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  • Title: Windigo Soul
  • Author: Robert Brumm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • It s Hank Reed s birthday As a citizen of the United Federation of Nations that means a mandatory death sentence simply because he turned sixty years old Referred to as retirement, it s one of the desperate steps the government has taken to curb overpopulation Retirement is a widely accepted fact of life on a dying planet ruled by a tyrannical government Hank s execuIt s Hank Reed s birthday As a citizen of the United Federation of Nations that means a mandatory death sentence simply because he turned sixty years old Referred to as retirement, it s one of the desperate steps the government has taken to curb overpopulation Retirement is a widely accepted fact of life on a dying planet ruled by a tyrannical government Hank s execution goes ahead as planned but state sponsored euthanasia isn t what it seems The Reed family learns what really happens to retirees when secrets the UFN keep from the public start to unravel.This book is intended to be read by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17 Contains indecent language and descriptions of graphic violence.
    Robert Brumm
    Robert Brumm Jr lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with his wife and two children He can be found during the day slaving over a hot server as a systems administrator At night, if he s not drinking beer in front of the television or taking his puggle for a walk, you just might find him writing in the basement.


    Michael Anderson
    Reading Windigo Soul gave me an entirely new perspective on the word “retirement”. I probably won’t officially retire until age 65 (maybe 68 or 70 the way things are going), but at least I hope to make it past 60…With Windigo Soul, Robert Brumm has set the stage for a future world that will seem familiar to many fans of dystopian fiction. And yet, Mr. Brumm has taken a number of familiar themes and woven them together into an interesting tale that kept my attention and delivered a very e [...]

    I rarely, if ever, stop reading a book. I usually trudge through it, mining for some nugget of goodness that will redeem whatever horrible plot the author has subjected me to. I could not finish this. Cannibalism, fecal matter, and completely unreasonable character developments had me wondering what the point of this novella even was. Just. No.

    Tammy Brumm
    Great book. Not normally a huge sci-fi reader, but it really did enjoy this fast paced story. And not just because I'm sleeping with the author.

    Becky Sherriff
    *** Spoiler Alert ***Hank Reed is approaching his 60th birthday, this means he is due for retirement, in this overpopulated earth it means that he will be euthanised. His wife Peg will reach her retirement a few months later.The retirees are euthanised and cremated . or are they? I won't spoil this for you but the story completely captured my imagination and piqued my interest.This is only a short book so I read it in one go, I was keen to find out the outcome.The part of the book where Hank has [...]

    Andrew Finazzo
    Windigo Soul rehashes bad science fiction ideas from other places ((view spoiler)[The Matrix and Soylent Green both have some very common themes (hide spoiler)]). The story is set in a future where the government enforces various Nazi-ish rules on global society, but never clearly explains how government went from bad to pure evil. The book is quite short and the writing style is fast paced. About halfway through a second main character is introduced and the author starts doing jarring perspecti [...]

    Michele Whitecotton
    I don't even know what to say about this book, but WOW!! It was very shocking and very graphic but very incredible. I don't usually read books like this, but this one captured my interest and I'm so glad I gave it a chance. I don't want to give away any of the plot, but when Henry woke up and I discovered where the "retirees" really went, I was in complete shock. In today's world, the idea doesn't seem so far-fetched and that makes is really scary. You will fall in love with Henry Reed and you w [...]

    Yes the theme seemed all too familiar. The story itself was a very good read and totally entertaining.And the author does a great job of tying up loose ends. Doesn't disappoint in the ending.

    Modern Soylent GreenRather interesting twist on overpopulation, food shortages and other problems coming upon us. Extreme 1984. Good characters you love to hate and others you cheer for. If there was a sequel I would not read it, but this book had some interesting twists and turns. I am glad I retired years ago.

    Larry Hill
    Forced retirementEntertaining. Makes me about my impending retirement.Amended comment: I have no only reached retirement age without incident, I sailed right past it into my next decade.

    Donna Beveridge
    I love a happy endingBeing 65 this book was an eye opener. Let's hope we never slip down this slippery slope.Good, quick reading.

