছেলে; এমন কাহিনীতে শেষটায় নায়কের জয় না হয়ে পারেই না। তাই যখন দেখলাম উপন্যাসের পৃষ্ঠা প্রায় ফুরিয়ে আসছে, শেষের নাটকীয়তার ফলাফল কিছু অনুমান [...]

    Shubhra AuritaRoy
    Simple elegant gentle and placid, yet full of inner turmoil Of class and gender wars A reflection of the rural and yet the urban worlds of a very modern Bengal despite being based half century ago in timeThe easiest way to describe it would be to say this is a Bengali Pride and Prejudice or that P&P is an English Dotta. Beautifully written. Deserves a wider audience and definitely a new movieHighly recommended

    Abhishek Prakash
    one of my favourite books soo farways brings a smile wen i think bot d booka masterpiece

    Elias Ahmed

    Rahul Khanna
    Extremely boring and artificial.

    বিজয়াকে নয়, নরেনকেই ভালবাসলাম বোধহয়। এই নিয়ে দ্বিতীয় বার। শরতের শ্রেষ্ঠ বইয়ের একটা- আমার পড়া।

    Colourcloud Palace

    Nabila Fairuz
    One of my all time favorites.

    Taslima Parvin
    Sarat chandro chttopadhyay is a novelist who brings such a real novel in Bengal literature. “Datta” is a amusing novel….i wanna to read this book again…

    Musfiq Sajib
    Amar pora sera uponnas er akta

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