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  • Title: See You Later
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780671020255
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback

  • Mark has just fallen in love for the first time Her name is Becky and unfortunately for Mark, she already has a boyfriend Mark tries his best, but he is unable to win Becky for himself until he meets Vincent and Kara and strange things start to happen Marvelous combination of first love, lost love and convoluted time travelwell told taleis may even be the oneMark has just fallen in love for the first time Her name is Becky and unfortunately for Mark, she already has a boyfriend Mark tries his best, but he is unable to win Becky for himself until he meets Vincent and Kara and strange things start to happen Marvelous combination of first love, lost love and convoluted time travelwell told taleis may even be the one they will want to read twice VOYA
    Christopher Pike
    Christopher Pike is the pseudonym of Kevin McFadden He is a bestselling author of young adult and children s fiction who specializes in the thriller genre.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name McFadden was born in New York but grew up in California where he stills lives in today A college drop out, he did factory work, painted houses and programmed computers before becoming a recognized author Initially unsuccessful when he set out to write science fiction and adult mystery, it was not until his work caught the attention of an editor who suggested he write a teen thriller that he became a hit The result was Slumber Party 1985 , a book about a group of teenagers who run into bizarre and violent events during a ski weekend After that he wrote Weekend and Chain Letter All three books went on to become bestsellers.


    Adam Wilson
    See You Later is a surprisingly brilliant and moving story. The book is short and to the point and, for me, was one of those books that you have to read all the way through without stopping for anything. The complexity of the novel was very well handled without giving its readers too bad of a headache and the characters were so well-characterized that I can find nothing bad to say about them or the way they were described. Most importantly though, this book played on my emotions which is somethi [...]


    Julia Bucy
    I read this book sometime in junior high. I've read most, if not all of Christopher Pike's books from the 90's era. However, this book is not really a horror book like the other stuff he wrote. This was actually a very moving story and I vividly remember it bringing tears to my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised then and still remember the warm feeling it gave me when I finished reading the book.

    Abbi Dion
    "Frederick began to pace the room again. Even with my thoughts spinning, I saw something about his personality that should have immediately disqualified him from commanding a nuclear-armed space station: He was a goddamn lunatic.""I was too busy daydreaming about them. That's how it is for me with the people I love. They become unreal to me. I guess I like them better that way.""I bit my lip softly, not enough to draw blood but hard enough to feel pain. That was the thing about physical pain. It [...]

    I remembered this book quite a bit from the first time I read it as a twelve year old, and I loved it all the same, I remember being so in love with the name Vincent because of it. I cried a lot near the end of this and wish I could comfort my younger selfs heartache during reading this her first time, not knowing then what I expected now since I remembered the experience. Christopher Pike is way too good at explaining time travel but also makes my head hurt, in a good way.

    While my adult self sees this more as a 3 star read, the nostalgia factor weighs heavily with this, as it stayed with me for many years after first reading it as an adolescent, therefore bumping it up to 4.

    Well I couldn't help myself since I'm back in junior high I decided to pick up one of my junior high faves.GOTTA LOVE CHRISTOPHER PIKE.Ok, so I finished it. I would give it maybe 3 stars as an adult, but it was SOOO SOO fun to read it again! I can remember waiting for this book to come out and going to buy it at Walden books at the mall.My daughter said, "there was a bookstore at the mall? There was no Barnes and Noble?!"

    First off, I just want to say that I think hard core sci-fi lovers will like this book. I really wanted to like it, but I felt it got way too complicated. I picked it up because the description on the back was interesting and if it had just stuck to that, I would have liked it, but the plot becomes more and more convoluted and it ends in a mess.

    Did anyone else keep expecting Agents Mulder and Scully to show up? Or was it just me?Perhaps the book would have been better if the famed agents HAD made a cameo. Of course this book was published a couple years before The X-Files made its debut on TV (its publication even preceeded "Beyond Reality," the little-known Sci-Fi Network show I am convinced was an inspiration for the X-files).but this story is about time travel, so it could have been possible. It was also about aliens. Of sorts.Basic [...]

