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  • Title: No Game For a Dame
  • Author: M. Ruth Myers
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  • A.38, a nip of gin and sensational legs get Depression era private investigator Maggie Sullivan out of most scrapes until a stranger threatens to bust her nose, she s hauled in on suspicion of his murder and she finds herself in the cross hairs of a crime boss with connections at City Hall Moving through streets where people line up at soup kitchens, Maggie draws inforA.38, a nip of gin and sensational legs get Depression era private investigator Maggie Sullivan out of most scrapes until a stranger threatens to bust her nose, she s hauled in on suspicion of his murder and she finds herself in the cross hairs of a crime boss with connections at City Hall Moving through streets where people line up at soup kitchens, Maggie draws information from sources others overlook The waitress at the dime store lunch counter where she has breakfast a ragged newsboy the other career girls at her rooming house Her digging gets her chloroformed and left in a ditch behind the wheel of her DeSoto She makes her way to an upscale bordello and gets tea and information from the madam herself A gunman puts a bullet through Maggie s hat Her shutterbug pal on the evening paper warns her off A new cop whose presence unsettles her thinks she s crooked Before she finds all the answers she needs, she faces a half crazed man with a gun, and a far lethal point blank killer If you like Robert B Parker s hard boiled Spencer series and strong women sleuths, don t miss this one of a kind Ohio detective from a time in United States history when dames wore hats but seldom a Smith Wesson.
    M. Ruth Myers
    M Ruth Myers is a Shamus Award winning mystery writer Her Maggie Sullivan mystery series features a Depression era private eye in Dayton, Ohio.Other novels by the author, who has also written as Mary Ruth Myers, have been translated, optioned for television and condensed in Good Housekeeping They also have been used in college classes in Japan She has taught at writers conferences across the country including the Antioch, Cape Cod and Mark Twain conferences.Myers was born in Warrensburg, MO When she was nine the family moved to Wyoming where she graduated from Cheyenne Central High School After earning a Bachelor of Journalism degree at the University of Missouri J School she worked as a reporter and feature writer on daily papers in Michigan and Ohio.She and her husband are long time Ohio residents with one grown daughter.When not writing or reading, Myers plays Irish traditional music on an Anglo concertina She confesses to enthusiasm than skill.


    M. Locke
    I am a fan of Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe and the hard-boiled detective mysteries set in the 1930s and 1940s, which is why I gave Myer's historical mystery, No Game for a Dame, a try. And boy, am I glad I did.It was such fun to see how the classic themes of this genre played out with a female private eye, Maggie Sullivan, and i was impressed at how absolutely faithful to the historical time and place, late 1930's Dayton, Ohio, the book was. The historical detail was subtle, but spot on, an [...]

    I'm glad I gave this one a chance because now I'm hooked!As usual, I perused the one- and two-star reviews on before I read anything else. The arguments against – characters didn't sound like they were from Ohio, characters sounded like they were from the 1930s – piqued my interest, as characters that don't fit their settings is a peeve of mine. But that latter complaint struck me as a plus because, well, duh, the book is set in the '30s. I wasn't the only one to make that note, and the cou [...]

    Abandonned at 60% - I just can't get into this book. It's not badly written or anything and I rather like the noir style and the main character is sassy BUT I'm so bored and a bit confused by the story and just don't really want to spend any more time on it.

    I must say Maggie Sullivan is amazing! Think of her as a sassier, American version of Miss Marple. It's definitely not the best book I've read, but it gave me this warm and fuzzy feeling, so I'm giving it four stars.

    This book was offered for free by so I downloaded it. I had read a couple of reviews beforehand that made it sound like I might enjoy it. The author was unknown to me. It is unlikely I would have purchased this otherwise.Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book. This is one of those old-time detective stories . . . dark allies, hit men, and smoking. I got into the story. Maggie Sullivan is the rough female detective in this Depression-era novel. She's smart, witty, and full of sass. That is what kept m [...]

    In M Ruth Myers's No Game for a Dame, the first installment in the Maggie Sullivan historical mystery series, we're transferred back in time to hit the easy streets. In Post-Depression era in Ohio, Maggie Sullivan is a private eye and hoping to catch her first case. It all started when someone threatened her in her office and the police have an eye on her. When she worked on a case to help Lewis Throckmorton's nephew, Peter Stowe, who's in a bind, it was up to her to find out what's it all about [...]

