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  • Title: Forbidden Soul
  • Author: Natasha Duncan-Drake
  • ISBN: 9781908333261
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook

  • This is the second book in the Soul Reader Series This series is a selection of free short stories and bargain price novella length books.John s life used to be on the risky side, but it had been simple Allowing vampires to suck his blood had never been safe, but now there is Michael and having a vampire who actually cares about him is complicated It s even complicThis is the second book in the Soul Reader Series This series is a selection of free short stories and bargain price novella length books.John s life used to be on the risky side, but it had been simple Allowing vampires to suck his blood had never been safe, but now there is Michael and having a vampire who actually cares about him is complicated It s even complicated because Michael is urging him to reconnect with the family he hasn t seen in over five years The fact his recent past also doesn t want to die quietly is making his life less than easy and it s about to become deadly.
    Natasha Duncan-Drake
    Natasha is a British author with Wittegen Press and has been publishing genre fiction since 2011 Her work includes everything from horror to young adult fantasy and she has never met a genre she didn t like A prolific producer of short stories and novels alike, Natasha currently has over twenty five titles in her back catalogue with further releases always imminent.Natasha has been writing since she was a young girl ever since she read The Hobbit at Primary School She is a big fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror in all their forms and is a big advocate of fanfiction as a great tool for writers to polish their skills in a welcoming and supportive community.Before establishing Wittegen Press with her twin sister, Sophie Duncan, Natasha was a database and systems consultant She combines these skills with her writing to create and manage her career in the bold new eBook market.


    This was so great! I know this is another short but really it doesn’t feel like one and it’s the perfect follow up to Forgotten Soul. Michael & John, wow, these two are great I would love to have a novel size book with them, but if shorts are all I’m getting I’m fine with that. I really have no idea what to say about this story except read it. It’s another sweet and loving and romantic (with a little intrigue thrown in) story. I can’t wait for the next one! Forgotten Soul is free [...]

    I absolutely LOVED this book.It was the perfect sequel to Forgotten Soul! A great read at an absurdly cheap price! lol If you had doubts about getting this, wipe them away, This was perfect and totally worth it!I'd be so thrilled if there is more to this series, but this would be a perfect end!(Don't forget the first book is free and worth the read!)

    Dee Wy
    4.25 stars. Great follow-up to Forgotten Soul. Michael convinces John to contact his family and let them know he's alive. This couple gives me lots of warm fuzzies and I enjoyed the action in this installment just as much as the first. Currently .99 cents at Smashwords and the first one is free.

    2.5 stars(Spoilers if you haven’t read book one)John was kidnapped away from his family six years prior and trained to be a vampire whore but with the aim of hunting and killing them. After fucking them. He’s been finely trained at both. He finds out that he’s more than an instrument of death, though. He has special powers that make him a ‘Soul Reader’. He can pass judgement on vampires. And then kill them. After fucking them.It’s insta-love for vampire Michael who passed the soul te [...]

    Lena Grey
    'The Forbidden Soul’ by Natasha Duncan-Drake is the second book in her ‘Soul Reader’ series. In the first story, 'Forgotten Soul', she introduces John and Michael, delightful characters, who, under very unusual circumstances, become a couple. This story picks up from where the first one ended with the question being now that they're out of danger, where do they go from here?While contemplating their dilemma, Michael convinces John that he needs to reconnect with his family. John is uncomfo [...]

    Great sequel to Forgotten Soul! Really these aren't quite novellas, but there's so much substance I just don't have the heart to call them short-stories. This felt so much longer than it actually was, and I mean that in a good way. It didn't drag, but so much happened with respect to plot as well as character development that it was just as satisfying as a full length novel (which as everyone knows, is usually the problem we encounter with short-stories and even novellas sometimes). I hope there [...]

    Really great Sequel to the free! book Forgotten Soul and you can get it for only $0.99 atSmashwords

    Forbidden Soul is the second book in the Soul Reader series by Natasha Duncan-Drake and the story continues on roughly three weeks after the first. Michael, a vampire who has recently saved soul reader John from a captured life, has been encouraging his lover to re-contact his family. Once a phone call has been made, both of them make a special trip up to Glasgow to see John's family.One of the things I enjoyed about the first book is the characters. The same with the second; I think that all of [...]

    2.5 stars. I love the concept and the characters, but this felt like half a book.I really do love the concept of the Soul Readers, of John and Michael having a connection, and I enjoyed the first book, even though it was half as long. The first book felt complete yet obviously part of a series; John had a character arch and the story had a very clear framework. This book, not so much. It felt like the first half of a longer work rather than a complete part of a series, and the gimmick of the vam [...]

