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  • Title: A Kiss at Midnight
  • Author: Eloisa James Susan Duerden
  • ISBN: 9780062019622
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Audiobook

  • Miss Kate Daltry doesn t believe in fairy tales .or happily ever after.Forced by her stepmother to attend a ball, Kate meets a prince and decides he s anything but charming A clash of wits and wills ensues, but they both know their irresistible attraction will lead nowhere For Gabriel is promised to another woman a princess whose hand in marriage will fulfill hMiss Kate Daltry doesn t believe in fairy tales .or happily ever after.Forced by her stepmother to attend a ball, Kate meets a prince and decides he s anything but charming A clash of wits and wills ensues, but they both know their irresistible attraction will lead nowhere For Gabriel is promised to another woman a princess whose hand in marriage will fulfill his ruthless ambitions.Gabriel likes his fianc e, which is a welcome turn of events, but he doesn t love her Obviously, he should be wooing his bride to be, not the witty, impoverished beauty who refuses to fawn over him.Godmothers and glass slippers notwithstanding, this is one fairy tale in which destiny conspires to destroy any chance that Kate and Gabriel might have a happily ever after.Unless a prince throws away everything that makes him noble .Unless a dowry of an unruly heart trumps a fortune .Unless one kiss at the stroke of midnight changes everything.
    Eloisa James Susan Duerden
    New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers Her novels have been published to great acclaim A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa s very first book that she found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar later People Magazine raved that romance writing does not get much better than this Her novels have repeatedly received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal and regularly appear on the best seller lists.After graduating from Harvard University, Eloisa got an M.Phil from Oxford University, a Ph.D from Yale and eventually became a Shakespeare professor, publishing an academic book with Oxford University Press Currently she is an associate professor and head of the Creative Writing program at Fordham University in New York City Her double life is a source of fascination to the media and her readers In her professorial guise, she s written a New York Times op ed defending romance, as well as articles published everywhere from women s magazines such as More to writers journals such as the Romance Writers Report.Eloisaon her double life When I m not writing novels, I m a Shakespeare professor It s rather like having two lives The other day I bought a delicious pink suit to tape a television segment on romance I ll never wear that suit to teach in, nor even to give a paper at the Shakespeare Association of America conference It s like being Superman, with power suits for both lives Yet the literature professor in me certainly plays into my romances The Taming of the Duke April 2006 has obvious Shakespearean resonances, as do many of my novels I often weave early modern poetry into my work the same novel might contain bits of Catullus, Shakespeare and anonymous bawdy ballads from the 16th century.When I rip off my power suit, whether it s academic or romantic, underneath is the rather tired, chocolate stained sweatshirt of a mom Just as I use Shakespeare in my romances, I almost always employ my experiences as a mother When I wrote about a miscarriage in Midnight Pleasures, I used my own fears of premature birth when the little girl in Fool For Love threw up and threw up, I described my own daughter, who had that unsavory habit for well over her first year of life.So I m a writer, a professor, a mother and a wife My husband Alessandro is Italian, born in Florence We spend the lazy summer months with his mother and sister in Italy It always strikes me as a huge irony that as a romance writer I find myself married to a knight, a cavaliere, as you say in Italian.One thingI m a friend I have girlfriends who are writers and girlfriends who are Shakespeare professors And I have girlfriends who are romance readers In fact, we have something of a community going on my website Please stop by and join the conversation on my readers pages.


    Once upon a time.t to long ago. A reviewer named Rane came across a book, but not just any book- a book with a beautiful cover in shades of the fairy tale Cinderella. Now Rane has read many good things about this book, and the stars bestowed upon showed it’s favor to other readers. So taking a chance, she picked up this book and took it home with her, hoping all turned out well, if not she could complain loudly. Thankfully, Rane did not have to complain and saved her vocal cords the trauma. No [...]

    DNF @ 20%Look, I love me some Eloisa James, but this book was just…NO. “This story begins with a carriage that was never a pumpkin, though it fled at midnight; a godmother who lost track of her charge, though she had no magic wand; and several so-called rats who secretly would have enjoyed wearing livery. And, of course, there’s a girl too, though she didn’t know how to dance, nor did she want to marry a prince. But it really begins with the rats.”Sounds awesome, right? WRONG.This prem [...]

