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  • Title: The English Air
  • Author: D.E. Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9780030168413
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A gentle, touching romance set against the last months of peace and the first chaotic months of World War II, The English Air is one of D.E Stevenson s most poignant and profound novels It is the story of Franz von Heiden son of a high Nazi official and an English mother who died when he was a child and Wynne Braithwaite, the lovely English girl whose family he visitsA gentle, touching romance set against the last months of peace and the first chaotic months of World War II, The English Air is one of D.E Stevenson s most poignant and profound novels It is the story of Franz von Heiden son of a high Nazi official and an English mother who died when he was a child and Wynne Braithwaite, the lovely English girl whose family he visits on the eve of the war.
    D.E. Stevenson
    Full name Dorothy Emily Stevenson.Her father was a Cousin of Robert Louis StevensonD.E Stevenson had an enormously successful writing career between 1923 and 1970, four million copies of her books were sold in Britain and three million in the States Like E.F Benson, Ann Bridge, O Douglas or Dorothy L Sayers to name but a few her books are funny, intensely readable, engaging and dependable.


    Interesting to see a novel about the outbreak of WWII written as the events were occurring.Stevenson seems surprisingly sympathetic to the German point of view for an author who is usually rather rah-rah about the British military (understandably, as she was married to an Army officer); I wonder if she had a German correspondent?

    When rating books, do you ever compare authors to themselves? Sometimes what would be a 4 star book by any other author becomes a 3 star book compared to the author’s other works. Georgette Heyer springs to mind. I have read over 40 of her books, and have rated several of her books as 3 stars, but they would have been rated higher had they been written by someone else. Because I must employ some kind of grading scale so that I know which my favorites are, some good books get bumped down in my [...]

    The novel has Stevenson's usual tributes to country living and home comforts, but it also has much more adventure than her average novel. Franz has been sent to England by his father (a Nazi official) to learn how the English think. As time goes on, he is faced with the choice to be true to his German heritage or to leave it all for his new country. As WWII breaks out, he is caught in the middle and it makes for a rollicking adventure. I find it fascinating that the book was written in 1940 when [...]

    This is one of my favourites - so far.piningforthewest/2017/0

    Tirzah Eleora
    2.5 stars. I found The English Air dull and rather interesting at the same time. Dull because it was so cozy and lovely and the sun was always shining (I've never been to England, but by most accounts it's nowhere near as sunny and bright as this book would have us imagine), yet it's a war romance The fact that there's a war on, and that Franz is German and Wynne is English, was the sole conflict in the book, and even that conflict was smoothed over nicely. Franz is only HALF German, after all, [...]

    I love DE Stevenson. But after having read about 15 of her novels, I have decided they are not all created equal. I just found this one a little boring.

    A romance novel set on the eve of WW2 almost inevitably turns into propaganda, and this is no exception. There are Evil Germans and Good Germans and of course Pure True Englishwomen. I did actually enjoy it quite a lot, though, because I thought Stevenson captured a lot of the feeling of being on the brink of crisis and the things people cling to in difficult situations. And even though the characters are types, I was happy she provided a lot of different types; I read some WWI era propaganda-ro [...]

    I love these old comfortable books. Lovely characters, beautiful settings, happy endings. There are troubles, but they can be overcome. Everyone works together for friends and family. A wonderful escape read.

    Katharine Winchell
    I like most of D.E. Stevenson's work. This novel of the "reeducation" of a young German man who was born to an English mother and German father in Germany in the years before WWII is not a new story. I have read a few others that were also written close to the dates of the war itself. They seem to all want to show how wonderful England is and how everyone would come to learn how wonderful and kind it is, if only they would spend time getting to know the people. The author tries to make the story [...]

    Rose Humphreys
    As others have said, this may not be DES's best book but I am always fascinated by stories written before and during one of the world wars. She had no idea how the war was going to pan out, nor the years of struggle afterward, yet she chose to write set in real time for her. I think that is brave and more real than a historical novel. This story of a young man, half German and half English but purely German in upbringing and thinking is thoughtful and satisfying, albeit somewhat cliched in its p [...]

    Not my favorite D.E. Stevenson , but still a great comfort read. 3.5 stars.

    Character-driven rather than plot driven (the plot often moves slowly), there are many things to like in this novel of pre-and-during-WW2 England.The main character, Franz Heiden, has a dilemma. Half English, half German, throughout this book he tries to reconcile his belief system between what he has been taught from the country of his birth, and what he experiences for himself.The book starts out with his stay in England over the course of a year. Franz has decided, with the support of his Naz [...]

    When Claire wrote ‘The English Air by D.E. Stevenson might just be my new favourite DES book’ a year or so ago I sat up and took notice, because I knew that she loved the author and that she had read a great many of her books.The book was out of print, used copies were horrible expensive, but I was delighted when a search of my library catalogue found a copy. And then I was both sad and cross when I clicked on it to find ‘no copy available’ – experience has taught me that’s library-s [...]

    Cricket Muse
    One DES's best for she steps outside of her British comforts of teas and posh houses and prepares for WWII doing so through the eyes of a young man who is German, albeit half English. DES writes with authority and confidence as she looks at the Brits through the eyes of an outsider. Nuances such as speech patterns and mannerisms flow naturally in dialogues making this both an easy, yet enthralling read as there is much speculation of who ends up with whom. Plus there is spy intrigue and insights [...]

    This is one of D.E. Stevenson's best. Perhaps because it was written at the very start of WW2, it has the real feel of that struggle going on, not just as something won and over with. There are more realistic moments/hints of human darkness than are usual in her novels. The plot of the British/German romance was also used by Elswyth Thane in her novel, The Light Heart, though, because Thane's books are much more historically-detailed, the issue there is a much darker one.If you are, like me, a D [...]

    As with all of Stevenson's work, THE ENGLISH AIR has a lovely, graceful-while-yet-down-to-earth style. ENGLISH AIR especially holds my interest being written in 1940, pretty much at the time the story is set. As other reviewers have mentioned, the characters are "types" who embody current British and German sentiments during this period of heightened nationalistic awareness. But they are whole, beautifully drawn characters. I had no problem entering into the narrative, believing in these charact [...]

    Readers may notice some old-fashioned prejudice from D.E. Stevenson regarding World War II in this novel but it's understandable since it was first published in 1940. Still, this was an enjoyable story with Stevenson's usual sensitivity and insight.

    Not my favorite D.E. Stevenson book, but still good. In 1940, when it was published, WWII was raging and of course it influenced the story and her take on what was happening in her own country and also what was happening in Germany.

    A WW2 spy and romance story set in England and Germany. I love the characters in this book.

    all her books are wonderful!

    This book was set during the last few months before and the first few month of WWII. It is the story of a romance between a German and an Englishwoman. The characters all seemed overly stereotypical.

    Clara Ellen
    This was a good bookI liked Franz/Frank and the transformation of his thoughts and views.d the love story aspect was very sweet

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