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  • Title: The Last Word and Other Stories
  • Author: Graham Greene
  • ISBN: 9780141181578
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback

  • These twelve stories, dating from 1923 to 1989, represent the quintessential Graham Greene Rich in gallows humor, they have the power both to move and to entertain Included here are such famous stories as The Last Word , The News in English , The Lieutenant Died Last , and The Lottery Ticket , as well as his masterly detective story Murder for the Wrong Reason.
    Graham Greene
    Henry Graham Greene, OM, CH was an English novelist, short story writer, playwright, screenplay writer, travel writer and critic whose works explore the ambivalent moral and political issues of the modern world Greene combined serious literary acclaim with wide popularity.Although Greene objected strongly to being described as a Catholic novelist rather than as a novelist who happened to be Catholic, Catholic religious themes are at the root of much of his writing, especially the four major Catholic novels Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter, The End of the Affair, and The Power and the Glory Works such as The Quiet American, Our Man in Havana and The Human Factor also show an avid interest in the workings of international politics and espionage Excerpted from


    The Last Word is the final published work of Graham Greene's lifetime. Twelve stories handpicked by the man himself dating from the 1920s to the late 1980s, perhaps only because they were previously uncollected, but there isn't a bad story amongst them and some of them are great but perhaps my favourite section of the whole book is the preface in which Greene discusses the origins and why he picked these stories for collection.This is the first time I've tried his short stories so I cannot comme [...]

    I got hold of this book because I wanted to read "The Lieutenant Died Last". It was used as the basis of a very fine English wartime film called "Went the Day Well?" I like Graham Greene's writing very much and there is much to enjoy in this book. I particularly liked the title story "The Last Word", "The News in English" and "The Lieutenant Died Last". Some of the other stories didn't appeal to me so much.Well worth reading if you are a Greene fan.

    Twelve short stories selected by the author himself for this publication. The stories date from between 1923 and 1990, and are set in various locations. For me this wasn't necesarily Greene's best, I found the stories a bit hit and miss.The Last Word - Set in the future, after religion has been abolished, this story explains why an elderly man with no memory of his past is taken to meet The General, and his vague but comforting relationship with God. 4/5The News in English - Set during the secon [...]

    Enjoyable and one reasonbeing the r a n g e from 1923 through to 1989 Not often one gets THAT except in "The Collected Short Stories Of."but here there are onlyTWELVE.All various,all interesting.Showing a definite 20th Century Tone.Having just read some D.H.Lawrence short storiesthe contrast in tone was sharp.Well, I'm definitely NOT going to tell you the plots.Either you like Graham Greene or you don't or you need to find out for yourselveswhich I envy you.Until then I will continue to feel Vas [...]

    I did not like this collection of short stories as much as Graham Greene's other short story collections Twenty-one Stories and May We Borrow Your Husband & Other Comedies of the Sexual Life. The three stories I liked the most in this book were The Last Word, The News In English, and A Branch Of The Service, however I must stress the fact that these three stories were even weaker than the weakest stories found in the other two collections previously mentioned.This collection of stories is in [...]

    Sharon Barrow Wilfong
    Graham Greene is a relatively new discovery for me and I have come to enjoy his writing very much.This is a collection of short stories that range from a dystopian future to a psychological murder mystery. I will review just a few of the thirteen stories.Briefly:The Last Word is about a man who has lost his memory from an explosion due to some kind of war. He has been living the last twenty years alone and on bread. His neighbors are as suspicious of him as they are of each other. It is apparent [...]

    Michael Harrington
    Some of the stories are easier to read than others, but nonetheless, his writing style is good.The Last Word, The Lottery ticket, and Murder for the Wrong Reasons were my favorites.

    Gregory Sadler
    This book brings together twelve of Greene's short -- some very short -- stories which had not been anthologized, for one reason or another, in his earlier volumes of stories. These tales span the range of his career, going all the way back into the 1920s, and up to the late 1980s. As a longtime fan, and very unsystematic reader, of Greene, I was elated to find this little book while digging through library stacks, and read it in the space of an evening. The stories are like a selection of littl [...]

    “Literary Patchwork Quilt”This anthology offers a dozen short stories with a variety of settings: in both time and place. We are transported into the future in THE GENERAL who has an odd encounter with the Pope. Keeping to 20th century history he presents tales set in the UK during WW2, more contemporary London, and Paris in the Cold War era--where a clever fellow “stole” the Eiffel Tower. His only lighthearted piece spoofs Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Two more exotic settings include [...]

    my favorite story is "The Last Word." it is about the world in the future when religion no longer exists and the pope is the last person associated with the concept of religion. ironically, he has lost his memory so he doesn't even realize who he is.The news in English - a war story about a wife who listens to her husband broadcast on the radio from captivity during the war. he sends her messages encrypted in the transmissions. his last message is a goodbye notee moment of truth - arthur burton [...]

