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  • Title: Crossbones Yard
  • Author: Kate Rhodes
  • ISBN: 9781444738742
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Mulholland Books presentsCROSSBONES YARD Ray and Marie Benson killed 13 women before they were caught, tried and imprisoned Five of their victims were never found Six years later, psychologist Alice Quentin discovers a woman s body on the waste ground at Crossbones Yard The wounds are horrifyingly similar to the Bensons signature style But who would want to copy thMulholland Books presentsCROSSBONES YARD Ray and Marie Benson killed 13 women before they were caught, tried and imprisoned Five of their victims were never found Six years later, psychologist Alice Quentin discovers a woman s body on the waste ground at Crossbones Yard The wounds are horrifyingly similar to the Bensons signature style But who would want to copy their crimes When Alice is called in to consult, her first instinct is to say no She wants to focus on treating her patients, not analysing the mind of a murderer But the body at Crossbones Yard is just the start, and the killer may already be closer than Alice knows.
    Kate Rhodes
    KATE RHODES is a full time crime writer, living in Cambridge with her husband, a writer and film maker Kate used to be an English teacher and has published two award winning collections of poetry In 2015 she won the Ruth Rendell short story prize Kate is the author of the acclaimed ALICE QUENTIN series, with the fifth book, BLOOD SYMMETRY published in 2016 In January 2018 Kate will publish the first novel in a new series, HELL BAY, a crime novel set on the remote Cornish island of Bryher, featuring DI Ben Kitto.


    Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    I deliberated between 3 and 4 stars for this book, I am settling on 3 stars in the end (I will explain why). So, I am a huge crime fiction reader, it's my most read genre, I have no secrets around that, and as the years go on I find I am getting fussier with this genre, largely due to some spectacular 5 star reads I have read in the last year. What's this book about then?Alice Quentin is a psychologist with some painful family secrets, but she has a good job, a good-looking boyfriend, and excell [...]

    Crossbones Yard is the first book of a series featuring Dr. Alice Quentin, a psychologist who comes from an abusive background herself. In the prologue we see Alice as a child, hiding in a closet while her drunken father beats her mother. Then we leap forward twenty five years where Alice is consulting for the police to determine how closely they need to monitor the soon to be released Morris Cley, a suspected serial killer. One night while jogging, Alice, who is an obsessive runner, stops for a [...]

    This is actually the first novel read this year and it is at the same time the debut novel of this writer who has done well in the field of poetry. Which is an art form I am not very comfortable with even if I can enjoy them on occasion.The main character Alice Quentin is not your average easy going female with a smart lip. She comes from a traumatized family where violence was common. Her brother being the genius suffered a psychosis and lives from his van and his sister who became a psychologi [...]

    I’m wary of dark crime fiction, preferring to read just a handful of authors I know I can trust, but I read words of praise that made me think I might have found another name to add to my list. Now that I have read her first novel, ‘Crossbones Yard’, I can say that I have.There are many elements that are familiar in this book, but the quality of the writing was such that I didn’t mind. It made the characters, their worlds, their situations lived and breathed. And, as this is the first bo [...]

    Alice Quentin is a psychologist living in London. Alice likes going running alone and she is not afraid of the dark seedy parts of town. During one of her runs, she encounters the body of a dead female at Crossbones Yard. Soon Alice is receiving threatening letters from a killer, who seems rather attached to her. A good solid first novel by Kate Rhodes. Although I felt at times, I had read it all before, I loved Rhodes' writing style and that kept me reading.What stood out for me in this book wa [...]

    Jade Hoggins
    This novel hits all the tropes in a mostly fulfilling way. Alice is a high achiever with a terrible past, which, of course, makes it difficult for her to let anyone get close to her. As usual, as protagonist she makes a lot of stupid decisions in order to advance the plot. Going for runs at night in East London when there is someone killing young women in the area and sending her death threats. Escaping those whose job it is to protect her. Having sudden bursts of lust for men who are aggressive [...]

    i just cannot believe that Louise Penny actually said this book as 'an atmospheric, smart, of ten terrifying read." If you read mysteries then you will know exactly what is going to happen in this book - THERE ISN'T ONE SURPRISENOT ONE.And to even make it even worse is the lack of depth and development the author gives to the police charactersey are like cartoons.SPOILERS AHEAD>We have a shrink who is extremely claustrophobic and a killer who kidnaps and locks women into small tight boxes - s [...]

