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  • Title: Good-Night, Owl!
  • Author: Pat Hutchins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover

  • How was Owl to sleep, with the bees buzzing, the crows creaking, the starlings chittering, the jays screaming and all the other inhabitants of the hollow tree pecking, calling or crunching Owl tried to sleep, but it was impossible.Pat Hutchins has written a bedtime story with a switch a surprise ending that will send the youngest child off to sleep laughing.
    Pat Hutchins
    Pat Hutchins is an English illustrator and writer of children s books.She won the 1974 Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book illustration by a British subject The work was The Wind Blew, a picture book in rhyme which she also wrote It shows how a crowd of people anxiously chase their belongings in the wind.


    Good Night, Owl was first published in 1972 and, despite the fact that over 40 years have passed, this still looks as fresh and new as it did when it first appeared. One of the things I love about Pat Hutchins work is how timeless it is – a good story is still a good story and this still has huge appeal to children.This is a simple story and takes place in a single tree, where poor Owl is trying to sleep. However, of course, Owl is trying to sleep during the day, when all of the other trees in [...]

    Pat Hutchins both wrote and illustrated this children's book. Hutchins effectively uses reduplication in this text. While the images do not change that much from page to page, other than a new set of animals joining the illustration, many of the words in the story repeat. This book would be useful for an early reader, especially for one to two syllable words. The book has a portait layout with a very straightforward font making it more accessible for new readers.The book reminds me in a way of A [...]

    Reese Havlatka
    A quick read. Overall, good character development for the owl, but the other birds were pretty one-dimensional. *Spoiler alert* Anyone else concerned about their child internalizing the ending and waking everyone else up in the middle of the night?

    Rebecca Ann
    I love this sound-making adventure as all the noisy birds annoy owl until night time when he returns the favor. A shortened version (paperclips) would be great for toddlers and the full length would perfect for preschool storytime!

    I read this during my preschool storytime. For some reason, I thought the kids might not really pay attention. I was wrong. I encouraged them to make the sounds of the different tree animals with me, and they did, with great relish. It was fun.

    It was daytime when Owl should be sleeping, but there was too much noise from the daytime birds and animals. Nighttime came when all the others were sleeping. Owl did pay back.A cute cumulative story with wonderful illustrations.

    A classic book for storytimes with bright, colorful illustrations and plenty of opportunity for audience participation.

    Ah, the problems that come from being nocturnalBirdsOwls

    A lovely read aloud with animal noises for young children.

    A picture book classic about an owl trying to sleep during the day. This will pair well with Little Owl's Day by Divya Srinivasan and Papagayo: the Mischief Maker by Gerald McDermott.

    Marisa Severin
    This story is perfect for early readers. The fonts are big and there are not many words on the page. The illustrations were ideal as well.

    I haven't read Pat Hutchins in years, but my 3 year old and I are huge fans, so we're raiding the library for all things Pat Hutchins and have not been disappointed.

    amazing illustration & no genders (which is perfect for an older book, when everyone was supposed to be male)

    cute illustrations

    Cindy Sa
    This is an interesting book for children to read. The Owl like little baby. When all people expect him wake up in the morning, he wants to sleep. However, when all people expect want to fall asleep in the night, he wake up and make all people wake up. It is so amazing that I laughed all the time, when I read this picture book. In the first page of this book, there are many animals and flowers inside. Among these animals, the owl looks very dull, but others look so happy that they open their mout [...]

    “Good-night, Owl!” is a story about an owl tries to sleep but cannot because all of his friends are being too noisy. The squirrels, bees and birds will not stop keeping him awake. Each time that the owl thought he finally had peace and quiet, another noisy critter would land in the trees and wake him up again. The poor sleepy owl though that he would never get any sleep. As nighttime comes and all of the other animals try and sleep, the owl decides to be noisy and wake everyone up.This story [...]

    Veronica Duarte
    Good-Night, Owl!By: Pat Hutchins While in the library, I came across this book and I absolutely loved the illustrations. I decided to sit down for a bit and check out the book. The orientation of the cover and the rest of the illustrations in the book are in portrait. In the illustrations the reader is allowed to see the tallness of the tree the owl is in. Doing this is a great idea, so the reader is able to see how the owl is being affected by each animal that appears in the story.The title pag [...]

    Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins is a story about how an owl tried to go to sleep but couldn’t. The owl living on a big tree tried to sleep at day time, but it was kept awake by all the noises made by other animals that also lived on the same tree. Therefore, when the night came, the owl screeched and woke everyone up. It is a really cute and interesting picture book. Fist, the colors used are bright and vivid. The background is kept white to show that it was day time. When the night came, the [...]

