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  • Title: Scared Yet?
  • Author: Jaye Ford
  • ISBN: 9781864712001
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Liv Prescott fights off a terrifying assault in a deserted car park, the media hails her bravery, friends and colleagues congratulate her but an anonymous admirer tells her she should be careful As police search for her attacker, her admirer s advice turns to warnings, delivered to her home Brave is not what she feels now she s wary and suspicious and fearWhen Liv Prescott fights off a terrifying assault in a deserted car park, the media hails her bravery, friends and colleagues congratulate her but an anonymous admirer tells her she should be careful As police search for her attacker, her admirer s advice turns to warnings, delivered to her home Brave is not what she feels now she s wary and suspicious and fearful is it the assailant from the car park Is it the man who found her there Is it her ex husband Soon her family is drawn into the stalker s focus first her dying father, afterwards her young son and she s not just scared, she s ripped apart by fear Then her stalker makes the choice simple to fight, or die Are you scared yet, Liv
    Jaye Ford
    Jaye was born in Sydney in 1963 and grew up on the Northern Beaches before studying Communications in Bathurst, NSW She was a journalist for twelve years, working in radio, print and television in both news and sport In 1988, she became the first woman to host a live national sport show in Australia, fronting Sport Report on SBS She also presented evening news on Prime TV in Newcastle.She has also run her own public relations consultancy, brought up two children and spent ten years trying to get published Her first novel, Beyond Fear, was the highest selling debut crime novel in Australia in 2011 It also sold in Europe and will be translated into six languages Her second novel, Scared Yet , was released in Australia in March 2012 She is currently working on her third novel, due for release in Australia in 2013.


    Liv Prescott has just finished her day at work and leaves the office to head to the underground carpark to go home when she is viciously attacked by a man dressed in black and a balaclava. She manages to escape but this attack has terrified her. Daniel Beck who works in the same office block as Liz hears her screams and comes running to help and scares off her attacker. Liv thinks this is a one off episode but unfortunately this is just the beginning of her nightmare. She then starts receiving n [...]

    Li'l Owl
    Now that was an one incredibly nerve jangling read! Grabbed me from page one and sent me hurdlying all the way to the last page! I would have read this cover to cover if I'd not had appointments I couldn't miss! I always get pain in my hands and feet whenever one particular scary event happens (I won't say what) and I still have it even though I finished it well over an hour ago! I had to wait quite a while to acquire it but it was soo worth the wait. This is the second novel I've read, the firs [...]

    Oh my - let me warn you, this one is HARD to put down! It starts with an attack on the main character Livia, by a black clad man in a balaclava. She fights back - and survives. Little does she know that this is just the beginning of terror.Suspicion shines on nearly everyone you meet along the way. Is it the man who came to her rescue, does he have some sort of hero complex? Is it her angry ex-husband, is this a plot to take her precious son? She spends her days looking for her unknown assailant [...]

    After a long day at work, Livia Prescott was heading to her car in the deserted undercover carpark, when she was attacked by a dark figure, dressed all in black. Drawing on her past training under her father’s tutorage, she fought back. When Daniel Beck, who worked in an adjacent office, appeared, he scared her attacker off, and called an ambulance for her.Liv was black and blue, with a broken finger from where she’d jabbed him in the face, but she felt good to have beaten whoever it was. Sh [...]

    4.5★sThis gripping novel opens with an after-hours attack on 35 yo Livia Prescott in the darkened carpark of the Newcastle office complex where she works. A mugger beat her up and left her for dead, until she is found by another tenant of the building, Daniel Beck. He accompanies her to hospital, and comes by to check the security of her home environment. Badly bruised, Liv feels unsafe in her bland, new townhouse, and insists on returning to work as soon as possible, despite her very obvious [...]

    This was an excellent suspenseful thriller, well written with great characters, that kept me guessing right to the end. Livia Prescott is having a hellish year, recently separated and having to share custody of her son, her father dying in a hospice and her business in trouble. To top it off she undergoes a terrifying assault in a car park from which she barely escapes. However she’s a survivor and determined to get on with her life, but then she starts receiving chilling warnings and it becom [...]

    Now that was an excellent book, full of suspense and the best bit was I had no idea who the stalker actually was until right near the end! With hindsight it became obvious but while the story was being told the author touched on his character frequently enough that we knew who he was but lightly enough that he did not really feature as a suspect. Very nicely written and very enjoyable.

