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  • Title: A Hustler's Promise
  • Author: Jackie Chanel
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  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Jaicyn was 15 when her crack addicted mother chose her addiction over her children Faced with the task of raising her two sisters, Jaicyn reluctantly resorts to boosting clothes and selling them.Rayshawn and his twin brother, Dayshawn, were 11 when their father killed their mother In order to avoid foster care, they were taken in by their grandparents The situation is uJaicyn was 15 when her crack addicted mother chose her addiction over her children Faced with the task of raising her two sisters, Jaicyn reluctantly resorts to boosting clothes and selling them.Rayshawn and his twin brother, Dayshawn, were 11 when their father killed their mother In order to avoid foster care, they were taken in by their grandparents The situation is unbearable, but Rayshawn has a plannk up with the city s drug kingpin, Andre King Carter.When Jaicyn and Rayshawn meet, it s not teenage puppy love It s fate Shouldered with the task of making a better life for them and their siblings, the pair take on the streets as washington Height s teen Bonnie and Clyde They earn their money the old fashioned wayns and drugs.Full of ambition and goals, Rayshawn and Jaicyn s lives are full of high points and the lowest of lows Their need to survive for each other as well as with each other is the fuel that keeps them hustling A Hustler s Promise is the story of two young lovers who are commited to one another, their family, and their dream.
    Jackie Chanel
    When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw Them Back and Scream, Limes, Motherf% er, I Want Limes It s not my quote but I live by it rebel Music and writing are my everything Music influences everything that I do and write about Without books and music, I could not breathe That s me in a nutshell.And wine Can t live without that either.


    RayShawn, Jaicyn was head over heels in love Jaicyn always had a special bond with her sister's now she is a full legal guardian of both her sister's & RayShawn loved them just as much RayShawn being in the dope game came with a lot of responsibilities which he had to go to Atlanta to expand there business which that brought in Jaicyn to take over the business & once things was set & in motion things came together & she was a BOSS now that RayShawn is back from Atlanta things too [...]

    Nardsbaby Reader
    Box Office HitJaicyn Jones’ story is not uncommon from a lot of others living in the hood thanks to the crack epidemic. As the oldest, Jaicyn is responsible for the care of her younger sisters, Rickie and Bobbie. At times her mother is off chasing crack and Jaicyn is trying to figure out a way to provide food, clothes and rent. At fifteen she should be chasing boys and hanging out with friends. Instead, Jaicyn is the adult in her home. Rayshawn Moore also has an interesting family dynamic. He [...]

    Ari Maddie Ajai
    Group Review from Divas Read TooMaddie: I’ve heard a lot of negative statements regarding the urban fiction genre which made me steer clear of it. I have read this author before though. She has a couple of romances out that I really enjoyed so when the Divas asked…begged me to give this book a chance, I didn’t put up too much of a fight. If I can speak directly to the author for just a moment.Jackie, honey-baby, you wrote your ass off with this one! I love the way you tell a story. You wri [...]

    Born True Bethea
    This book was basically a breath of fresh air from what i usually read. One, the books i usually reads is about women who are on the grind, but yet they do whatever it takes to get the money, Jay-Jay is a strong independent woman who uses her mind to get herself to the top. Two, she does it not for the love of the money or the clothes or the shoes. She does it for the love of her family. While many authors i have read, mostly the female characters are looking out for the next shoe or the next pu [...]

    Jaicyn had a crackhead mother who was never home. She had to raise her sisters and take care of the bills….even if that meant stealing clothes and selling them. Whatever she had to do to pay the rent and keep the lights on was what she did. She started getting to like Rayshawn, but he got into the drug game. Some problems came up, and she suffered the consequences. She actually came out a better person though.I almost started crying when I was reading about how Jaicyn had to take care of the k [...]

    " A Hustler's Promise" by Jackie Chanel was a fresh breath of air. Meet Jaicyn Jones, a 16 year old girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Having a crack addicted mother, Jaicyn is forced to care for her two younger sisters as all of the responsiblity begins to fall on her. Rayshawn's family life is not ideal. Living with his grandparents and twin brother, Rayshawn longs for the better things in life. Once the two of them unite, there is no turning back. Watch them as they grow from [...]

    Diamond S Williams
    I'm a fan of urban fiction when it's done right and honestly, A Hustler's Promise is done right. However, it doesn't fit the mode of standard urban fiction. There's a lot of emphasis on the relationship between the two main characters which makes it more of an urban romance novel. But the environment that they grew up in and how they make their money definitely fits in with the genre.As much as I liked the romance aspect of this book, the dynamic within the families made it chock full of drama. [...]

    This was a good read. I loved all the characters from the beginning to the end. It was realistic in the sense that this kind of things happens to people every day and no one realizes what they go through or endure outside of the people in their community. Granted, the main character adapted to her surroundings, but it hardened her where I wish it hadn't. It kind of made her an emasculating figure where she didn't need to be so show strength. I still loved her and was always on her side however. [...]

    This book was really good. I love the relationship between the two characters. It's so believable, real life, and was so good to read. The author did an awesome job with illustrating the characters and their situations. Towards the end of the book it just got juicy. I was just like wow what in the world is going to happen.I would have given it a 5 star if the beginning of the book didn't seem slow. I mean it was still good but something about it made me feel like it's slooow.

    First novel I’ve read by this author, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last. Enjoyed the story, even though it’s generally not the genre I would normally read.It’s fast paced and interesting and the characters are real and you can relate to them on some level, even if you don’t agree with the way they handle their situation.You root for them all the way and hope they get everything they truly deserve.

    Charmanie Saquea
    RayshawnAndJaicynI loved the relationship between the two. They needed each other to help level the other out. Towards the end of the book Jaicyn started to make me mad because she was getting too big headed. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    I thought this was a pretty good book! First time reading a book by this author and I was pleased! I do recommend!

    Going to get #2!

    African American Fiction Book Club On Face Book
    Excellent read characters are easy to get attached to and very memorable.

    My first book by Jackie and I thought it was a good read. Kept me interested waiting for part2!

    Urban Fiction
    One of my favorite I Loved Jay & Ray!!!

    Enjoyed it more than I though I would considering the topic. Well constructed characters.

    I enjoyed this book and can't wait to read part 2

    I think this was a great book. Whenever I had a chance I would poco up my phone and read or on Kindle. I didn't want to quot reading. It was a quick and easy read.

    A well written urban love story I actually fell in love with Jaciyn and Rayshawntely a page turnerI couldn't wait to read the sequel to their story

    this was very good some parts got to mushy for me but it was overall a great read. i really enjoyed it very much

    Kirby Elaine
    This was the second book I read by Jackie Chanel. It held my attention until the very end. It' waiting to be read a second time.


    JuicyI love reading this book cant wait to see what is going to happen in Atlanta hope it's as good and juicy as oak park Washington height

    • [PDF] Download ✓ A Hustler's Promise | by ☆ Jackie Chanel
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