    Reily Riemersma
    Goodnight Owl is a book about an owl who is just trying to get some sleep during the day. But there are many distractions and noises to wear he couldn't get his rest. There were bee's buzzing, crows crowing, and squirrels cracking. The owl just could not find some peace and quiet. Through this story when you flip through the pages you will notice that the detail gets better and better as many more animals and characters come into play. These characters are symbolized as being huge distractions t [...]

    Alex Butler
    Goodnight Owl! Is a great and simple book. Owl can't get to sleep, every time he tries a new animal takes shelter in his tree, making their own, unique sound, until finally it becomes night time and all the other animals go to sleep except.The simplicity of this book means the opportunities for learning are huge and varied, especially in the early years: It has a clear phonics focus, each different sound could be used by a different instrument, helping the children to differentiate between sound [...]

    Katie Larson
    Good-Night, Owl by Pat Hutchins was a great book for primary aged kids. Th book was in portrait format which worked great for this book because every page had a tall tree on it. Looking at the cover it has a color scheme of warm, which seems odd since the title has to do with night time. The font of this book black and simple times new roman. It also is in an odd location on every page, instead of being on the bottom or top of page the words are on the right in the middle of the pages. The pictu [...]

    Marinna Bressel
    How is Owl suppose to sleep with all the buzzing, chittering, screaming, creaking and crunching. Owl tried hard to sleep but with all the noise it was impossible. But when night comes and the other animals stop making noises, Owl screeches and keeps all the animals awake. This story had simple illustrations and well as a simple story line. Every page has the same image of an Owl in a tree and every time an animal makes a noise it joins the other animals in the tree, you could tell the story by [...]

    Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins, an ALA Notable book, is a simple, cumulative tale of a sleepy owl who is kept awake all day by bees, a squirrel, crows, a woodpecker, starlings, jays, a cuckoo, a robin, sparrows, and doves who each make a different sound. Owl provides a twist at the end. Children enjoy making the sounds that keep owl awake. They learn the concept of nocurnal animals. The illustrations are a highlight, with Owl's eyes indicating each new animal(s) who make noise. This is one of [...]

    Carlie Engels
    This book is intended for an audience of primary readers. The book is hard covered and has a portrait shape. This is because the story focuses on a tall tree and the different animals living on it. The book has a dedication reading, "To Morgan's Grandpa".The illustrations are very well done and colorful. They are full bleed illustrations and are double page spreads. The type face in the story is large and black. The interplay between the text and illustrations is enhancing. The author uses the o [...]

    The illustrations in the book are very vibrant, pretty, colorful and detailed. In this story, owl is trying to get some sleep during the day. Unfortunately, all the other animals, including many birds are too noisy. When night falls, all the day time animals fall asleep only to be woken up by owl's screeching. A simple case of what goes around comes around presented in a funny as can be way. We read this out loud and had a wonderful time making all the sounds. The ending made us laugh and smile. [...]

    Nicholas Linsk
    Good-Night, Owl is perfect any beginning or elementary reader. The picture used vibrant colors and was very appealing to the eye. From an adult standpoint I realized when the book was finished that there is payback sometimes. The animals, by day, would not allow the nocturnal own to sleep because of all their noise. When it finally came time for the animals to sleep, the owl was wide awake and screeched waking all the animals up. In others words it was payback for all the animals being inconside [...]

    In this story, poor Owl can't go to sleep because everyone is making too much noise, but he gets them all back by waking them up at night. This is a great story to use in story time settings! The kids will have fun learning the names of different types of birds and making the different bird calls. I've told the story in Spanish for both Spanish and bilingual story times a few times using flannel board art. I've only ever used it for an owl-themed program, but it can be used for several different [...]

    Sarah Finley
    The illustrations in this book were very consistent, the only thing really changing is animals being added to the pages. The illustrations take up a lot of the pages but the text is still fairly large. The colors are natural colors, sticking with greens, browns, reds, and yellows. There is a lot of onomatopoeia, which keeps the book interesting. The content is pretty easier, for younger readers, but I enjoyed the book and illustrations.

    Imani Hampton
    Good night owl is a book where children can learn differnt noises. This book also teaches how important it is for others to be quit when others are sleeping. Good night owl can be a great bed time store to help children with the transition of being awake and preparing their body to sleep. Learning activities: Teacher could put children in a large group and play different animal sounds and see how many the children get.

    Dumle Vure
    I like the book because the author used some silly word in describing what happen every time owl wanted to sleep. I also like the fact that Pat Hutchins went in detail of what happen every time owl tried to sleep. I definitely recommend this book to any one that like things that happen in sequence.L.E: I will set up a section where the children will play a pretend sleep and every time someone what to sleep will ring a bell to keep them from sleeping.

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