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  • Title: Diane Arbus: Revelations
  • Author: Diane Arbus Doon Arbus
  • ISBN: 9780375506208
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Diane Arbus redefined the concerns and the range of the art she practiced Her bold subject matter and photographic approach have established her preeminence in the world of the visual arts Her gift for rendering strange those things we consider most familiar, and uncovering the familiar within the exotic, enlarges our understanding of ourselves Diane Arbus Revelations aDiane Arbus redefined the concerns and the range of the art she practiced Her bold subject matter and photographic approach have established her preeminence in the world of the visual arts Her gift for rendering strange those things we consider most familiar, and uncovering the familiar within the exotic, enlarges our understanding of ourselves Diane Arbus Revelations affords the first opportunity to explore the origins, scope, and aspirations of what is a wholly original force in photography Arbus s frank treatment of her subjects and her faith in the intrinsic power of the medium have produced a body of work that is often shocking in its purity, in its steadfast celebration of things as they are Presenting many of her lesser known or previously unpublished photographs in the context of the iconic images reveals a subtle yet persistent view of the world The book reproduces two hundred full page duotones of Diane Arbus photographs spanning her entire career, many of them never before seen It also includes an essay, The Question of Belief, by Sandra S Phillips, senior curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and In the Darkroom, a discussion of Arbus s printing techniques by Neil Selkirk, the only person authorized to print her photographs since her death A 104 page Chronology by Elisabeth Sussman, guest curator of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art show, and Doon Arbus, the artist s eldest daughter, illustrated by than three hundred additional images and composed mainly of previously unpublished excerpts from the artist s letters, notebooks, and other writings, amounts to a kind of autobiography An Afterword by Doon Arbus precedes biographical entries on the photographer s friends and colleagues by Jeff L Rosenheim, associate curator of photographs at The Metropolitan Museum of Art These texts help illuminate the meaning of Diane Arbus s controversial and astonishing vision.
    Diane Arbus Doon Arbus
    Diane Arbus was an American photographer, noted for her portraits of people on the fringes of society, such as transvestites, dwarfs, giants, prostitutes, and ordinary citizens in unconventional poses and settings.Arbus early work was created using 35mm cameras, but by the 1960s Arbus adopted the Rolleiflex medium format twin lens reflex This format provided a square aspect ratio, higher image resolution, and a waist level viewfinder that allowed Arbus to connect with her subjects in ways that a standard eye level viewfinder did not Arbus also experimented with the use of flashes in daylight, allowing her to highlight and separate her subjects from the background.In July 1971, Arbus committed suicide in Greenwich Village at the age of 48 by ingesting a large quantity of barbiturates and then slashing her wrists.


    Vivienne Strauss
    Even knowing how this book/life will end it was no less a tragedy. One of the quotes that really stuck with me was how so many people work a job and collect a paycheck so their days are not filled with searching for answers to unanswerable questions. The downside of being an artist. I think I'll not try to work today and just watch the birds from my window instead.


    Frank McAdam
    Diane Arbus: Revelations is one of the most lovingly designed monographs I've seen. Its reproductions are uniformly excellent and faithfully reproduce the warm tones of the original Portriga Rapid prints. Unfortunately, the book designer is nowhere credited in the volume, though I did search. Any large format "art book" that reproduces the photographer's contact sheets and provides technical information is to be commended. When photographers peruse monographs, they are looking not only for inspi [...]

    the copy of her autopsy report is gruesome, to say the least. this book goes very in depth about her depressions, almost too much i would say, to the point where it almost feels indecent. this was a more difficult read than i was expecting. beautiful photographs and lengthly essays on arbus's interesting life and subject matter, along with images of letters that she wrote. even more interesting was seeing the transition from her early 35mm work to medium format. it can get very technical here an [...]

    An exquisite personal author book, an open window to the soul of one of the greatest portrait photographers.There's a strangeness, an odd approach to her subjects in the way they are photographed. As soon as the shutter clicks, something wonderful happens and is captured.She knows how to approach the outcasts and freaks of society and give them an identity and an irrevocable place back into the world everyone else belongs. She enters their world and brings them out into ours.Even her self-portra [...]

    Nico Battersby
    An in depth glimpse into the life's journey and technique of one of the greatest photographers to have ever lived.

