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  • Title: Excellent Excuses [and Other Good Stuff]
  • Author: Liz Pichon
  • ISBN: 9781407124407
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback

  • No school for two whole weeks Yeah I can forget all about lessons and irritating things like Marcus Meldrew And concentrate on good stuff like Inventing new ways to annoy my sister Delia So many Unfortunately a couple of small problems called the dentist and my big weirdo sister, Delia, seem to be getting in the way of my plans.
    Liz Pichon
    L Pichon says that when she was little, she loved to draw, and her mom said she was very good at making a mess this is still true today She kept drawing, went to art school, became a designer and art director at Jive Records, and began to publish children s books After its publication in the U.K The Brilliant World of Tom Gates won several prestigious awards, including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, the Waterstone s Children s Book Prize, and the Blue Peter Book Award L Pichon lives in Brighton, England, with her family.

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    Orbi Alter
    Odlican nastavak! Drevni Fosili (baka i djed) su divni

    Nikki Naddy
    Gefiel mir etwas besser als Band 1 und war auch dicker

    Extremely fun and a clear way to see how a child lives it's life and is just a very good book.

    Ms. Yingling
    E ARC from NetgalleyIn this sequel to The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, Tom is back annoying his sister Delia, getting into trouble at school for skiving off almost all of his work, trying to get Norman to be a good drummer in his band, Dogzombie, and dealing with a toothache. In his inimitable fashion, he manages to get sucked into playing in the school band (which doesn't use instruments, but instead performs on makeshift ones created from garbage) but then can't play in a school assembly beca [...]

    I love this book and I keep reading it again and again because Tom and I have a lot of things in common. He had an annoying sister (Delia) which I also have.(annoying sister and an annoying brother) which means I kind of know how he felt and it is why I actually like and laughed of what he did to Delia. The way of what he did to Delia was alike with some of the tricks i did to my sister. he got a classmate that is really sneaky (Marcus Meldrew) which I think that I got one also. I really love th [...]

    Tom Gates, a boy who struggles to just be a good normal kid, wanted to be a good kid who gets good grades and does all his work, and also makes sure that his band, DogZombies, actually qualify to be a good band! But the thing with him, was that he never was able to behave because he was either staring at a girl in his class, called Amy Porter, or he was to busy worrying and stressing with his friend Derek, to find a drum player for his band. So to make sure that he got rid of his band problem(s) [...]

    Abdollah zarei
    خیلی مونده تا قده رولد دال تو دلم جا باز کنه. ولی شخصیت تام رو دوست داشتم. و به عنوان یه داستان کودک خیلی خوب بود. حتی بهتر از خاطرات یک بچه چلمن. خیلی کاراکتر تام واقعی و ملموس بود و طنزش هم خوب بود. بیشتر شیطنت ها و رویاهاش رو در پیش داره شخصیت تام. و هر اتفاق براش یه تجربه رو رقم م [...]

    It was a good book I'll love to read the others.

    Amber Sullivan
    This book was brilliant. I really enjoyed it and never wanted to put it down. I love reading because of books like this.

    Millie Hodgson
    I think this book is amazing and it only took a day for me to read I can't wait to read the next book

    Razvan Zamfirescu
    Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuCine nu știe că Tom Gates e noul meu puști favorit, imediat după Nate? De data asta, din păcate, Pichon nu m-a făcut să râd așa cum a făcut-o în celelalte două romane traduse deja de editura Arthur.Tom este la fel de năzdrăvan și sturlubatic doar că parcă i-a lipsit sarea și piperul ca să ajungă să-l notez cu 4 sau 5 stele. Nu știu ce s-a întâmplat exact sincer să vă spun mai ales că volumul de față este al do [...]

    Kevin Mrgeski
    This book is about a boy called Tom Gates. He has a band called Dog Zombies with his best friend (Derek), and he needs a drum player, so he makes a poster to hang up in his classroom were his classmates can sign up to tryout for the drum player role. However bully in his grade writes made up names and fictional. The only real person is a kid who everyone thinks is weird. It turns out he is a really good drum player. He has this really annoying sister called Delia, who he likes to think of ways t [...]

    Lucija The Reader
    I accidentally started the series on the second book and had no idea until this moment. Well, I am surprised that nothing was spoiled from before or anything like that. This book was just amazing. I had so much fun reading it because of the interesting story and the really cool writing. This book is so fast pace and I love it so much!

