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  • Title: Crowbone
  • Author: Robert Low
  • ISBN: 9780007298
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The long awaited return to Robert Low s Oathsworn series Island of Mann, 979AD A man lies dying with a message he cannot take to his grave, a sworn secret that must be passed on only to Olaf Tryggvasson, kin of Harald Fairhair of the Yngling line and true prince of Norway, also known as Crowbone When the message finally arrives, so begins a quest to discover its meaning,The long awaited return to Robert Low s Oathsworn series Island of Mann, 979AD A man lies dying with a message he cannot take to his grave, a sworn secret that must be passed on only to Olaf Tryggvasson, kin of Harald Fairhair of the Yngling line and true prince of Norway, also known as Crowbone When the message finally arrives, so begins a quest to discover its meaning, and for Crowbone to gain what is rightfully his the crown of Norway With a band of Chosen Men, Crowbone begins an unforgiving journey that will see him face the challenge of new enemies and confront his suspicions of treachery from old friends Looming over all is his ultimate rival Gunnhild, the Witch Mother of Kings, Crowbone s arch enemy who will stop at nothing to prevent him from knowing what and where this secret is In the fifth installment of his Oathsworn series, Robert Low is back to his full blooded Viking best, this time visiting the harsh terrain of the North Sea coast, in a tale about one man s quest for survival and the unexpected alliances that emerge, as the very bonds that tie the Oathsworn together are put to the test.
    Robert Low
    Robert Low is a Scottish journalist and historical novelist, with novels based on the Viking Age He was war correspondent in Vietnam and also several other locations, including Sarajevo, Romania and Kosovo, until common sense, age and the concerns of my wife and daughter prevailed Now he writes novels full time He s also a historical reenactor performing with the Scotland based group, the Vikings.Series Oathsworn Kingdom


    I won't pretend Robert Low did not throw me when I first found out #5 in the series was not going to be in the voice of his creation Orm Bearslayer. In fact thrown is an understatement. I had spent four previous books of this series inside his head - Orm's, not Robert Low's - and naturally there was some disappointment to discover Orm was not narrating Crowbone.All was not lost though. There came a little thrill the closer I got to reading the latest instalment in the Oathsworn Series. Here woul [...]

    Patricia Bracewell
    I haven’t read any of the previous books in Robert Low’s ‘Oathsworn’ series, and so I had no idea what to expect. Although I think that starting with the first book would have helped a bit with keeping the characters straight, Low does a fine job of bringing the reader into the story and filling in the background, so it’s not absolutely necessary to have read the previous four books. However, after reading this one, I want to read them all. The 10th century world that Low creates in th [...]

    ‘Crapbone.’ A complete load of cliched old cobblers.What a disappointment. What a big fat, arrogant, bloated disappointment this was. I couldn’t quite put my finger is on why has it taken me so long to start reading this one but as soon as I got about 100 pages in, I managed it. A memory came back to me from the end of ‘The Prow Beast’ (#4 in the ‘Oathsworn’ series) that it seemed like things were going astray. That this Crowbone imbecile was the wrong character to develop. And I w [...]

    Steven Malone
    I think there were other of Low's books that had Crowbone in them I liked better. However, I think 'Crowbone' had its full dose of action, adventure, drama, and vivid scenery. All the things Low's readers have come to expect.

    Diane Cranson
    I love Robert Low's writing. The Oathsworn series is brilliant. Loved this book.

    Robin Carter
    Review:A new Oathsworn book, Fantastic, i had eagerly awaited this for sometime. Only it wasn't really. I found after starting the book that they had been relegated to the bench while Young Olaf AKA Crowbone ran the show. I have to say that while the writing style, pace and research is as excellent as ever and just as you would expect from Rob. Crowbone as a character wasn't as real for me as Orm, i think it was because he wasn't as venerable and introspective as Orm. He has his fears from his p [...]

    Already being a fan of Crowbone, I was pretty happy to see that the fifth Oathsworn book was going to feature him. Crowbone is quite the little shit in general and in this book he's even worse. I'm not sure if I wanted him to succeed or fail in his quest. The supporting cast , both old and new, were fantastic, though as per usual some of my favorite characters die and there are some I wished would die but don't. I am glad that the series didn't end with book four and am happy that Low has manage [...]

