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  • Title: No Decent Gentleman
  • Author: Patricia Grasso
  • ISBN: 9780440224341
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback

  • He was a man no lady would dare to love, but no passionate woman could ever refuseShe was the perfect ladyHow could this man, a virtual stranger, have such a profound effect on her Sabrina Savage had never met Adam St Aubyn But when her eyes met his, she felt she d known him all her life Adam, Marquess of Stonehurst, was her savior He helped Sabrina toll the belHe was a man no lady would dare to love, but no passionate woman could ever refuseShe was the perfect ladyHow could this man, a virtual stranger, have such a profound effect on her Sabrina Savage had never met Adam St Aubyn But when her eyes met his, she felt she d known him all her life Adam, Marquess of Stonehurst, was her savior He helped Sabrina toll the bell for her beloved father, then promised to help her uncover the truth about his untimely death But at the reading of the will, Sabrina learned that she d been pledged to Adam since childhood And he d come to collect his bride.He dared her to be a womanRefusing to be any man s prize, Sabrina challenged Adam to release her from their vows if she found a suitable fianc e among London s ton But try as she might, Sabrina couldn t resist the subtle seduction of the mysterious nobleman who shielded his secrets as closely as his heart, whose gaze pierced her soul And nothing could have prepared Adam for Sabrina, whose innocent passions blazed with the same fine, rare fire as her titian hair
    Patricia Grasso
    I m a dog person Who lives with 10 cats Get the picture My first brush with the romance genre happened in my high school junior year I discovered Gone With the Wind and hid it behind my American history book to read during class The Civil War is American history The ambiguous ending left me dissatisfied, though Rhett and Scarlet needed a happily ever after Believing in happily ever afters positively screams romantic at heart.On the other hand, I love murder and mayhem as much as happily ever after My usual television fare is fiction and nonfiction crime shows, not love stories Which accounts for the mysteries I sneaked into my historical romances Now I m trying my hand at writing a humorous mystery, sans historical and sans emphasis on the love interest I even prepared for my mystery in progress by attending the local NRA s Pistol School Shooting pistols is great fun I adore the.22 semiautomatics.After graduating from high school without distinction, I earned both Bachelor and Master degrees at a state college Again, without distinction I held several part time jobs during my college days file clerk in an insurance company, long distance telephone operator, kimono wearing waitress in a Japanese restaurant.And then I began my teaching career, eighteen years in the eighth grade and thirteen years at the high school Weary with the same old routine, I decided I needed a creative outlet So I decided to write a romance novel but only managed to talk about writing one After five years of listening to me, a friend said to stop talking and start writing.So I did.I made every mistake known to man Blunder would be a appropriate word, but I did learn using the trial and error method As well as studying the works of authors I admired.After five years of writing for nothing but love, I sold my first novel Since then, I ve sold eighteen novels and won several awards National Readers Choice Award New England Readers Choice Award, Romantic Times Reviewers Choice and KISS Awards, B Dalton and Bookrak Awards for best selling author My novels have been translated into fifteen languages and sold in twenty countries.If I had my life over, would I become a writer Nope I would enjoy being a Victoria Secret model Perhaps in my next incarnation I won t be too old, too short, or too unphotogenic.

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    Aly is so frigging bored
    This was so much fun!

    Carol Storm
    I love love love Patricia Grasso. Patricia, if you're out there, I love you!But there's a problem in the romance world when authors get "sucked into the mainstream." Patricia Grasso's early books were original, sexy, and unique. She wrote about the time periods she liked, the settings she liked, the people she liked. HIGHLAND BELLE, EMERALD ENCHANTMENT, DESERT EDEN, LOVE IN A MIST . . . all classics. Around this book, however, you see a "sucked into the middle" effect. This is a Regency set roma [...]

    leído en Oct 2010Estuvo muy entretenido y algo gracioso!!

    Roxs Goncalves
    Recuerdo casi todo de este libro, y solo puedo decir que me hizo reír incontables de veces, lo releí mucho y aún así me hacía carcajear. Hace mucho que no le hecho un ojo, pero pronto lo haré aun a pesar de los tantos libros que tengo pendiente. Es increíble, es hermoso y no puedo más que amarlo eternamente.

    Wendy Tavenner
    Loved the book!!! Sabrina is realling from hers fathers death which has been ruled a suicide!!! She knows he did not commit suicide but how can she prove it!! Along comes Adam and his uncle the Duke who is Sabrina and her sisters guardian!! Adam promises he will find out what happened!!! You have intrigue, deception, twists, kisses and so much more all wrapped up in a wonderful book!!

    Besides being poorly written and unlikable characters, ummmm, still a really bad book.

    Loved it!

    • ✓ No Decent Gentleman || ↠ PDF Download by ↠ Patricia Grasso
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