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  • Title: Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group
  • Author: Ian F. Svenonius
  • ISBN: 9781617751301
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback

  • Proscriptive how to advice ranges over a wide number of subjects e.g sex, band photos, etc and can be seen both as skewering the cultural idolatry associated with rock and as genuine counsel Verdict Svenonius s sociopolitical analysis of rock and roll is intellectually interesting, as when he posits that the genre was brought about by the industrial revolution, th Proscriptive how to advice ranges over a wide number of subjects e.g sex, band photos, etc and can be seen both as skewering the cultural idolatry associated with rock and as genuine counsel Verdict Svenonius s sociopolitical analysis of rock and roll is intellectually interesting, as when he posits that the genre was brought about by the industrial revolution, the harnessing of electricity, and the miscegenation of various poor, exploited, and indentured cultures in the USA Library Journal So much of the allure here is in watching Svenonius skirt absurdity He s always seemed delighted by the fact that the profound and the preposterous can sound awfully alike, a realization that puts him in line with an avant garde tradition that stretches back before rock n roll crystallized this factSvenonius has the spirit of a long gone punk past, but his book has to tell us about rock s here and now than about its hereafter Neither bourgeois nor prestigious, Supernatural Strategies may be the rare book by a rock musician to retain any power or threat Los Angeles Review of Books Like its author, Supernatural Strategies is part tongue in cheek, part deadly serious a satire of rock s consumerist origins but also a thoughtful treatise on what it means to devote yourself to a collective Drawing from the wisdom of rock n roll s most famous ghosts, Svenonius advice ranges from hilarious to cryptic to surprisingly useful Pitchfork Svenonius has walked the walk Even today as the frontman of Chain The Gang and the host of the online talk show Soft Focus he remains cool, cryptic, and impeccably dressed, a mod magician with a trick always lurking up his tailored sleeve The Onion AV Club If write what you know is one of authorship s prime dictates, then Ian F Svenonius seems uniquely qualifiedSvenonius contrarian, anti establishment rhetoric is his greatest giftStrategies plays to these same strengths by allowing him to run roughshod riot over hallowed ground he s already trod and sometimes paved than a few times Balti City PaperIan F Svenonius s experience as an iconic underground rock musician playing in such highly influential and revolutionary outfits as The Make Up and The Nation of Ulysses gives him special insight on techniques for not only starting but also surviving a rock n roll group Therefore, he s written an instructional guide, which doubles as a warning device, a philosophical text, an exercise in terror, an aerobics manual, and a coloring book.This volume features essays and black and white illustrations on everything the would be star should know to get started, such as Sex, Drugs, Sound, Group Photo, The Van, and Manufacturing Nostalgia Supernatural Strategies will serve as an indispensable guide for a new generation just aching to boogie.
    Ian F. Svenonius
    Ian Svenonius is an American musician, notable as the singer and mouthpiece of various Washington, D.C based music groups including The Nation of Ulysses, The Make Up, Weird War, and Chain and the Gang With his projects, Svenonius has released than 15 full length albums and than 20 singles, EPs, and splits Svenonius is also a published author and an online talk show host.Svenonius first band, The Nation of Ulysses, formed in 1988, and were influential in the early Washington D.C punk scene The band broke up in 1992 after failing to record their third studio album After a short lived side project called Cupid Car Club, Svenonius formed The Make Up in 1995, who combined garage rock, soul, and a so called liberation theology to make a new genre they dubbed Gospel Yeh Yeh The Make Up dissolved early in 2001, and a year later, Svenonius formed the band Weird War, who were also known briefly as the Scene Creamers Svenonius solo work includes the 2001 album Play Power under the fictional pseudonym of David Candy, the book The Psychic Soviet, and as host of Soft Focus on VBS Svenonius projects and writings have all shared an anti authoritarian, populist, tongue in cheek political agenda.


    Steve Lew
    A middle-aged pro drummer friend of mine recently posted this facebook status reviewing the movie "Anvil": "I laughed, I cried, I sold all my gear." As a middle-aged dude whose rock'n'roll fantasies apparently persist, if my present time-budgetting behaviors are any indication, that's pretty much how I feel after reading this book. "Supernatural Strategies" is a charming and flawed little book that was a lot of fun to read. Svenonius presents a plethora of ideas pertaining to many non-musical Ro [...]

    Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group is an amusing, smart, perceptive, tongue in cheek deconstruction on how to make a rock n roll group. Despite its niche objective, "Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group" is actually nothing less than a complete deconstruction of modern manners and the absurdity of life on planet Earth in the 21st century.Ian F. Svenonius applies his considerable learning in a perceptive and original way, whilst cautioning the would-be ro [...]

    Brilliant! The novel mixes cultural criticism, philosophy, sociology, and a heaping dose of sarcasm to lampoon nearly every possible aspect of rock music culture. No stone is left unturned - the bands, producers, fans, detractors, and everyone in between.

