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  • Title: The Odyssey of KP2: An Orphan Seal, a Marine Biologist, and the Fight to Save a Species
  • Author: Terrie M. Williams
  • ISBN: 9781594203398
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Hardcover

  • When a two day old Hawaiian monk seal pup is attacked and abandoned by his mother on a beach in Kauai, environmental officials must decide if they should save the newborn animal or allow nature to take its course But as a member of the most endangered marine mammal species in U.S waters, Kauai Pup 2, or KP2, is too precious to lose, and he embarks on an odyssey that willWhen a two day old Hawaiian monk seal pup is attacked and abandoned by his mother on a beach in Kauai, environmental officials must decide if they should save the newborn animal or allow nature to take its course But as a member of the most endangered marine mammal species in U.S waters, Kauai Pup 2, or KP2, is too precious to lose, and he embarks on an odyssey that will take him across an ocean to the only qualified caretaker to accept the job, eminent wildlife biologist Dr Terrie M Williams.The local islanders see KP2 as an honored member of their community, but government agents and scientists must consider the important role he could play in gathering knowledge and data about this critically endangered and rare species Only 1,100 Hawaiian monk seals survive in the wild if their decline continues without intervention, they face certain extinction within fifty years In a controversial decision, environmental officials send KP2 to Williams s marine mammal lab in Santa Cruz, California, where she and her team monitor his failing eyesight and gather crucial data that could help save KP2 s species.But while this young seal is the subject of a complex environmental struggle and intense media scrutiny, KP2 is also a boisterous and affectionate animal who changes the lives of the humans who know and care for him especially that of Williams Even as she unravels the secret biology of monk seals by studying his behavior and training him, Williams finds a kindred spirit in his loving nature and resilient strength Their story captures the universal bond between humans and animals and emphasizes the ways we help and rely upon one another The health of the world s oceans and the survival of people and creatures alike depend on this ancient connection.The Odyssey of KP2 is an inside look at the life of a scientist and the role that her research plays in the development of conservation efforts, bringing our contemporary environmental landscape to life It is also the heartwarming portrait of a Hawaiian monk seal whose unforgettable personality never falters, even as his fate hangs in the balance.
    Terrie M. Williams
    Terrie M. Williams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Odyssey of KP2: An Orphan Seal, a Marine Biologist, and the Fight to Save a Species book, this is one of the most wanted Terrie M. Williams author readers around the world.


    A must-read for all pinnipedophiles! KP2's story is touching and inspiring. From orphaned seal to ambassador for his species, and voice for the world's oceans.

    “There are more minutes in a day and more jewels in Princess Diana’s wedding tiara than there are Hawaiian monk seals. Which should humans consider the more precious?”Enlightening – Entertaining - Inspiring: The Odyssey of KP2 is a remarkabe fusion story of a birthmother-abandoned Hawaiian Monk seal, the “locals” who adore him, fishermen who are infuriated by him, science and marine biologists who seek to save him and his species, and environmental bureaucracy that muddles everything [...]

    What a delightful look into the world of Hawaiian Monk Seals, in particular one tagged as Kauai Pup 2, also known as KP2, but later christened Ho'ailona. Poor little KP2 was not only cruelly ignored and abandoned by his mother when he was born, but he was viciously attacked by a large male, who was likely his father. If not for emergency rescue, KP2 would have died. Instead, he was saved by marine conservationists in Hawaii, who taught him how to swim on a pink boogie board. He was a special mon [...]

    This book was clearly written as a labor of love, and it shows. Dr. Williams is passionate about her work and this story and the whole book shines with that. As a biologist myself, I recognized many of her motivations, that ferocious drive many of us possess to understand the wild world that we love.The author isn't a trained storyteller, and unfortunately that shows too. The book's structure is somewhat clumsy in many ways, and there isn't a lot of nuance to the writing. Sometimes that makes it [...]

    Kerstin Lampert
    If all endangered species were highlighted in a novel such as this, they might have a fighting chance! Without personifying monk seals, Terrie Williams has given everyone a feel for what it takes to change the forces of nature. Will monk seals make it or won't they? Tune in, about 10 years from now to find out!

    A wonderful book to read while sitting on the beach on Oahu and actually watching a monk seal swimming off shore! True!

    I don't even know where to begin with this book. I suppose I can start off by saying that I absolutely loved it. At first, I was pretty nervous to start reading this book. Why? Well, to be fully honest, I was kind of afraid that it would go over my head or be boring due to writing style. Why is that? Well I'm not a marine biologist or really a biologist of any kind. I am not a scientist or a vet or any kind of special title with special knowledge in that area. Sure I could piece it together, but [...]

    An interesting and touching story that I somehow, despite an apparent storm of online controversy, never heard of. Having read "Death at SeaWorld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity" it was interesting to see how often Ms. Williams referred to SeaWorld and the role (albeit minor) they played in KP2's life along with other aquariums (SeaLife, Waikiki, etc). As a scientist I appreciated her goals for working with the endangered species and I thought she was very thoughtful in pr [...]

