Unlimited [Thriller Book] ¼ The Flames of Time - by Baynard H. Kendrick õ

  • Title: The Flames of Time
  • Author: Baynard H. Kendrick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The setting of this story is the East Republic of Florida from 1787 to 1813 Through experiences of the central character, the orphaned Artillery Armes, we are introduced to Florida s early history under bandits, Indians, escaped slaves, gougers from Georgia, the corruption of decadent Spain, and Florida s eventual entrance into the United States From the cover
    Baynard H. Kendrick
    He was an American lawyer and executive who became a full time writer in 1932 His first mystery novel, Blood on Lake Louisa was published in 1934 Kendrick was born in Pennsylvania.In 1914 Kendrick was the first American to enlist in the Canadian Army, one hour after that country declared war He married Edythe Stevens in 1919 and Jean Morris in 1971, and became an executive and manager of hotels and publishing companies Kendrick was the organiser and only sighted member of the Blinded Veterans Association He was also a founding member of the Mystery Writers of America and held membership 1 In the 1960s he retired to Florida.


    I have been away for the last few weeks, two and a half weeks I think it is. The entire time we were away I was only able to get on the internet once, and that was while I was standing outside of Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Michigan, and I wasn't about to spend more than a minute or two on-line when there is the world's largest Christmas store in front of me. Except for that one time, we were without the internet. So when we got home today I sat down to sort through all those emails that h [...]

    Flames of Time, published in 1948, is a novel set in the East Florida Republic and in the Spanish colony of Florida between 1790 and 1815. The setting is intriguing, but I can't say that I enjoyed this novel. Kendrick's writing style can best be described as that of "the Painter", a novelist who falls in love with a certain place and/or time, and indulges himself in endless descriptions of the place and time to the detriment of the story. "The Painter" is fascinated with the setting of his novel [...]

    Schuyler Wallace
    I was a lad when I first read Baynard Kendrick’s THE FLAMES OF TIME and I remember it fondly, so much so that I included it in a list of my 25 favorite books. I recently found an old copy of the 1948 novel and read it again. Some of the luster is gone, the writing now appears a bit florid, and the descriptions of bare breasted women are no longer very arousing. Nevertheless I find that I still enjoy the book.It’s an adventurous romp through early Florida with great historical backdrop and vi [...]

    Will Peoples
    I like how the author put all effort into learning about the time and place that his story took place in. This is one of my favorite books because of how well it relates to real life for all of us. The flames of time are real, and they affect all of us. this story has deep philosophical repercussions for us all to ponder.

    A very good historical novel about Florida in the early 19th Century.

    Loved this book. Very interesting story about the end of the Spanish era in East Florida.

    • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ¼ The Flames of Time - by Baynard H. Kendrick õ
      445 Baynard H. Kendrick
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