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    Karen Perkins
    I listened to this on audio, and loved it. Both author and narrator worked together perfectly to transport me to prohibition-era America, and I loved the character of private eye, Maggie Sullivan.

    In some ways, I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. Oh, I liked it, sure, and I'm probably going to push right ahead and read another in the series. It's sort of femininely faux noir, I suppose. It's set in the late 1930s--there are a few references to pre-WW2 stunts that Hitler was pulling in Europe, and some post-prohibition references, both of which help give it that period ambiance. The protagonist, Maggie Sullivan, is a no-nonsense, modern, gutsy young woman of Irish descent. She [...]

    No Game for a Dame written by M. Ruth Myers is a hard boiled detective novel with a twist. Maggie Sullivan is the detective. Set in the 1930's when women didn't have such occupations, Maggie is often taken for granted. An old friend of her father asked if she was sure this was the kind of work she wanted to do, cause she would have made such a nice teacher. But our detective is all too aware of how men percieve her and uses that knowledge to her advantage. "Crooks and killers set so much store b [...]

    I have always loved Erle Stanley Gardner, Raymond Chandler and the genre of the 1920-30's era in America and the UK. I feel Ruth Myers wonderful character, Maggie Sullivan, is amongst these witty, ironic but smart private eyes and she's a dame! So there's a new twist. But she's nobody's fool and neither, I'm glad to say, is she some angst ridden feminist whom modern writers love to extol as if Men are suddenly the Enemy. They really irritate me. Maggie is attractive, likes to wear pretty clothes [...]

    Lee Holz
    No Game For A Dame is a throwback to the hardboiled PI detective stories of the 1930s. All the conventions of the genre are observed in a fast paced, well-plotted and carefully crafted story of good guys and gangsters, except one. As the title implies, the feisty PI is, well, a dame, a broad. Sam Spade and Stephen Marlowe must be spinning in their literary graves. Anyway, the book is a delightful read. However, there were a few things that jarred and puzzled me: author Myers used two British idi [...]

    Take Kinsey Milhone, put her in a time machine and send her back several decades, and you have Maggie Sullivan - a female PI trying to make her way in pre-WW2 Dayton, Ohio. I felt the book had just enough history and cultural references to make it believable and set the time and place, while focusing primarily on the characters and the plot. There was a hint of a romance to come, but the story did not get bogged down by the sexual escapades that seem to fill a lot of current mysteries. Maggie wa [...]

    Matthew Jones
    I got this off bookbub for free. The author has a novel take: a female detective set in noir fiction. I think she did a pretty nice job overall and with appealing characters. I could have used more character development, for example I liked Flora and would have liked to hear more about her. I though the mystery was pretty straight forward, about as complex as say a Robert B. Parker novel. I thought it’s was edited pretty well although I was sometimes confused about who was speaking. I thought [...]

    I REALLY wanted this book to be better then it was But I just couldn't get past the fact that the murder mystery plot in this novel was so incredibly thin. What starts as a simple case for Maggie becomes increasingly more and more complicated with the turning of each page. Instead of the complexity bringing enjoyment to the reader all it brings is frustration. So in the end this became a DNF for me, I won't be picking up the next in this series.

    Lisa Godina
    This is the second book I've read by this author and I am not disappointed. Set in the depression era a female gumshoe (private investigator) takes on a job to see about the going ons of the nephew of a stationary business owner. Maggie Sullivan finds herself in the middle of murder, robbery, and gangsters what do you expect from a daughter of a police officer. Great book with a strong and intelligent female would make a great tv movie. Ruth Myers I love how you weave a story

    Norma Huss
    This is an historical, tough-guy detective mystery set in the late 1930s with a woman as the tough guy dick. Best of several worlds. Maggie Sullivan does it all, shadows the bad guys, gets caught and escapes, figures it all out, survives near-fatal events, and comes up the winner (barely). Plenty of authentic historic details, which I especially like.

    Wyshona D. Lawson
    This was a really good mystery with several really strong, really smart women characters in a time when women were often overlooked for their brains.I will be reading more by this author and in this series.

