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  • Title: Rascals Sing at The Opera House (Star-Crossed Rascals #2).
  • Author: Patricia Puddle
  • ISBN: 9781466180
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook

  • Polly and Gertie can t wait to go to the singing festival to compete with other schools After all, they re going to the Opera House And that means they ll be famous When Miss Badger bans Polly from the choir for singing out of tune, Gertie refuses to go to the festival without her best friend The headmistress, Mrs Godbolt, can t have that because Gertie is the best sinPolly and Gertie can t wait to go to the singing festival to compete with other schools After all, they re going to the Opera House And that means they ll be famous When Miss Badger bans Polly from the choir for singing out of tune, Gertie refuses to go to the festival without her best friend The headmistress, Mrs Godbolt, can t have that because Gertie is the best singer in the whole school Polly comes up with a brilliant idea She says she s a great actress and could easily mime instead of singing But Miss Badger is horrified She tells the headmistress that Polly is a walking disaster After all, she hung her wet underpants on the windowsill to dry and stunk out the classroom And if they let her go to the Opera House, she d only wee wee on the stage and embarrass the whole school.Well, no way is Polly letting that meanie teacher stop her from going to the festival How else can she become famous And she s not leaving Mange behind either After all, Great Aunt Mabel is back and she doesn t like dogs She d only stick him in the shed with the chook poo and feed him fish heads for dinner.
    Patricia Puddle
    I was born in England and moved to Australia at the age of twelve I had always dreamed of writing children s stories, but due to childhood illnesses I missed an important part of my early schooling, and for some reason I slipped through the cracks I didn t do very well at school and spent many hours outside the principal s office for disrupting the class I left school at the age of fourteen to help look after my mother, who was ill at the time As soon as I turned fifteen, I started working for a typewriter manufacturer in the city My boss was a very kind and understanding man and he sent a typewriter to my home so that I could learn to type I began writing about my childhood, but I had no idea where commas went, or even how to spell, so my stories were filed away.I married at the age of seventeen, had a family, and then worked full time, but when I turned fifty, I helped my husband to build a brick house in the country Once we d finished, my husband bought me my first home computer As I no longer had to work full time, I enrolled in an online IT course at TAFE It took me over a year and I surprised myself with high marks I then joined online writing and critique groups and learned as much as I could about writing for children I spent every spare hour writing, reading and critiquing I read and studied hundreds of children s books and kept editing my stories until I felt confident to submit them My first story was my childhood memories turned into a fictitious children s adventure, which I called Star Crossed Rascals I also volunteered for a wildlife rescue in Australia, and sometimes I add what I ve learned about animals to my children s books I also write New Adult Fantasy Romance and also Contemporary Romance.So far, I have nine published books Fallen Angel Prequel to Nathaniel Teen Angel Ominous SeriesNathaneiel teen Angel Book 1 Ominous Series Ominous Love Book 2 Ominous Series Velvet Ball and The broken FairyMolly Gumnut Rescues a BandicootStar Crossed RascalsRascals Sing at The Opera House.Double Trouble Adventurers of Polly Gerty More stories in my Ominous Series out soon.

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    Polly and Gertie are at school. As it often happens in their case they get into trouble with their horrible teacher Miss Badger who doesn’t appreciate girls’ originality and certain talent for troubles. Polly and Gertie’s class is getting ready for the singing festival which will take place in the Opera House the following week. Polly doesn’t have a brilliant singing voice (nobody needs to be perfect, right?) and Gertie teases her about that a lot. Gertie sings beautifully, or at least t [...]

    Polly & Gertie are backd so is Great Auntie Mabel.Uh-Oh.This time they are headed to The Opera House. Will 'the Rascals' survive their moment of fame?Better yet, will the Opera House survive 'the Rascals?Patricia Puddle has done it again! This very talented children's author, has written another winner with "Rascals Sing at The Opera House", the second book in the "Star-Crossed Rascals" series. (You do not have to read the first book to enjoy this one, but I'd highly recommend that you do be [...]

    Jayde Scott
    Polly loves singing in the choir. Too bad she's not the best singer. In fact, she's so bad she constantly keeps singing out of tune, which is why her mean teacher has decided to kick her out of the choir before Polly gets to sing at the Opera House. Fortunately for Polly, her best friend, Gertie, is the best singer in school, and Gertie has decided she won't sing either if Polly's not allowed to come along. Now that's what friends are for. And so Polly get sot sing in the choir after allbut only [...]

    Oh my gosh, this author does it again! This is my favorite children's author. My kids and I couldn't stop laughing at all of Polly and Gertie's antics. We get to see mean old auntie again. LOL. And let me tell you, she's mean indeed! Back with her horrible dishes that you couldn't pay me to eat in a million years. (tripe) The gals go the opera house and bring a special guest of the furry kind. They even make the Saturday News. You'll just love this adventure so much! The girls bring the usual hu [...]

    John Wheatley
    I remember when my kids were young - they laughed, uproariously at the things they weren`t supposed to laugh at, the things that you wouldn`t want to hear them laughing at in public, the things that touched the funny bones and made them shake. This is what Patricia Puddle captures in Rascals Sing at The Opera. This is not the world of polite, well spoken and well behaved children - this is the world of The Rascals, and if you let your kids loose on it, be prepared to take part in a laughter fest [...]

    H.H. Laura
    I loved this story! Patricia Puddle has definitely written for her audience with this tale filled with antics from two bestest friends. The characters are well-portrayed and extremely lovable. Pollyweena's Aunt and teacher are the typical anathema to the girls' otherwise joyful lives. A great read and a fun book. No doubt it will hold the attention of even the most defiant of first readers. Kudos to you, Patricia, for taking me back into the misunderstood days of my youth!

    J.R. Barker
    Another fantastic story from Patricia Puddle!Poor Pollyweena, all she wants to do is sing at the opera house and become famous, how hard can that be?It can be extremely hard when your teacher is out to get you and you and your best friend have a knack for mischief. Not only that but her mean aunt seems determined to feed her tripe.Follow this fabulous tale of two rascals who will have you giggling with them and rooting for them the whole way through.

    Patricia Puddle
    This book is the paperback version of the second in my Rascals series and I wrote it with the aim for reluctant readers. The Rascals series is also enjoyed by pensioners as well as children because of the slap-stick humour and the length of the book.The ebook version is Free on Kindle, Smashwords, and other online eBook Stores.

    This is such a sweet and funny read! Polly and Gertie made me laugh and made me remember what it felt like being a kid. I would recommend this book to everyone. Parents your kids would love these two little rascals.

    Brought for grandchild on her kindle.

    Patricia Puddle
    This book is the sequel to Star-Crossed Rascals and is the second book in the series: Adventures of Rascals, Polly & Gerty) When I wrote this book, I was hoping to entertain children and adults and also to encourage reluctant readers and children that struggle at school with their learning, just like I did as a child.

    • ✓ Rascals Sing at The Opera House (Star-Crossed Rascals #2). || ↠ PDF Download by ☆ Patricia Puddle
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