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  • Title: Pirate Curse
  • Author: Kai Meyer Elizabeth D. Crawford
  • ISBN: 9781416924739
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Pirates of the Caribbean have a name for kids who walk on water they call them polliwogs As far as fourteen year old Jolly knows, she s the last polliwog still alive and this special talent makes her invaluable to the pirate captain who raised her When someone sets a trap for Jolly s ship, she alone escapes Washed up on a tiny island, she meets Munk, who hasThe Pirates of the Caribbean have a name for kids who walk on water they call them polliwogs As far as fourteen year old Jolly knows, she s the last polliwog still alive and this special talent makes her invaluable to the pirate captain who raised her When someone sets a trap for Jolly s ship, she alone escapes Washed up on a tiny island, she meets Munk, who has been raised in hiding Munk longs to go to sea, but his parents are afraid of pirates They have forbidden Munk to reveal his true identity he, too, is a polliwog But pirates are not the only threat in the Caribbean Evil forces are stirring, and a demon from the sea attacks and murders Munk s parents Was the demon really after Munk And Jolly, too Why are the polliwogs so valuable, and who s willing to kill to possess them Jolly and Munk must sail with a strange crew of outcasts, led by the mysterious Ghost Trader, to avenge their loved ones and try to stop an ancient, malevolent force known as the Maelstrom What it will cost both teens, no one can tell in this thrilling fantasy from the extraordinary Kai Meyer.
    Kai Meyer Elizabeth D. Crawford
    With millions of books sold worldwide, Kai Meyer is one of Germany s most successful authors His novels have been translated into 27 languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Chinese.Kai Meyer was born in 1969 in northern Germany He began college at the University of Bochum, Germany, where he studied film, theatre, and philosophy After a year, he dropped out to work for a newspaper as a trainee journalist, followed by two years as a staff journalist.Kai wrote his first novel in his early 20s, and it was published when he was just 24 years old He has been a full time novelist since 1995 To date, Kai has written nearly 50 books some for adults, some for teenagers Kai s books are mostly historical with strong fantastical overtones There are over 1.5 million Kai Meyer books in print in Germany, and he is quickly gaining popularity in other countries as well THE WATER MIRROR went into its third US printing before it was even delivered to bookstores, and his young adult dark fantasy series SIEBEN SIEGEL is a substantial hit in Japan The British edition of THE FLOWING QUEEN THE WATER MIRROR won the 2007 Marsh Award for Best Children s Book in Translation.In 2007 his historical novel DAS GEL BDE The Vow was turned into a movie by celebrated German director Dominik Graf SIEBEN SIEGEL is set to be filmed in 2008, other books are optioned.Kai has also written screenplays, two of which have been made into TV movies He is the author of a hardcover comic book, PANDORAMICUM, and is one of the creators of the fantasy role playing game ENGEL US edition by White Wolf.Kai Meyer lives in Westphalia near the Rhine in Germany.


    Kai Parker
    اینم ادامه ندادم. یعنی نتونستم. موقع خوندنش خیلی احساس پیری میکردم!

    A fine enough adventure story with pirates and magic. Kai Meyer has a lot of imagination and many great ideas to populate his fantasy worlds. Unfortunately his story-telling doesn't work well for me and just doesn't manage to evoke any feeling of “suspense” or “dread” or “mystery”, or even “fascination”. I just can't help but find the writing emotionally distant. A character dies, and I feel nothing. It's hard to describe, but I feel more like being told a story than experiencing [...]

    One thing about Meyer is that he certainly know how to create an original fantasy with odd and exciting elements that no one has ever seen or experienced before. There’s always a twinge of darkness that creeps into the heroes, making them questionable as to whether they are good or bad. With this series, there is no exception. The exotic aand mysterious setting of the Caribbean and pirates, ghosts, men with dog heads, giant maelstroms that release magic and try to take over the world, as well [...]

    Well, this one certainly leaves you hanging. I didn't care for the total lack of any resolution of any of the plot threads, but it works as the start of a series. I liked almost all the characters, with their conflicting agendas, and am eager to start the next book and explore the marvelous city of Aelenium, and find out what Jolly and Griffin have gotten themselves into. I enjoyed how the power of wave walking is depicted and explained. Nice twist in a near-earth type setting.