    This is a story about damaged people and the damage they inflict on one another; it threw me for a loop, but I won't say why. Although the story has a formulaic plot and predictable structure, there is a refreshing aspect that turns the damsel-in-distress genre on its head. There are some rather tired plot points, obvious red herrings and many of the characters seem to come from a writer's stock catalogue, but Rhodes manages to do some interesting and surprising things with them.The actions of A [...]

    Alice Quentin is a psychologist. Alice has a routine. She loves to run alone at night. This is a bad combination, especially running through a bad neighborhood filled with gangs and murders. During her run, Alice spots something on the ground at Crossbones Yard. Crossbones Yard is a former location for prostitutes. With the murder, it brings back an reference to an old case of the Bensons. The Bensons were a husband and wife couple who killed about a dozen prostitutes and buried them all over th [...]

    Thanks to for the chance to read this book.The story line was a bit predictable. It felt more like a TV series than a novel. I did not feel that there was much character development or much of an interesting plot. The main character was a Psychiatrist which could have been written with a lot more enthusiasm. The concept of the novel could have made a chilling novel and am disappointed in the lack of effort.

    I read this in 24 hours! I couldn't put it down. A thriller that draws you in and won't let you go.Thanks to for my copy, it came with Winter Foundlings which I am to start now.

    Now to London in the contemporary era in the company of Kate Rhodes’ Crossbones Yard which has been languishing on my shelves for far too long. The first of a series introducing claustrophobia-suffering, relationship-fearing psychologist, Alice Quentin, who finds herself unwittingly drawn into the world of a serial killer by virtue of her consultancy work for the Metropolitan police. Using Crossbones Yard, a neglected piece of London ground that was used as a cemetery for fallen women as a loc [...]

    Lizzie Hayes
    ‘Cross Bones Yard’ by Kate RhodesPublished by Mulholland Books, June 2012. ISBN: 978-1-444-73875-9Psychologist Alice Quentin is approached by DCI D on Burns of Southwark police to visit Morris Cley who is being released from prison the next day owing to a technicality. Cley’s mom was close friends with Ray and Marie Benson who had killed 13 women before they were caught, tried and imprisoned. Five of their victims were never found. What Burns wants to know is how much of a threat to societ [...]

    Marcia Ferguson
    It was a no-brainer to choose this book gorgeous cover and Louise Penny recommending it in her 'blurb'.Now I'm wondering if Louise read it. I appreciated the intelligent way author Kate Rhodes depicted each of the detectives. They were unique and interesting people, with plenty of small details to bring their personalities out to the reader. And it was a page-turner because I suspected red-herrings half way into the book, chose my 'culprit' and kept reading to see if I was correct. I wasn't. An [...]

    Cleo Bannister
    Crossbones Yard is where Alice Quentin finds a woman's body, just outside the memorial gates to the graveyard where fallen women were buried from the 16th Century.This crime novel works well, Alice is a psychologist with a difficult past who is asked by the police to interview Maurice Cley a man who is due to be released from prison. Maurice was a close friend of the serial killers Ray and Marie Benson who had killed 13 young women . With a potential copycat killing Alice becomes more involved h [...]

    3.5 stars for this one. I liked it and I definitely liked it enough to read # 2. Plot, characters and setting were all excellent. My only criticism is the main character, Alice Quentin, was as stubborn as she was gutsy. I'd add dense as well, since as a practicing psychologist, she should have known better than to behave in the rather reckless of her own safety manner she did. She had a terrible and abusive childhood which left her deeply scarred and pretty damaged, so her actions in this are un [...]

    In a lot of ways I really enjoyed this book. In other ways I would have liked to have kicked the female character in the butt around the block a couple of times. Her behavior was totally at odds with what a sensible professional person would do. It almost smacks of the 'had I but known' school of mystery writing. I have ordered the next book in the series and I really hope that she has smartened up in the second book other ways that will be the last book of the series I will be reading. I guesse [...]

