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  • Title: Locke and Key: Guide to the Known Keys
  • Author: Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • This special standalone issue features an expanded Guide to the Known Keys, an all new Guide to Failed Keys, and a story of summer night magic, set in Keyhouse s unlikely past.
    Joe Hill Gabriel Rodríguez
    Joe Hill s debut, Heart Shaped Box, won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel His second, Horns, was made into a film freakfest starring Daniel Radcliffe His other novels include NOS4A2, and his 1 New York Times Best Seller, The Fireman which was also the winner of a 2016 Choice Award for Best Horror Novel.He writes short stories too Some of them were gathered together in his prize winning collection, 20th Century Ghosts.He won the Eisner Award for Best Writer for his long running comic book series, Locke Key, co created with illustrator and art wizard Gabriel Rodriguez.He lives in New Hampshire with a corgi named McMurtry after a certain beloved writer of cowboy tales His next book, Strange Weather, a collection of novellas, storms into bookstores in October of 2017.


    Caro M.
    If you haven't read Locke and Key series yet, you sooo should, before there's TV series out everybody will be watching and you will be the sad sod who haven't read the series yet. As much as Stranger Things was childish (yes it was, duuh, but I loved it nonetheless, so don't boo me), this one's probably gonna be too, but I expect it to be good, at least. As for this story - it was beautiful and sad in the first part, and in the second one we get to learn some more about the Keys plus some secret [...]

    mark monday
    picture if you will a sick child. the child is brave, the child is loved. the child longs for adventures his frail little body will never allow him. the child will die in agony. picture if you will a father. if you were the father to such a child, what would you do? you are a father who has done things, who can do things, magic things. and yet there is no magic cure. but perhaps you can do something yet: create a fantasia, create a perfect childworld. bring back ghosts from the past. take your c [...]

    I'm glad I only paid $1.99 for this as it was somewhat disappointing. The extra story is touching but I was expecting more new information about the keys and it wasn't really there. The guide to the keys was in the back of several of the volumes. In the other hand it's short and you get an extra emotional key story.

    The main story with Ian and his dad and the moon wasn't all that engrossing, but the various diary entries at the end about the different keys and how the Locke family used them was pretty interesting. Loved the illustrations, especially the ones inside the moon.

    Sooraya Evans
    Nothing compared to the main story line.If you're new to Locke and Key, it's probably more fun to find out about the keys progressively through the main series.

    3.5 stars. The moon key story was adorable. I really wish there were more keys to go into.

    While this story could be a stand alone, this story is better understood if you have read the issue "Small World", as this has the family found in that story. We meet Chamberlin Locke and his wife Fiona and their four children. This story centers on their sickly son Ian, who is prone to convulsions, who can’t be cured by the magical mending cabinet in their home. Ian, his father and family friend Harland board a special hot air balloon to take them to the other side of the moon. This beautiful [...]

    This single comic length addition to the universe created by Hill and Rodriguez serves as handy little recap of the various keys and their functions, as well as adds one extra key via a short story following some of the Locke ancestors. Not necessary for those who are reading straight through the series, but for someone like me, who had taken a break of a few months while waiting for Volume 6: Alpha & Omega to drop, it's ideal.

    Do you like to cry? Cause this story will make you want to cry. I read this before I read volume 5 of the series and it took me right back into this world. I world where even the least nefarious events, are still tinged with bitter sweet aspects. Its a wondrous story with magic and flight, and personal tragedy. Its great, just don't read it on a day your feeling bummed.

    Adam Shaeffer
    No new keys here, particularly after reading Clockworks, but the little one off story, "Open the Moon," was truly beautiful. As a dad, it moved me nearly to tears, and that doesn't happen very often. Loved it.

    Yayo del Rëy
    OOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!Esta historia corta (que ocurre muchos años antes de la saga original) es demasiado hermosa y triste :( Me gustó demasiado demasiado, y esa última imagen es pero DEMASIADO TRISTE :( !!!!

    Felipe Alemán
    It was good, but I was expecting something different.

    Katherine Sigarán
    A fantastic short story set in this world of Locke & Key, and the guide to the known keys is very entertaining and interesting to know more about the ancestors of the Locke family.Una fantástica historia corta ambientada en este mundo de Locke & Key, y la guía de llaves conocidas es muy entretenida e interesante para conocer más sobre los antepasados de la familia Locke.

    1 Confusing-Stars! ☆What the hell did i just read? The first short story had nothing to do with the house , which was upsetting to begin with. Then the father used a key to he could get rid of his sick son.What?!The father and son get into a hot air balloon and they go high enough that they are able bump into the moon? Wait, because if you thought that was impossible, then the father opens the moon with a key, like a door and walks inside to a place that looks like the backstage to a theater? [...]

    Dan Guajars
    No le puse cinco estrellas porque llegué al final y quedé con gusto a poco, QUIERO MÁS!Entiendo que es un tomo único, la historia es hermosa y me hizo llorar. Ya estoy ansioso por el tercer volumen de L&K, MUUUY ansioso.

    Hone Haapu
    Shameless scraping out of the barrel of Locke & Key here. Was nice to finally get my head around all the keys and their uses. The authors dont make a big deal of parading each key around and describing it during the main story.


    Nice addition to the whole series. Pretty mice moon story

    Nicole Bugueño
    Leido en Febrero del 2016 Entendí poco en que se relaciona a la trama original, pero puta la wea hermosa y triste :(

    Es una historia increíble, sólo voy a decir que se me escaparon unas lagrimitas al final:´)traten de conseguirla <3

    The loss of a son. Dark and strange and heart-wrenching.

    I'm not crying, it's just raining out. This one off comic in the L&K universe almost had me in tears. One of the Key House residents has a son with, presumably, a brain tumor. He is quickly going down hill and the father can't bear any longer to see his son in misery. He makes a childhood story come alive, with the workings behind the moon, and in L&K story fashion essentially puts his son out of his misery. This one introduces the moon key, which basically unlocks the afterlife. As a fa [...]

    Hill. Winz. Always. Ckvicogificuvigigicifivifeydsvjvivobpbobo xucufififufucici jviviviviviviviciviv ifucucivivk ifudyduflfuckvkv fifudifjcifueuduvkv uf dcicicigigifuvicifucicufueud jcuyducicicififuficuccjvuficivkvkdydjvi. Fjcjcufufixifigicic. One. One. One. One. I’m. Thank. Thank. You. Thank. You.

    3.5. Tenía ganas de volver al mundo de estos cómics y en esta ocasión me tocaban leer los especiales. La primera parte de esta entrega es una historia muy tierna. La segunda mitad es la información de todas las llaves de la casa (esas que poco a poco íbamos descubriendo en la historia, por lo tanto nada nuevo). Pero aun así es un relato breve muy bien llevado y dibujado :)

    Acabada Locke and Key. Me ha encantado. Los primeros tomos me parecia curioso pero a partir de cierto punto me enganchó y no la he dejado. Y el dibujo de Gabriel Rodriguez muy bueno también.

    La historia del principio es de lo más bonito que he leído en mucho tiempo. Luego deriva en un listado de las llaves que han aparecido a lo largo de la saga.

    My, that was a short but oh so wonderful story sour and sweet, sad but hopeful loved it!

    Tiffany Lynn Kramer
    This little stand alone almost had me in tears. Absolutely perfect.

    Scott Filibeck
    Contains a truly wonderful, and meaningful one-shot.

    Short & sweet.

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