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  • Title: Voices of Angels
  • Author: Hannah M. Davis
  • ISBN: B00719Z3VE
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • When Lizzie Fisher sees a black mark above her teachers head, she has no idea how much it will change her life Seven days later the teacher is dead and Lizzie must come to terms with a frightening new ability she sees when people are about to die Sent to Andalucia to live with a grandmother she has never met, Lizzie falls in love with gifted musician, Rafa All seems weWhen Lizzie Fisher sees a black mark above her teachers head, she has no idea how much it will change her life Seven days later the teacher is dead and Lizzie must come to terms with a frightening new ability she sees when people are about to die Sent to Andalucia to live with a grandmother she has never met, Lizzie falls in love with gifted musician, Rafa All seems well until one day the black mark appears above her grandmother s head Horrified, Lizzie finds herself in a race against time to find out what the gift really means Will Rafa help her And can she save her grandmother s life before it s too late
    Hannah M. Davis
    For about 10 years I lived in a white washed village in Andalusia in southern Spain and fell head over heels in love with tapas, fiestas and the occasional cheeky siesta And then I met the love of my life and we got married.So these days I live with my husband in East Midlands, England I m a big believer in love and that s probably why I love writing about it I am an award winning author Voices of Angels was my debut novel I am mid way through my 2nd book which is also transformational YA.I am also the founder of The Soul Writer s Cafe an online community for aspiring authors My next release is an ebook full of tips tricks to kickstart your dream novel It s called Unleash Your Authentic Voice I m always happy to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter or my blog.

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    This has quickly become one of my favorite books! It's a great coming of age story about a 15 year old girl who doesn't quite fit with the world she's living in. That is, until she gets a change of scenery. The main portion of this book takes place in a beautiful location called Andalucia. The main character of this story, Lizzie, is a very interesting person. She is your average teenage girl who wants nothing more than to get along with her peers instead of being teased by them. Things seem to [...]

    Largely set in southern Spain, Hannah M Davis has written evocatively of the location, the people and the spirit of the area, creating an atmospheric backdrop for the action. And there is plenty going on within this coming-of-age story. The build up of romantic tension between the Lizzie and Rafa is both sweet and sensitive yet it also really sizzles.The premise of the book - a girl who struggles with her newly found psychic gift for knowing when people are going to die - is skillfully handled, [...]

    Lizzie is a solitary girl attending school in London. She doesn't remember her father, her mother is cold, busy, and standoffish, and she's bullied. Once upon a time, she did have a friend, Bee. But now they are bitter enemies, as happens quite often in life between childhood friends who grow older and veer off in different directions as they try desperately to find their niche.Lizzie does have one loyal, wonderful friend---her dog, Joopy. The reader grows to love the dog very quickly.She and Jo [...]

    This book turned out to be a very pleasant surprise for me. I hadn't heard much about it but when I began reading it, I was completely hooked! The first thing that really caught my attention was the setting. As someone who has lived in the United States her entire life and only traveled out of country once, I was fascinated with the descriptions of both Spain and England. Hannah did a wonderful job of painting a picture into our head of what it's like being in those places. I especially enjoyed [...]

    Rea Cobb
    I have just finished Voices of Angels by Hannah .M. Davis which is a young adult book with a slight magical feel to it, not my usual genre choice but I love to have a change every now and again.When Lizzie Fisher sees a black mark above her teachers head, she has no idea how much it will change her life. Seven days later the teacher is dead and Lizzie must come to terms with a frightening new ability: she sees when people are about to die.Sent to Andalucia to live with a grandmother she has neve [...]

    Wendy Cartmell
    Voices of Angels is a dark and sexy paranormal romance following 15 year old, Lizzie Fisher, who can see when people are about to die. What she does with the frightening ability is the premise of the story. And along the way she moves country, falls in love and discovers lots of things about herself. When Lizzie Fisher sees a black mark above her teachers head, she has no idea how much it will change her life. Seven days later the teacher is dead and Lizzie must come to terms with a frightening [...]

    Russ King
    Voices of angels is a young adult novel about a 15 year old girl struggling to fit in at home and at school so did I enjoy it?Oh yes, I loved it. I can’t see it having the same cross-over success as that Potter boy or the vampire/werewolf stuff and nonsense but it’s spot on for the target market.Fifteen year old Lizzie Fisher is an outcast at school after falling out with her best friend and neighbour who just happens to be one of those annoyingly popular girls at school. Her secret trysts w [...]

