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  • Title: What Happened
  • Author: Peter Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781932425673
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A hit and run accident threatens the happiness of two teenage borthers and exposes deeper mysteries An unnamed sixteen year old s account of events begins on a snowy evening after his brother Kyle brawls with a classmate, Duane, over Duane s tsister, the beautiful Emily The two basketball stars make apparent amends, and Duane offers the brothers a ride home from a party.A hit and run accident threatens the happiness of two teenage borthers and exposes deeper mysteries An unnamed sixteen year old s account of events begins on a snowy evening after his brother Kyle brawls with a classmate, Duane, over Duane s tsister, the beautiful Emily The two basketball stars make apparent amends, and Duane offers the brothers a ride home from a party Drunk and still fuming at Kyle, Duane drives recklessly to scare his passengers Duane hits someone on the road and then leaves Kyle, the narrator, and the victim s body to freeze while he speeds away The next day, the narrator and Kyle must face Duane s powerful father The man hated the boys father when the two adults were in high school, and he hates Kyle for dating Emily The brothers learn that the abandonment by their father after their mother s drath is only the tip of their father s mysterious history and only a sliver of What Happened.
    Peter Johnson
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.In 1951, Peter Johnson was born in Buffalo, New York He received his BA from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and his MA and PhD in English from the University of New Hampshire He is the winner of the 2001 James Laughlin Award for his second collection of prose poems, Miracles Mortifications 2001.His other books include Eduardo I White Pine, 2006 , Pretty Happy 1997 , and the chapbook Love Poems for the Millennium 1998 He is also the author of a novel, What Happened Front Street Books, 2007 , as well as a collection of short stories, I m a Man 2003.Johnson is the founder and editor of The Prose Poem An International Journal and the editor of The Best of The Prose Poem An International Journal White Pine Press, 2000.About his work, the poet Bruce Smith has said, Because Peter Johnson does not guide himself either by the turns and counterturns of verse or the horizontal urge of prose, he must continually reinvent the wheel and its destination He writes with a lover s lavish extravagance and a yogi s self discipline His funny poems are heartbreaking and his serious ones are hilarious He received a creative writing award in 2002 from Rhode Council on the Arts and a fellowship in 1999 from the National Endowment for the Arts A contributing editor to American Poetry Review, Web del Sol, and Slope, Peter Johnson teaches creative writing and children s literature at Providence College in Rhode Island, where he lives with his wife, Genevieve, and two sons, Kurt and Lucas.


    Harley Graham
    Plot: This book is about a few kids getting high and drunk at a party and decided to drive and accidentally hit a drunk man. Throughout the book the boys argued about what would happen to them because of their actions. Duane and Pork-chop drove off and stranded the narrator, Kyle and the man they hit. Duane's Father fights for all the boys involved considering he did not like Kyle or the narrator. Characterization: Duane is one of the main characters, he is quite selfish and mean. Duane's father [...]

    I have to be honest and say that by the time I was half way through this one, I really didn't care to get the answer to the questions in the title (What Happened).Our narrator, who is unnamed, shares the story of what happened late one wintery evning after a party as he and his friends were driving around drunk. In the process, they end up hitting a man and running away on foot.The telling is quite episodic as the narrator repeatedly looks back on his life to share stories about the various char [...]

    Katie Lynn
    I appreciated the author's style and the story and delivery were unique; not going down as a favorite. Kind of funny that the day after I finished reading it I couldn't remember what HAD happened. I went back to look and see how it ended. What can I say? This book is about the journey, not the destination. It has a very unique presentation style and the narrator stays consistent to form. This isn't your fairytale book where the faults and flaws in the characters are overcome suddenly and that is [...]

    Jennifer Wardrip
    Reviewed by Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooWHAT HAPPENED begins with an apology. The narrator admits that what he is about to tell may seem "erratic" because that's the way his mind works. Readers will find the tale that follows does wind and weave through past and present, but as a whole it represents the troubled path of the narrator's life. First, their mother dies, then their father disappears, and now the sixteen-year-old narrator and his brother, Kyle, live with their Aun [...]

    This book was very artistic. Reminded me a lot of the Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was a quick but charming read, I really enjoyed the story.

    "What Happened" seems to jump all over the place and never really ties itself neatly up. More of a high school title, this is the story of two brothers whose mother has died and whose father has left. the brothers are passengers in a hit and run accident. The driver (another teen with an attitude) leaves the scene where an alcoholic on a bicycle has been struck. The brothers contact the police, but then hide from them, and they feel increasing pressure from the driver's father to not confess, wh [...]

    The Loft
    Rhode Island poet Peter Johnson's first novel is a short, intriguing tale about two brothers and the aftermath of a hit-and-run car accident that left a local homeless drunk dead. It's also about the lasting effects of a mother's death and a father's disappearance on two sensitive young boys in serious trouble, but without much support at home. As cold as a midwinter's night in Buffalo, NY, where the book is set, the somber, searching tone of the prose, and its jarring images and rhythms, evoke [...]

    The book What Happened by Peter Johnson, I thought was really well written. The main character is not properly named in the book, and I feel that makes it easier for you to relate and try to put yourself in this sixteen year old’s shoes.The book itself is an adventure full of conflict and back story.In the book you will feel the stress of the characters, while they are typical teenagers experimenting with drugs and alcohol. First the narrator explains to the reader how his mother died and his [...]

    Not as bad as I had expected it to be. But still not particularly good. The writing's decent, and creates a nice portrait of who the whiny young man is, but definitely doesn't allow for any one character to seem real or likable. The multiple endings were interesting and the little quotes and whatnot before each part were nifty, but the title made it seem like "what happened" would be some sort of mystery that didn't get unveiled until the end, and the whole novel would be about the aftermath or [...]

    Part I of What Happened by Peter Johnson, begins with the inscription “There are no facts, only interpretations.” That sentiment sums up the “accident.” According to our fairly reliable narrator, Duane was drunk, it was snowing and he did hit the bicyclist that night. But farther along in the narrative, our narrator starts to offer alternate realities. Realities that don’t have much to do with that night, and everything to do with the relationship between two families who have nothing [...]

    Brandi Rae
    I disliked this so much, I'm not even sure where to start. I felt like there wasn't enough character development in the beginning, I spent a fair amount of time trying to remember who the narrator even was (first person pov), which of the other boys was his brother and who were the friends (I'm still not completely sure). When you pair that with the random flashback descriptions.Somewhere underneath it all was the makings of an interesting plot.

    Kathy Lane
    The narrator tells a story of a hit and run accident intertwined with his own fantasy versions of happy endings, possibilities and alternative worlds to his life. His mother died, his father left, and he's on meds. The unnamed narrator is emerging into himself as the story ends. A good story, but a nay for TU. (kdl)thumbsupaward/sea

    This is one the YA books I'm reading for the RI teen book award committee. I liked it a lot. Definitely a dark story. It jumps around, so it might not be the best choice for all teens. As a fairly intelligent adult, I thought it was good.

    Melissa Jewels
    The style of writing is the only reason why I'm giving this book 2 stars. It jumped all over the place with flashbacks and the present and it was unclear as to which was which. It could have been a much better story had it made more sense.

    A fabulous book you can get lost in. A book that kept even my most reluctant readers reading.

    Shelby VanHattum
    Jumps around a lot. A little confusing.

    Too American and high-schooly. It was ok.

    Beautifully written and tragically true. I really loved the way Peter Johnson used metaphors and descriptions. It was not my normal read, but something I'd like to make my new normal. Stunning.

    • ✓ What Happened || ↠ PDF Read by Ó Peter Johnson
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