    Zeb Kantrowitz
    Even after finishing the novella, the title doesn’t really mean anything related to the Indian “Gollem” known as a Windigo (or avenging spirit), unless you stretch a lot. What the book does have is parts of 1984, Brave New World, Soylent Green, Logan’s Run, The Matrix, and many other dystopias.This is not to say that the story is derivative as much as it is a synthesis of ideas of this genre. Saying all that, it is the story of people fighting for freedom of life and thought. In this ove [...]

    I tend to not expect much from the lower priced Kindle offerings, having been disappointed frequently. It's a pleasant surprise to find a real gem instead. I'm glad I found this one. I'm going to write this without spoilers, I hope.Here is a very well written story of life in the not too distant future. The world is woefully over populated, the environment badly polluted, fossil fuels seriously depleted. The government is no democracy, and its tactics for enforcing the laws rival the Gestapo. Ci [...]

    Sean O'Reilly
    I don't remember putting this book onto my phone but when I looked at the introduction it looked worth a read. This dystopian novel has much in common with a number of other books and films, as has been pointed out by other reviewers. To me this is of no great concern as the truly original concept in fiction is such a rare beast that it isn't worth hunting for. For me the only question is whether the idea is well executed in this incarnation.Without wanting to give too much away the 'retirement' [...]

    Fast-paced, heart-pumping action and suspense! This short story of dystopian civilization is harsh and disturbing. It strongly reminds me of Lois Lowry's works. The prologue of the book is already a hint of the nightmarish events to happen here, although it does nothing to cushion its horrific impact. The plot is almost similar to Charlston Heston's old movie Soylent Green, something that caused many sleepless nights for me as a child. What affects me is the feasibility of it happening in the fu [...]

    This short novelette really captured my attention and my imagination. Its premise is frighteningly realistic given the current alarming world population growth. Combine that with the large (and still to be larger) glut of elderly in our society as a consequence of the ever-aging baby boomer generation and Mr. Brumm’s curiously gruesome imagination, and what evolves is an, at times, intensely graphic horror story decidedly not for squeamish readers. I do not want to give any of the story away, [...]

    A tense, fast paced dystopian thriller. Windigo Soul as a title at first made me wonder who would turn out to be a windigo. With some relief as I read, it doesn’t go there. Where it does go is a not too distant future that we can only hope never happens but at the same time know it could come close. A branch of inventive science is fuelled by science fiction these days. Who knows? The result is worryingly plausible.This is Soylent Green brought up to date with a very big bang. Brumm makes his [...]

    What a different take on the apocalypse, and very scary, me being a retired person. In this society there is an effort to reduce the number of people using the resources left and people are "retired" at age 60 and go off to die. Yep, that is what they are told and well, mostly that is what happens. We follow Hank who is the father of Sara and his trip to be "retired." Also we follow his son in law who happens to be involved in the government's program of "retirement." I will go no further but it [...]

    Though I enjoyed this glimpse into a dystopian world, it felt rather shallow and rushed to me. The characters aren't deep and sometimes make decisions that, at least on the surface, make little sense. Perhaps if we got more inside their heads or they had more depth the decisions would have made sense, but often they seem to make decisions just to further the story the author wants to tell. There were a lot of cliche characterizations in this, both of 'government goons' and 'the rebels'. Overall [...]

    Windigo Soul joins the ever-growing list of dystopian books that do unspeakable stuff to its citizens. In this book, we follow the tale of Henry Reed: his life as an abiding citizen and the horrors that he witnesses later on.This book is a quick read not only because it’s a short one, but because the writing is easy to follow. Our pacing is also quite balanced, a perfect match for its length. The author knows how to deliver shock value that will stay with readers for a while, all to provide th [...]

    Rich Meyer
    I had thought I had read this book before, when it was in it's "first edition". At least the cover improved greatly since then. Unfortunately, that was all that had. This book tries to combine far too many popular sci-fi conventions to have anything original to say. Soylent Green, Z.P.G the Matrix, Logan's Run. If you've watched all those movies (or read the novelizations or books they were based on), you'll have read every single concept in this novel. Oh, and add one of the lesser Bond novels [...]