    Scared Yet is about how a young woman survived a challenging year and found love again. Livia Prescott was having a challenging year with the end of her marriage, business and her father was dying and hoping nothing else will happen to her. However, this was not the case. One night after work Livia Prescott was walking to her car when she was attacked. Daniel Beck came on the scene soon after the attack started and helped Livia to get medical care. After Livia Prescott recovered from the attack, [...]

    Alja Katuin
    Het duurde even voordat ik er goed en wel in zat, maar zodra dat het geval was heb ik heerlijk van het verhaal kunnen genieten! Wat een spanning en dan die plottwist! Dundunduuuuun!

    Helen McKenna
    Wow, this book really packs a punch! It kept me engrossed from start to finish (and like a couple of the other reviewers I was up until the early hours because I just couldn't put it down).Livia Prescott is an average single mother living and working in suburban Newscastle, when one night she is attacked while walking to her car in a dark, multi-storey carpark. Fortunately she has the strength and courage to fight back, and while shaken, she walks away relatively unscathed. Her friends and workm [...]

    Livia has so much going wrong in her life that would shatter most people. A dying father, a failed marriage, an exploitive ex-husband, her small business struggling, her best friend's and business partner is hiding secrets, and then she is mugged as she leaves work. This unleashes a series of threatening letters and suspicious accidents involving close friends. Who to trust? What do the police know? Is this personal or business related? How is really a friend? This is a page-turner. Cleverly con [...]

    Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    Jaye Ford's newest release Scared Yet? came highly recommended on the heels of her successful debut, Beyond Fear. In this psychological thriller, Ford introduces her protagonist Livia Prescott, who is the victim of a terrifying assault. Though she is able to successfully thwart her attacker, who disappears in to the night, shortly afterward she becomes the focus of a disturbing and sustained campaign of harassment. When the man who assaulted her is captured, Liv is stunned that the harassment do [...]

    A straightforward crime novel. It was good enough that I didn’t guess the perpetrator. Easy to read. Liked the fact that the main protagonist was a strong female. Some good suspense. A good, enjoyable holiday read that is light and undemanding. ***1/2

    A gripping read, beware the car park at night!Liv Prescott fights off an attacker in a car park one night and is hailed as very brave. But not everyone agrees. She starts to get anonymous notes asking if she is scared yet. Liv reports it to the police but the notes keep coming.Finally the police arrest the man who attacked her. He is sporting a black eye and an injured leg, just as Liv said he would be. Phew, Liv is so relieved. But the notes keep coming. They get more threatening and promise a [...]

    Liv is having a horror year. Her husband left her for a younger woman and they have taken half custody of her son; her father, ex-boxing champion and life-long mentor, is dying; and her dream business, in which she is a partner, has financial problems. To top it off, one night she leaves work in the dark and is attacked by a masked man all in black. She fights back and screams and is rescued. She is pleased that she got one good punch in and he is hurt too. She becomes something of a celebrity. [...]

    SCARED YET? is the second, standalone, psychological thriller from Jaye Ford. In this outing, readers are introduced to a woman who suddenly finds herself in a fight for her life against an unknown assailant for an unknown reason. When things escalate to her friends and loved ones, Liv doesn't know who to trust.There is a lot that's not going well in Liv's life, and somewhere within all those problems, is the answer to who and why the harassment steadily ramps up. Because of the maelstrom surrou [...]

    Really enjoyed this, was great to pick up the pace with this novel and get stuck into a good suspense. Similar style to my overseas favourites Sandra Brown and Joy Fielding. Quite a page turner, a little bit predictable but nicely rounded off in the end. Would recommend this one and am keen to read Ford's other novels.

    This was the first of Jaye Ford's books that I read and then I had to read the other two books she had written as I enjoyed her story telling style so mycg. Great detail that I could visualise the scenarios being describes throughout her novels.

    Another good tale from Jaye Ford. Great suspense that kept me guessing as to who dunnit. Even had a laugh at her dealings with her no good ex husband. Liv was easy to relate to. Very hard to put down

    Bree T
    Liv Prescott has worked back late and is heading to her car in a deserted multi-story carpark when she is attacked from behind. Liv however, is tall, close to six foot and the daughter of a former champion boxer. She manages to fight off her attacker, landing several blows on him before he flees at the sound of someone coming.Liv is hailed as a hero, someone who fought back and won, showed this would-be attacker that she wasn’t weak, that she wouldn’t allow herself to give in. A reporter fri [...]