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    This is not your mama’s Cinderella story!In A Kiss at Midnight we have a Godmother whose wisdom rivals any magic found in a wand, “rats” I wanted to love and cuddle and who’d be welcome at my house anytime, a stepsister who isn’t so wicked, and a step mother who is, a coach to whisk you away at the stroke of midnight, and a prince who is more than just charming, he’s a wonderful, honorable and a worthy human being – not to mention downright sexy!This was such a delightful re-tellin [...]

    Kate: "I'm old and ugly and poor and too skinny. Oh woe is me."Repeats ad nauseum until practically the last page.Gabriel: "I'm a prince but I'm also a man. I'm a man but I'm also a prince. I have responsibilities. Oh woe is me." Repeats ad nauseum until practically the last page.Both: "This is like a fairy tale, but life is not a fairy tale. You're like a prince/princess in a fairy tale, but life is not a fairy tale. If only this were a fairy tale "Author's note: "This is very much a fairy tale [...]

    Christina ~ Brunette Reader
    What an original and charming take on the traditional Perrault's storyline! But don't worry, you'll all the same get the selfish stepmother, the vacuous stepsister, a castle, a faux-glass slipper, a very particular version of "the rats" and an outrageously cheeky and meddling fairy godmother who gets the best lines.Oh, and of course there are a prince and a down-on-her-luck heroine sharing a passionate and sexy romance.Regency fluff at its best, with an engaging writing and sparkling dialogues.B [...]

    I might be done with this genre of book. I wanted some brain candy and decided to pick one up after several months off the whole corset and rake thing. LOVE this author but this one did NOT do it for me, seemed a lot more predictable than her other Duchess stuff. Also, another reason why I'm over this genre isAGE 24 IS NOT OVER THE HILL AND OLD! OMG IF THAT'S OLD AND SHE'S "LOST THE SPARK OF YOUTH" THEN I"M AN OLD HAG! I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL LIKE AN OLD HAG WHEN I READ TRASHY ESCAPIST LITERATURE. [...]

    3 ½ stars – Historical/Fairy Tale RomanceI had a hard time getting into this book and the first 200 or so pages really dragged for me. To be fair, my lack of enthusiasm was, at least partly, because I probably just wasn’t in the right mood or frame of mind for it. My frustration for about a third of the story was that there were too many characters and just way too much going on, so things were a bit muddled. The main H/H, Kate and Gabriel, seemed to get a bit lost in the chaos and there wa [...]

    Really good retelling of Cinderella!I loved both characters of Kate and the Prince of Marburg, Gabriel. Both were written to be witty, honorable and likable characters.The chemistry between the two was well done and you could tell they were interested in each other, more then just lust. It really didn't start until about 40% in when they were actually interacting more with each other and the plot had been developed.Lots of secondary characters in the book and I really enjoyed them as well, espec [...]

    I love fairytale re-tellings and even with this book taking liberties, it was very good and beautifully written. This is my second book by EJ, and I like her style. She hasn't reached the pinnacle of genius like writers Lisa Kleypas and Sherry Thomas in HR, but I enjoy her stuff and may very well need to read more of her work.Gabriel was quite the sensual man, his characterization was so sexy, with his dark, long hair and sexy seductive accent. I adored his responsibility to his family in the mi [...]

    Laura the Highland Hussy
    4.5My friends Catherine and Uniquelymoi recommended this book to me, and it is official: they can recommend books to me anytime!I started this really late, like 10 pm late. I just wanted to read a bit before bed. Big mistake. I got so caught up that I didn't stop reading til about 2 am when I finished the book!I'm not a huge fan of any new takes on classic fairy tales, so this never rated high on my to-read list, but with the reviews my friends had given this book, I bumped it up. I loved it. I [...]