    El libro que leí antes de empezar La última palabra terminaba así: “Como decía un policía de Graham Greene: ‘Podemos ahorcar a más gente de lo que los periódicos pueden publicar’. También nosotros, en resumidas cuentas”. Lo digo porque a veces uno quisiera encontrar un significado en estas coincidencias mínimas, pensar, como piensa la protagonista de “Las noticias en inglés”, el cuento con el que inicia este volumen, que las cosas no siempre son lo que parecen y que hay alg [...]

    Marcus Hobson
    I was a little disappointed in this collection of Greene stories. I would have expected better of him. They were all a little bland and dull, such that having read them all I was left without any that stuck in the mind, or perhaps only things that were a little disappointing. One story, called The lottery Ticket, is set in some run down town in South America, but carries none of the skills to be found in Greene's book The Honorary Consul which has a similar setting. This tale of a man who wins a [...]

    Tom Vater
    Hard to say anything critical about Graham Greene's writing. So this is my best shot. The Last Word is a mixed bag of some absolute greats and some so-so stories. The short about stealing the Eiffel Tower left me cold, but the Kafkaesque tale of a an old man who can't remember what he did and who is taken on a plane ride to meet The Leader is great, as is the tale of a wife and mother waiting for their loved one to come back from Nazi Germany - with the wife realizing that her husband is passing [...]

    La selezione di racconti è abbastanza gradevole, ma devo dire che l'ho trovato molto meno brillante di quanto avrei pensato. Con l'eccezione di L'uomo che rubò la Torre Eiffel, divertente e originale, e Notiziario in inglese, straordinariamente commovente, che da soli valgono la pena di tutto il libro, gli altri racconti si dibattono fra il carino ma non eccezionale (Il tenente morì per ultimo, La memoria di un vecchio e via così), l'evidente potenziale sprecato (sia L'ultima parola che Un a [...]

    Dane Cobain
    It's no secret that I'm a huge admirer of Graham Greene - he's one of my favourite authors of all-time, after all. Here, we have a small collection of his excellent short stories dating from 1923-1989 - that's over sixty years of literary excellence.And the stories themselves are rich in diversity, kicking things off in a dystopian future in which religion is dead and war has been abolished (dystopian only because a corrupt general is pulling all of the strings and the last Pope, who's suffering [...]

    I didn't enjoy this as much as I hoped. I feel that Greene's type of satire and humour needs a bigger build up than these small stories allow. I guess the one I liked best was probably, "The Lieutenant Died Last," about a local poacher who ends up becoming a hero and killing German invaders in a small town before they can do any lasting damage. But there is a sense of bitterness to the whole collection that is certainly less than appealing. Take the title story, "The Last Word," which is about t [...]

    Nicholas Whyte
    nhwvejournal/720835ml[return][return]A collection of short stories ranging from 1923 to 1990, compiled by Greene in the latter year, shortly before his death. Actually it is fairly clear why these stories have not been numbered among his more memorable works; they are mostly very short and while good illustrations of his style have little to engage the reader in terms of content.

    I am giving this collection of short stories three stars as a sort of average rating. Most of the stories were good and a few were below average. Two of them, however, were notable and worthy of special mention: "The Last Word" and "The News in English." These were striking, particularly "The Last Word," in which Greene created a dystopian world as dark as any in Orwell or Huxley in a mere 16 pages.

    Judith Kerr
    Greene is my favorite writer. Short stories were his forte, maybe surpassing the novels. The title story is very powerful. I had read it years ago, and couldn't remember the title. Glad to accidentally find it again.

    Meh. Greene's short stories are nowhere near as good as his novels. A couple of good ideas, e.g. the Eiffel Tower being stolen for a day, but in general, haphazardly executed, and too heavy-handedly Christian.

    Luke Johnson
    These two stars are more a matter of Greene's reputation and an admission that I missed something than an expression of my enjoyment of the book. A couple of moments of mild interest, but ultimately unremarkable.

    Antonia Jackson
    Collection of short stories with British post Ww2 theme. Very imaginative and thought provoking. Loved the Pope and poor misguided Mr Thriplow(what a name) but some of the other stories did not grab me.

    Some of these stories are diverting, some even interesting, but several -- including the title story -- are dreadful, didactic and silly. Not up to the standards of Greene's "entertainments", let alone his weaker "novels".

    My copy of this book is missing and if anyone has it, I'd love to have it back. This and Raise High the Roofbeams are really the only collections of short stories I've ever really enjoyed. I'd love to read this collection again.

    Thought provoking and interesting- exactly what I'm coming to expect from Graham.

    J.T. Therrien
    Not Graham Greene's best, I'm afraid. I liked a couple of the stories in the collection, otherwise, most of them didn't seem to stand up to the test of time.

    Several of these read like synopses of "Twilight Zone" morality plays. I thought some of them were probably dashed off without much planning or thought.

    Eric Rocha
    A primeira história (The last word) é ótima, mas não gostei muito das outras :/

    Leigh Forsstrom
    Very Catholic.

    impeccable writing. doesn't hit me, but that's just a taste thing.

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