    This was a very good book by Liz Pichon and am excited to read the next one!This book series is about a boy called Tim Gates who is in a band and is quite cheeky!Very good book and I would read it again!

    I think that this book was funny but easy to read.

    Jennifer Rayment
    Jake's Review: The first thing I liked is that Tom is sort of like me. He has an annoying teacher, a worst enemy (who is dumb), a best friend and sort of a band. All of the people in his life are just like mine. Delia (who is annoying like my little brother) a Mom (who is too affectionate and kissed me in front of my friends) Even though I think British kids will like it a little bit better, as some of the language is odd British words, Canadian kids will still enjoy. This book would be better f [...]

    Eelika Rand
    Lugesin seda raamatut ja veel teisiga kahte (Luuseri päevik ja Ühe äpardi päevik), et neid oma vahel võrrelda ja seda oma seminaritöö pärast. Need kolm on üsna sarnased päeviku vormis piltide ja tekstiga lood, kus peategelane on kas poiss või tüdruk. Eelkõige oli eesmärk hinnata lastekirjanduse vaatevinklist.Tom Gates Suurepärased ettekäänded (ja muu hea kraam) on lihtsa tekstiga ja piltidega illustreeritud. Peategelane Tom käib 5-klassis ja tal on suurem õde, keda ta nimetab [...]

    Tom and Derek start a band known as the Dogzombies and they want to start play gigs but they still need a drummer, new songs to play, and find a gig. Tom has a couple bumps along the way such as overdo homework and a massive toothache. Will Tom find everything that he is looking for in order to start the band?This was a good diary fiction book that kids will enjoy. While some of the words/phrasing may throw some of the kids off there is a glossary in the back to help. The illustrations throughou [...]

    Tabitha R
    I think the book was very good, and i thought it was very funny as well because I think that this book can also relate to real life. I think this book can be for boys and girls maybe at aged 9-12. This book is like Tom Gates's dairy because it has all of his scribbles and drawings, it is like his dairy.Summary:Tom next door neighbour/best friend Derek, Tom and Derek create a band together witch is called Dog Zombies! In school Tom has a teacher called Mr. Fullerman Tom doen't like Mr. Fullerman [...]

    Ciri khas keluarga orang barat yang biasa aku lihat di film, kakak & adik tidak pernah akur malah saling menghina. Sang adik, Tom, sampai membuat lagu tentang kakaknya, Delia. Sudah pasti lirik lagunya berisi hinaan, haha.Selebihnya buku ini menceritakan tentang Tom & keluarganya, sahabatnya Derek, band mereka Dogzombies & bagaimana lingkungan di sekolahnya. Cerita ini menurutku mirip dengan cerita The Diary of Wimpy Kids, banyak sekali persamaannya.

    This one didn't make me laugh as much as the first one. But it was a good read.

    Rasta Nasseri
    خنده خنده خنده خندهخیلی خیلی خنده‌دار بود.مثل همیشه می‌گم که تام گیتس یکی از بهترین کتاب‌های منه.وبراستاریش عااااالی.و می خواهم دنبالش کنم.بعضی موقع‌ها هم دلم براش می‌سوزه و بعضی موقع‌ها هم می‌گم که چرا این کار را کردی.در کل شخصیت خیلی باحالیه.ازش ویراستاری یاد گرفتم.کاره [...]

    Tom Gates is off school for two whole weeks but he forgot about his homework. So he chooses to write a review on trees. This book is filled with humour, gold stars and granny's fish biscuits. It will make you laugh out loud as he gets out of situations with ingenious excuses. I couldn't put this book down.

    Shane Harcombe
    My 8 y.o. is currently devouring this series, so I thought I'd give the second book a go. Enjoyable enough, although I can't imagine how interest is sustained over 10 plus versions! Remember when a series was usually a trilogy?

    Ujwala Nagpal
    Nice !!!Great !!!! I love this book!!! Veryyyyyyy funnnnnyyyyyy !!!!! Smile. Laugh enjoyadok is my life 💜 !!! ❤❤👍 comments please !!

    Tom Gates was a hilarious book with all kinds of funny moments, that will at least crack you a smile. I highly recommend to read this book if you want to laugh

    Kieran Boden
    This book is really good and I can't wait to buy the yes no maybe, I am seven.

    Samik Goyal
    In this book, Tom Gates gives excellent excuses for doing his work.

    Great fun and very funny!

    Dragon Girl
    This book is a really good book. I really like this book. I should make excuses like that.

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