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  • Title: If I Built a House
  • Author: Chris Van Dusen
  • ISBN: 9780803737518
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The much anticipated follow up to the E B White Award winning picture book If I Built a CarIn If I Built a Car, imaginative Jack dreamed up a whimsical fantasy ride that could do just about anything Now he s back and ready to build the house of his dreams, complete with a racetrack, flying room, and gigantic slide Jack s limitless creativity and infectious enthusiasm wThe much anticipated follow up to the E B White Award winning picture book If I Built a CarIn If I Built a Car, imaginative Jack dreamed up a whimsical fantasy ride that could do just about anything Now he s back and ready to build the house of his dreams, complete with a racetrack, flying room, and gigantic slide Jack s limitless creativity and infectious enthusiasm will inspire budding young inventors to imagine their own fantastical designs.Chris Van Dusen s vibrant illustrations marry retro appeal with futuristic style as he, once again, gives readers a delightfully rhyming text that absolutely begs to be read aloud.
    Chris Van Dusen
    Chris Van Dusen writes I was born in Portland, Maine, on St Patrick s Day, 1960 As a child, my brothers and I would spend hours drawing pictures We didn t have video games or computers to entertain us, so we drew instead One of my brothers would sketch intricate war scenes Another would draw animals so realistic you d swear they were breathing My specialty was aliens, robots, and monsters Dr Seuss and Robert McCloskey were my heroes I loved the rhythm of Dr Seuss words and I was fascinated by the meticulous detail of Robert McCloskey s illustrations I had no idea back then that I d end up writing and illustrating children s books when I grew up After high school, I studied fine art at The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and graduated with a BFA in 1982 It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do First I was a waiter, and then I was offered a part time job at a magazine for teenagers Eventually I started drawing cartoons and illustrations for the magazine and my career as an illustrator was born For than ten years I worked as a freelance illustrator specializing in art for kids I was doing mostly editorial work and my illustrations appeared in magazines like Nickelodeon, Family Fun, and Disney Adventures One day I started thinking about drawing a picture of a boat stuck high up in a tree I thought that would be a really funny and intriguing illustration At the same time, a refrain kept running through my head Mr Magee and his little dog, Dee Hopped in the car and drove down to the sea The combination of these two things eventually became my first book, Down to the Sea with Mr Magee Chronicle , which was published in 2000 Since then I ve written and illustrated A Camping Spree with Mr Magee Chronicle 2003 , If I Built a Car Puffin 2005 and I ve had a ball illustrating Kate DiCamillo s Mercy Watson series Candlewick.


    Though published in 2005, this book should be called "If I Built a House In the 1970's." But seriously it's a great concept and my kids love the book. My son's dying for a racing room and an aquarium room.

    Such a fun, imaginative story with awesome illustrations. This could make a fun writing project for descriptive writing Describe one or more rooms you would design if you built a house. They can be imaginative like his (race car room, underwater room, flying room) or normal rooms with just some interesting features. My 5 yo loved this. It is definitely reminiscent of Audrey Wood's The Flying Dragon Room. Different rooms, but similar concepts. Either or both could lead to great writing projects.

    Carmen Pagan
    If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen is about young boy name Jack who dreams of a dream house that if far from the norm. His dream house explores the imagination of child and gives us a glimpse of what future house could be. Jack takes him mom and his dog on a tour of each room he has dreamt up, including all glass room, robotic rooms, flying room, and so on. Jack is seen through out the book as being the leader and always smiling with enthusiasm about his dream. His mother on the other had sho [...]

    I've never reviewed children's books, but this one is so good that I just had to. Perfect for my almost 3 year old son's wild imagination. He loves looking through all of the rooms and imagining building his own "magical" house. Great gift idea for 3 year olds!

    Rachel Solomin
    My three-year-old loved this birthday present! (Quoting my review of "If I Built a Car") Duane pairs beautiful 1950's-retro-style illustrations with a delightful rhyming text. The book captures the delight of reimagining ordinary objects and could easily inspire art, writing, and STEM activities. The conversations I had with both my toddler and third-grader around the book were great: Why are there discarded ideas among the brainstorming items? Could you have a room without gravity? Which creatu [...]

    Much of what I wrote for /book/show/1 holds true for this book as well. Same great rhyming text with vocabulary that stretches kids' minds, same fabulous mid-century modern illustrations, same imagination-building premise, only this time as it relates to what a child's dream house would be instead of car. Again, one that my kids read over and over and over again. The only cameo appearance from another book we've noticed so far in this one is Jack's dream car in the garage of the dream house.

