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  • Title: Gay Pride and Prejudice
  • Author: Kate Christie Jane Austen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Because Queer People Deserve Happily Ever After, Too.For the Bennet sisters, life in quiet Hertfordshire County is about to change Netherfield Hall has just been let to a single man of large fortune But while it is true that such a man is generally considered to be in want of a wife, it is equally true that not all men desire female companionship, just as not every womanBecause Queer People Deserve Happily Ever After, Too.For the Bennet sisters, life in quiet Hertfordshire County is about to change Netherfield Hall has just been let to a single man of large fortune But while it is true that such a man is generally considered to be in want of a wife, it is equally true that not all men desire female companionship, just as not every woman dreams of being married.Like other variations on Jane Austen s classic romance novel, Gay Pride Prejudice poses a question What if some among Austen s characters preferred the company of their own sex In this queer revision of the acclaimed original, Kate Christie offers an alternate version of love, friendship, and marriage for Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darcy, and their friends But even as the path to love veers from the straight and narrow, the destination remains much the same.
    Kate Christie Jane Austen
    Kate Christie, author of In the Company of Women, Gay Pride Prejudice, and the Girls of Summer series, was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI A graduate of Smith College, she lives near Seattle with her wife, their three daughters, and the family dog.To join her mailing list and receive email notifications of new releases, giveaways, and other news, visit katechristie.wordpress ma.

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    Clare Ashton
    Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books, one of the few that I re-read. Loving it so much, I’ve been tempted into reading a couple of variants/sequels which inevitably were disappointing – well, they were just not Austen. So, Kate Christie’s approach, of leaving as much of the original text as possible and embellishing it, I think a brilliant one.Pride and Prejudice has been rewritten with a skilled and very light touch. Some of the text needs only the slightest change to support [...]

    Overall, it was a good read. I understand the author's point in trying to work mostly with Jane Austen's text, but I think my only qualm with the book is that that didn't always WORK. There were some points where she merely switched Darcy and Caroline's dialogue, especially in the beginning, with no regard for how their different personalities/position in society would affect how they sound. Like the first "fine eyes" conversation, for example--that made no sense with the personalities switched. [...]

    Terry Baker
    Life for the Bennet sisters in the quiet rural County of Hertfordshire, England, is all set to change dramatically. A rich, single gentleman has arrived at Netherfield Park. Mrs Bennet is delighted. Surely one of her daughters will make Mr Bingley a good wife? After all, she does have five of them for him to choose from.Elizabeth though has other ideas and marriage isn’t one of them. Elizabeth has been seeing Charlotte romantically for quite sometime. It’s only when Charlotte decides to marr [...]

    it just didnt work for me tbh

    Apparently inspired by PP&Z a book which retained 80% of Jane Austen's original text and inserted 20% new, zombie-related prose, this book takes that approach to the extreme. At times it seems barely doing more than a simply Ctl + F and swapping Mr. Darcy's name for Miss Bingleys. While I can understand the intention and appreciate the fact that this is the rare book that (with one or two minor blunders) tries to alter or engage with the sexuality of the characters in a way that stays true t [...]

    Pride and Prejudice has long been one of my favourite books.Interested to see how the author would address changing the roles and dialogue to fit the mashup premise of queering this classic. Overall I would say that I appreciated the obvious time and scholarship that has been applied to this book and that I found myself hurrying to the conclusion simply to enjoy the author's wit and ingenuity.Perhaps my review is slightly coloured by the absolute joy I always find in Jane Austen's dialogue and c [...]

    This book took me a very long time to read. I am more excited about the fact that I am FINALLY FINISHED than actually reading the book itself. I wouldn't say the book is bad (thus the rating), just a little disappointing and I think when I was reading I mostly wanted to be reading Pride and Prejudice instead.And don't get me wrong, the idea of Caroline/Lizzie for P&P is a dream! But where the book falls flat isn't so much the writing (it does a better job than most picking up on Austen's pro [...]

    Confession time: I don't think I've ever managed to read through the original P&P. For some reason, I find Austen's writing to be incredibly difficult to get through, and I much prefer watching adaptations of her work.But. I couldn't resist picking this book up, and I found it very hard to put down (ba-dum tsh). I don't know what it was, but I found myself totally engrossed.The queering of the text is well-done, and it's interesting seeing how it changes dynamics (ie Mr Bennent's disinterest [...]

    I was surprised at the couple that became the focus of this story - I struggled to imagine these two together, and that did ultimately reflect on my experience of it. I love a queer version of a classic story and this novel perfectly met my expectations in that sense. I found it a delightful, funny narrative and loved picking out the suggestions of queer background characters throughout. My only real complaint is that the main couple was not really what I expected, but I would highly recommend G [...]

    P&P is one of my favorite books and so I was ecstatic to find this queer reinterpretation. I loved it even more than I already loved P&P, but for one element: the incessantly frequent reminders of how miserable queer people would have been at the time. While I know that for many it would have been true (as it is for many still today) that they lived in secrecy, with fear of being publicly exposed and thus outcast and possibly worse, likeI just didn't want to have to encounter that over a [...]

