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  • Title: Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution
  • Author: John Gribbin
  • ISBN: 9780593067765
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Erwin Schr dinger was an Austrian physicist famous for his contribution to quantum physics He won the Nobel Prize in 1933 and is best known for his thought experiment of a cat in a box, both alive and dead at the same time, which revealed the seemingly paradoxical nature of quantum mechanics.Schr dinger was working at one of the most fertile and creative moments in the whErwin Schr dinger was an Austrian physicist famous for his contribution to quantum physics He won the Nobel Prize in 1933 and is best known for his thought experiment of a cat in a box, both alive and dead at the same time, which revealed the seemingly paradoxical nature of quantum mechanics.Schr dinger was working at one of the most fertile and creative moments in the whole history of science By the time he was starting university in 1906, Einstein had already published his revolutionary papers on relativity Now the baton of scientific progress was being passed to a new generation Werner Heisenberg, Paul Dirac, Niels Bohr, and of course, Schr dinger himself.In this riveting biography John Gribbin takes us into the heart of the quantum revolution He tells the story of Schr dinger s surprisingly colourful life he arrived for a position at Oxford University with both his wife and mistress And with his trade mark accessible style and popular touch explains the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, which underpins all of modern science.
    John Gribbin
    John R Gribbin is a British science writer, an astrophysicist, and a visiting fellow in astronomy at the University of Sussex The topical range of his prolific writings includes quantum physics, biographies of famous scientists, human evolution, the origins of the universe, climate change and global warming His also writes science fiction.John Gribbin graduated with his bachelor s degree in physics from the University of Sussex in 1966 Gribbin then earned his master of science M.Sc degree in astronomy in 1967, also from the Univ of Sussex, and he earned his Ph.D in astrophysics from the University of Cambridge 1971.In 1968, Gribbin worked as one of Fred Hoyle s research students at the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, and wrote a number of stories for New Scientist about the Institute s research and what were eventually discovered to be pulsars.In 1974, Gribbin published, along with Stephen Plagemann, a book titled The Jupiter Effect, that predicted that the alignment of the planets in quadrant on one side of the Sun on March 10, 1982 would cause gravitational effects that would trigger earthquakes in the San Andreas fault, possibly wiping out Los Angeles and its suburbs Gribbin repudiated The Jupiter Effect in the July 17, 1980, issue of New Scientist magazine in which he stated that he had been too clever by half.In 1984, Gribbin published In Search of Schrodinger s Cat Quantum Physics and Reality, the book that he is best known for, which continues to sell well 28 years after publication It has been described as among the best of the first wave of physics popularisations preceding Stephen Hawking s multi million selling A Brief History of Time Gribbin s book has been cited as an example of how to revive an interest in the study of mathematics.In 2006, Gribbin took part in a BBC radio 4 broadcast as an expert witness Presenter Matthew Parris discussed with Professor Kathy Sykes and Gribbin whether Einstein really was a crazy genius.At the 2009 World Conference of Science Journalists, the Association of British Science Writers presented Gribbin with their Lifetime Achievement award.


    Javier Santaolalla
    Muy buen libro. Una biografía clara y completa, maravillosa. Para mí, lo más destacable es que se adentra en la física, es decir, no solo analiza la vida del científico, sino que se detiene a explicar con detalle el contexto científico así como los descubrimientos científicos necesarios para poder poner en relevancia el trabajo de Erwin. No solo aprendes sobre la vida del científico, sino que también, y mucho, sobre mecánica cuántica.Además, la vida de Erwin es de esas que los bióg [...]

    Charles Daney
    I'm giving this a high rating because I think it deserves it for what the book seems intended to deliver: not so much a full biography of Schrödinger as a quick history of the "quantum revolution" that's reasonably up-to-date as of 2010 or so and the part Schrödinger played in it. If you don't care about the science (and shame on you) or instead were looking for a more detailed treatment of either the science or Schrödinger, you won't be fully satisfied.There's no question that the book is a [...]

    Erin Britton
    It might not be rocket science but quantum physics certainly is devilishly difficult to understand. As John Gribbin notes in his introduction to Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution, “it took many top scientists, working over the first three decades of the twentieth century, to work out just what quantum physics is and, when they did find out, some of them didn’t like what they had found.” Quantum physics seemed contrary to pretty much everything that classical physics held sacred, [...]

    Erwin Schrodinger and the Quantum Revolution is a popular science book by John Gribbin. The very readable book alternates between chapters which are a biography of the physicist Schrodinger and the advances in physics which his life coincided with. Overall, it works well as an introduction to the subject, but I think more in depth books would be needed, even at the popular level, to understand both quantum mechanics and the man himself. There are also occaisional references to his other popular [...]