    Windigo Soul is a short, action-packed novel in the dystopian genre. While it has nothing particularly new or unique, it is well executed. It's a fun book for when you want something light but with a hint of darkness.There were, however, two moments in the book which bothered me. (view spoiler)[I find it highly implausible that John would have forgotten about the tracker in his teeth for as long as he did, especially considering recent events. He's a professional. Also, when he shoved Hendricks [...]

    Laura of Lurking
    I found this a surprisingly thought provoking dystopian sci-fi. The book felt like it was split into two halves. The first covered what life was like in this world and looked at the relationships amongst a family, before Hank, the father was "retired" and found himself struggling with what this really meant. I found this half of the book touching as well as disturbing in the things it revealed of the character's lives.The second half of the book felt much more like action and adventure. While th [...]

    I realize I'm never going to be fair to stories under 200pgs. It's impossible to give you enough details to fully grasp you in.Reading chapter one was touching to say the least. You see the life of Hank who has just turned 60, coping with the fact that he must retire. The goodbyes, the tears I was definitely engrossed in this story; and then came chapter 2. I wouldn't consider what happens next ridiculous but it was definitely predictable. I no longer felt emotion, I know longer felt like Hank w [...]

    Eric Estes
    SPOILER ALERT!!! The story is unoriginal: the Matrix's "human batteries" meet Soylent Green's "meat". There's no robot overlords, but a monolithic evil government that controls 90% of the globe. The story was predictable. I guessed the hero would battle the villain, escape, and then find a resistance movement where he would join them in sticking it to the tyrannical government by blowing something up. The writing was par for a self-published author and the editing was better than most in that ca [...]

    Matthew Andrus
    This is the second edition of this novel which has been extended from a novella into a novel by the the author Robert Brumm Windigo Soul is a thought provoking tale of retirement but not as we know it set in a dystopian future run by a government who's ideals on saving the future are only leading to its demise.Hank Reed has just turned 60 and by the laws of the United Federation of Nations Hank is being retired or simply euthanised to save the world from overpopulation, although Hank is legally [...]

    This was a good book that looked at a potential future where the longevity of humans and environmental resources clash. The book was very well written and fast paced. The team that was pulled together to win a battle against overwhelming odds was intriguing. Generally, the characters were well detailed. I would have liked a bit more back story on the son-in-law who seemed to change his stripes. Although there was an incident that indicated he was not totally on board with the way the government [...]

    Amanda Smith
    My review from amazon dated 3/30/2013Title: Amazing ReadI loved this short read so much! "Retire" at 60? That's crazy when humans can live 20-40 years more!This dystopia is great because it could happen if people are not vigilante. I do wish I knew more about the characters after the ending.*SLIGHT SPOILER*Maybe because I think negatively but we, the reader, don't know if it a completely happy ending because we don't know if she made it to her family. She could have walked out the door and been [...]

    AmazingConsider a world where bib brother has taken control of everything, throw in a little of the movie Soylent Green ( dating myself here, but it's a movie about the earth's food shortage and people are eating processed dead humans), and you have the premises for this story. The difference is that the author throws in one person's refusal to accept the end. This is where the fun and action starts and continues to elevate. The characters are well developed, the plot is systematic and doesn't j [...]

    Katrina Holman
    Well written dystopian. This short novel really focuses on its plot and main characters. There is little extra information, and it reads very quickly.The premise of the book was fascinating to me and something that is scary in its plausibility. Not, per se, in creation of energy through heat, but rather in the concept of hiding such a socially abhorrent fact from a nation that has accepted a norm that doesn't prove true.Plausibility of the ending is up in the air, but I felt like it didn't detra [...]

    This was a fantastic story. Very well written, fast-paced and had me identifying with the characters very quickly. A quick read, but well worth it, Windigo Soul is the story of a dystopian future where people are involuntarily "retired" at the age of 60 by the State. Hank Reed goes in for his "retirement" and finds that something even more horrible is happening to the old-timers than genocide, and he has been "recruited" to help. or he can dieThanks Robert for another great read. This is your be [...]

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