    This is a great idea for a book in concept - some rock enthusiasts conduct a seance to uncover the secrets of great rock bands from our long dead rock idols. The seance part is kinda cheesy, but when you get into the actual advice for rock bands, the book is pretty dead on and hilarious. Some gems: "Human artistic endeavors are typically borne from a deep sense of shame."Or "Ironically, all groups are tied to an automotive destiny. And the automobile is, of course, the primary culprit in the des [...]

    Bernardo Mozelli
    I was gonna start a band which would pretty much just rip-off the Nation of Ulysses but this book convinced me against it. Thanks Ian!

    A must read for anyone who has done any of the following 1ayed in a band 2ought about playing in a band 3ought about music 4stened to music 5ought about listening to music. Also recommended for communist sympathizers and leftist weirdos of any faction. "Supernatural Strategies" is not a dry "how-to" manual but rather a fiery polemic, a statement of war against middling pop-culture and free market capitalism. And it's funny.

    A funny and amusing Manuel on a serious subject matter - bands. A very smart and snooty look at the mechanics of being in a band as well as being involved with the music business. The only part I really didn't like was the beginning with the dead stars blah blah. But still the book has good poison. All hail rock n roll.

    I feel like I should be embarrassed by how delightful I found this lil bük, but, like, it echoed so many of my thoughts on pop and the format suited the subject perfectly and I looked proper like a serious occasional member of the music press reading it in cafes in Liverpool and London.

    Wes Benchoff
    Ok so this book is highly entertaining and very unhinged, but recommended to basically anyone interested in playing rock music. I had two gripes:1. The overall conceit of a seance is not followed through with altogether. Although Svenonius points out that he will be translating any outdated slang, it would have shown a bit more commitment and skill to actually use the dialect of the person who is speaking as a ghost. This is mostly played for laughs.2. Tankie style politics and hardcore Stalin/N [...]

    Jack Wolfe
    As ever with the great Ian Svenonius, one of the modern legends in rock and roll (I invite beginners to examine live videos of the Nation of Ulysses and the Make Up's amazing singles comp, "I Want Some"), it's hard to know how seriously to take "Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock n' Roll Group." It begins with a seance (Brian Jones, Mary Wells, and others are invoked) and ends with a question: Is music really any good for you? A seemingly playful sentence about songwriting can be followed [...]

    Nick Harris
    Not for everyone, but if you've spent years toiling in rocknroll obscurity and often find yourself wondering why the hell you do it, you will feel like the author is speaking directly to you. Lots of fun.

    Jack Tomascak
    The absurdity of making underground rock music parroted back in such an absurd light it most deserves. Brilliantly written by Svenonius, cynical in all the right ways and rarely the wrong ones.

    This is a wonderful, informative book for anybody who is inclined in the direction of "rocking out". The itinerant "rocker" can find helpful hints and advice on useful things such as drugs, trousers, Ford Econoline E-150 and sex with groupies. The secret ingredient is the "otherworldly advice", in the form of seances invoking luminaries like Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix and Sir Paul McCartney of the British street gang, 'The Beatles'. (I realize that Sir McCartney is not dead, he just spends a lot [...]

    Ben Richmond
    Ian Svenonius remains a really funny and interesting guy. I have no idea how much of this book is bullshit (like, minimum 60%--it starts with seances and Buddy Holly talking through poured out salt), but it was great company for both days I was reading it. As a musician I feel emboldened and excited. As just a person who wants to be a person I do too.

    P.J. Morse
    Ian Svenonius knows of what he speaks when he offers tips on how to start a rock 'n' roll band and enjoy all the power that such an enterprise may provide. The book offers guidance on assembling your very own band, dealing with producers, finding the proper tour vehicle and so forth. This info is so useful that Svenonius didn't really need to include a seance that brings us into contact with many late, lamented rock 'n' rollers who choose to communicate via inanimate objects. He probably knows m [...]

    Disguised as a how-to guide for would-be rock visionaries intending to form a successful band, Ian Svenonius has provided an often hilarious and relentlessly arch marxist/feminist analysis of rock culture. The book doesn't really pick up until about a third of the way through (and even then there are some dull stretches), but when it hits, it's very funny. My favorite chapter uses rock tour vans as a jumping off point to examine the interstate highway system, the hidden connection between cigare [...]

    Douglas Lord
    Much like David Rees’s How To Sharpen Pencils, this book will cause readers to wonder if it is in fact a sincere, scholarly tract from ex–Nation of Ulysses front man Svenonius (The Psychic Soviet), or merely a long, deadpan joke. It begins with transcriptions of fictional séances with the spirits of long-dead rockers (e.g Jimi Hendrix, Mary Wells), which wax on different aspects of rock music, and continues with revisionist ramblings, including the idea that rock was developed as an “insi [...]

