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  • Title: Cartoon Guide to Genetics
  • Author: Larry Gonick Mark Wheelis
  • ISBN: 9780062730992
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback

  • Have you ever asked yourself Are spliced genes the same as mended Levis Watson and Crick Aren t they a team of British detectives Plant sex Can they do that Is Genetic Mutation the name of one of those heavy metal bands Asparagine Which of the four food groups is that in Then you need The Cartoon Guide to Genetics to explain the important concepts of classical and moderHave you ever asked yourself Are spliced genes the same as mended Levis Watson and Crick Aren t they a team of British detectives Plant sex Can they do that Is Genetic Mutation the name of one of those heavy metal bands Asparagine Which of the four food groups is that in Then you need The Cartoon Guide to Genetics to explain the important concepts of classical and modern genetics it s not only educational, it s funny too
    Larry Gonick Mark Wheelis
    Larry Gonick born 1946 is a cartoonist best known for The Cartoon History of the Universe, a history of the world in comic book form, which he has been publishing in installments since 1977 He has also written The Cartoon History of the United States, and he has adapted the format for a series of co written guidebooks on other subjects, beginning with The Cartoon Guide to Genetics in 1983 The diversity of his interests, and the success with which his books have met, have together earned Gonick the distinction of being the most well known and respected of cartoonists who have applied their craft to unravelling the mysteries of science Drug Discovery Today, March 2005.


    Nigel McFarlane
    Hairy tomatoes, a human strawberry and some very cute enzymes. A hilarious yet comprehensive introduction to genetics. Essential entertainment for anyone interested in biology.

    I've always wanted to have a grasp of genetics but was frankly afraid to poke my nose in the intimidating books on the subject. The cartoon approach was inviting and amazingly packed with a great deal of information. I'm certainly not ready to start splicing genes at this point, but the fact that I now know basically what that entails gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I would definitely recommend this book as an introduction to the subject.

    this was a bit better than the the cartoon guide to chemistry. maybe i know more about it so that it makes it so, but it was definitely less formula driven. a good review for me in some areas, enough knowledge of key experiments and people and concepts to take a test to certify in Biology. I hope.

    Vera Maharani
    This is awesome.Ever think biology sucks? And geneticswhat the hell is that?I find this book funny and helps me a lot to learn genetics. Yes, the 'simpler' one like Mendellian genetics to the 'more complicated' one like molecular genetics! I first read it back in junior high and I could understand it well, even back then. Every so-called 'hard' subjects should be cartooned!

    Extra Simplified Introduction to Genetics For Specialists and non-specialists, I recommend It For Every one :).

    Pietro Poggi-Corradini
    Learned a lot, but I'm afraid it won't stick. I will likely have to return to it again in the future.

    Mythreyi Ramesh
    One of the best introductions (and overviews) one can get of Genetics. Since from when I was in school, I liked Genetics (maybe because it was the only Maths part in the Biology we studied).It started with the basics which most, including me, are familiar with. But it then ventured into a new territory that I had never explored before, namely, "What is it that a gene does and how does it do it?".The illustrations are going to stick to my head and I loved the whole machinery (if I can use such a [...]

    Anthony Faber
    A good overview of the history and some of the workings of genetics. A good introduction to the subject.

    We’ve been using this book along with the kids’ science for years. It’s a super fun way to explore biology and genetics, but I’m finding that the format doesn’t work for everybody.

    Yates Buckley
    Actually a handy reference even for those that have studied Genetics previously. The one down-side of the text is that it's uneven in covering theory with text, vs. diagrams and metaphorical situations. Still, the book should be on every shelf as it gives you back much more you put in. And note that not all these illustrated books, even others by Gonik, have the same effectiveness.

    Ali Gharib
    تعلم الوراثة بالرسوم من اروع الكتب التي قرأتها حتى الآن سواء بسبب محتواه العلمي الغزير او محتواه الرسومي الممتع والمسلي المساعد على تبسيط الفكرة وايصالها بطرح مختلفة عن المألوف عن طريق تحويل الفكرة العلمية الى نكته نثير الضحك تبقى راسخة في الذهن للأبد الكتاب يتحدث عن علم ا [...]

    Bill Mutch
    ISBN 0-06-273099-1 trade paperback 1983. Despite the title this is not an easy read. I have a partner who throws out terms like "hex-polyploidy" like ball fans sling batting averages. I read this so I might have a clue what she's talking about.The illustrated narrative can be very funny but also gets technical enough to leave a lay person a little foggy brained. The history goes forward from cave peoples ideas of sex to finely researched details of what happens along RNA and DNA strings as they [...]