    While not quite as compelling as the free, first part, I couldn't help but want to see how things progressed for the stain-free vampire and the compelling soul reader. The story was still interesting, if not quite as entrancing to me as the free introduction.

    T.M. Smith
    This book picks up right were Forgotten Soul left off. John and Michael's relationship continues to blossum and grow as John deals with the aftermath of falling in love with a Vampire.As if finding your true Soul Mate in a Vampire wasn't enough to rock John's world, Michael is pursuing his past, encouraging John to contact his estranged family that is under the impression that John is dead. Travelling to his home with Michael in tow; John will have to come clean about his past and come to terms [...]

    WARNING!Do not start this book just before work, during a lunch break or after dinner. It is 11:50pm and I must be up at 6am! I just could not stop reading!I think that I am slightly in love with these boys! John and Michael are really a beautiful couple. They are both the sweetest, most perfect couple, and also the most unlikely.I loved that with the novella length story this time you got a bit more detail and dimension to the story than you did with book #1. One thing to be mindful of, if the [...]

    Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    This really was the second half of a story. So don't start this until you've read the first in this series to get the whole picture. Michael & John are trying to move on. And so it goes but I now noticed I didn't get the whole picture if what these vampires can and cannot do. They eat, drink, go out during the day but that else? I guess this is such an interesting world I want to know more! I want to KNOW!PS I hate the cover art. I say that because I kept passing it up until someone told me [...]

    Forgotten Soul and Forbidden Soul are two good short stories about John, a human trained to feed and satisfy Vampires, and Michael, a vampire with a soul. John is more than he appears and the two fall in love, along the way freeing John from his handlers. According to the publisher's site there is a third book in the works.

    JustJen "Miss Conduct"
    I'm really enjoying this series. This book has more of what I loved about the first one. Michael and John are now together and adjusting to their new relationship. Michael is so supportive and helps John reunite with his family. I really like the dynamic these two share. There are still quite a few editing issues and more frequent use of British terms, which I actually find rather fun and different. This series is refreshingly different, and I don't want it to end.

    Great follow up to Forgotten Soul. John and Michael are together than they decide to go visit John's family now that he is no longer in his old job. The trip takes a strange and dangerous turn that leads to a stronger bond between John and Michael. Really loved the evolving relationship between the two and also John's family's response to the pair.

    The second part of this short written series, was also as pulling as the first book. In the second book John returns to his family to reconnect, telling them everything. I really love Michael as a character, he is so pure and kind. I'm glad John and Michael found each other. This second books was really good.

    This has turned out to be one of my favorite vampire series. I do love the Soul Reader aspect as well as the bond between Johny and Michael. And John's family are so warm and accepting, so happy to have John back again!!!Recommended.========================1st read - Sep 23, 20122nd read - Sep 23, 2016

    This was a nice continuation of the first book. The fact that John's employers tried to kill John yet again when they were warned the first time defies logic. Micheal though handled them with ease once he found John.

    Все очень быстро и скомкано. Джона выкрадывают бывшие хозяева, доводят до полусмерти и ломки, Майкл его спасает, потом у них секс и всё. Непонятно, чем закончилась история с вампиршей. Для чего она вообще была нужна.

    Wow !!!I love the dynamic between John and Michael. I was reminded of the Louie/Lestat relationship from Interview with the Vampire. Again this did not feel like a short story, I was completely invested in what was going to happen, drawn in. Ready to start book 3. Great work!

    sk B
    Yes- novella’s are supposed to be short, but I wish there was more to this series! Its cute, light hearted and sexy all at the same time and I’m starting to grow attached to the characters. I hope there are many more installments to the series… and soon!

    Wendy Schuffert
    I literally couldn't put this one down. I loved it. I was worried there for a moment that Michael wouldn't get to John in time, but he did. So much emotion in it. I could really feel the characters emotions. So good.

    Domino (aka Meme)
    pretty good ending to the duet. i'll have to get more books by Natasha. hopefully they are longer.

    Enjoyed this one as much as Forgotten Soul (which is a free read) and just realized there is a 3rd book - Fortunate Soul ! Yipee.

    I loved this story. John, and Michael are made for each other.

    This is a very good series. Characters are interesting and a different take on vamps and vamp hunters.


    Toni Dewberry
    Loved this book!! The continuing story of John & Michael was endearing and well done. Highly recommend this series!!

    Rusty Lampe
    i loved it such a happy ending and hope there is more to come

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