    27 November 2015: $2.99 on Kindle23 September 2015: $1.99 on Kindle2 September 2015: $3.99 on Kindle9 June 2015: $1.99 on Kindle4 March 2015: $2.99 on Kindle27 January 2015: $2.99 on Kindle6/13/2012: $0.993.5 Stars I think. A slow start kept me from getting into right away, and it took me a little bit to start to feel anything more than 'meh' for Kate. But after it started to pick up, I loved it. Gabriel is awesome. Secondary characters are fantastic. And the romance is sigh worthy. Ending? Fant [...]

    "'Let me sum it up for you: Kate, very sensibly, shows no interest in you. Frightened by the imminent arrival of your bride, you are now running shrieking in the other direction of the one woman who not only doesn't want you, but isn't eligible. Really, could you be a bit more original?'"Synopsis: Cinderella must pretend to be Drusilla for a week so that Drusilla can be approved to marry a puff pastry named Algie, all while being seduced by the one man who needs to approve the union, Prince Char [...]

    Ilona Andrews
    I really loved this one. I had it in paperback and bought it on Kindle because right now it's on sale for $.99. What it is not: a serious, angst-filled historical romance.What it is: a fun playful exploration of Cinderella theme against the backdrop of Regency England. I'm a big Eloisa James fan, meaning if she wrote a book, I'm very likely to love it, so please do take me with a grain of salt. Kate Daltry is a granddaughter of an earl. Her mother passed away and then her father, who was not a m [...]

    When we were little girls, we all knew the story of Cinderellae rags to riches to rags plight of an impoverished beauty who is granted one unforgettable night at a glorious ball with a handsome prince. That might have been a long time ago but none of us has forgotten the love story of Cinderella and her Prince Charmingd the most romantic "happily ever after" in fairy-tale land. A Kiss at Midnight is Eloisa James' gift to those little girls - all grown up now but still believing in the magic of t [...]

    After hearing raves about this series (specifically When Beauty Tamed the Beast), I decided that I should finally read Ms. James' book. I knew going in, it was a take on Cinderella, and I was quite prepared for it. What I was not prepared for was Ms. James' writing. More on that, later.Kate, our Cinderella, has a dead (philandering when he was alive) father, a vain and slightly evil stepmother, and a newly acknowledged beautiful, but kind half-sister. Through some convoluted situation where said [...]

    What a fun book! There's just something special about reading a new twist on a classic story. The romance developed faster than I usually like, but I was expecting that going in. Cinderella doesn't spend months with the prince before falling in love, so how can I expect something different from Kate?Katherine Daltry, or Kate as she prefers to be called, gets suckered into pretending to be her stepsister, Victoria, for a few days by her stepmother. Kate would be the first person to tell you the d [...]

    What a difficult book to rate 1/2 bleh + 1/2 awesome = ?A fairly faithful retelling of “Cinderella,” set in some vaguely Georgian/Regency-ish period, this is the story of Kate, a dispossessed daughter and Gabriel, a prince in need of a wealthy wife. The first half of the book reads like James was channeling Christina Dodd at her weirdest: a scattered, muddled, mishmash of characters, plot and conversations. There’s a bit of sardonic wit, but nothing that made me want to continue; I persist [...]

    Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~*
    2.5-3 of 5 Stars - Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading Den Did Not Finish*WARNING: This review contains a SPOILER of a particular scene in the book which I had an issue with.*This is a Cinderella re-telling.I still haven’t finished this, after putting it aside for several months, and I’ve finally accepted that I don’t think I feel like finishing it. *sad sigh* :-(I'm sorry, friends, I have tried to pick it back up a few times but just can't seem to keep reading.I don’t know what happe [...]

    First half - 1 starSecond half - 5 starsSeeing as it's a historical retelling of Cinderella, I was pretty excited about reading A Kiss at Midnight. It'd been a while since I'd read a good forbidden romance themed novel, but the beginning was dull enough that I was certain this one wasn't going to change that. Thankfully, the story became absolutely magical during the last hundred pages and saved this from being a complete disappointment. A Kiss at Midnight is my first read by Eloisa James and I' [...]

    Duchess Nicole
    What a beautiful story! Eloisa James does a lovely job of staying true to the whimsical, ultra romantic aspect of a fairy tale in this retelling of Cinderella. And boy, was it romantic! Kate is the orphaned girl, with the evil stepmother who basically strips her wealth and status from her after her father's death and passes it on to her own daughter. I like how this element of the story was portrayed. The step-family isn't really evil, they're simply selfish. The step mother isn't even a big par [...]

