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  • Title: Lonely Hearts
  • Author: John Harvey
  • ISBN: 9781453243046
  • Page: 384
  • Format: ebook

  • A serial killer terrorizes the young women of Nottingham Shirley Peters was murdered in her own home A directionless young woman with a fondness for cheap red wine and a restraining order against her ex boyfriend, her death is just another in the files of the Nottingham detective s bureau The police round up her ex lover without much fuss, and are preparing to try him whA serial killer terrorizes the young women of Nottingham Shirley Peters was murdered in her own home A directionless young woman with a fondness for cheap red wine and a restraining order against her ex boyfriend, her death is just another in the files of the Nottingham detective s bureau The police round up her ex lover without much fuss, and are preparing to try him when another body surfaces The method, the target, and the extreme violence are all a match for the killing of Shirley Peters Nottingham is facing a serial killer Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick is the first to see the connection Both victims placed ads in a citywide Lonely Hearts column, and the rumpled detective suspects that their killer found them by preying on their isolation He has little time to find the killer before women die and Nottingham erupts into panic.
    John Harvey
    aka Jon Barton, William S Brady with Angus Wells , L.J Coburn with Laurence James , J.B Dancer with Angus Wells , John B Harvey, William M James with Terry Harknett and Laurence James , Terry Lennox, John J McLaglen with Laurence James , James Mann, Thom Ryder, J.D Sandon with Angus Wells , Jon HartJohn Harvey born 21 December 1938 in London is a British author of crime fiction most famous for his series of jazz influenced Charlie Resnick novels, based in the City of Nottingham Harvey has also published over 90 books under various names, and has worked on scripts for TV and radio He also ran Slow Dancer Press from 1977 to 1999 publishing poetry The first Resnick novel, Lonely Hearts, was published in 1989, and was named by The Times as one of the 100 Greatest Crime Novels of the Century Harvey brought the series to an end in 1998 with Last Rites, though Resnick has since made peripheral appearances in Harvey s new Frank Elder series The protagonist Elder is a retired detective who now lives, as Harvey briefly did, in Cornwall The first novel in this series, Flesh and Blood, won Harvey the Crime Writers Association Silver Dagger in 2004, an accolade many crime fiction critics thought long overdue In 2007 he was awarded the Diamond Dagger for a Lifetime s Contribution to the genre On 14th July 2009 he received an honorary degree Doctor of Letters from the University of Nottingham in recognition of his literary eminence and his associations with both the University and Nottingham particularly in the Charlie Resnick novels He is also a big Notts County fan.


    Dreary British police procedural.A woman is murdered, and the police assume it a domestic violence type of deal. Then a similar murder happens. There's a lonely hearts murder on the loose.This series gets a lot of positive reviews, but apparently it's just not for me.

    “Got to be more to life than sex and violence, hasn’t there?”Lonely Hearts, from British author John Harvey, is the first novel in the long-running Charlie Resnick series. With interesting characters, the book is a good beginning, and the emphasis is on a handful of Nottingham based police detectives who work for Resnick. These detectives have an array of personal problems which become glaringly apparent as Resnick’s team try to solve the vicious murder of a young woman. PC Patel is maki [...]

    Is this a serial killer mystery? I couldn't tell you. Who killed Shirley Peters? I don't know. Who killed Mary Sheppard? I don't know. Did the same person kill them both? Was it the college professor with the scarf in the living room? Uh, could be. Was it the mentally deficient guy with something heavy enough to crush a woman's skull in the back garden? Doesn't that seem unlikely? Well justice isn't necessarily about truth. What does child abuse have to do with it? What does a young woman, very [...]

    I randonly picked up the eight in this series and liked it so much I went back to the first Chrlie Resnick Mystery. Set in a CID headquarters in England's Midlands, this first novel introduces Charley Resnick forty, a little overweight, underexercised, divorced with four cats. He loves food and American jazz and is the only child of Polish immigrants. His first case involves two women murdered by someone and the only connectuion between the two is they placed ads in the newpapers in a loney hear [...]

    Jill Hutchinson
    I have read several books in the Charlie Resnick series and have truly enjoyed them. But I had never read the very first one until now. It was disappointing although it may have been because as the series progressed, the major characters were fully developed and Harvey's writing improved. There is a lot going on in this story which should have made it a good read but it just didn't come together. The premise was good.lonely women writing to the personal column in the local newspaper and ending u [...]