    Elizabeth Jasper
    I simply loved this book. Lizzie must attempt to come to terms with her unwanted gift - she can tell when someone is about to die.I loved the way the supernatural aspects of the story were woven into the narrative without too much drama. Instead, the drama is in the relationships between Lizzie and her grandmother, Ariadne, Lizzie and Rafa, Ariadne and Gabriel and Rafa and Gabriel. Spice is added to the mix when Lizzie's so-called 'friend', the vile Bee Buckingham, arrives from the UK. Lizzie's [...]

    Molly Sears-piccavey
    Great read, was hooked from p.10.Highly recommended novel about a British girl discovering her secret in Andalusia.A well balanced tale of Intrigue & romance

    Rachel Medhurst
    Loved this book! It's original and really well written.

    Simon Forward
    First of all, I know the author and she's brilliant. Loved the premise of this book ever since I read an excerpt on authonomy, many years ago. Hannah and her story deserve more than three stars, but then again they both also deserved better attention from an editor.What is a promising and potentially engaging tale suffers from two key distractions. One is the fact that it strays for too much of its word count into standard and predictable teen romance territory, which I'm sure will have more app [...]

    Lizzie is a young girl who doesn't really fit in, her once best friend Bee is now the ring leader of the group of bullies. Matters take a turn for the worst when she sees a black mark above the teachers head and seven days later she dies. Then again it happens with her dog. Tormented by the kids at school for predicting this, Lizzie finally gets her distant mother to send her to Spain to meet and stay with her grandmother. Lizzie finally has a chance to spread her wings and grow into who she is. [...]

    Lizzie Fisher looks up in class and sees a black shape floating over her teacher's head. She thinks its her eyesight at first as no-one else sees it. She becomes an even bigger target for school bullies - until the teacher dies exactly seven days later.When it happens again with her precious dog Joopy, Lizzie is inconsolable. Lizzie doesn't get on well with her Mum, she can't talk to her about all of this so she decides to visit her Grandmother (who she has never met) in Andalucía, Spain. Will [...]

    Hannah Davis
    This is my book so I'm a little bit biased . so I've included some of the reviews:“From the moment I sat down to read Voices of Angels I was hooked. . . . The book is filled with life, death, love, passion, betrayal, regret and much more with the main story set again the sizzling backdrop of Andalucian Spain. You won’t be able to put it down!”“A rip-roaring, rollicking read!”“This is a wonderful story, believable, fresh and exciting. Not just for teenagers… Everyone will love it! [...]

    Susan Dewhurst
    I've recently finished reading this book and what can I say? I thought it was wonderful and beautifully as well as articulately written straight from the heart! It took me way back to the "coming of age" period of my life and I found it moving, inspirational, full of life lessons and I just ♥ Love ♥ Love ♥ Love the message it sends out about how important it is for us to find the courage within to show our authentic selves to the world and staying true to our hearts.I didn't want it to end [...]

    Carolyn Mathews
    Misfit Lizzie blossoms when she escapes to Andalucia, following an incident at school, to meet her grandmother for the first time. There is plenty of conflict in this tale, as the author explores the thorny relationships between the female characters: mother, daughter, grandmother and one-time friend. The male characters in Lizzie’s family are physically absent – her father left when she was young and her grandfather died years before. This is balanced by the appearance of Rafa, a charismati [...]

    Davis spins a rich tale about a girl, Lizzie, with an uncommon gift. Set in England and Spain we follow Lizzie from the cold, unfeeling place of the suburbs to the hot and colorful world of Lizzie's grandmother in Andalusia where she meets and falls for Rafa, a local boy with a great musical talent. We have all felt out of place and the author aptly captures the teen's feelings throughout her journey. A great YA read!

    Deborah Lloyd
    This is truly a delightful novel, for adolescents and adults. Anyone who has had psychic or intuitive experiences - or simply felt different from others - will relate to the main character, Lizzie. As Lizzie learns to accept her "special gift," she also teaches us about acceptance, forgiveness and love. The author uses vivid descriptions, and lots of humor, to bring all the characters in this book alive. A compelling story, with essential life lessons - add it to your reading list

    Good loved rafa 7/10

    Barbara Gard

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