    Joop Liefaard
    Livia Prescott is samen met haar vriendin en zakelijke partner Kelly Weeks eigenaresse van het uitzendbureau Prescott & Weeks, een bedrijf dat moeilijke tijden doormaakt. Naast deze zakelijke beslommeringen is zij ook verwikkeld in een echtscheidingsprocedure en brengt zij de nodige tijd door bij haar vader die in een verzorgingshuis zijn laatste levensdagen doorbrengt. Op een avond wanneer zij haar werk verlaat wordt zij in een parkeergarage aangevallen door een gemaskerde man. Zij weet de [...]

    Rachael Johns
    I cannot remember the last book I read that had me staying up until the early hours of the morning when I KNEW I had a busy day ahead and kids that'd be up at the crack of dawn.The last book before Jaye Ford's SCARED YET, that is. I started this book Saturday morning and finished it in the early hours of the morning today!! Let me just explain, that I'm not the fastest of readers at the moment, because most of my free time is spent writing, so I maybe read one book a week.This is the story of a [...]

    Anna Jesse
    Livia Prescott en haar vriendin Kelly Weeks runnen samen het uitzendbureau Prescott & Weeks. Als Livia Prescott op een dag nietsvermoedend van haar werk naar haar auto loopt in een parkeergarage wordt ze opgewacht en belaagd door een man in het zwart met een bivakmuts op. Ze vecht zich echter los, steekt haar belager meerdere keren met haar sleutels en schopt en slaat erop los, waarna hij haar tegen de grond slaat en ervan door gaat. Ze wordt buiten bewustzijn en onder de blauwe plekken en e [...]

    When Liv Prescott is attacked in her work car park and fights off her attacker she is praised for her strength and quick thinking. However, after a television interview for the local news, Liv begins to receive notes from a mysterious stranger suggesting she needs to be more careful. At first these notes seem harmless enough, but when the mysterious stranger begins contacting Liv more and more, Liv begins to feel as though she is being watched.Liv is a divorce, with a young son and terminally il [...]

    Elena Machetti
    Livia Prescott zit middenin een (v)echtscheiding en wordt op een avond, bij het verlaten van haar werk, in een parkeergarage aangevallen door een gemaskerde man. Zij weet de man te verjagen, maar al snel begint Livia dreigbriefjes te ontvangen. Als er meer brieven volgen en haar vriendin bij een auto-ongeluk ernstig gewond raakt, dringt de ernst van de situatie pas goed tot Livia. Met de hulp van rechercheur Rachel Quest probeert ze de dader te ontmaskeren. Livia bevindt zich ineens in een situa [...]

    Again Jaye Ford has captured that feeling that this could be real. You could feel the tension, the anger and the fear that Liv was going through. Was she paranoid and miss reading situations or was there a reason for her wariness? Who could she trust? What were people keeping from her, were their motives in Liv's best interest or was their agenda more sinister? Could she trust her instincts? By the end of the book Jaye Ford answers all these questions for us in what I think is a very believable [...]

    Simone Sinna
    Following up on Beyond Fear (new characters) this story has more twists and less tension, but taps into enough of thinks that make us anxious (like our children, ex-husbands and the wives they think can replace their mother…) and thus a compelling read.This stalker really has it in for our heroine. Murderously so. Not her (well, don’t be too sure) but boy anywhere close to her is a scary and dangerous place. Having already lost her marriage and having to share access, our heroines job gets p [...]

    Diana Hockley
    The story starts out strongly and continues to be so. The protagonist, Liv, is likable and believable, her problems - her dying father, the faithless husband, the failing business - are all set out clearly. The pacing and tone are excellent as the tension mounts at exactly the right places.There are two questions I would have liked answered and I can't mention them here because of a spoiler which wouldn't be fair to new readers. I did pick the perp early on, and such is the power of the author's [...]

    Jenn J McLeod
    Couldn’t put it down. No, not an overused cliché but a fact. This book is every bit as fabulous as Jaye’s debut novel – Beyond Fear. A clever book from a clever author who knows how to keep readers guessing until the very end.Scared Yet? throws one ordinary woman into one extraordinary week of fear and uncertainly as she deals with the fallout of a faceless stalker who has her questioning everything and everyone she trusts. And all the while the notes keep arriving. ARE YOU SCARED YET, LI [...]

    Dit boek begint direct boeiend met een aanval op Liv in de parkeergarage. Vanaf blz 80 word het een echte literaire thriller, het kruipt in je hoofd. Wie doet het en waarom? Waarom blijft Liv 'ongeschonden' maar haar omgeving niet. Met een paar zeer goed uitgewerkte personages leest het boek als een trein. Een van de personages is op de een of andere manier verdacht maar ook weer niet. Alle personages zijn wel een keer voorbijgekomen op mijn lijstje, toch kwam het eind onverwachts. De reden en w [...]

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