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  • Title: The Winter of the Lions
  • Author: Jan Costin Wagner
  • ISBN: 9780099546436
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback

  • In this haunting, atmospheric snow noir tale, one of Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa s colleagues has been found murdered Every year since the death of his wife, Detective Kimmo Joentaa prepares a glass of milk and a bottle of vodka to arm himself against the isolation of Christmas and the harsh Finnish winter But this Christmas Eve, his lonely routine is interrupted fIn this haunting, atmospheric snow noir tale, one of Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa s colleagues has been found murdered Every year since the death of his wife, Detective Kimmo Joentaa prepares a glass of milk and a bottle of vodka to arm himself against the isolation of Christmas and the harsh Finnish winter But this Christmas Eve, his lonely routine is interrupted first by the unexpected arrival of a damaged young woman and then by the murder of two men one of them Joentaa s colleague on the police force.
    Jan Costin Wagner
    Jan Costin Wagner is a German crime fiction writer His novels are set in Finland and feature detective Kimmo Joentaa.Wagner studied German Literature and History at university in Frankfurt, and later worked as a journalist His first novel, Nachtfahrt Night Trip was published to much acclaim in 2002 and won the Marlowe Prize for Best Crime Novel His wife is a native of Finland, and they spend time both there and in Germany.His 2007 novel The Silence German Das Schweigen has been adapted to a 2010 German film of the same name in English the original name of the film in German is Das letzte Schweigen, i.e The last Silence.


    Nancy Oakes
    somewhere between a 3.5 and a 4.The short back-cover blurb by The Financial Times calls this book "snow-noir." There seems to be a noir for everything these days, a concept that doesn't really sit well with me but that's another story so we'll save it for another time or I'll just get myself all worked up. But really, there is nothing better when your brain is overloaded than a good mystery to carry you away. And this one is good. The Winter of the Lions is third in a series set in Finland, feat [...]

    This author just appeals to me in the story line of his protagonist who is in perpetual mourning for his wife, investigating crimes in Finland. It has the right amount of darkness about the story, yet it is not trite or depressing. He is up there in my book with others like Nesbo and p d james as an author whose books I happily anticipate.

    I cannot believe, firstly that I've left the last two books in this series unread for so long, and secondly I'd be daft enough to read the third, THE WINTER OF THE LIONS out of order. Not that it made a lot of difference to the experience. It's hard to use the word enjoyable when you're referring to any of the books by Jan Costin Wagner as they are so steeped in grief and brooding, although, there was just a glimmer that Kimmo Joentaa might be ready to move on a little. Even though the death of [...]

    Jim Coughenour
    This is the third book I've read by Wagner, after Ice Moon and Silence, and it's just as brooding and grief-haunted as the first two – an aspect which perfectly suits Wagner's wounded detective Kimmo Joentaa. Wagner has been called "the anti-writer of pop literature." I'm not sure what that means, but it's true that his crime novels are eccentric even by Scandinavian standards. Maybe it's because Wagner is German and his novels are set in Finland. Whatever the reason, I enjoy the offbeat abstr [...]

    Nino Frewat
    I loved this book, I loved the writer. I didn't know it's another volume in a Kimmo Joentaa series; this doesn't diminish it's worth one bit. It's not a procedural police story and nothing wrong-footing the reader will be revealed in the end. The pleasure one gets from this book comes from the crude and honest portrayal of the characters; crude in that descriptive words barely make their presence which fits nicely on the winter atmosphere of Finland. Honest in that the ideas that take shape in s [...]

    LindaBranham Greenwell
    As usual the mood is "somber". However, there is a change in Kimmo's life :)The mystery is told from the perspective of Kimmo - and the perpetrator. 2 people are murdered, and one almost murdered. All 3 were on a TV talk show shortly before the incidents. What is the connection?Kimmo works in his usual strange fashion to begin to put together the pieces. A very interesting novel

    Génial !

    My first try with this author and it wasn't bad. Basically a Scandinavian noir cosy (if there is such a thing), Detective Kimmo Joentaa and his Finnish colleagues work the case when two people who appeared on the same crime re-creation show are murdered. Some very short chapters, which I usually don't like, but they certainly worked here to propel the slow, but well paced story about loss, grief and starting over.

    The third book in a series of four. Each is better than the previous. The protagonist, Detective Kimmo Joentaa, while he disassociates from his surroundings, continues to reflect upon the world in a brilliantly, insightful manner, as his intuition ranges well beyond the emotional confines of a lingering grief.

    I read Wagner’s first book Ice Moon when it came out in 2006 and loved it. It was a moving tale of a murder investigation set to the background of a man’s grief for his recently dead wife. It could have been a difficult subject to get right but was very well done. However the writer dropped off my radar and his follow-up book Silence, published in 2010, passed me by. I noticed recently that he had had a third book published in 2011 so I did a quick catch up over Christmas, taking in both Sil [...]

