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  • Title: The Archer's Heart, Book One
  • Author: Astrid Amara
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  • Page: 432
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  • In the ancient kingdom of Marhavad, noblemen dominate the lower castes, wielding mystic weapons, known as shartas, against any who oppose them For generations the rule of Marhavad s kings has been absolute But now the line of succession is divided, and whispers of revolution are heard in even the royal palace.Keshan Adaru, an outspoken man of unearthly charms, welcomes tIn the ancient kingdom of Marhavad, noblemen dominate the lower castes, wielding mystic weapons, known as shartas, against any who oppose them For generations the rule of Marhavad s kings has been absolute But now the line of succession is divided, and whispers of revolution are heard in even the royal palace.Keshan Adaru, an outspoken man of unearthly charms, welcomes these changes All his life he has foreseen an uprising that will shatter the castes and end the tyranny of the old laws His visions have driven him but now, at the brink of their fulfillment, he finds himself obsessed with Prince Jandu Paran a man whose entire family must be destroyed if the kingdom is to be freed.Tarek Amia would gladly see Jandu Paran brought low Born the son of a charioteer, Tarek has no love for the royal princes who have slighted and insulted him all his life Only Keshan s philosophies have elevated him from the brutal ranks of common soldiers Tarek owes Keshan his devotion, but he is a pragmatic man and when he discovers Keshan s reckless affair he realizes that Keshan may have to be sacrificed for the sake of his own revolution.Young Prince Jandu Paran has never concerned himself with court intrigue His life has been dedicated to the lordly art of archery and mastering the immense powers of the shartas Handsome and arrogant, he is sure that no man can surpass him and yet Keshan Adaru s mere touch brings Jandu to his knees But his desire for Keshan is than forbidden it threatens to destroy Jandu s pride, position and family In the midst of this turmoil, an unspeakable event forces Jandu to redefine the meaning of honor and loyalty.And now, as armies arise to war, each man must decide where his allegiance lies and what he will sacrifice in his heart and on the battlefield.
    Astrid Amara
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    Alex Akira
    I truly enjoyed this book, and it will always hold a spot in my heart , as it was among the first non-yaoi, m/m novels that I found when I first learned of the genre. After coming from reading long complex sagas like A song of Fire and Ice, now known by most as Game of Thrones, I found (then not now) that a lot of the m/m books were rather short. Of course about a year later when I got my first Kindle and began to understand how e-readers were not only changing the reading world , but the way pe [...]

    Lilia Ford
    It's risky to rate the first book of a trilogy without reading the subsequent two volumes--which I will embark on as soon as I finish this little review--but I reacted strongly enough to this to take the risk. So for what it's worth, as fantasy set-ups go, I am happy to give this five stars. It's gorgeously written, with intriguing magic, rich allegorical layers--most obviously of Indian mythology--and compelling moral stakes. Of the three narrative centers, Jandu and Keshan receive the most att [...]

    I'm not sure how to rate this hmmmm, it got really good at the end, like last 2 chapters but overall it was pretty mediocre. The writing style and language was kinda weird too, it felt like the author tried to make it seem historicaley and also modern. It didn't work at times whatsoever. . but that ending tho, idk if to continue or not, I'll figure it out. For now I'll rate it 2 stars.

    The story itself is okay. I just don't think I really like any of the characters, which makes enjoying this very difficult. I mean, the circumstances ARE interesting, ish, but then I don't particularly care for/about the characters, and therefore what happens to them.Still, I think the story itself & the circumstances are enough to keep me intrigued into the next one.

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Thanks for the gift, Helle!! <3

    Anne Freya
    3.5 starsThis is a M/M version of Mahabharata, that's what my friend told me. I don't know what to say about the plot similarity as I've never read Mahabharata before, so I couldn't and won't compare them. I'll just tell you how I felt about this first book. Honestly, I have a mixed feeling about this one. I had a big and different expectation from this series. I really liked the premise of this book and was looking forward to reading it but was somewhat disappointed.It started good and interest [...]

    It's hard for me to decide what to rate this one. The world building in it is probably worth 5 stars; wonderfully rich descriptions of an India-like setting help to fully immerse you into this world with its lush jungle environment and caste system. The luxurious and extravagant lifestyle of the highest caste, the Triya is shown in great detail, and we are also exposed to the much meaner existences of the lower castes, down to the wretched Jegora. It's refreshing to read about this type of world [...]

    I was never able to get even remotely interested in these characters, and when I still didn't care at 65% and the plot took a turn into horrible-writing-land and just made me roll my eyes, I decided enough was enough.

    4.5 STARS

    2.5, rounded up to 3so the concept of the world is really cool, like i've never read a fantasy book thats based on india so that was really neat?? and the caste system, and the use of magic, and the sort of overarching idea to eliminate the social groups and the strict rules like that was all neatothe plot of the book fell pretty flat for me tho. one of the main focuses was the romance, and it was honestly???? a little boring??? both characters were relatively interesting on their own, tho they [...]

