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  • Title: Daughter of the Sea
  • Author: Mira Zamin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Engaged against her will, Calista, a young Roman aristocrat, grapples with the annihilation of her world at the hands of her would be husband The violent aftermath uncovers a connection to the mythological land of Atlantis, shattering Calista s conception of family, the gods and herself Calista does not know why the sea sings in her veins or why her parents have affianceEngaged against her will, Calista, a young Roman aristocrat, grapples with the annihilation of her world at the hands of her would be husband The violent aftermath uncovers a connection to the mythological land of Atlantis, shattering Calista s conception of family, the gods and herself Calista does not know why the sea sings in her veins or why her parents have affianced her to the insidious Lord Avaritus She watches, powerless, as he ruthlessly annihilates all she loves.When Calista tries escape with the remnants of her family, a storm strikes their vessel and Calista is hurled overboard She reemerges in Atlantis, summoned by the leaders of the undersea domain The very fiber of her identity shudders after she learns that she is the daughter of Neptune and not quite mortal Despite the manipulation of Atlantis s leaders and the romantic temptations of a pair of smirking grey eyes, Calista must find a way to return to Portus Tarrus to rescue her family and seek revenge against the man who destroyed everything she held dear.
    Mira Zamin
    I m a recent college graduate who loves traveling, eating, and eating while traveling I majored in ancient and medieval history, which I found to be a constant source of literary inspiration as well as general fascination I grew up loving to read and write, especially historical fiction and fantasy anything that can open up amazing new worlds, a philosophy I try to bring to my own writing.


    Elizabeth(The Book Whisperer)
    The only reason I finished this book was because it would have messed up my challenge! One of my pet peeves is when books don't stick to the time period of the book. This story takes place in Roman times and sayings like" don't go there" were used. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure people did not talk like that in those days. The characters were not well developed, the story was not well told, and the conclusion was rushed and unresolved. This book was sloppy and rushed, the potenti [...]

    There are some books that I just fall in love with; that I can’t seem to get out of my head and when it’s finished, I can’t bring myself to accept. I think all of us who are readers feel this way about certain stories. It takes a powerful writer to make the world around us disappear and to draw us into their world. And it’s different for all of us, of course, depending upon the genre that we really love. But I am certain that you understand what I mean; that there are some books that are [...]

    Merissa (Archaeolibrarian)
    I got this book for two reasons - 1) it was free with 5 stars! and 2) because it involved ancient Rome, mythology, Gods and Atlantis.However, I have to confess to being disappointed. The potential was there but was just never fulfilled. It felt to me like a lot was touched upon (Gods, a love triangle, war) but never had any depth. The whole plot and storyline was tossed around like a ship in a storm and Calista herself did nothing for me as the heroine of the book.I would love to hear someone el [...]

    The story jumps back and forth between Ancient Rome historical fiction and Roman/Greek myth Atlantis. One or the other would have worked better – this sort of leads to mood whiplash as the book never figures out what genre it’s trying to be.Also, this was very much against my personal preference of Atlantis depiction. When I read about Atlantis I want transporter gates, hydroponics, genetic engineering, hovercrafts, etc. – the absolute cutting edge in sci-fi tech with classy art deco-type [...]

    Jewlia Love
    Horrible book. Plot made no sense and too much twists to make the story plausible let alone enjoyable. Story unsuccessfully tried to merger Romanish society with mythical Atlantis where Atlantis was realhell even the heroine, Calista didn't even think Atlantis was real so how could the reader?Only finished it was it was free through Barnes and Noble, plus I wanted to give it a chance even despite the poor ratings. Clearly this author needs to go back to literary school to learn how to craft a be [...]

    J. Kahele
    WowThere is a lot in this book but mostly it is a fictional tale of a very strong girl named Calista. After her father is killed Calista and her remaining family are taken prisoner on their own home. She devised a plan to escape and then the tale takes a twist and never stops.