    I was already a fan of Ian Svenonius' music with the band Make-Up, and have heard an interesting story or two on NPR from him, so I had an idea of what to expect. His new book starts off with a series of seances contacting dead rock stars for their wisdom on how to start a rock and roll band, but as soon as Brian Jones/Big Momma Thorton/Paul McCartney (not dead, but still psychically available) and others start talking, the usual Svenonius manifesto comes through: Rock and Roll is was a capitali [...]

    Svenonius, a veteran of a number of rock bands, including Nation Of Ulysses, has penned a witty and smart take on rock music. His humor is in the vein of what you can find at McSweeney's, but it's more subtle and sharper. The premise of the book is that Ian wants to reveal the way to become successful rock group, but can find no living rock stars to give up the dope. Hence, the Supernatural part of the title comes to play. This premise is amusing, but Svenonius wisely does not center the book on [...]

    One of my favorite guys at my local bookstore described this as "such an amazing and thorough book about rock n roll that I almost never need to read another." So I bought it-- and halfway through lost it-- and thought enough of it to buy a replacement copy. Is there a higher commendation? This is such a kitschy themed kind of book that it would seem that it isn't serious-- so it's shocking how smart and well thought out this is at first. It's both humorous and dense considering its concept (con [...]

    Very enjoyable, especially for anyone who's ever flirted with the world of music. Even if you haven't, some of the assertions in this book are inventive, clever, and thoroughly entertaining. One of my favorites: "The flag waving and army worship which are fixtures of the modern landscape are really an enactment of some fairy tale told by Fascists about how people belonging to the "Greatest Generation" were all jingoistic, self-sacrificing patriots. But, in fact, the so-called Greatest Generation [...]

    In case there was any chance that you didn't already know that Ian F. Svenonius is truly one of the coolest people walking planet Earth today, after reading this, you know. [If you don't know, then I've no interest in knowing you.]It was impossible for me to read this book without hearing Ian preaching the words in my head. I think I even heard a percussive backbeat. I can't quite describe it, but it's sort of a manifesto with tongue only sometimes in cheek. I spent a lot of time swooning over t [...]

    Es un libro que estoy seguro de que divertirá a todo aquel que haya montado alguna vez un grupo de rock. Bajo esa pátina humorística que lo recubre, esconde muchas verdades. Y como uno no puede evitar verse reconocido en ellas, se lo recomiendo sólo a lectores que estén dispuestos a reírse de sí mismos ;)Ahora bien: como incide una y otra vez en la misma fórmula, el libro acaba convirtiéndose en un chiste demasiado largo. Mientras que el primer tramo del libro se me pasó volando, me ha [...]

    Sara Habein
    What a delightfully odd little book this is. Presented as an old manual mixed with a narrator that's rather Lemony-Snicket-meets-Ted-Wilson, Supernatural Strategies For Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group manages to be just as funny as it is strange. Throughout, Ian F. Svenious injects enough knowing truth that anyone who has ever involved themselves with musicians will recognize.(My full review can be found at Glorified Love Letters.)

    Not what you may be thinkingThe conceit: Authors interview deceased rock stars by seance for their insights into how to create a rock 'n' roll group. Deceased stars create a "handbook" of advice on the subject.The outcome: An amusing - at times hilarious - pseudohistory of rock music and famous bands that provides an acerbic and trenchant commentary on modern society and its foibles and successes. The "historical facts" about famous rockers sound plausible enough, but they are definitely at the [...]

    Very funny and weirdly insightful. Definitely recommended to other musicians who will find some of the situations pretty familiar. Svenonius puts forward the idea that the rock 'n' roll group was borne from the street gang and ultimately used by the US as a Cold War weapon, and somehow makes his argument sound both outlandish and perfectly cogent. My interest (and possibly the author's) tended to wane towards the end.

    This book manages to be completely true and completely untrue at the same time. Git yourself subverted. Svenonius will disarm you, reconfigure your brain, and reorient your position in society. If you are in a rock n roll band, you will likely quit, and if you aren't in one you will likely join. I, for one, am prepared to radically change my life.

    The title and the amusing low budget promotional trailer might be a bit misleading, but in a good way. The author tackles human nature and conspiracy theories, making some good points this longtime music enthusiast had never thought of while also managing to get a few belly laughs in. A light, amusing and surprisingly thought provoking read.

    Probably my favorite of Svenonius' analysis of culture, politics, and economics bathed in irreverence. In the first section, some rock stars are summoned through a seance, and the second section is all of their advice and observations on forming rock groups. There's astrology, sex, government conspiracies, transhumanism, etc.

    Fantastic, like much of Mr. Svenonius' musical output. The irony and tongue-in-cheek analysis is not meant to be taken entirely seriously, but the depths of musical and political knowledge applied here make for thoroughly entertaining reading. Read this before you start a band.

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