    Pros: brown people in a non-western based culture, decent writingCons: Jandu tbh (but he's a HUGE one), sex scenes I wanted to skip overI wanted to give this book a two because it upset me, but the writing and storytelling were pretty good for the most part so it goes one star up.Why did this book upset me. Well, I have a chronic issue with the main couples of books and this is kind of at the top of my list right now. I literally hated Jandu and I hated his romance with Keshan. Like, I loved Kes [...]

    I liked this book--didn't love it. The story was adequate, and I thought the insights into addiction were great. I found the world interesting, and I loved that it was Indian in flavor instead of always being Celtic or Scandinavian or some other Euro flavor. The food sounded great and the people were so beautiful. So that was cool.I was a little disappointed by the prose. It was a little awkward--not very awkward, but just a little awkward nearly all the time. Some turns of phrase just shot me o [...]

    Some stories revolve around a "big secret" between the MCs and the entire book is spent waiting for the other shoe to drop. Other stories have MCs who hate each other.Yet in either of these kinds of stories, there is hope. Something romance and happy ending to look forward to.In contrast, here, Tarek's storyline overshadows Jandu and Keshan's love story. Other reviewers talk about the juxtaposition between these two kinds of love (well, one is perhaps more obsession than love), but it doesn't ch [...]

    Astrid Amara was one of the first non-yaoi books I started to read. Now days I keep away from Japanese gay comics as I find them too fictional and stupid. I prefer novels on them.This book will spoil you. I find myself comparing many gay novels to how Astrid Amara writes. There has to be good plot. There has to be a moment of the romance to proceed and the characters to get to know each other.I would have given five stars if not for the wife. One of the characters was married, which was suddenly [...]

    Plunged in a society based on castes we are presented with a special moment in its history, when the Regent must chose which one of two half-brother Princes must rule. In the middle of the political schemes there are some very interesting characters that promise to have more of an impact than they appear to in the beginning: the youngest Prince (brother of the ones battling for power and also "the archer"), a powerful lord that is only half human and has the gift of seeing the future and my thir [...]

    Miche D
    I wanted to like this but I just couldn't get into it. While the world building was great, I felt the characters were not as deep as they could have been, and the writing felt simplistic.At times I felt like I was reading a fable, and if you like fables you will probably like this.

    To be honest, I was disappointed. I really liked the setting, and the characters. Keshan became my hero from the very start, and Jandu for all that he is stubborn was actually pretty endearing. I really liked Tarek too, if circumstances were different, he could have been a truly great man. Were he not in the influence of Darvad that is.For the first few pages of the book, I was swept away. Enchanted. But it went downhill from there. It got a little dry, more descriptive than anything else. I hop [...]

    This is interesting in that it is heavily based in Indian Hindu culture and religion. Unfortunately, it is also meandering, seemingly arbitrary at times, and not very gripping. This is just the first quarter of the overall novel (and, for once, the author at least had the honesty to label it as such, rather than giving each fragment a separate title and pretending each was a complete novel), and as such one might expect that there will be more action and plot movement in the following installmen [...]

    Fun story I just reread this story after a long break It's a fun story, and the world is very well developed. However, it struck me on the second reading that a lot of the romance is about falling in love with people you don't like very much. That's sort of a bummer. I think her newer books have developed more human insight. This one is a bit more shallow in comparison, but still shows her talent.

    Tina Koran
    1 word to describe this book if I only had 1 word: Intense! Especially the ending. The world of this novel was molded splendidly and crafted in such a way that made the characters whom inhabit this world so believable. The story had me constantly on edge and the suspense at certain parts kept me craving for more. I couldn't put this book down although I had to once in order to sleep. I look forward to reading the next installment!

    I liked the story and the unique setting a lot. The story had sort of a dreamy Indian fairytale feeling, which I thought was very refreshing. Unlike other reviewers, I didn't like the characters, especially Jandu. He seems terribly shallow and arrogant. I didn't understand what Keshan liked about him, except his looks. They have completely different opinions about everything Keshan cared about. Maybe he changes for the better in the next volumes.

    I'm not sure. I rather liked the setting, it's refreshing, but I was bored, and I didn't really like the main characters. In fact, I disliked MOST characters. And the shifts between terrible tragedies and cartoon sitcom jokes didn't work for me either, but I still welcomed them as relief from the boredom.Will give the next one a try and hope it develops some.

    The second time around reading these books did NOT disappoint. Ugh, Astrid Amara, can you stop writing such fantastic books? It makes me have high expectations for my next read, and nine times out of ten I'm let down!

    Kristy Maitz
    First book of "The Archer's Heart" is looking on a main character Jandu who finds out he loves a guy in a kingdom where that is forbidden and also where his family which was reach all the time has to learn to to live pure. Its a start and its not happy ending.

    Engrossing and beautifully written with amazing emotions and realistic characters. The setting is perfectly rendered, and the politics are intricately woven so that no one is really the bad guy. Can't talk more. Must go start part two!

    3.75 stars.

    MY REVIEW ABOUT THIS BOOK WILL BE ON THE BOOK 1-3.The Archer's Heart (The Archer's Heart #1-3)

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