    Ian Mapp
    Staring at the beginning of Harvey's crime career, having read the Elder ones.I have to say this is plodding and rather poor. Nothing much happens, little character development and no red herrings or twists.Its like a boring few days at work for resnick.He investigates the murder of a two women in sex attacks. Both have advertised in the lonely hearts column and are attacked by the only credible suspect - a local professor who bizarrely seems to kill himself when he attacks Resnicks would be squ [...]

    I found this very slow going with the action mainly happening in the last five pages. I found the way the author jumped from character to character was confusing together with his habit of listing the dialogue with no indication of who was speaking. The book is also showing its age as it was written in the 1980s in the days before mobile phones and internet. It is like stepping back in time. Nevertheless the main character was interesting and I shall probably continue with the series although I' [...]

    Nancy Ellis
    I know this series has gotten lots of rave reviews, but it's just not my "cup of tea". Charlie Resnick is a detective in Nottingham, not a very happy man, aging, divorced, etc with his cats his only redeeming feature! I found the book to be grim and depressing and couldn't force myself to care about any of the characters. I doubt I'll read any more, but you never know.

    LONELY HEARTS (Pol Proc-DI Charlie Resnick-England-cont) - GHarvey, John - 1st in seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction: Shirley Peters is dead. Murdered. Her body is found twelve hours later in her own home. Just one of the many sordid domestic crimes hitting the city. Tony Macliesh, her rejected boyfriend, is the obvious prime suspect and he's just been picked up off the Aberdeen train and put straight into custody. But then another woman is sexually abused and throttled to death. And suddenly there ap [...]

    This is the first Charlie Resnick mystery. Resnick is a Detective inspector working out of CID in Nottingham, England. He and his team are tasked to solve the murders of two women. The link is that both of them subscribed to a Lonely Hearts page in the local paper and may have been killed by the same person. The investigation is a bit of a jumble, but I liked the pace, the reality of the investigation and especially some of the team; especially Kellogg and Patel. The investigation is always ongo [...]

    This is the first Charlie Resnick book. Harvey was a guest of honor at Bouchercon in Baltimore 2008. I learned I was one of the few people in the mystery community who had yet to read Harvey. He was charming, funny, whitty, and engaging speaker. Having liked Mr. Harvey so much, I was pleased to like Lonely Hearts. Charlie Resnick is a very likable main character. He's a British police officer, single, has 3 cats and loves sandwiches. This is a good solid police procedural mystery. I definitely w [...]

    The tagline on the cover calls Lonely Hearts one of the "Bloody Brits" series, and this book lives up to both monikers with lonely people and blood in abundance. I will read more of this series about the typically brooding police detective Charlie Resnick, set in Nottingham as a nice change of pace from London. I give kudos to the author for deftly weaving an enduring hope through several memorable characters, among them Charlie and his cats, Charlie's Polish friend Marian, and his fellow detect [...]

    Colin Mitchell
    An enjoyable read. Plot not too obvious. Good trail of evidence to follow. The first of the Resnick series and one that I will follow again. A good detective novel.

    Denise Dougherty
    4 stars - yes (I know) high praise. Gee whiz I like this guy Harvey and I like his Charlie Resnick. Read Harvey's short story book before this and - for the first time - read the stories cover to cover - not skipping a one. Picked up this - his first Charlie Resnick (1989) and really liked everything about it. One reviewer said they liked the "everydayness of " What an insightful description of how Harvey presents his characters. You can almost hear the background noise of their lives. Is Charli [...]

    The title describes not only the newspaper column where potential victims went to meet their soul mates but also the state of the Detective Inspector in a CID headquarters in England's Midlands and an attractive social worker in the same city. Interesting story interrupted for me by having to look up 44 English words that didn't translate into American. But that won't stop me from reading Charlie Resnick #2.

    Michael T Bradley
    I got about halfway through this book and realized I was having a difficult time distinguishing it from other late-'80s British crime fiction I'd read. They're all slow-paced, morose, with dark humor. In general, I LIKE it, but I quickly am becoming lost as to which ones have what characters. I think I'll stick with John Rebus, purely based on the fact that I started that series first. I did like all Charlie's cats, though.

    Val Heed
    OK. Nothing special. I found the order of the descriptions diffficult to follow.We meet somebody, sometimes given a brief physical description, dialogue and then back to another description.The end is disappointing BUT i didn't manage to work out who did it NOR why to be honest.Don't think I'll read any more in this series

    Marie Jensen
    I loved all the Charlie Resnick books - be sure to start with the first one and watch his life unfold while solving crime. Even loved the sandwiches.