    Midnight Agenda
    Could have been a good bookThe version of the book I have needs some heavy handed editing, there were so many typos and dropped words.I desperately wanted to like the story and it was engaging though wordy at times, the ending was ultimately disappointing. A good fluff piece mixing ancient Rome with the gods and and interesting tale, but the ending left so much to be desired.

    Sometimes, I read a "description" of a book and it tells me nothing, not even enough to begin to guess at what a juicy story might be hidden in the pages I'm examining.Other times, the description only describes the first chapter or one sub plot, and has so little to do with the book, as to be nearly useless.Especially with Kindle books, I want a good description of a story before I start to read it, to know if this is a book that I would find interesting because I can't leaf through a Kindle a [...]

    Erin Howard
    This was a really good fantasy adventure with a strong, yet still believable, young female lead. I am a huge sucker for period pieces and this take of the Roman empire and mythology was wonderfully done. The writing was very descriptive, particularly the food (I could practically taste it!) and overall the setting was a feast for the imagination.I am basing my review mostly on the build up and progression of the story, not the ending. I felt the ending wasn't satisfying, but the rest of the book [...]

    I liked the story. Ms. Zamin has the makings of a good writer IF she can find a good editor. I found myself mentally inserting "of", "for", ""to", and "with" where prepositions had been (unintentionally?) left out.Vocabulary was also a problem. There were several egregious errors; the following were annoying enough that I made note of them."Silver LIGHTENING laced through them, a silently flashing filigree." LIGHTENING is a verb form; the noun, meaning a bolt of electricity, is LIGHTNING." attem [...]

    I couldn't finish this book. I stopped about 3/4 of the way through.I got it for free through B&N's ebook fling. I probably wouldn't have picked it up in the first place otherwise.One thing that really bothered me about this book is the lack of editing--there are many instances of poor grammar, misspelling, and flat out choosing the wrong word. Was this even proofread before it was published? It was very distracting and detracted from the story. I think such details only support my overall i [...]

    Sarah (Workaday Reads)
    This story was a disappointment. The mythology was great, with a unique twist on Atlantis, but the execution did not match the potential of the story.Everything seemed to happen too fast and the ending didn’t really have a good conclusion. There were numerous gaps of time where it wasn’t even mention how much time had passed. But for everything to have happened, the time lapsed over the course of the book seemed much too long.Calista was a frustrating character. She was a mix of brave and wh [...]

    Treva Fitzgerald
    I think the Young Lady has great talent, but she didn't get the help she needed to smooth out the rough spots.Her story jumped around and I would have to back track at times to understand what I missed. Most of the time the Bridges between chapters were weak.Grammar and sentence structuring needed work. She used to much of "today's cliches and language" made the story hard to follow.The ENDing was so upset it just ended. No idea if there is a book two or that was it. To many questions left answe [...]

    Aside from the strange and oftentimes questionable grammar and spelling, this plot just takes great leaps and bounds in logic. The storyline is decent, but the characters are silly and unbelievable, the dialogue is stilted, and the setting is just lacking. I don't know the author's background, it it seems like she read a book about ancient Rome and tried to put in as much Latin vocabulary into the story as she could. It's like she's trying to prove her knowledge of the time, place, and culture, [...]

    This story had so much potential (with or without Atlantis), but did not deliver. I am really confused why Atlantis was even added to this story because it wasn't necessary to further the plot and it didn't add any significance to the existing story. The only thing it gave us was Hadrian, but I'm still confused as to why was he was even there?Which also begs the question: what was the whole point of Claudis? His storyline would have made sense if Clarista had to struggle with losing him, but she [...]

    More could have been done with this story. I liked the vantage of the Greek/Roman era but there was something that just wasn't there. However, I cannot seem to put a finger onto what it is that is missing. . I loved the heroine Calista (Caly) and her tenacity for family and home. However, I would have liked to see more of the love story unfold between Caly and Hadrian, and it doesn't, in fact, it drops off in mid stride and a bit too hastily as though nothing more could have been said. I rate it [...]