    Becky B
    A little boy imagines his dream house and explains it to his mother in rhyme.This kid is smart to start off explaining his dream house to his mother with a fully automated kitchen. Smooth kid. Real smooth. Also quite imaginative. I like his trampoline-embedded living room and art room. This and If I Built a Car both feel like something Dr. Seuss accidentally forgot to do so Van Dusen did it for him with just as much zany imagination and catchy rhyming text. Keep your eyes open for Mr. Magee and [...]

    Luisa Knight
    Oh. my. dear! Where was this book when I was a kid? My sister and I spent countless hours designing homes out of Legos and building forts out of blankets; but never with this much imagination! This book is fantastic! The illustrations will spark creativity and invention in your kids. Say adios to the TV for a while as they'll want to draw, build and enjoy their innovative side!Ages 3+Cleanliness: there's a boy in a shower - you can only make out his outline through the shower screen.

    The imagination of the main character in this book is wonderful. I would love to visit his idea of a home. And he shares the ideas with his mother. The illustrations are big and colorful and make the idea so workable. I love the story and the boy's imagination. A great read aloud that the listeners want to have to look through the illustrations after the reading.

    Braley Hale
    I really enjoyed this book because its a great tool for teachers to use in their classrooms. It can be very interactive because it encourages creativity and imagination. You could even use this book for a writing assignment and ask the students what they would put in their house if they were able to build their own.

    Boy describes and imagines his dream home design to his mother. The house has all kinds of amazing features: a retro-futuristic house that rivals the Swiss family Robinson dream tree house!Guest appearance by Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee

    So glad to have stumbled across Chris Van Dusen's children's books. They have skyrocketed to the top of our list of favorites. Everything works: the rhymes, the illustrations, the nostalgia, the view to the future. We read this one a LOT.

    Rose Blamires
    Picture Book. This book is AMAZING! The creativity is some of the highest I've ever seen in a children's book and I love how the illustrations show what the author thought about. This book makes me want to draw out the blueprints for my own awesome house!

    Great book! Follows a child's imagination and creativity of what their home would be like so well. It is also an easy read to kids! Loved it.

    Stretches the imagination with no limits! Great illustrations.

    Kids are always asking for Van Dusen's books. Love them!

    Alicia Thompson
    Full of imagination! My kids loved this book. Another great job by Chris Van Dusen.

    A boy imagines a house with fantastic rooms. Rhyming with bright illustrations.

    My son noticed that there were both saltwater and freshwater fish swimming together in the aquarium room. 😆

    Krizia Anna
    My son and I love this book. It was fun and the illustrations were wonderful.

    So creative and as in all Van Dusen books, the art is fabulous.

    A young boy imagines a house with all kinds of interesting and fun rooms.Imagination

    Megan Chan
    Category: Additional Readings

    This kid could build me a house any day! I want an aquarium room.


    Jo Oehrlein
    A celebration of playfulness and imagination that is part Dr. Seuss, part Jetsons, and part Disney.

    Kelly Carey
    This is an excellent book to use in conjunction with a Makerspace building challenge, especially at the lower grade levels. The boy's imagination know no limits, and this book will encourage children to take risks and design new things.

    Colleen Smith
    I found If I built a House by Chris Van Dusen on the Illinois School Library Media Association. It won the Monarch Award in 2015.This is an imaginative book that shows the type of house that Jack would like to build. He has a lot of fun rooms like an aquarium that he can swim in, a scrub-a-dub-dub room, which is like his bathroom, and a racetrack room. The pictures in this book are very colorful and welcoming. Kids will enjoy reading the story and looking at the colorful pictures. The book size [...]

    Love this as well as Van Duesen's book "If I Built a Car" If I Built A House is a great way for children to learn about the power of having and using imagination, hopes, dreams. Van Dusen uses sophisticated rich language that will appeal to older children as much as younger ones. He manages so seamlessly connect the pictures to the text and are uses to enhance the story.My 6 year old nephew LOVES this book as well as "If I Built a Car". I am children' s librarian and used this book for story tim [...]

    This is one of my favorite books for children! It's a creative rhyming story with adorable illustrations. Excerpt from book:"Jack, in the backyard, said to his mother,This house is OK, but it's like any other.It's boxy and boring and basically bland.It's nothing at ALL like the house I have planned.My house will be different. It can't be the norm.I'll think about traffic flow, function, and form.Oh, it may include shapes like a tower or dome,But I'll focus on what makes a building a home.It's th [...]

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