    Kimmo Joenta ist auch im dritten Roman von Jan Costin Wagners Reihe um den finnischen Kommissar noch verstört vom Tod seiner Frau Sanna. So erwartet er nicht viel vom Weihnachtsfest. Doch die Dinge entwickeln sich anders, als eine junge Prostituierte, die sich Larissa nennt, sich in sein Leben und in seine Wohnung drängt, nachdem er zuvor auf dem Revier ihrem Bericht von einem übergriffigem Freier zugehört hatte. Dann werden kurz nacheinander erst ein langjähriger Kollege, ein Gerichtsmediz [...]

    L.M. Krier
    A strange and quirky book which I found surprisingly compelling. It's set in Finland, so the character names are challenging, but that added to the atmosphere.It could so easily run to cliché with Kimmo Joentaa, the cop, a grieving widower, preparing to work over Christmas to disguise his loneliness. He has the inevitable sidekick with the gambling habit, but at least his love-life is a little unorthodox when he takes up with a prostitute whose name he doesn't really know.The chapters are short [...]

    I am constantly reminded whilst reading this book, of the cold, dark, Finnish winters and the relatively high depression and suicide rates in the country. This is only in part because the book is set in winter, but mainly because the style of writing highlights the loneliness and alienation of the characters. Having also read Ice Moon, it almost makes me wonder if there are any happy people in Finland at all in a wasteland of snow. Even when a pathologist is shown laughing on a tv show, his fell [...]

    Finnish Detective Kimmo Joentaa, still haunted by the death of his wife, lives a very isolated existence, as do most of the characters in this subtle exploration of loss and grief. He has lost his wife, his colleague has lost his money, a woman has lost her family and a TV talk show host has lost himself. Each of them moves to a different beat, but eventually they all come together in a breathtaking finale. It is a story that, while being a psychological suspense thriller, reads like a slow-moti [...]

    Paul Curd
    An English translation of a novel about a Finnish detective written by a German author. An unlikely combination, but it works. Detective Kimmo Joentaa is preparing for another solitary Christmas after the still-recent death of his wife when a mysterious woman walks into his life. Meanwhile, Joentaa is called back to work to investigate the murder of two men linked only by their appearance on a Finnish TV talk show. The narrative regularly shifts into the mind of the un-named murderer, which was [...]

    I do like this series. The books are relentlessly gloomy and the lead detective kimmo joentaa makes Kurt wallander look like polyanna. In the third of the series kimmo investigates the murder of two men who both have appeared on a well known chat show, a pathologist and a man who makes life size puppets for crime scenes etc. At the same time he starts a bizarre relationship with a very damaged woman. It was a good plot, the writing is succinct, and having started at book 1 I am enjoying this ver [...]

    This is a very thoughtful, measured novel about death and grief really, rather than about crime. The author makes a good contrast between societies' response to death (superficial, ghoulish, focussed on shock value) and the effect it has on families and others immediately affected, by setting it in and around a tv chatshow. The constrast really comes through when you read this as part of a habit of reading crime novels. How many of these (other than The Killing perhaps) show convincingly that so [...]

    Jim Payette
    When I read it was a snow noir novel about a detective whose beloved wife had died, I was expecting a character even more painfully overwrought than PD James' Inspector Dalgliesh and wasn't sure I'd get through it. But the character's quirkiness and the author's light touch makes the back story an interesting insight supporting the main story of the murder investigation rather than a hovering spectre which overpowers it.The mystery itself follows some aspects of a police procedural but, again, i [...]

    Diane S ☔
    3.5 Have really gotten to like the brooding and grief stricken Kammo and the insights he manages to come up with to solve crimes. The writing style is a little different, a little choppier, but once one gets used to that the story lines are very interesting. Liked the addition is this one of the mysterious woman who comes to visit and stays. Liked the ending also which nicely wrapped up the case and gave the reader a little hint of who this woman might be. Look forward to the next one.

    I was looking forward to reading this book as I enjoyed the first two so much. Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed in that I didn't like this one as much as the others. I really didn't like the illusive woman who turns up and hangs around (I was hoping she would disappear as quickly as she appeared!)But all in all I am glad I have read it now.

    I'm not sure if it is because it's a translation or if its just the style of writing I didn't enjoy but I just couldn't get along with this book. I felt like it was trying too hard to fit in to a genre I simply don't get. Maybe if this type of book is your thing go ahead, but for me it was a hard read.

    This was the third book in this series, although I had not read the first one, this I felt was more enjoyable than the second book- Silence. It seemed to flow more easily and although the main character's wife was mentioned, it did not seem to slow the story down with his reminisces about her.

    Vikas Datta
    Starts slow and languid before picking up into a most satisfying though disturbing read

    Deeply, almost ridiculously implausible, but with a thriller's pace. Puppets on a talk show provoke two murders, while a police officer romances a, prostitute, maybe? Fascinatingly weird.

    Andy Plonka
    Written in German by a German but set in Finland a highly emotional read.

    Very good. Somewhat sad book about grieving and grief as a motive for murder. Joentuu is a great character and I look forward to reading more by this author.

    4.5 stars actuallythebookbag/reviews/i

    Una espectacular novela negra en estado puro.

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