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  • Title: The New Feminist Agenda
  • Author: Madeleine Kunin
  • ISBN: 9781603582919
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback

  • Feminists opened up thousands of doors in the 1960s and 1970s, but decades later, are U.S women where they thought they d be The answer, it turns out, is a resounding no Surely there have been gains Women now comprise nearly 60 percent of college undergraduates and half of all medical and law students They have entered the workforce in record numbers, making the two wFeminists opened up thousands of doors in the 1960s and 1970s, but decades later, are U.S women where they thought they d be The answer, it turns out, is a resounding no Surely there have been gains Women now comprise nearly 60 percent of college undergraduates and half of all medical and law students They have entered the workforce in record numbers, making the two wage earner family the norm But combining a career and family turned out to be complicated than expected While women changed, social structures surrounding work and family remained static Affordable and high quality child care, paid family leave, and equal pay for equal work remain elusive for the vast majority of working women In fact, the nation has fallen far behind other parts of the world on the gender equity front We lag behind than seventy countries when it comes to the percentage of women holding elected federal offices Only 17 percent of corporate boards include women members And just 5 percent of Fortune 500 companies are led by women.It s time, says Madeleine M Kunin, to change all that Looking back over five decades of advocacy, she analyzes where progress stalled, looks at the successes of other countries, and charts the course for the next feminist revolution one that mobilizes women, and men, to call for the kind of government and workplace policies that can improve the lives of women and strengthen their families.
    Madeleine Kunin
    Madeleine M Kunin was the first woman governor of Vermont, and served as the Deputy Secretary of Education and Ambassador to Switzerland under President Bill Clinton She is the author of Living a Political Life and is currently a Marsh Scholar Professor at Large at the University of Vermont and lectures on history and women s studies She also serves as president of the board of the Institute for Sustainable Communities ISC , a nongovernmental organization that she founded in 1991 She lives in Burlington, Vermont.


    A comprehensive look at the policies for which the feminist movement should be fighting. As suggested by the title, this book is more an argument for which policies ought to become central than it is a prescription for how to bring about those changes. Kunin makes a lot of very relevant, excellent points, and this is a book I'd strongly recommend to anyone. If we're serious about reviving our economy, we need to get beyond inflammatory rhetoric and start looking for real, long-term solutions. Mo [...]

    A bit repetitive with statistics but overall a good summary of issues facing women, and truly families, of all races and socioeconomic status today. Certainly a must-read for anyone interested in the state of feminism and the work-life balance debate. This is not a step by step guide to changing the world but explores her experience as a activist, governor, and mother, and provides general advice to the reader on what she thinks are the most pressing issues today and how they can be resolved / a [...]

    Marjorie Elwood
    I tried really hard with this book, but her single-minded focus on women with children and the benefits we need to give them, while laudable, left me unmoved. It's a shame because Kunin brought in the idea that family leave could be beneficial to those caring for elderly parents once or twice, which I think would have expanded her audience, but she was so strident about her idea that the sole focus of feminism needs to be benefits for mothers and children that I couldn't finish the book.

    Just read the review for this in the NYT. Really interesting article about the politics and economics of motherhood and parenting. It makes me interested in not only reading this, but also researching how the dilemma of the dependent spouse (mother) plays into the conversation.Other books mentioned in the article: The Conflict: How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women by Elisabeth BadinterMaking Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood by Anne Enright

    Tara Barnes
    I waffled on giving it 3 or 4 stars, because I was really hoping for more concrete suggestions for what to DO about the current problems discussed in the book, but just having a bound collection of the problems that need to be solved regarding work-life balance and gender equality (and how other countries are far more enlightened and successful on the practice) is very helpful, and I recommend the book.

    I was hoping for a book to give practical ways for change. Specifically for women and men who want to creat equality in the workplace and family life. Interesting information on foreign policy. Bottom line, how does America find the balance between forging the path to success with our families and a career? Can men be allowed to put family as a priority and still be looked at as a key player in the workforce? I wanted a book with less theory and more "rubber meets the road" ideas.

    Democratic leader perspective on why it is important to support family friendly workplace policies and how advocates might position their arguments to win. Written by Madeleine Kunin, first woman governor of VT. Published in 2012, so some stats might need to be updated, but overall, a good policy reference for those interested in furthering family friendly legislation. Certainly timely given the Trump election.

    Penny J. Leisch
    Very well researched and informative book. My full review is located at the link below. Sometimes I review a book twice, especially when there's a lot of detailed content. Visit A Penny and Change website for another review coming this weekorycirclebookreviews

    Ms. Kunin does an excellent job articulating why parents and non-parents alike should fight for better family/work policies. She explains the societal and economic effects these policies could have and why family/work conflicts are not just individual family struggles. Lastly, Ms. Kunin offers concrete suggestions for how to advocate for better family/work policies.

    Governor Kunin will be speaking about her new book at Syracuse on November 8th. I have had the pleasure of reading her book while doing research for Campbell Conversations. This is a great read and one more essential competent to understanding the importance of women in leadership!

    Loved this book! I really liked the points argued about how we need to advocate for better policies that will help strengthen families. I don't know how to implement all of the policy without too much government being involved, but it was a clear case for why it is important to do so. Loved it.

    The former governor of Vermont writes about a new agenda for women to pursue--family leave insurance for new parents or to care for family members who are sick; and comprehensive child care to allow all parents to work to support their families.

    Grant Short
    A great book for girls of any age & essential to any man who has a woman in his life that he loves.

    I'm giving this 5 starts not because it's amazing or brilliant, but because it's just necessary. Stats, policy discussions, totally practical.

    you snooze, you lose

    Silje Bjerke
    I agree with most of it, but the book is so repetitive.

    Erin Rody
    Dense. Eye-opening, but also slightly depressing.

    Could have been an article. Interesting thesis but not that much light shed on how, practically speaking, we can make a difference.

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