    Doina Condrea

    Frank Watson
    I have written elsewhere about my love for the old pulp stories, whether westerns, science fiction, or mysteries. Contemporary writers working in that vein can be entertaining but seldom completely successful. It seems to be just be too darned difficult to capture the essence of a time not lived through. Sometimes, however, a new work can combine the flavor of the classics with a modern sensibility. That can be a delight GAME FOR A DAMN by M. Ruth Myers, the first in the Maggie Sullivan Mysterie [...]

    Great little book to read while sick over the Christmas holiday!I like the character of Maggie Sullivan. She's independent, intelligent, and can hold her own around men. While she can physically defend herself and financially support herself with no help from parents or relatives, she also knows she's a woman and is not afraid to show off her legs when necessary (to get help or information from a guy, I suppose). Her character has never traveled outside of Ohio (even Dayton perhaps; I can't reme [...]

    No Game For a Dame (Maggie Sullivan Mystery #1) — M. Ruth Myers (45 chapters) February 11-18, 2018This good is really good. It is set in the 1930’s, after the Great Depression, but either shortly before or at the beginning of WWI.Please keep in mind that some language used in this book is considered obscene by today’s standards, but it was normal usage during this time period.The strong female protagonist and her “won’t back down” attitude, coupled with a very tight and relentless pl [...]

    No Game for a Dame> is a fun read, full of deftly drawn, quirky characters. I usually don't like novels set in the depression era, because they are, well, depressing. But this, the first book in the Maggie Sullivan mystery series, does not fall into that trap at all. Maggie is the daughter of a cop, raised among cop families. She should have been a police officer. But in the 1930s, that wasn't an option for a girl. So, she became a private investigator.Part of the charm of this series is the [...]

    Rob Breen
    Great story. As a fan of film noir, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to read the rest of the series. If you're a fan of Raymond Chandler, Erle Stanley Gardner, and Alistar MacLean, you'll enjoy this book.My only issue with the book, and the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is a minor historical inaccuracy. It doesn't affect the story in any way, but the story references the city of Kettering. However the story takes place in 1939 and Kettering wasn't called Kettering until 19 [...]

    Ann Davis
    Mystery and historySet in Dayton, Ohio in the late 30s this story held my interest beginning to end. In addition to the mystery the date and place setting were interesting. I know the area and live close by so enjoyed the place references. The author placed many date references in the book such as mentions of carbon paper, pin curls and others. Allowing the reader to enjoy today,'s technology. I think I'll have to read the next book. I like Maggie Sullivan and I want to know her better.

    Amazing detective story!I really enjoyed the plot of this book. How everything just did not happen because Maggie was that good. But because how she was able to work with other people to help her out. But ultimately it was her brains that won in the end. Was a really great book. K highly recommend it. I don't often read detective stories but I think I will more if they are like this one

    Peggy Dotson
    Tough lady detective Private eye, Maggie Sullivan, is tougher than most ladies in the 1930s, when this mystery was set. She carries a 38 revolver, has a secret compartment sewn into her coat, and recovers from a couple of head blows, a serious car wreck, and kidnapping, yet stays on the trail of a murdering theft ring. I think everyone would like this author's fresh style, but old movie buffs would especially enjoy it. This book is well written and deserves five stars.

    I enjoyed this mystery, set during the Depression in Ohio. Maggie Sullivan is a private investigator. The only daughter of a deceased cop she went into the business she felt best qualified for. She's not very tall but she knows how to handle herself and a gun. This is a basic noir novel with a good twist of being told from the view of a detective dame. It's a well-constructed mystery with believable characters. And I enjoyed it enough to immediately go get the sequel.

    I am such a sucker for a fun Noir romp. M. Ruth Meyers character, Maggie Smith P.I. is good, clean and a little gritty fun detective procedural. There are only cursory attempts to build much depth to the characters but that's OK with me as their actions in the story let me fill in my own back stories or future novels have fertile ground to plow. BTW these reads are economically priced to boot. I will keep reading the series.

    Shannon Hackett
    I enjoyed the book, but I did not like the description of black characters. While I understand she is writing in first person perspective from a certain time period when words like "colored" and "negro" were common, this was written in 2011. These words were not used in conversation, but just as descriptions of characters. Unnecessary and racist.

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