    A queering of Pride and Prejudice -how delightful!I loved this book and thought Kate Christie did a great job making just enough changes that the same-sex attractions seem realistic. Her additions fitted well with Austen's original style.The new Mr Bennett was particularly funny.A great read, if you like the classics but heterosexual romance isn't your cup of tea!

    Miriasha Borsykowsky
    The text is mostly the original but with the wonderful edits of many characters being of a certain "persuasion." It feels perfectly set in time and place and all feel in character. It's a wonderful concept and makes me lament copyright laws that this can't be done to modern books as well, at least not yet. If you are LGBTQ+ and/or enjoyed Pride and Prejudice I recommend this book!

    I was torn about giving this 3 or 4 stars. I will say that my ultimately landing on 4 stars had more to do with my love of Austen's original work than this retelling. As much as I enjoy the idea of a queer version of this work, this certainly had some flaws. Still, this was an enjoyable read, and quite faithful to the world we've learned about from Jane Austen.

    OMGoodnes!!!!! This author took JA's Pride and Prejudice and replace Darcy with Caroline. Just move some sentences around and changed the he for her, nothing new nothing more. Very boring if you are expecting a different plot.

    Cori Kane

    Everything I ever needed

    Mariah Lebron
    It was hard at first to understand but when I reread the first couple pages it was much better.

    I am one of many who has nothing but good words for Pride and Prejudice. However, whilst I read it for the first time (several years ago) I couldn't help but wonder about a queer version of the story. And to my delight, I stumbled upon this retelling a week ago! Finally, I got to reading it. And am pleased with the story. The roles are somewhat revised, there is creativity put in some dialogue and there is closure given at the end of the story. Unfortunately, I am not as gripped by Miss Bingley' [...]

    Sooo langatmig. Hab jetzt mehrere Monate gebraucht es fertigzukriegen, weil sehr langwierig, aber ich vermute, dass das Original ebenso zäh ist, ich meine mich zu erinnern o.O Leider hatte der gay crush Caroline Bingley mit Lizzy jetzt auch nicht die spannendste Chemie. Aber es war nice, dass sowohl Elizabeth als auch Darcy gay sind (und Elizabeths Vater!)

    Reading this book was an absolute emotional rollercoaster. In other words, I loved it entirely! The original content blended in perfectly with Austen's style of writing, the alterations were tastefully made, and the conclusion was so clever and lovely! I'd definitely read more classic novels with a twist, like this one was expertly done by Kate Christie.

    Felix Gomez
    I expected hard core gay stuff and I am also troubled with how its a small variation of the actual book. Lazy.


    My little gay heart is very content and in a star of squee over this.Gay P&P was the first retelling I read and it was everything I hoped for. It stays very true to the original in terms of dialogue and such. At least, as much as I can remember, I haven't read P&P in years but watched the BBC miniseries instead. Only, instead of Elizabeth and Darcy, we get a Elizabeth falling in love with a woman. And she doesn't end up with Charlotte.Maybe it's because I watched the Jane Austen Book Clu [...]

    Soledad P
    Al fin terminé de leer esto. Fue una completa pesadilla, fomentado sobre todo por el hecho de que amo la escritura de Jane Austen y verla casi usurpada de esta manera fue horrible.Este libro trata de Prgullo y Prejuicio. Tómelo en su versión original y cambie a Mr.Darcy por Caroline, la hermana de Mr. Bingley. Y eso es todo, agregue un par de palabras sonsas por aquí, unos diálogos sin razón de ser por acá y un poco de pensamientos verbalizados de personajes por allá.Y no sé, espera lee [...]

    So, first of all, I haven't read the original Pride and Prejudice book, but I've seen its summary, and I've seen the movie, and frankly, I've forgotten most of those too when I read this book.Honestly, I wished the book wasn't so rigidly following the original. I know they were all in the closet in this story, but really, if I was any person in that world, I'd hardly suspect any of them to be gay. The developments were so hidden in the shadows, and relied a lot on the heterosexual interactions. [...]

    The day DOMA was overturned, one of my favorite blogs suggested this book as a way to celebrate. On a whim, I downloaded it, and found it to be a very fun adaptation. It's a neat thought experiment, and well executed -- unlike the more popular Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, this book is clearly written from a place of deep understanding and love for the original novel. Certainly the personalities of Mr. Darcy and Caroline Bingly are radically different from the original, but I think Kate Chris [...]

    What if Lizzy Bennet didn't have a charged relationship with William Darcy, but rather, Caroline Bingley? With a devastating attachment to the too practical Charlotte Lucas, as well? It was 99c on and I was curious. It's mostly the P&P text, with some changes and additions. Honestly, I was charmed. I kept picturing Caroline Lee from Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which helped. Sweet, funny and we still got good Darcy.

    Well that was amusing. Tee hee. The way it worked out was well done and it was all very amusing to compare the actual with the way this was changed to make it gay. I wouldn't buy it but I borrowed it and it was worth reading.

    I actually really enjoyed this. I bought it just to see what it was like. I love pride and prejudice and this book was really interesting. I was very happy with the ending, and without being spoilerish, the ending made me happy.

    A bit drawn out, but overall a seamless and believable retelling of the classic.

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