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  • Title: Big Max
  • Author: Kin Platt Robert Lopshire
  • ISBN: 9780064440066
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback

  • The world s greatest detective follows the clues that lead to the King of Pooka Pooka s missing prize elephant The character of Big Max, a kind of miniature Sherlock Holmes, is well drawn in both words and pictures SLJ.
    Kin Platt Robert Lopshire
    Kin Platt 1911 2003 was the author of the perennially popular I Can Read Book Big Max, as well as several outstanding young adult novels and the Max Roper mystery series for adults Mr Platt was also a noted cartoonist For information, please see enpedia wiki Kin_Platt


    Nicola Mansfield
    Reason for Reading: My son read the book to me as his reader.Comments: The King of Pooka Pooka calls in Big Max to find his missing elephant, Jumbo, who was kept in a locked courtyard with no possible way out. Big Max, who travels by umbrella, takes the case and follows the clues to solve the mystery and find the beloved Jumbo, as today is his birthday. Big Max is an adorable character! Very helpful and clever in following the trail of clues, not letting a false clue steer him wrong for long. My [...]

    Muse Here
    I didn't remember this book until I started reading it to my daughters. And the memories were slow to come back, but I enjoyed it just as much this time around as I did when I was younger. My girls (9 & almost 11) also enjoyed it. Of course when I read it, Big Max sounds more like a chinese karate instructor than a detective. lol.Charming little story about a missing elephant and the detective who travels 'by umbrella' that finds him. There are clues along the way, so that you can figure it [...]

    This was probably the first mystery book I ever read. When I was in elementary school, I dressed up as Big Max for a literature parade.

    My favorite children's book of all time!!Where has Jumbo gone??Just thinking of it makes me want pink cake. And some rubies.

    I read this book over and over as a child, and for nostalgia I tracked down a copy of the old hardback and gave it to my toddler. It's still a delightful story, though longer than I remember; good for a beginning reader. My little one needed two story times to get the whole story, as he got too fidgety to finish the book in one go. Will be a great book as he grows up and transitions to reading it for himself.

    Byron Varvel
    This book is full of adventure and a great beginner reader for children up to 2nd grade. I grew up reading this book. The King of Pooka Pooka and Big Max are in my heart forever. I always asked to have this book read and it was the first English children's book I translated into French so that the French world could enjoy Kin Platt's comical little detective soar in his umbrella.However, from a bibliographic perspective the book had challenging words and key phonetics as well as great onomatopoe [...]

    On a recent trip to our local library, we picked up this book, along with the next book in the series, Big Max and the Mystery of the Missing Giraffe, both by Kin Platt. While the books are a bit young for our girls, we thought the covers looked interesting and we are always looking for fun mysteries. This is a silly mystery for young readers. It strongly reminded me of a Nate the Great story, but it was even more bizarre and unrealistic. Still, it was an entertaining tale and our girls loved th [...]

    Max is a detective who travels by umbrella, ala Mary Poppins, and solves a mystery of a missing elephant. This is intended for a beginning reader to read independently, which is probably why it fell flat as a bedtime story. I felt there were opportunities for comedy that were missed. Not to mention it's pretty long for a bedtime story, at least if you read the whole thing in one sitting. Neither the text nor illustrations particularly grabbed my attention. My four-year-old sat through this and h [...]

    Ayano Noguchi
    Harper Collins Publishers KIN PLATTTime: 10/19=18min7-word-summary: detective-umbrella-elephant-birds-clue-ice-birthday-Discussion question-Q1: Have you ever flied with your umbrella?A1: Maybe yes. Though it was a dream perhaps, when I was a child, I liked typhoon, and I played with an umbrella in the typhoon. Then I was flied for two or three seconds. I remember I was very very happy.Q2: Have you ever read a riddle like the detective?A2: Yes, I have. When I was a high school students, one my fr [...]

    Rena Sherwood
    This was one of (if not the) first mystery story I ever read. So I guess that it was inevitable that someday I'd write a mystery. (Blatant plug here):For the rest of my life, I'd be disappointed that I never came across Big Max's umbrella.And for the rest of my life I will be thankful for Mom for keeping my childhood copy!!!!

    Suzanne Kunz Williams
    I loved reading this book when I was little, and it is so good to have my children read it to me. I love the cycles our reading takes us on and the memories good books help to bring back.My son best loved that Max travels by umbrella like Mary Poppins does. It was fun trying to figure out the mystery of the missing elephant.I love how children learn what crocodile tears are and that just because a person is sad doesn't mean that they understand the wrong they have done and are truly sorry.I also [...]

    My grandparents have this book, and all the while I was growing up it was my favorite- I still love it! (so does my son!) Whenever I went over to their house I would get grandpa to read it to me- I bet he had it memorized- we lived next door! I can't believe I JUST found out there's another story- I need to get it too!

    Edward Creter
    Forget everything about Sherlocks past and present. And yes, Robert Downey, Jr I'm especially talkin to you! Big Max is the world's greatest detective--with no karate chops or spin kicks either. A beloved elephant is missing and it's up to Max to fly by umbrella and crack the case. Beginning mystery lovers will enjoy this one to the full.

    Patty Marvel
    I remember being five-years-old and reading this with my mom, insisting I say the title character's name in the deepest voice I could whenever "Big Max" appeared on the page. This book is also a "whodunnit" in that you have to figure out how an elephant got out of the zoo and where it went! Even the grown ups might need to puzzle it out! Five stars for a fun read filled with nostalgia.

    Bill DeGenaro
    First time I read this since Jimmy Carter was in office--thank you Berkley Library book sale. Brilliant illustrations, especially the slices of pink cake that Big Max and the King enjoy after (spoiler alert) solving the mystery. Easily one of the best kid books ever.

    Elizabeth S
    I'm glad we stumbled across Big Max, the world's greatest detective. He's fun and a little silly and well worth it.

    Another favorite childhood easy reader that's held up pretty well when I read it with my kids.

    This was a favorite when I was growing up and now it's one of my children's favorites.

    this fits my need for silly retro perfectly!


    Amanda_DJ n' Zac
    My 5 yr old did real well reading this. He loves the books that look like chapter books, but don't as long. :) He is a short read fan for sure!

    Starts strong and funny, has elephants, adventure, and a mystery. I was drawn to it (pun intended) by the illustrator, Robert Lopshire.

    Loved this book when I was growing up. Now I have the pleasure of reading it to my kids!

    One of my favorites from my childhood. I'm so glad my son loves it as much as I do :)

    One of my favorites as a child; now my son loves it, too

    Anna Wallman
    Bra lättläst bok för barn, med ett mysterium att lösa.

    This was a perfect early reader for my son, who is a big fan of Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau. Super cute story that made him laugh. And, "The King of Pooka Pooka" is just fun to say.

    Elephants and giant blocks of ice - what a sweet combination.

    3.0 - A fun little early-reader detective book.

    Kristen-Marie Freeman
    This was one of my favorite books as a child and it has borne the test of time. What a great first mystery book for the little ones.

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