    Tomi Pakei
    Lagi: bukan untuk awamPercakapan antara dua bunga ibu dan anak:"Gadisku, mari ibu ceritakan tentang burung-burung dan manusia""Saya sudah tahu itu sejak di selokan, Bu."Ini mungkin ada faktor penterjemahan, tetapi humor Gonick memang payah. Maksudnya jelas agar membacanya lebih santai, tapi buku ini kadang seperti terlalu ngotot untuk melawak (joke tentang pengantar susu ysng di tahun 80-an saja rasanya sudah mulai usang, entah berapa kali nongol di sini).Isinya relatif komplet (bahkan hingga bi [...]

    Rare is the book by Larry Gonick that does not deserve the highest of praise. He can take the most convoluted of subjects, and through the power of his simple, yet emotive sketches, explain technical subjects with more clarity than the best university professor.The Cartoon Guide to Genetics is very much out of date, these days, but it is still an excellent primer on the state of knowledge about genetics up to and including the 1980's. Gonick explores the early ideas of dominant and recessive gen [...]

    Andrew Lenards
    So the project I work on is related, currently, to phylogeny (or how things are related). These relationships are built with molecular data, genes. Gonick & Wheelis create a beautiful guided conversation on the topic of genetics. They bring you from the most early understanding of the world to the current meddling of genetic engineering and transgenic manipulation. This book has given me the proper foundation needed to grok what is available on and other sources. Hokey, campy, or goofy - th [...]

    Ginan Aulia Rahman
    Buku ini kocak! Menceritakan sejarah perkembangan ilmu genetika. Orang dulu belum bisa membedakan benda hidup dan benda mati, bahkan mereka mengira batu bisa bereproduksi! hahaha. Batu yang besar jika dibenturkan ke batu yang lain maka akan membuat pecahan batu-batu kecil, nah batu itu jadi bertambah banyak, mereka kira itu adalah reproduksi! kocak banget kan?Lalu pengetahuan manusia berkembang soal genetika hingga sampai pada teori kacang polong Mendel dan ditemukannya DNA.Seru. seru Saya cinta [...]

    The author does a great job of clarifying some complex concepts, both through textual explanations and illustrations. Even though I had no problems with the course material, I still found this book useful as a fun, relaxing way of consolidating some of what was learned in class (beats going through the course pack!) For those who find their human biology or intro-level genetics courses challenging, this book is a painless primer that will make it easier to follow the course material.

    A classic. No need to read The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science. Just read the whole Gonick series. (See also The Cartoon Guide to Physics, etc.)

    Gracia Aiia
    I got this book as a bday gift from my beloved friend in my senior year. She knew how I loved genetics. Needless to say that I fell in love at the first read :)this book is the collaboration of Larry Gonick and Mark Wheelis. It is very well-illustrated. You'll grasp the basics of Genetics in no time. This book never bores me.

    No better than Mark Schultz's The Stuff of Life. Reads like a textbook, but completely illustrated (and, the illustrations are obviously cartoons so they're slightly more attention-holding than those of a textbook).

    An excellent intro to the field and it manages to get pretty deep for a beginners guide, while keeping the reader engaged. Some of the material is a little dated at this point - would be neat to see an updated version that talks about genomics and bioinformatics.

    Ever find a book that explains something so simply that you can't help but understand? This book was that for me. I put the book down understanding phenotypes and genotypes in a way I never had before. Besides that, the graphics are A LOT of fun.

    a witty and easily understood look at genetics. however, since it's older than i am (copyright 1983), if i ever use it to teach, i'm going to have to update it a little -- maybe post-it notes with my own little drawings?

    Derek Bridge
    I bought this on the back of enjoying The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry and a strong recommendation from someone highly knowledgeable in genetics. It did not disappoint. Its explanations are remarkably clear, especially considering how deep they go.

    This was a great/funny intro to the history of genetics. Wish there was an updated version

    Great book that tells the topic inrelatively simple and accessible terms.

    Kirstin DeGeer
    If you've been through Bio 101 and actually understood the the section on genetics, then this book is a review. Otherwise, it's a cute introduction to a difficult subject.

    Johan C
    Great introduction to the basic components and principles of genetics. I've been looking for a book like this for quite a while.

    Gw baca ini buku udah dua kali tapi baru ngerti dikit kayaknya perlu diulang2 baru fully understood.

    Buku ini menjelaskan seluk-beluk genetika, mulai dari pewarisan sifat Mendel sampai biologi molekuler.

    • ¼ Cartoon Guide to Genetics || ↠ PDF Read by ↠ Larry Gonick Mark Wheelis
      233 Larry Gonick Mark Wheelis
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