    Ich habe erst überlegt dem Buch nur 4 sterne zu geben einfach weil ich so vielen Büchern 5 gebeaber sowas beklopptes, ich finde das buch war ein grandioser start einer Trilogie ich liebe Kai Meyers schreibstil und es hat mich wunderbar unterhalten, ich bin schon ganz aufgeregt wie es im zweiten Teil weiter geht!

    Steffie Buechersammlerin
    Jolly ist eine Piratin durch und durch. Ihr Ziehvater Captain Bannon hat sie als kleines Mädchen auf einem Sklavenmarkt gekauft und sie mit offenen Armen bei sich aufgenommen. Doch als die Magere Maddy auf ein spanisches Schiff trifft, scheint das Unglück besiegelt. Vergiftet von Tausenden Spinnen kommt die Besatzung um und nur Jolly schafft es, sich auf hoher See zu retten, denn sie ist kein normales Mädchen. Mann nennt sie Wellenläufer oder auch Quappen, Kinder die über das Meer laufen k [...]

    Klappentext: Ein magisches Beben erschüttert die Küsten der Karibik. Und in finsteren Piratenhäfen werden Kinder geboren, die über Wasser gehen können. Jahre später glaubt Jolly, dass außer ihr keine anderen Wellenläufer mehr am Leben sind. Bis sie Munk begegnet. Auch er versinkt nicht im Wasser – und kann aus Muscheln einen uralten Zauber beschwören. Ein rätselhafter Fremder, der Geisterhändler, schickt die beiden auf eine fantastische Reise. Gejagt von Klabautern, Ungeheuern und a [...]

    Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr ein Buch vor euch habt und es ist wunderbar geschrieben, die Geschichte ist auch einfallsreich und ihr wollt unbedingt, dass es euch gefällt und dann Ja, dann kann euch das Buch einfach nicht in seinen Bann ziehen? Genau das ist mir jedenfalls bei Die Wellenläufer passiert.Besonders zu Beginn der Story habe ich die ganze Zeit lang Kai Meyers Schreibstil bewundert. Er hat Piraten zum Leben erweckt, grausige Monster heraufbeschworen und ich hatte noch wochenlang Albträum [...]

    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a short read and had a great sense of humour. I actually wanted to read this book because it has pirates in it. A simple reason, but I absolutely love the way how pirates are portrayed in books and I also found the story revolving around kids that can walk on water to be very intriguing. The book started in the middle of the action so it wasn't boring at all. The world-building was also done really well. The characters were also really interesting. Ther [...]

    Bookworm Speaks!The Wave Runnersby Kai Meyer ****Acquired: Bookstore in Kyoto JapanSeries: The Wave Runners Trilogy (Book 1)Paperback: 384 PagesPublisher: Egmont UK Limited (2007)Language: EnglishSubject: Fantasy and Magic / Action and Adventure****The Story: The pirates in the Caribbean have a name for children who walk on water - polliwiggles. Jolly and Munk are the only remaining polliwiggles. With a crew of pirates, ghosts, and dog-headed man, the polliwiggles sail across the Caribbean Sea, [...]

    Rosmarie Rogue
    Translated version by Anthea Bell:-The Wave Runners by Kai Meyer is a story about the adventure of 2 children who can walk on sea like others easily walk on land. That itself is very curios and there's even more than that! There's monsters and other creatures brought to life in this book, and a new world. I find myself picking up the book and putting it down several times, because I'm afraid to end it as I haven't got my hand on the rest of the series, yet.Surprisingly, I love the characters in [...]

    An alternate history set during the Caribbean pirate days and mixed with a healthy dose of magic. The setting is interesting as are the characters. I like the author for setting up a pretty standard 'on the run' heroes journey and then throwing in plot twists or simply shaking up assumptions about the characters, their world and how they react to the events unfolding. I also liked the magical world building and how magic works and exists next to an otherwise historically accurate time period.Tha [...]

