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  • Title: The Santa Problem
  • Author: Tam Ames
  • ISBN: 9876543210435
  • Page: 293
  • Format: ebook

  • Lane would do most anything to make his live in love Gavin happy, but this is taking things too far Just because Gavin can t find someone to play Santa at his office building, doesn t mean it s Lane s problem too But Gavin can be very persuasive when he wants his way, and Lane may be taking on than he can handle in order to keep his man content.
    Tam Ames
    I m a single mom to a great 21 year old daughter at university, and I have a full time job as well I started reading m m romance about 4 years ago, then went to reviewing and then writing Some dares and prompting of friends led me to the role of author and they ve always been my biggest cheerleaders You can contact me at tames01 gmail


    3.5 starsHey Mandy - Mission accomplished! You are stunned, right? Regardless of my huge TBR, I followed your call and finished reading this book in record time:)So, I will recommend it to you, as it's obviously much better than several of the DSP desaster stories. It has a connection to Christmas, yes - unbelievably so, even if it's just the mall christmas hoopla! It has a cute couple of MCs and although nothing really significant happens during the x-hours-span of the story, it left me with a [...]

    This was genuinely amusing, the set up was cute but I found it enchanting because of the characters. Even in such a short format, their relationship and care for each other was vivid, and the banter was hysterical :). They were very hot together, too! Many other stories "tell" you you should be laughing aloud, but I actually did with this one. Great style without being facile, lovely balance of story and characterisation.

    After the first coffee snort, I put down the cup, and my computer is grateful for it. First, Gavin has to wheedle Lane into agreeing to play Santa, and a less likely Saint Nick is hard to imagine. Young, buff, and regarding kids as some exotic species best kept on leashes, Lane takes a lot of convincing.Gavin seems born to play a particularly naughty elf, all big eyes and tights-worthy legs. Any chance Lane had of evading the red velvet suit was lost about the time these two got together, some u [...]

    He lay back and spread his arms and legs so he looked like an adorable six-foot blond debauched starfishThis short is story is at times cute, at times cheeky, at times hilarious, and at times HOT! Which is a such accomplishment coming from 25 pages. Lane comes as a gruff, but a pushover gruff. I love reading how he is trying to say "no" to his lover, Gavin, only being smartly maneuvered into saying "yes" for the Santa job. The punishment is sizzling HOT, involving some dirty talks. It's a light [...]

    This is a laugh-out-loud Christmas story, featuring established couple Lane and Gavin. Gavin needs someone to play Santa at his work and he wants his boyfriend to do it. After some "persuasion" Lane agrees and the consequences are hysterical. I don't know if these two appear in any other stories but I'd love to read more about them.

    Thoroughly enjoyable festive short that had me laughing out loud several times. I was impressed with the way Tam created a story that was not only cute, amusing and sexy, but that had a nice bit of character growth and subtle social commentary as well. I couldn't ask for more from a Christmas short - there was even a quickie between Lane in his Santa suit and Gavin in his elf outfit - magic!

    Barb ~rede-2-read~
    Cute little story about Gavin who is convinced by his boyfriend, Lane, to play Santa at Lane's workplace. All goes well until one of the kids has an accident on Gavin's lap. Sweet, romantic and humorous.

    This was sooooo cute! Gavin manipulating Lane into being Santa was priceless. Lane was hilarious - his POV is a hoot! I would LOVE to read more about these two. Very very funny and cute and hot. The antics of the kids with the Santa pictures were a riot. Poor Lane!

    A laugh-out-loud funny little Christmas short! Love it! Loved it! Loved it! Rabid racoons indeed! :D

    The description of Gavin in his elf outfit was worth the price of admission!

    3,5-4 starsFunny,hot and short - the perfect intermediate course

    And now I want to know how Lane's and Gavin's relationship began. Make it so, Tam.

    3.5 stars. Steamy short m/m holiday romance about a bouncer whose boyfriend guilts him into dressing up as Santa for his office building.

    2,5 stars

    Tracy's Place
    3.5 out of 5Loved seeing the buff bouncer dressing up as Santa and being a bit traumatized. lol The men were adorable and I loved their relationship.

    3.5 starsThis was a cute, fun read. It's a short story that left me wanting more. I'd definitley love to read more about these likable, sexy guys.

    Mandy*reads obsessively*
    3.5Cute, sexy short about a grumpy boyfriend being roped into playing Santa!

    • [PDF] Download ↠ The Santa Problem | by ☆ Tam Ames
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