    Although there are mentions of time travel, nuclear war that kills the earth, and a superbreed of aliens, I don't really consider this book science fiction. I think it's more of a love story with a supernatural twist. SPOILERS BELOW:When Mark falls in love with a girl with a boyfriend, he resigns himself to just being "the friend". Then he meets a couple, Kara and Vincent, who he immediately befriends, as both Mark and Vincent write computer games and agree to help each other. Kara right off the [...]

    The ending of this story will have you feeling like your heart just jumped into your throat (speechless). Though you might confusingly wonder where this story is going in the first 3 chapters. You'll later get close to the end as it becomes something that you must find out, as everything adds up together. This story will have you changing opinions about the characters and questioning their knowledge and side of the story. All in all, I did not and never will regret reading this novel, and I (hop [...]

    When Mark meets Becky, he's sure it's love. But Becky is involved with Ray and isn't interested in a new relationship. Then Mark befriends Kara and Vincent, a young couple new to the area. Kara soon embarks on a mission to turn Becky against Ray, thus paving the way for Mark, who's puzzled by Kara's determination.This novel offers everything a reader could want -- action, foreshadowing, love, theology, and a strong message. That said, it cannot be denied that too many disparate elements are thro [...]

    LOOOVVE ITT. I remember finding this gem of a book back in the middle school library in a cardboard box filled with old books and marked "Take one". It didn't have a front or back cover, and for a long time I didn't even know its title, but See You Later hooked me from the first page and I bet if I went home and dug up my bedraggled hand-me-down now, I would be just as hooked. I think this was my introduction to sci-fi and romance in the same book, a most excellent combination if I do say so mys [...]

    Paula Brandon
    This was amazing. I cried a little when I first read it. So tragic! I found my old battered copy from my teenage years after I moved in with my partner. I had to sticky-tape the cover back on. He read it too, but he won't admit to crying at the end. I know he's lying.Christopher Pike never took the easy way out with his books. He always made the characters hurt. And the reader hurt. So much hurt!It's got romance, horror, humour and freakin' time-travel! Even the title has heart-breaking relevanc [...]

    Oh wow. Oh oh oh wow. At least this book put into perspective what "terrible" means re: young adult fiction. Twilight? Not as bad! That said, it was interesting to see how Christopher Pike (whose name is lifted from one of the greatest sci-fi series of all times) handles science fiction. The answer? He handles it very, very poorly.

    Could not get past the main character at the beginning of the book. He feels like he has an almost instant love with a girl who has a boyfriend. He then proceeds to visit her at work all the time and think about how he is pursuing her anyway. He also pulls out the 'nice guy' card. It creeped me out too much for me to finish.

    I was a Christopher Pike junkie back in my youth, and I'm pretty sure this was the one that I loved the most. It was about time travel, and spirits, I think. I'm shady on the details, I just remember it made me cry my eyes out.

    Though I read it back when I was a pre-teen, the ending haunted me for years. It leaves a very melancholic feeling in your heart. I forgot almost all the characters but I remember the story, and I think that's what makes a good book.

    Trippy. Very VERY trippy. If you get confused easy this book is not for you LOL But because I love books that force you to really think, I enjoyed it!

    i remember that this was one of pike's better books. still no remember me though.but really, was anything he wrote as good as remember me?

    Debbie R
    I absolutely loved this book. This book was one of the Christopher Pike's books that made him one of my favorite authors growing up.

    I must have read this one 200 times.

    One of the many of my childhood favorites.

    This is my favorite book EVER. I have reread it several times and I always love everything about it.

    Cupof Tea
    "it's a thinker!" was my best one word description of this book in junior high.

    Hell didn't expect the ending. Hella random, but in a good way.

    Dave Madden
    Plane reread from when I was 12. Not sure it holds up, but remains my favorite (from memory) of the Christopher Pike books.

    This book can still fuck my shit up even when I'm no longer in puberty. It's painful and so awesome.

    Trying to fall asleep 21 years after reading this, some part of me remembered the effect this book had on me. I straight up puckered my lip and bawled the first time reading this.

    God I loved this book!

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