    „Die Wellenläufer“ von Kai Meyer ist der erste Band einer Fantasy-Trilogie.Für Jolly ist es normal auf dem Wasser zu, mit Piraten zu segeln und in Seeschlachten zu ziehen. Doch gerät ihr Schiff in einen Hinterhalt und nur sie kann sich retten. Auf einer kleinen Insel strandet sie und wird von Munk gefunden. Auch er kann über das Wasser laufen. Das Treffen der beiden hat ungeahnte Folgen.Jolly ist 14 Jahre alt und eine Quappe. Dies bedeutet nichts anderes, als das sie als Mensch über das [...]

    Audiobook Rezension:Als ihr Piratenschiff unter mysteriösen Umständen versinkt, gelangt Jolly nur dank ihrer besonderen Fähigkeit ans sichere Ufer einer nahegelegenen Insel: Sie ist eine Quappe und kann über das Wasser laufen. Sie denkt, sie sei die einzige mit dieser Fähigkeit, aber auf der Insel trifft sie auf Munk, der ebenfalls über diese Fähigkeit verfügt. Doch schon bald überschlagen sich die Ereignisse, alle möglichen Kreaturen bedrohen die beiden und sie verdanken es dem seltsa [...]

    All young pirate fans, gather round. This is a rousing adventure story for young teens with some monsters for the boys and some romance for the girls.The book's basic premise is of the Caribbean and pirates, which clearly benefits from the recent and huge popularity ofThe Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Despite this reliance on the current pirate fever, the author delivers a novel that adds creative and clever tweaks to the genre. The two main characters, Jolly and Munk (both 14 years), are the [...]

    Casie W
    Pirates are not the only threat in the Caribbean. Evil forces are stirring, and a demon from the sea attacks and murders Munk's parents. Was the demon really after Munk? And Jolly, too? Why are the polliwogs so valuable, and who wants them enough to kill for them? Jolly and Munk must sail with a strange crew of outcasts, led by the mysterious Ghost Trader, to avenge their loved ones and try to stop an ancient, malevolent force known as the Maelstrom. What it will cost both teens, no one can tell [...]

    Nachdem mir die fliessende Koenigin vor einigen Jahren gar nicht zugesagt hat und ich nach dem zweiten Band aufgehoert habe, dachte ich mir, ich probiere es nochmal mit einem Roman von Kai Meyer und ich muss sagen, ich wurde positiv ueberrascht!.Jolly waechst unter Piraten auf. In einer Seeschlacht verschwindet voreinmal die Mannschaft spurlos. Auf der Suche nach dem Kapitaen, trifft sie auf Munk der einsam auf einer Insel mit seinen Eltern lebt. Bald darauf ueberschlagen sich die Ereignisse, de [...]

    Munk and Jolly . . . the two last Polliwogs . . across the water in this tale filled with magic and intrigue.Enter the realm of cut-throats and bandits, dashing corsairs and devilish emperors - the Pirates. Jolly was raised by a pirate and she considers herself one of them to her core, but when the pirate she calls captain is betrayed - what can she do. . . .? She runs for her life, right into the middle of adventure.Munk is a smart boy who has been isolated from civilization for his entire lif [...]

    Too many monsters and made up creatures for my liking. I don't enjoy "magical' fantasy where anything can pop out at any time. From Booklist:In the parlance of this Caribbean fantasy world, 14-year-old orphan Jolly is a polliwog, a person born with the magical ability to walk on water. The story opens as she leaps across ocean waves from the pirate ship where she lives to an enemy vessel and lobs bottles of poisonous fluid through the gun ports, only to hear the only home she has ever known expl [...]

    If this wasn't a book meant for children I would probably give it five stars. Just a bit too simple for me. I probably would have loved this book had I discovered it when I was 12 (or so). As things are, it is very detailed with historical facts (loads better than some adult books even!) and had enough fun fantasy elements to stretch my imagination. As a teenager I would have adored this. The two protagonists are fourteen years old. One is a pirate who lost all her shipmates in a tragic accident [...]

    Vivian Le
    *WARNING: MY REVIEWS MAY HAVE SOME SPOILERS* It was a nice, solid story. How much better can it get?? I mean, there were pirates, people walking on water, "oracles", and even monsters!! I wanted to give the book 4 stars but there were some problems that bothered me. One problem was that I didn't feel connected to the characters. Even when Munk's parents were dying, I didn't feel anything at all. I felt no sympathy or anything for him. If I felt more connected to Munk, I probably would have felt [...]