    I really enjoyed this book until the end. The epilogue didn't really give me anything, as far as closure. I really wanted to know more about what happened with the characters and their journey to Rome, but it just sort of ended. I'm hoping that this is actually part of a series and the second book will pick up where the first one left off, but at this moment I do not know if there is a sequel.The nitpicky stuff: there were some grammar issues which sometimes hung me up, but for the most part it [...]

    Janine Treannie
    I actually finished the book yesterday on my Kindle & I would definitely say that the story is really good, but the main characters could've had so much more to them. Calista & Claudias not only do they find out they are from the underwater city of Atlantis & siblings, but they are also demigods & yet they hardly show any signs of a possible significant power except to maybe heal quicker than most. I definitely think there should've been more action on the part of the main charac [...]

    Anna Zollinger
    this book will draw you in, hold you tight and absolutely refuse to let you go untill the very last words. such an amazing storyline and wonderfully thought out characters. one of the best books set in Roman times that I have read. my only problem is that her free amazon copy is riddled with missing words and other errors and is in sore need of revision. other than that, who can complain about such a beautifully written and captivating story?

    What started out as a great story quickly got out of hand and confused. I feel like the author was trying to tell two different stories here, and wasn't quite sure how to blend them together cohesively. Add in the spelling and grammatical errors, plus just plain typing errors, and you have a recipe for disaster. that being said, I think that had she slowed down the story a bit and really focused on what she wanted to tell the reader, this could have been a much better novel.

    Second in a row historical fiction with Roman setting that is absolute CRAP. Mary Sue? Check. I think Calista should be awarded with Mary Sue of the Year title. Barely existing plot? Check. Because, well, transport is not plot. Carton characters? Check. Stiff dialogue? Check."It's been an hour and I couldn't care less about these people"? Check. Give me my time back, thankfully I did not give any money for that.

    I really enjoyed this book. The plot is captivating and imaginative. However, I don't feel the book was very well written - as some people have already mentioned, there were several grammatical errors and typos. It also came to a very abrupt ending which disappointed me. I found the main character, Calista, to be somewhat underdeveloped with her motives constantly changing. Despite this, it's a very addictive novel.

    Mary Goodger
    I found this novel to be beautifully written, but Calista was the only developed character. Nothing was resolved in the end and it was incredibly disappointing. I just sat there and said aloud, "That's the END?" It's hard to believe a novel that touched on so many things and worked toward this big climax would just leave everything unanswered and despairing.

    c2012: The story is a mixture of mythology, history and spec fic and the synopsis seemed interesting. I don't think I was the target market but probably the dreaded YA market would thoroughly enjoy it. The writing was okay but I found the book awfully hard going- enough of an interest to actually finish the book but not enough to recommend to the normal crew.

    I wanted to like this more. It just seemed pretty half-baked. The author has a lot of talent, but I don't think this book had the depth the plot was capable of. A good editor would have really helped shape this novel up better.

    Jenn Doyle
    Was not impressed with this, unfortunately. By the end of the book I was so sick of the main characters I was happy to finish it. The saving graces were Olympia & Pyp, but the rest was just a waste of time.

    I liked it. The main character was strong and independent while still being somewhat believably human. The story was entertaining and I loved the little touches of humor scattered throughout. Light and fun.

    I liked the premise of the story and, for the most part, liked the characters. The story ended abruptly and found some of the actions of the characters unbelievable. Over all I liked the story, just didn't love it.

    The book started off well and had a lot of promise. It started to get a little confusing in the middle and then fell flat at the end. I really was hoping for more at the end as opposed to unanswered questions and everyone riding off in the sunset without a true conclusion.

    Didn't flow. A lot of jumping from one place or person to another. Found it hard to follow sometimes.

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