    K De
    A excellent biography for the general reader. This biography is for the non math major. Erwin Schrodinger life is very interesting in that he was one of the fathers of quantum theory as well as being influential in biology with the rise of quantum molecular biology/chemistry. John Gribbin's biography writes a objectively about physicist Schrodinger's professional and private life. He writes of Schrodinger's affairs and infatuations with younger women as it relates to his physics creativity. He h [...]

    Tamarin Evans
    I'd be lying if I said I knew what was going on in this book. I have started reading it again. Mind-boggling stuff. I went into the bookstore looking for The Celestine Prophecy and took this book home instead. Left a happy, averted customer.

    Interesting to learn about Schrödinger and his contemporaries in the world of physics. The author does an effective job of telling the story of the controversies within the world of physics as theories were developed, challenged and redeveloped. While the physics was a bit difficult to comprehend for this layperson, Schrödinger's personal story was very interesting.

    John Gribbin has been writing what amounts to the same book for years, so by now he is good at it. The book covers the life of Erwin Schrödinger and the quantum mechanics he worked on. His personal life is certainly interesting. While married to his wife Anny for life, he was always madly in love with someone else. And when that love went well, his scientific output improved. His burst of scientific creativity at the age of thirty eight is explained by Hermann Weyl that "Schrödinger did his gr [...]

    Octavia Cade
    A bit dry, not perhaps as focused as it might have been.It took me a while to get into this. I was looking for a biography of Schrodinger, and a lot of the first half of the book was context, more about people before and around him. I understand it's necessary to set the scientific scene, but I found it frustrating. I thought I was getting a bio, but it didn't read that wayThe second half improved somewhat - I got a better sense of the man as a person, even if the science was beyond me (it seems [...]

    Little insight into Schrödinger as person or intellect; the man as subject seems to be pretense to pontificate about the Multiverse and no-collapse theories- a book he's apparently written repeatedly, given the self-citations. Among people who think about these things, the Copenhagen Interpretation has probably fallen out of favor, but the point that these are all, effectively, philosophical interpretations of a mechanically-sound theory is lost here. An experimentalist cracked me up at a Found [...]

    Schrodinger's influence in his own field as well as peripherals was interesting. When Gribbin starts describing the physics, I get bogged down 1) trying to picture it and 2) trying to solve the problem. This makes for slow going. I end up sitting, staring into space, trying to imagine entanglement. Gribbin lightened the narrative with the Hitchhiker's Guide reference that may some day prove to be the answer to everything.Funny how shocking his sex life was despite it being up against the backdro [...]

    This was on sale and looked interesting but frankly it didn't really do much for me. There are some interesting anecdotes and details but really as a biography it's sparse at best, never reaching any insight (Einstein is brought more vividly to life in a few asides) and lingering on the superficial. Likewise as an overview of the development of quantum physics it verges between impenetrable (for the layman) and tedious, often requiring a reasonable amount of prior knowledge. I frequently found m [...]

    This book is the most successful example of its kind, scientific biography.It is scientific as much as it's funny. Talks enough about other scientists of the era, also gives you a great background about what was happening politically, when all those people were trying to progress in such delicate part of the physics; quantum.Not only I've learned about Schrödinger's life both science and personal-life wise, I also got the idea of what was it like to study science in the middle of a war. Just a [...]

    WellI can't say I understood a lot of the physics described in the book. Mr. Gribbin may have been writing about quantum stuff for decades, I don't think he does a very good job of making the subject approachable (if that is even possible). At some points the book is way too detailed, and in other cases interesting stuff is passed over too quickly. I still gave it two stars because it might also have been my personal shortcoming that it was simply too complex for me to grasp.

    Peter Mcloughlin
    Pretty short basic biography of Erwin Schroedinger. Explains the physics of wave mechanics too briefly and his other contributions to the ideas of Quantum Mechanics like Schroedinger's Cat and his book "What is life". A big thinker like Schroedinger deserves a longer more detailed treatment but not bad.

    It's a good resume about the quantum history in general but in my opinion there is not enough about Schrodinger's life. Anyway I liked to know the evolution and connections between diferent scopes that carried to the quantum theory.

    Author explains quantum physics (well) and motivation of physicists (imperfectly) with intimate details of Schrodinger's life. Gives a handle to hold quantum thinking in my little mind.

    Thomas Pentecost
    Really good bio of a very interesting man. Gribbin relies heavily on some of his previously published work in this but it has fresh insights.

    As the title suggests, there are 2 "main characters" of this book: Schrödinger & quantum physics. Although the former is the dominant figure, this book shows both, how their "lives" went with and without direct influence of the other.Whatever image I had had of Schrödinger, it wasn't him. He was a much more amusing personality to read about. He lived during on the brink between classical physics and this quantum revolution (which he contributed to), & the sheer number of famous scienti [...]

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