    Michelle Toolson
    First of all, great pirate names: Jolly and Munk. I fully believe in great names. Like Catniss. What I like best about this story is that it’s not told from a first person view. And I think she employs it for this reason-you can be a lot more flexible writing in third person than in restrictive first person, even if first person gets you a bit deeper into the character. The idea of a girl who is wanted by pirates for her power to walk on water is a great angle because it allows us to get onboa [...]

    2.5.Ich bin offen für Fantasy. Dass sich den Piraten-Ammenmärchen angenommen wurde, wie beispielsweise der Klabautermann oder quasi der Riesenkranke, alles schön und gut. Wenn es aber Spinnen regnet und tote Fische dazu kommen, dann find ich das ehrlich gesagt nur noch doof. (Persönliches Empfinden und so).Außerdem stört mich irgendwo echt das Liebesdreieck, ich weiß noch nicht so ganz, ob Jolly das Superweibchen ist und ich finde es immer ganz toll, wenn die Leute binnen weniger Tage ihr [...]

    Number 1!!! is the best!!! in this awesome series!!! or so i think. I loved the characters immediately the monsters the mysteriousness of it all. The Ghost trader is mysterious and easily annoyed which i liked, kind of a know it all. Munk, a unique name, very, totally, overall, shy, i missed the main boy having a braver better side but thats ok. Considering readers you know The main girl, she is average (besides the fact that she is a polliwog) very likable, she had a small amount of everythin [...]

    Jolly and Munk are the only remaining polliwiggles - kids who can walk on water. Each with their own mission in mind Jolly, Munk, the ghost trader, a pirate Princess, and a miss-matched crew set out to save the world from a dangerous force known as the Maelstrom. But which side is everyone on? Mayhem ensures. Attention: all pirate lovers. Finally a good pirate book! This series looks to be a kid’s version of Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I loved this book. The Wave Runners has adventure, pi [...]

    I was really very excited to read this book, being a huge fan of "The Water Mirror" trilogy by Kai Meyer, but I was a bit disappointed. The characters in this book were a bit underdeveloped and the plot had a lot of flaws and holes in it that made it a bit confusing. Obviously I was reading a translation but the writing style just wasn't as gripping as I remember his other books being. I'm also several years older than when I read it, so maybe this book wasn't as gripping because it was written [...]

    Cirrus Minor
    Da mir Kai Meyers "Herrin der Lüge" vor Jahren echt gut gefallen hat, war ich gespannt, was "die Wellenläufer" so zu bieten haben. Die Idee der Quappen und ihrer Fähigkeiten gefällt mir sehr gut und es interessiert mich brennend, mehr über den Geisterhändler zu erfahren, allerdings frage ich mich, warum man daraus eine Trilogie machen musste, hätte die Geschichte doch sicher auch in ein Buch gepasst. So war der erste Teil bisher nur eine Einleitung, die auf Steigerung im zweiten Band hoff [...]

    Miss Bookiverse
    Thought it was great! The usual well developed Kai Meyer creatures - original and scary. The plot moved quickly and was gripping. I quite liked most of the (main) characters for a change, too (not like the ones in Sturmkönige, who I think are nice but I don't sympathize with them much).The city of Aelenium is described so beautifully, I wish I could visit it for myself.As for names I like most of them, but some were badly chosen in my opinion, most of all "Munk" - what the hell?I didn't mind th [...]

    Have you ever thought about walking on water? This book Pirate's Curse has a couple of teens, Jolly and Munk, that walk on water. They're called Polliwogs. Jolly wants to find out if any of her pirate shipmates were able to escape from the sinking Skinny Maddy. Munk is driven to find out why his parents were killed. Together begins their sailing adventure with Ghost Trader,Captain Walker,Griffin,the stole away and Soledad, the pirate princess.This novel has adventure, romance , mystery and monst [...]

    Denae Christine
    I remember really liking this book but DNFing the second for being boring.You have one, limited power (walking on water), and a society so reliant on ships that these superhumans are regarded as very valuable. That's a great start. The plot had kidnappings and pirates and a girl and guy learning to trust each other.The next book gives the wave walkers more powers, like doing spells and such. I was like, meh.

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