    Very informative and rather fair look at the issues around saving endangered species. This is a good book to read if you are thinking of going into animal training, marine biology, oceanography, or any marine science. So many disciplines must interact in the best interests of the creatures we decide to save. And this true story makes the reader aware of the struggles and perseverance needed to accomplish your goals An easy and interesting read

    Debbie Tanguay
    true story of orphaned seal and biologist plight for survival of species- very good quick read

    So many books about animals are written after the fact. A beloved animal dies and the owner, in a heart-breaking attempt not to let go, writes the animal's story. I certainly understand this need. I've had my share of Pookies and Rovers whose deaths have been almost too hard to bear.I rarely read this type of book.Instead, I look for the ones written while the animal is still alive, with a future in front of it of being loved and cared for. The Odyssey of KP2: An Orphan Seal, a Marine Biologist, [...]

    This book has heart& was very enlightening. I picked this book up by chance, I had never heard of it before, but it was in the "New Books" section of the library & I have loved seals since I was a kid. I have to say i really enjoyed reading this book. It was written from the heart. Truly straight from the heart. It was happy & sad & disheartening & has hope. I know opposites, but it has it all. I was glad that the children in Hawaii & California still are a glimmer of hop [...]

    Loree Burns
    Dr. Williams is a rock-star marine mammal researcher (check out her lab web page, and her TEDx talk for proof) and her book shares the story of an abandoned Hawaiian monk seal pup, KP2, who comes to live and work in her lab at UC Santa Cruz. It’s an irresistible tale, but for me, the power of this book lies in the way KP2′s life story is woven into the larger human drama of politics, spirituality, species loss, the nature of science, and the wonder of maternal connection. It’s obviously a [...]

    An entertaining book which made me more interested in large marine mammals, and I hope to attend the in-person campus visit next semester by Terrie Williams, author. However, I was surprised that this "Young Adult" rated book, although an award winner, was selected for our 2014-15 Campus Read program at Boise State University. I assigned the book in English 101; students have kept a reading journal on Blackboard and will also be writing a review and evaluation of the book and how well they think [...]

    Mckenzie M
    I enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in marine wildlife. I have wanted to become a marine biologist since I saw Free Willy when I was little and this book taught me a lot about what a career in marine science would be like. Terrie Williams offers a first hand insight into the world of marine biology and introduced me to a wealth of new ideas about how to save a species. She lived through the experience and wrote the book from her point of view. I ne [...]

    A heart-warming, fascinating story about a very curious little monk seal. I love animals. All animals. And I think that anyone who does will thoroughly enjoy this book. A perfect mix of storytelling and interesting facts, this book was a quick and very enjoyable read (I know it took me almost two months, but life got busy)>

    OK, I am a sucker for cute animals and what could be cuter than a baby seal? But this is about a lot more than a cute seal. The author tells a good story while pointing out the importance of the work of scientists in not just saving animals but also learning more about the world and humans at the same time.

    KP2 is an adorable creature, full of personality and a love for humans. (Check out his You Tube videos for a quick introduction.) The science of studying a species threatened with extinction isn't really my thing, but the author's renditions of his escapades made me want to continue on to see what he'd do next and to discover his final fate.

    Anna Louise
    Terrific. You not only learn about endangered animals, but you become engaged with this particular seal, KP2. I appreciated the deals of care and training. The emotional connection with an animal which you are trying to preserve combined with the limits set by animal science in not disturbing the animal's natural environment are all laid out. An emotional read.

    Jane H
    LOVE this book! It was enlightening to really read the story of a scientist, the way she thinks, her heart for the plight of endangered species, and the monk seal in general. I was particularly interested in the ways in which her scientific work had so many cultural and other barriers, and how much communication and trust need to be part of everyone's work.

    A true story of an orphaned Hawaiian monk seal. KP2 (or any of his aliases) is adorable. His story sheds light on environmental, conservation, and many other issues. At times i got bogged down by the 'science" but really the seal is the star of the story and he will steal your heart. A must read for everyone.

    A well written very enjoyable book about the struggle to keep this monk seal species. It is humerous at times, makes you realize the struggles that those that are dedicated to conservation efforts have to go through.

    This book is a good read for those of us who love marine mammals. It was wonderful to get a scientific look into these beautiful creatures, but written more like fiction. If you love SeaWorld, this book is a good read. Picked it up at the library and was not disappointed.

    Diane Davis
    An excellent read I sure learned a lot about seals Never knew there were so many varieties and this seal was an Hawaiian Monk Seal and I would love to have met him while he was in Santa Cruz. Now he is back in Hawaii and hopefully having the time of his life

    I enjoyed how Terrie wrote and how the book was structured. It kept me entertained enough to dive in repeatedly, but I still stopped frequently. A lot of times because the human parts would frustrate me. Book was given as apart of BSU's Summer Read.

    I skimmed through the first half; it was kinda slow. But by the end, I feel like member of his fan club. I may friend KP2 aka Hoa on Facebook and i want to see his Youtube videos! Very interesting tidbits about the life of a marine mammal researcher.

    I read about this book after viewing the author's bio on her laboratory site. This is a very personal and insightful account of Dr. WIlliams and her team's experience with endless efforts to view, understand and save the oceans. The store of KP2 is the personnification of this struggle.

    Trudy Lewis
    I love scientists and seals!

    I loved this inside look at the world of a wildlife biologist and the animals she is trying to help. Her story is interesting and this wonderful seal was a fascinating little character himself.

    This is an awesome book. You can learn a lot from it!

    • Best Download [Terrie M. Williams] Ú The Odyssey of KP2: An Orphan Seal, a Marine Biologist, and the Fight to Save a Species || [Travel Book] PDF ô
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