    Pátý díl mě trošku zklamal, přece jen, Olaf Vraní Kost není taková osobnost jako Orm nebo Finn. Oba tam dost chybí, je to jakési ploché a bez humoru, tentokrát jsem se jaksi nedokázal pořádně začíst.

    c2012. FWFTB: message, quest, treachery, destiny, Kings. I was eager to get my hands on this book - but then I kept overlooking it on purpose as I felt that I was betraying Orm. Wowee, this book was so enjoyable. The plotting, pace and characters all seemed so much tighter than in the earlier books whilst keeping up the same wonderful momentum and atmosphere. I still don't like Crowbone much and I was relieved when Orm came riding to the rescue. But, whilst remaining firmly on the side of Orm an [...]

    Sebastian Janek
    Zgodnie z obietnicą autora, wrócił z kolejnym tomem - tym razem V. Początkowo "Zaprzysiężeni" mieli być trylogią. Ale przy dużym zainteresowaniu fanów, Robert Low postanowił poszerzyć cykl o nowe przygody. Low, jak sam podkreśla w nocie historycznej, skupił się na wybrzeżu Morza Północnego nie bez powodu. W poprzednich tomach pomijał te rejony, ponieważ uznaje je za wyjątkowo ciekawe, a historie rozgrywające się tam stają się wyjątkowo emocjonujące pod koniec X wieku. [...]

    Robert Low demonstrates within this quite seperate adventure featuring the Oathsworn characters but primarily focusing on Olaf Tyggverson aka Crowbone, how well he knows the era and loves his characters. Just like Orm releasing Crowbone to craft his own fame wyrd Robert had to trust this character to lead the way entirely without forcing the plot or dialogue.The plot is complex as it involves a wide cast of characters across various parts of the medieval world but thankfully each character jump [...]

    Audrey Cornelison
    I really wanted to love this book, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually like Crowbone. He had so few redeeming qualities that I couldn't even have mixed feelings I just plain don't even care, and what made it even worse is how awesome Orm is and how terribly Crowbone treats him. Everything else about the book was exactly what I've come to expect from Robert Low, however, which is why I still give it three stars. If there are more Oathsworn books, I hope it goes back to Orm, I missed him. [...]

    Low has a way of capturing the brutality and magic of the 'Viking' period, and this book is no exception to that. A departure from the earlier books in that the protagonist is not Orm bear slayer but Crowbone. A little jarring in the beginning, this book quickly picks up pace and measures up to the other Oathsworn books excellently.Well done rob, I'll now read anything you write.

    Steven Malone
    Honestly, after reading the earlier books of this series and really getting to love the Character, Crowbone, I expected a better book. All the historical accuracy and some of the gritty high adventure are there. However, much of what made the main character so interesting disappeared in this installment. I'll wait for the next book and hope for the best.

    Kitren Glozer
    I have really enjoyed all the Robert Low books I've read--a wide range of characters, many well-developed and interesting. Enough twists and turns with good references to historic events as well as completely fictional ones. The Vikings and other ethnicities are believable.

    Nick Kelly
    Crowbone was a solid addition to the Oathsworn saga. While I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the previous 3 books, it was still very entertaining. I personally would have liked to see a bit more Finn and Orm.

    Margaret Slizewski
    excellent book always enjoy robert low.a very colourful and entertaining writer with an outstanding knowledge of vikings. cant wait for the next

    Adam Hunter
    A brilliant switch around! Such epic storytelling!

    Laurie Pringle
    Enjoyed reading this - sad to see where Crowbone seems to be going. Hoping to see Low return to Orm in the next full novel.

    I was disappointed in this book. Orm is barely in it. It's all about Crowbone. Crowbone was an interesting peripheral character but a little bit of him goes a long way.

    Janice Bonczek
    This was a good story, but I preferred reading about Orm in the first 4 books.

    I have preferred the other books in the Oathsworn series, but this was quite an interesting departure, concentrating on Crowbone rather than Orm.


    Not bad, but Crowbone, as a character, has so much less charisma than Orm. Much preferred the Oathsworn adventures, but enjoyed this all the same.

    I'm sorry to say this book wasnt as good as the rest in this series. I found that I was in no great rush to get back to it.

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