    This is the most informative, thorough, and exquisite book on the life and work of Diane Arbus to date. The book is massive, and is an authority on the history of the photographer and her body of work. Featured in the book are the large scale prints everyone knows and loves, but there are also other images that are relatively rare, difficult to find on even the internet. Also included are high resolution images of Arbus's personal journal, contact sheets, negatives, postcards, filmstrips, and ot [...]

    This book was published in conjunction with an exhibition that traveled throughout the US and Europe between 2004 and 2006. Having seen the exhibition in LA, I finally got around to reading the book. Besides reliving the exhibit - by reviewing Diane's incredible photographs in the book - there is also considerable text in this book.There is a chronology of her life that is very revealing in regards to her state of mind. I found it fascinating, revealing, and a little disturbing. But it certainly [...]

    I'm not exactly sure how to review this. I picked it up because I saw the movie 'Fur', and I really enjoyed it, and I wanted to see what Arbus' work was like. The middle third of the book is biography and I wasn't as interested in that (but it's there and it's detailed).Unfortunately, I am not well educated in photography, so I can't adequately describe her work, but I enjoyed it; she had a gift for capturing the strange and slightly off-kilter world around us that most people never see or choos [...]

    I have lusted over this book for years and now it's in my hands. Arbus was an amazing photographer in love with the underbelly of American culture. "It would be beautiful to photograph the winners of everything from Nobel to booby prize, clutching trophy, or money or certificate, solemn or smiling or tear stained or bloody, on the precarious pinnacle of the human landscape."

    Ivy Jeanne
    I saw the Diane Arbus exhibit 3 times, first to view the photographs then to read the writing. I couldn't believe how amazing her writings were! I was torn between attempting to do both at first then decided to keep coming back. What a rare and beautiful soul to have a glimpse at. And she would have been a rad punk lyricist!

    This is a very in-depth biography about the life of Diane Arbus. It is extremely personal. Letters that she wrote, personal photos from childhood, diary pages, & personal thoughts & dreams are all reprinted in this book. Here photography work is all throughout the book. A very informative & gorgeous book. A must read!

    This catalogue is packed with photographs by Arbus and a painstaking chronology. Arbus was driven to take photographs and find ways to sustain herself by photography. She seemed to know many people including her fellow photographers, curators and other museum people, magazine people, and possible grantors. It was also obvious that she had many long-term friendships among her subjects.

    I own this book because I could not get enough of the Diane Arbus exhibits in NYC. This is a solid overview of the artist which includes photographs and her biography. Most interesting is being able to view and read the handwritten excerpts from her diary, to-do lists, and random scribblings which reflect her creative process.

    Alfonso de Castro
    Viendo el trabajo de Diane Arbus decidí hace bastantes años que quería dedicarme a la fotografía. Diane Arbus: Revelations es bajo mi punto de vista el mejor análisis realizado sobre la autora. Verdaderamente interesante, es indispensable su lectura para todo aquel que quiera profundizar en Diane Arbus, su trabajo, sus motivaciones, su vida, su pensamiento.

    When this exhibit came to LACMA, I took nearly everyone I knew to see it. I must have gone eight or nine times myself. It was amazing and wonderful.

    The best comprehensive collection of Diane Arbus's photography, plus notes about her life.

    David Barker
    Wonderfully detailed. A must have if you're into Arbus. Great illustrations. A huge book.

    The biggest gift to myself this year. And how I thank myself for it. LOVE her work.

    Ben Schaffer

    did i mention how cool i am. You are impressed, right?

    Michael DeRose
    I read this and found it lacking. Many of images are great though.

    I couldn't afford this book, but went to go see the show several times in L.A.

    Intriguing-whether intentionally shocking or not.

    I didn't read every part of this book yet, but plan on renewing it from the library as much as possible. Amazing layout. Amazing photos. Great.

    If you are familiar with Arbus, this is a must have. If you do not know her, wait for an exhibition before getting this book.

    Patricia L.
    The best.

    Lots of materials besides her photos, photos of pages from her notebooks; lots of family photos of her and her family.

    Loved this!

    youtu/nv145tAEmYgNichols, Jude LAW, Lionel Sweenay

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