    Hard to follow. Didn't like the end.

    The Cannibal
    Lire une enquête de l'inspecteur Charles Resnick, c'est comme regarder un épisode de Derrick, mais avec la profondeur en plus !Niveau trépidations, nous sommes loin d'un thriller (normal, ceci n'en est pas un) mais j'en ai tout de même ressentis « dans le creux de mes reins » comme le chantait la Bardot sur sa Harley Davidson.Oui, niveau profondeur, c'est du gorge profonde, et je ne parle pas du mystérieux informateur de Fox Mulder !Ceci est un roman noir anglais pourvu de flics qui enqu [...]

    Was just okay -- ending was sort of anti-climatic.

    Now that the last Charlie Resnick is out (alas) I thought it was time to go back to the early ones and see how they hold up. Extremely well is the answer. After 25 years, Lonely Hearts is still a solid procedural with excellent plotting and a great cast of characters. The technology has changed in the interval, but the policing is still at the heart.Two young women have been raped and brutally murdered and it is up to Resnick and his people to find the killer before he does it again. Resnick, 40 [...]

    Kris - My Novelesque Life
    3 STARS(I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)."Shirley Peters is dead. Murdered. Her body is found twelve hours later in her own home. Just one of the many sordid domestic crimes hitting the city. Tony Macliesh, her rejected boyfriend, is the obvious prime suspect and he's just been picked up off the Aberdeen train and put straight into custody. But then another woman is sexually abused and throttled to death. And suddenly there appears to be one too many connections [...]

    Sue Russell
    I was a little slow to connect with (and warm to) both this book and to Nottingham UK's D.I. Charlie Resnick, but I did. Glad I persevered. Written in 1995, it has a period feel to it and at times that period felt more like the '50s, odd but in a way added to the intrigue. Resnick is divorced with four cats, the son of Polish immigrants, gone to seed a little physically, attracted to a woman in a way that seems unlikely to end well. Women die, serial killer is pursued. Yet, the plotting wires cr [...]

    Gina Metz
    When Shirley Peters is found strangled, it initially appears to be an open and shut case when the police arrest her common-law husband, Tony Macliesh. He has a history of violence, a police record, is insanely jealous and they’ve been split up for eighteen months. Shirley also had a restraining order against him.However they soon find out that Tony is not guilty when the second woman is murdered while they have Tony in custody. As they dig deeper into both murders they find that the only thing [...]

    The lonely-hearts theme is strong, satisfying and operates on several levels. There's more observation than I remember from later Resnick novels. Partly to establish the characters and Resnick's professional competence, but it also creates a more reflective tone than the later books which I found are much more propelled by the dialogue. That's certainly present, though: authentically local, darkly amusing and smart, especially when read between the lines. And although a few cultural (not least f [...]

    Jo Jenner
    I originally bought this book because it was set in Nottingham. I was very disappointed that the city wasn't as much part of the story as I had hoped it would be. The city wasn't used as well as it could have been and many of the places weren't explained as to where they were or how they inter connected.However by half way through I was really enjoying the story. Resnick is a wonderful character and his bizarre food combinations, love of cats and jazz had me thinking about buying the next in the [...]

    Excellent story of a lonely dectective confronting a cold case, a new murder that could be linked to the cold case, and his relationships with his daughter and ex-wife. "I didn't know anywhere had those any more," Rachel said as he withdrew his arm. 'Bells and waiters. "Used to be all there was,' Resnick told her. 'Every lounge bar in the city." She looked away and immediately Resnick wished he hadn't said it, didn't like the way it made him sound, hankering after a past where a shilling was a s [...]

    An okay first book of the series. I like the main character and the rest of the police crew. Good story. A nice fast pace necessary to a good crime book. Harvey has a habit of beginning paragraphs without much of a lead-in and it took me a sentence or two to figure what direction he was taking, kind of like your best friend who just rambles and changes subject, expecting you to just absolutely know that she has done this. I'll keep reading, trying the next book. First books in any series are not [...]

    This book is the first in a series featuring Charlie Resnick, an Inspector Detective in Nottingham. The story here revolves around the murder of two women who have been featured in a Newspaper column for those with "lonely hearts", the forerunner of on-line match making. Charlie is a likeable character, entering middle-age, and with something of a lonely heart of his own. The book was well-written, except for the ending, which seemed abrupt and rushed and not well explained. Still think I will c [...]

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