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  • Title: Malice
  • Author: Gabrielle Lord
  • ISBN: 9781742833828
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback

  • Cal, Winter, Ryan and Boges have had enough adevntures for a lifetime Now all their enemies are locked up or have disappeared Still, Winter can t shake the feeling she is being watched.When she finds a note saying The Drowner 30 days her worst fears are realised Who could be after her and her friends this time With Cal away at flight school and a dangerous mysteryCal, Winter, Ryan and Boges have had enough adevntures for a lifetime Now all their enemies are locked up or have disappeared Still, Winter can t shake the feeling she is being watched.When she finds a note saying The Drowner 30 days her worst fears are realised Who could be after her and her friends this time With Cal away at flight school and a dangerous mystery to solve, will Winter be able to survive the 30 day countdown Or will The Drowner live up to their name The clock is ticking Any second could be her last.
    Gabrielle Lord
    Gabrielle Lord survived being razed by the nuns, acquired an education despite this, and after working in many different areas, sales, teaching, brick cleaning, peach picking and packing, and in the Public Service as an employment officer, started writing seriously aged 30.Her first two manuscripts ended up composting the tomatoes at her market garden another attempt to make a living but the third one FORTRESS was picked up internationally and made into a feature film starring Rachel Ward A later novel WHIPPING BOY was made into a telemovie starring Sigrid Thornton The film rights money, coinciding with her daughter leaving school, allowed Gabrielle to resign and instead of getting up at 4.30am and writing for several hours before heading off for work, she could write full time and lead a normal writer s life hanging around with scientists and detectives, badgering forensic anthropologists she studied some Anatomy at Sydney university and doing work experience with a busy private security business and of course, writing.Research is everything, she says Out of my contacts with experts who are always far too modest to describe themselves that way I get not only the fine tuning necessary for today s savvy readers, but also wonderful incidents and images that enrich and enlarge my books Gabrielle s interests are very simple After a misspent youth, I don t have many brain cells left so I enjoy walking, meditation, singing, gardening, chatting with close friends, being with my family and grandkids, feeding my goldfish and keeping up to date with bodywork and enlightened psychotherapy Gabrielle has now written fourteen adult novels and a novel for young adults Once the 12 books of Conspiracy 365 are completed, this tally will be a tad bigger Following this mammoth endeavour she already has plans for another three adult novels and two YAs.2013


    Malice Conspiracy 365 is the fourteenth book in the Conspiracy 365 series by Australian author Gabrielle Lord. Shortly before Cal is due to head off to flying school, Winter receives an old newspaper clipping in the mail “THE DROWNER” with a handwritten annotation: 30 days. Is it a threat, or a warning? The discovery of a surveillance bug in her study and the disappearance of an important file lead to the discovery of a property Winter didn’t know about: Perdita, a rundown mansion on the c [...]

    It seemed like this one was missing something and I think that is because Cal wasn't really in this one. It was nice to see Winter, Boges and Ryan work together to figure things out. It's funny how the old bad guys just won't let these kids go and still come after them.

    Gibson Gallant
    just like the last book this book is taking over the story from one of the friends except it's winter, instead of boges. winter is still having the feeling something is wrong even with sligo dead now and then she knows something is wrong when the clipping comes in the mail "the drowner 30 days" and some of her files go missing later they find out that the missing file was a deed to a house named perditia. malice is a good read full of deatail and mytery and would recommend it to those who read r [...]

    rachel • typed truths
    I am glad this series is practically over because it has gotten beyond ridiculous. I didn't not enjoy this one tiny bit. The clichés and coincidences were endless. The mystery was dull as could be. Winter had an extraordinarily boring voice and I didn't feel like any of the characters had been fleshed out properly.I tried to enjoy Malice, I really did, but this was completely, completely, completely unnecessary addition to the series. I didn't enjoy it, I am not looking forward to the rest of t [...]

    Gretchen Fatouros
    Made me think of Scooby-Doo. Better than last book, but the entire 30 day countdown (like last book) is just trying too hard.


    i loved all of these books can not wait to read the next 3

    Gage Williams
    Malice by Gabrielle Lord is a good book. I have read the whole series and it has been a great series. I like this book and the series because I like how much action and suspense there is. I also like how you sometimes have to put things together and then the book makes sense. The main characters in the book were Boges,Ryan, and Winter, and they go to one if winters ancestors property called Perdita. When they get there they find out about this hidden treasure and a ghost of Captain Greenlowe and [...]

    I liked this book better than the last two. I liked the spooky house and the exploring of the underwater caves. However, underwater caves in real life is often suicide (as in, "don't try it.") I liked the new Harriet character and I figured out the reason for her farm's trouble before it was revealed. I also figured out the ghost. It wasn't realistic to me that Cal didn't figure things out or show up sooner, since he would've been on hyper-alert from his prior adventures. It also had another "De [...]

    Hailey Johns
    I'm reading the book Conspiracy 365 Malice by Gabrielle Lord. I chose this book because I already read the rest of the series and it sounded really interesting when I read the description on the back. All there enemies are locked up or have disappeared. But something mysterious happened in the mail Winter received I note saying THE DROWNER 30 days. Who could be after her and her friends this time? Cal's at flight school and Winter has to survive the 30 days. Other books in the series are Conspi [...]

    Conspiracy 365: MaliceCal, Boges, Ryan, and Winter, people that have been hunted all their lives, finally have a break but Winter feels she is being hunted. She gets a note saying, “The Drowner… 30 Days” They are then on the run. With Cal heading to flight school it's up to the others to solve the mystery and save Winter. Will they save Winter or will The Drowner live up to his word. 30 days. The clock is ticking. Any second could be her last.My favorite part was when they found the secret [...]

    Really Good

    Edward Arrington
    Very interesting reading! "The Drowner" at the beginning of the book had me totally stumped.

    Definitely reccomended for fans of the rest of the conspiracy 3645 series.

    Cheri Meyer
    What a great series this is. If you have any young adults, this is a must. I know several teens that got hooked on one and could not stop. I know I couldn't!

    This book was awesome! I wish it had a bit more Cal/Winter though

    Great read continuing the theme from winters point of view. If this series doesn't get kids reading especially boys, I'm not sure what will!

    it was great

    Shannon Luxford
    Really just banking in now on the series. I still enjoyed it - but the series is becoming quite long and the same

    Micah Frost
    Very good book

    Great extra to the series. Engaging.

    A very good mystery, even though it was easy to figure out.

    Luke Evans
    What I need to say is Gabe lord is writing to many conspiracy 365 books he should try a new seris to write but I put it as a to read cause the conspiracy books are good but this may be to much

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