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  • Title: When Libby Met the Fairies and Her Whole Life Went Fae
  • Author: Kirsten Mortensen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Biologist Libby Samson wants only one thing to rebuild her life after an ugly divorce.So she quits her job and buys an organic farm Then, one evening, a two foot tall man stands up out of the shadows and greets her by name.It s hard enough for Libby to come to terms with the fact that little folk exist But when word of Libby s experience leaks out onto the Internet, hBiologist Libby Samson wants only one thing to rebuild her life after an ugly divorce.So she quits her job and buys an organic farm Then, one evening, a two foot tall man stands up out of the shadows and greets her by name.It s hard enough for Libby to come to terms with the fact that little folk exist But when word of Libby s experience leaks out onto the Internet, her peaceful farm soon swarms with kooky strangers The media shows up Her annoying sister shows up And her horrified boyfriend thinks she should be on meds.Libby finds one person she can confide in Dean, her solitary but sexy next door neighbor But what if trusting Dean is a huge mistake
    Kirsten Mortensen
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    Intisar Khanani
    I'm rounding up from 3.5 stars. It took a while for the story to get started, and as some of the other reviewers have mentioned, I wanted to the fairies to play more of a role--but that's because I'm a fantasy buff and of course I want the fairies to do something. Their impact has more to do with what happens to Libby when word gets out that she can see Little People who give her vital farming advice. I think the tag line for this novel might set up unrealistic expectations for readers"a paranor [...]

    great story of personal growth. funny quirky, with a bit of romance tossed in. :) was a great read.

    David Ketelsen
    I liked Mortensen's writing style quite a bit. I gave this book 3-stars instead of 4-stars for two reasons. First, her book really didn't need the fantasy element of fairies. They really had no role other than to add a stressor into Libby's life which pushed forward her relationship crises with her boyfriend and sister.The second thing I didn't like was how much Libby over reacted to relatively small annoying events yet she was often quite passive aggressive with serious threats to her happiness [...]

    Lisa Valentine
    I received this book from . This is a very entertaining book. Libby, recently divorced, buys her dream property to become an organic farmer. First she finds out her reclusive and grumpy neighbor is a hunk. Next thing she knows she is being taught to grow by a short little man-like fairy. She passes the organic test, gets to know her neighbor better, finds out her super straight boyfriend thinks she is crazy and is totally screwed over by her sister. Info about her 'little helpers' gets out on th [...]

    I really did not enjoy this book. I seriously hyper skimmed a few chapters. I didn't think this book really had much about fairies at all. That was more of a side comment than central to the story. It is true that seeing the fairies -- and subsequently trusting the wrong people with that information -- was a catalyst to events that took up most of the book. But the "little people" were not high profile characters. They simply made cameo visits. I was so disappointed in *************** (spoiler a [...]

    The title and description of this book got my attention immediately and I was sure I would really love it. However, the title is completely decieving. Yes, there are some "fae or fairies" in the book, but they are a rare presence and other than causing a sensation that brings publicity and a group of off people camping out on the property, they might as well not be part of the story at all. This is pretty much just a weak love story with characters that aren't even very interesting.

    This was a cute story, it had so much potential, but it just sort of fizzled toward the end, and ended so abruptly that I actually had to double check and make sure it was over. Also, there were several times throughout the book when I wanted to slap the protagonist for being such a pushover.Disappointing.

    (FTC)won this book in a giveaway and was pleasantly surprised! I enjoyed the plot and the main character was compelling! I would definetly recommend this to someone who loves whimsical and romantic tales.

    Laura Power
    It was a light read and a little bit different, but enjoyable.

    Amy Sperry
    Interesting plot idea but the execution was lacking a little. The story begins with the main character Libby following her dream of owning a organic farm after getting a divorce. What could have been an uplifting tale of a woman rebuilding her life after divorce with a little fairy magic mixed in ends up being mostly a downer as she fails at take control of what happens to her and lets her boyfriend, sister, niece, and random strangers invade and control her life. The fairies which show themselv [...]

    Grabbed this one as it was free from the author. But I would have eventually for the title alone!That said, there was far too little fae and far too much romantic and other types of angst. I did relate to the niceness of the main character but I did get exhausted with her lack of real ambition or access to her real feelings. If I wanted that, I wouldn't be reading fantasy. Still, I had to keep reading to see what happened.The writing was okay. The plot had its good point and bad point. Given the [...]

    Peazy Monellon
    When Libby Met the Fairies is anything but ordinary. This is very well-written, in a delightful conversational style, yet within these pages are some extraordinary observations about life and love and the complications that often arise. Libby isn’t perfect. Thank God! She’s very real and tackles some very real problems throughout. Her family doesn’t help. While they’re not quite as crazy as mine, I recognized some of the symptoms! LOL. Poor Libby! She’s got her hands full! And all of t [...]

    Gina Musser
    I received this as a giveaway and I am sorry to say that I didn't really care for the book at all. I think the title & synopsis is very misleading. This story really wasn't about fairies at all. It was a warped love story with a sappy doormat as the lead character. I recently read that the author changed the story up a bit and it also stated that she felt Libby was "nice" not a pushover. /author_blog_ No, Libby is definitely a pushover/door mat. You can be nice without being a pushover.Just [...]

    As I was reading this, I was yelling at my Kindlewell to be more accurate, I was yelling at "Libby" for being such a pushover wuss and not standing up for herself. The book was cute, but I wish it had had more interaction with Dean, the fairies, etc. Way too short. The characters were well-written because I was grinding my teeth in frustration at Libby, loathing Gina, annoyed with Paul, and wanted to smack the teenage drama as well as the creepers. :)

    What if.Fairies were true and you started seeming them.When Libby finds that her organic farm is overrun by strangers who've heard on the Internet she has been talking to fairies it seems as if her whole dream of a new life will have to end. A light but fun read that became increasingly compelling as Libby's state of siege deepened. A story for the young at heart and for those who believe in old fashioned wisdom.

    The story is solid and interesting, but the book REALLY could use a good edit. There are a lot of editing errors that distract from the story.The main character changed dramatically in the middle of the story. She starts out very strong, newly divorced, following her dream, living life on her own terms. But she quickly changes into a weak character, keeping quiet to make everyone else happy and never really standing up for herself. A strong beginning led to a weak and unsatisfying finish.

    Teri Beth
    I want to say I really, really liked this book. The characters were great and intriguing and story was really cute. The story and characters were the only reason I kept reading because the writing style itself drove me crazy and was very hard for me to continue reading. I found myself skipping almost pages at a time because of the way it was written. I will not say it was written poorly, it just wasn't my taste.

    Amanda Chalifoux
    Sounds like Libby is gonna have a lot of drama coming her way but maybe her guy find will help her with it. Sounds like a really good book and one readers won't be able to put down til the last page is read. You sound like a great author & I'll have to read this book cause it sounds really good :)

    I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read--one day. I loved her reaction to the fae on her land. I hated her reactions to those around her. Making everyone else happy while she fell apart. She had so many plans and let them go by the wayside fro everyone else's plans.

    Ending kind of left alot to be desired. Just kind of a blah read.

    Maybe 1 and 1/2.

    Promising start, but as the book progressed and Libby continued to let people walk all over her, I just wanted to shake her.

    • ☆ When Libby Met the Fairies and Her Whole Life Went Fae || Ñ PDF Download by Ì Kirsten Mortensen
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