    I had a hard time getting into this. While I realize that it's the first book in the series, it felt like too much was introduced at once. The information about the characters didn't go deep enough, so it was hard for me to understand why they acted as they did. There was a lot of telling, but I'd have liked to see more and draw my own conclusions.It's a fast paced and ambitious first book - the plot basics are good and maybe with time (reading the other books in the series), I'd get the charact [...]

    Ich hab es versucht, aber es war wirklich schnell klar, dass mir das Buch nicht gefallen wird.Der Schreibstil kam mir schon ab der ersten Seite irgendwie lieblos dahin gerattert vor, ohne das ich ein Gefühl für die Szenen oder die Personen entwickeln konnte.Alice war mir dementsprechend auch sofort unsympathisch, so dass ich es nun aufgebe.Schade, hatte mich auf die Reihe gefreut. Aber es sollte wohl nicht sein.

    Dr Alice Quentin had a troubled childhood. She and her brother Will have grow up having great jobs . Will for the past eight years is dealing with mental illness while Alice is always there to help him, on the days he allows her to. Alice goes running a lot to clear her mind. Never imagining running by the grave yard e would find This is a must read. I loved it

    Christine Ray
    Well-written fast moving British mystery centering around a female psychologist. Just dark enough with well-drawn characters. I was surprised about who "done it"-- something that rarely happens-- but in retrospect, I realized that author Kate Rhodes had thrown out some clues that I had missed because of my own assumptions about the characters. Looking forward to reading the other two books in the series.

    Alice is a psychologist in London, unwillingly drawn into the serial killing of prostitutes whose bodies are carved with crosses reminiscent of a previous serial killing couple. There are comparisons to be drawn with Fred and Rose West but that's all. This was a real page turner and gets 5 stars for me not being able to spot who the killer was. Talk about a shock ending.

    How could you, Kate Rhodes? How could you end your book so painfully? Sigh. Still, it's a great story.

    Well-written and enjoyable as much as a novel about killers can be. I did like Alice, although she was something of an idiot, and the killer was a little predictable

    Beautifully written and thoroughly enjoyed.

    Women are being abducted, tortured, and killed in the same manner as those murdered by a now incarcerated/dead couple. Alice, a psychologist, is asked to assess a former protege of the serial killing couple to see if he might be the perpetrator. (This is a little odd as it isn't Alice's area of expertise and he is just about to be released from prison, but whatever). We also hear of Alice's dysfunctional childhood and her mentally ill and drug addicted brother Will.I really enjoyed the first 80% [...]

    Donna Siebold
    Alice Quentin is a psychologist who survived a young life of severe abuse. She has one brother, who appears to have suffered a psychotic break. She runs great distances to calm herself down. She suffers from intense claustrophobia.Yet she is excellent at her job. She is asked to help the police with an investigation and during the process she begins to find murdered women. The way the women were murdered is very similar to the ways of Ray and Marie Benson - serial killers who were caught some ye [...]

    Susan Page
    This is an enthralling story, hard to put down. Alice Quentin has an extremely abusive background, and has been left with mental scars. She has become a psychologist to help other people suffering from mental trauma. Part of her job at Guy's Hospital is to assist the police when required. She is called on by DCI Don Burns, who wants her to interview a convicted murderer who has had his sentence reduced and is about to be released from prison, and this is the start of a sequence of events that se [...]

    Tara Russell
    Gripping, fast-paced read, quite compulsive. I was awake about 4am this morning and instantly reached for this book, just for a couple of chaptersI really like a functional central character with oodles of baggage, and Alice Quentin has baggage in spades. Many of her decisions and actions are illogically dangerous, but the scene was set for those actions to make sense in context of Alice. I was also disgusted with myself that I didn't seen the signs that pointed to the killer. I fell victim to t [...]

    Tyrkysová Knihovnička
    Kniha je typickým zástupcem krimi, které se téměř více věnuje osudům hlavních hrdinů, než samotnému spáchanému zločinu. Jako rozjezd série bylo možná potřeba co nejvíce poznat Alici, z pohledu samostatné knížky je to ale trošku na škodu. Vnímavému čtenáři navíc neuniknou ani prvoplánové narážky a od určité části knihy ani samotný vrah. Celkově nebylo Tajemství hřbitova Crossbones ničím neobvyklé, osobně dám šanci i dalšímu pokračování - pros [...]

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