Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ☆ A Sister's Forgiveness - by Anna Schmidt ✓

  • Title: A Sister's Forgiveness
  • Author: Anna Schmidt
  • ISBN: 9781616262358
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

  • Teenage cousins Sadie and Tessa are best friends, just like their mothers, sisters Emma and Jeannie Their families are close and the girls themselves are inseparable And then the unthinkable happens A single instant of Sadie s inattention causes a tragic accident and Tessa is dead Everything changes in that moment Jeannie s lost her only child, Emma s daughter is faciTeenage cousins Sadie and Tessa are best friends, just like their mothers, sisters Emma and Jeannie Their families are close and the girls themselves are inseparable And then the unthinkable happens A single instant of Sadie s inattention causes a tragic accident and Tessa is dead Everything changes in that moment Jeannie s lost her only child, Emma s daughter is facing legal consequences, and both families are reeling from grief and loss Soon sorrow becomes bitterness as Jeannie s marriage disintegrates and Emma s two children are mired in guilt and depression But through faith, can each sister find a way from heartbreak to forgiveness
    Anna Schmidt
    Anna Schmidt is a three time finalist for the coveted RITA award presented annually by Romance Writers of America In addition she has been a four time finalist for the Reviewer s Choice Award from Romantic Times magazine an award she has won twice Her latest novel THE OUTLAW Book Three of her Last Chance Cowboys series will be published in July Book four THE RANCHER will be out in January, 2018 Publisher s Weekly had high praise for Anna s WWII series THE PEACEMAKERS stating that Schmidt seamlessly integratestual events, and the courageous real life individuals who fought against Hitler s regime, with her fictional characters and their story, to produce a strong tale of hope and love in the face of insurmountable obstacles The author of over thirty works of historical and contemporary fiction, Anna has worked in the corporate world for two international companies, taught at the college level and is a popular presenter of hands on workshops She splits her time between Wisconsin and Florida, noting that, I am blessed to have a career that travels well


    If I had paid more attention to the two tags--romance and Christian--I might well have ignored this book. What a mistake that would have been! This intimate story of two close-knit families torn apart by a terrible accident (though one that could have been avoided with better choices) is beautifully plotted, the characters finely drawn, the emotions raw and real. The theme of forgiveness is explored through several lenses. The simple deep faith of these Mennonites, which is tested through the tr [...]

    Emotionally chargedbut good reading.

    The story begins with two very close families, linked by the mothers who are sisters, on the day before school begins. Each family has a teen-aged daughter that will attend the same high school the next day. Though the mothers were raised in strict Mennonite families, they have different philosophies of raising their daughters and different choices on their lifestyles. When Sadie comes to pick up Tessa with her boyfriend, a moment of inattention causes Tessa’s death, and the resulting shock te [...]

    Such a powerful book. Emma and Jeannie are the sisters with families of their own. The families are extremely close, then an unthinkable tragedy happens. Mrs. Schmidt did an outstanding job of telling the story of how these families deal with their grief torn apart from one another and then begin the healing process together. It was also nice to hear from characters in the previous book. I also loved the setting of Pinecraft. Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    Danica Page (One Page at a Time)
    This is a condensed version. To see it in its entirety, pleasefollow this link.I gave this a 3.5. My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: First off, I'd like to thank netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to review this novel. And secondly, I didn't read the previous one in this series. However, you can start at this point and be fine. The characters in the first novel are vaguely mentioned in this one, but are not the central story.And now for my review, I really enjoyed reading this one. It was [...]

    Josie Ann
    If your only child was killed in a horrible car accident that was caused by your niece would you be able to forgive so easily? That has been the question I've been asking myself since June 5th, when I began reading this book. "A Sister's Forgiveness" starts out with the hugest event ever, the wreck that take 15-year-old, Tessa's life. Sisters, Jeannie and Emma, were so close until the death of Jeannie's daughter. This book was very complex and if it doesn't have your full attention you can easil [...]

    Book Two in the Women of Pinecraft series, continues with the Amish/Mennonite community in Pinecraft, FL and focuses on sisters, Emma and Jeannie and their families. I did not read the first book in this series, but I in no way felt like I had missed out on anything. The second book was so intense and riveting, that I fell right into the story and was glued to the pages.Emma and Jeannie's relationship is tested beyond measure when a family tragedy strikes, leaving everyone dazed and numb. The fa [...]

    Cousins, like sisters, born to two sisters, love to be together even with their different personalities and having goals that are different. Just like the mothers, one has stayed in the Amish faith with the dress, home life and choices, and the other has become Mennonite and a little more like a traditional Christian. How could a close family with so much love face a dilemma that came from one bad choice on the morning of the first day of school. There were torrents of rain, and mothers, Jeannie [...]

    Rebecca "Rebaka" Lewis
    Does time heal all wounds? From the very beginning the authour has caught my attention in this book. This is a story about two sisters and their family who love each other so much and has learned the art of forgiving. But when a horrible incident happens can they learn to forgive? I think so, but you have to have the help of a forgiving God.This is a MUST read. It held me capitive from the first page. I loved hearing the characters telling the story. I'm anal in I like to start with Book 1 of an [...]

    Katie Johnson
    A Sister’s Forgiveness is the second book in Anna Schmidt’s series Women of Pinecraft. Sisters Emma and Jeannie are the best of friends and so are their teen daughters Sadie and Tessa. This is a very emotional story that centers on the tragic accident that happens on the first day of school that takes Tessa’s life and Sadie being responsible for the accident. After the accident everyone’s life changes and they must all find a way to come to terms with the accident and find forgiveness.I [...]

    Wow! It took me a long time to get through this book because the first half was so emotional! I really enjoyed the book and think the author did an excellent job writing about a very hard subject. I liked how she split the chapters into the different characters and what they were going through!

    Sherri Meinke
    great book that I couldn't put down. 2 sisters who have lives that are intertwined. Suddenly the one sister loses her only child to a mistake made by her niece. The family needs to learn to overcome the guilt and the forgive to move on.

    Book 2 of the pinecraft series, Two sister's families torn apart from one child's negligence, another child lies under oath, the families are praying they can get through the terrible happening, you must read this book to see what happens and if they survive as a family again.

    Michelle Robinson
    This was very sad but engrossing at the beginning.I believed the story and could see how each person could have blamed themselves for the tragic turn of events.All in all, this was not a bad read

    Excellent. Full of emotion.

    Wow! This is so good. Love the characters. Love the plot. Definitley read this once you've read the first book.

    Pat Mccurry
    I read this and really liked it also sorry I don't remember when I read it.I love all the books about Pinecraft and would love to visit there

    This was a very good book and surely taught the importance of forgiveness.

    Such a fabulous book! I was drawn in to each character. Heart-wrenching to be sure, but so worth reading! I would highly recommend this one.

    Virginia Winfield
    This was a very good book. I enjoy reading about the Amish and like how clean the books are.

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