    In the author’s note in the back of this book, Eloisa James writes “A Kiss at Midnight, I cannot emphasize too firmly, is a fairy tale, not an historical novel.” I think this statement would have benefited from being at the front of the book. Whether that would have improved my enjoyment of the first part of this novel is unlikely, but I think I would have preferred that knowledge going in.For the first several chapters of this novel (in fact, it was probably more like a third of the book) [...]

    Manda Collins
    Fabulous retelling of Cinderella with all the wit and charm one would expect from Eloisa James. I loved the little tweaks she gave to the traditional fairy tale elements--an earthy godmother, a not so ugly stepsister, and a not-quite-glass slipper. And of course there was more to the relationship between Kate and her handsome prince than just one evening together at the ball. From their prickly first meeting to their growing attraction to one another, their chemistry zings off the page. James do [...]

    This was an absolute delight to read. We have you down-trodden beautiful maiden, a gorgeous dark prince, an evil step-mother and a sweet step-sister. Oh yes and a fairy god-mother named Henryl the makings for a sweet fairy tale and of course this waswith the required happy ending. Kate's step-mother insists that she go to a ball in her step-sister's place due to the actions of a dog. She goes to the ball and of course meets the handsome prince. He is a sweet and caring prince at heart and must t [...]

    A KISS AT MIDNIGHT is simply enchanting! The heroine is intelligent and strong, the hero is sexy and just a bit dangerous, and the secondary characters are delightfully charming. One of the best books I've read in years!

    Thought:I didn't know this book was arereaduntil the lion was mentioned. Ooops.Did you know?I'm in love with the secondary character. I started looking forward to read aboutBerwick , the hero's illigetimate brother who works as the majordomo to his castle. He's just sooo cute and he absolutely has a great sense of--(background noise)What? I didn't hear youThis should be a review between Gabriel and Kate? But I love Wick!.Hmm.Hmmm.B-but this is my review.I gotta to---Ugh. Fine Let me start again. [...]

    Really 4-1/2 Stars on this one! This was a VERY different take on the "Cinderella" fairytale. I really enjoyed Eloisa James character writing. Plus, she didn't make it "too easy" for a Prince to marry "out of class". Even though James could have done so by way of her reiteration at the end of the book in which she stated that she indeed intended for it to be a fairytale, and NOT a historical book. Nice job! The audio narrator on this book is exceptional, and since there are quite a number of cha [...]

    Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead
    This book was weird. That is the only way to explain it. Too many characters left underdevoloped, a plot line that just kind of disappears, unanswered questions, and just strange dialogue. Nevertheless, I found myself hopelessly addicted to the last half of the book.

    Literary Ames Against GR Censorship
    I'm fairly new to historical romance but this was very disappointing fare from what I perceive to be a popular author of the genre. Though funny at times, I found this book to be insubstantial and inconsistent fluff with a couple I didn't think were "made for each other" at all. The Prince wasn't drawn in a very favourable light (you get the feeling he's a useless arrogant rake) until we're told he has a degree from Oxford in archaeology and the weight of responsibility on his shoulders which me [...]

    SheriC (PM)
    It's odd that I was so annoyed by the gaps in logic in the book that I had just finished, The Bridge, but mostly gave it a pass with this one. Because there were plenty of plot holes, logic gaps, and absurdities here. I could overlook them partly because the author set it up explicitly as a fairy tale, but partly because the story was just plain old entertaining. Audiobook, borrowed from my public library via Overdrive. Excellent performance by Susan Duerden.I read this for the 2017 Romance Bing [...]

    I received this book free through the First Reads giveaway at .Let me start by saying this isn't really a historical romance, and the author clarifies that it isn't in the epilogue. It is a retelling of Cinderella in a Regency setting. I was actually a bit hesitant when I realized it was a fairy tale. It just struck me as a bit cheesy and unoriginal. Then I figured since I received it free I owed it to the author to read it, and the next thing I knew it was 11pm and I was on page 250-odd.This bo [...]

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