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  • Title: The Ordering of Love: The New and Collected Poems of Madeleine L'Engle
  • Author: Madeleine L'Engle Walter Wangerin Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780877880868
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Praise for The Ordering of LoveBy Madeleine L Engle In a brilliant marriage of myth and manner, histories sacred and profane, prayers of petition and of praise, these poems both articulate and illumine the trouble in the gap in which we live the gap between human affections and Divine Love L Engle is unfailing in her willingness to see through not around human suffering,Praise for The Ordering of LoveBy Madeleine L Engle In a brilliant marriage of myth and manner, histories sacred and profane, prayers of petition and of praise, these poems both articulate and illumine the trouble in the gap in which we live the gap between human affections and Divine Love L Engle is unfailing in her willingness to see through not around human suffering, and in so doing announces no final severing of spirit and flesh but an enduring vision of resurrection in that crux, in the cross, in the One in Whom all things meet, continuing Scott Cairns, author of Slow Pilgrim and Philokalia New and Selected Poems I love L Engle s poetry for the way it incarnates not only the great Truths of the faith, but all the little truths of our ordinary existence our working and playing and loving and fighting and dreaming and idling and all the rest of it and for the way it shows us that those big and little truths should not, cannot, be separated Carolyn Arends, recording artist and author Why is L Engle one of the defining poets of our time Because when life hurts, she does not shrink from the wounds She clarifies the murk with hope as we feel the lift of grace Calvin Miller, Beeson Divinity SchoolBirmingham, Alabama We are, all of us, the richer for this carefully crafted and prayerfully rendered collection Phyllis Tickle, Author, The Divine Hours Poetry, at least the kind I write, is written out of immediate need it is written out of pain, joy, and experience too great to be borne until it is ordered into words And then it is written to be shared Madeleine L EngleMadeleine L Engle s writing has always translated the invisible and intricate qualities of love into the patterns and rhythms of visible life Now, with compelling language and open hearted vulnerability, The Ordering of Love brings together the exhaustive collection of L Engle s poetry for the first time.This volume collects nearly 200 of L Engle s original poems, including eighteen that have never before been published Reflecting on themes of love, loss, faith, and beauty, The Ordering of Love gives vivid and compelling insight into the language of the heart.
    Madeleine L'Engle Walter Wangerin Jr.
    Madeleine L Engle was an American writer best known for her Young Adult fiction, particularly the Newbery Medal winning A Wrinkle in Time and its sequels A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, and Many Waters Her works reflect her strong interest in modern science tesseracts, for example, are featured prominently in A Wrinkle in Time, mitochondrial DNA in A Wind in the Door, organ regeneration in The Arm of the Starfish, and so forth Madeleine was born on November 29th, 1918, and spent her formative years in New York City Instead of her school work, she found that she would much rather be writing stories, poems and journals for herself, which was reflected in her grades not the best However, she was not discouraged.At age 12, she moved to the French Alps with her parents and went to an English boarding school where, thankfully, her passion for writing continued to grow She flourished during her high school years back in the United States at Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina, vacationing with her mother in a rambling old beach cottage on a beautiful stretch of Florida Beach.She went to Smith College and studied English with some wonderful teachers as she read the classics and continued her own creative writing She graduated with honors and moved into a Greenwich Village apartment in New York She worked in the theater, where Equity union pay and a flexible schedule afforded her the time to write She published her first two novels during these years A Small Rain and Ilsa before meeting Hugh Franklin, her future husband, when she was an understudy in Anton Chekov s The Cherry Orchard They married during The Joyous Season.She had a baby girl and kept on writing, eventually moving to Connecticut to raise the family away from the city in a small dairy farm village with cows than people They bought a dead general store, and brought it to life for 9 years They moved back to the city with three children, and Hugh revitalized his professional acting career The family has kept the country house, Crosswicks, and continues to spend summers there.As the years passed and the children grew, Madeleine continued to write and Hugh to act, and they to enjoy each other and life Madeleine began her association with the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine, where she has been the librarian and maintained an office for than thirty years After Hugh s death in 1986, it was her writing and lecturing that kept her going She has now lived through the 20th century and into the 21st and has written over 60 books and keeps writing She enjoys being with her friends, her children, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren uscmillan author madeleCopyright 2007 Crosswicks, Ltd Madeleine L Engle, President


    Logophile (Heather)
    This book has a poem called The Pharoah's Cross which starts like this;It would be easier to be an atheist; it is the simple way out.But each time I turn toward that wide and welcoming doorit slams in my face, and I- like my forbears- Adam, Eve--am left outside the garden of reason and limited, chill scienceand the arguments of intellect.Who is this wild cherubim who whirls the flaming sword'twixt the door to the house of atheism and me?Sometime in the groping dark of my not knowingI am exhauste [...]

    I read Madeleine L'Engle once in junior high and thought she was ok. I am not a big fan of poetry.But I kept reading blogs that referred to her writing, so I thought the least I could do was try something short and sweet. And she changed my life. Madeleine's style is deep and theological, yet short and sweet. Most of the items in this book were sonnets, which are contained to a formulaic length. She packs a punch in few words, and leaves you pondering sentence fragments for hours to come. And mo [...]

    I love poetry and there are many poems within this collection which I adore, but there are also so many which were so religious or Biblical that I almost felt like the book should be labeled as religious material.

    These poems are so well written and touch on raw emotion. While spiritual in nature, they go beyond just some poetic rendering of bible stories. They are honest and lovely.

    10 stars! More than excellent!

    Such a lovely collection. Joins Wendell Barry on my nightstand collection of poems to inspire dreams and engage my meditative energy.

    Angela Oneal
    This was not quite what I expected, although the poems are solid and well-written. Worth a selective read, though.

    L'Engle's poems open my eyes to the personality behind the people of the Bible; through her pen, they transform from 2D characters into real-life, flesh and blood men and women. She crafts such beautiful, lyrical prayers to God.

    It's actually been a long time since I've read a book of poetry, which I find ironic, since I used to write a lot of it and therefore was drawn to reading it.I don't really know what I was expecting when I opened this book. But I suppose I thought more of the poems would be personal. What I mean by that is only that the majority of the poem collections out there seem to have a lot of 1st person narrative feel to them. More often than not, I don't really like the "blander" dry stuff that's talkin [...]

    Donna Merritt
    I loved L'Engle's fiction as a child and when I recently discovered that she had also written poetry, I jumped at the chance to read this complete volume of her work. The first section, Lines Scribbled on an Envelope, started out promising. Her wit and way of looking at things differently were evident in poems such as "The Mermaid" and "The Dragon." Maybe it's because she was having fun incorporating fantasy and play into those that made me like them so much. Most of the book contained religious [...]

    This book of poetry is like L'Engle's fiction: filled with life, love, doubt, fear, grace, mercy, forgiveness, natural questioning, and answers. I enjoyed most of the poems but especially those from the previously published A Cry Like a Bell. This book is a collection of L'Engle's poetry from her other books, and it was edited by her friend and fellow writer. It shows L'Engle's passion and her friend's shared passions for life, love, writing, and L'Engle's gift itself. The collection is put toge [...]

    Miss Clark
    3.5 starsIncludes A Cry Like a Bell(1987), The Weather of the Heart (1978), and Lines Scribbled On An Envelope (1969), as well as selections of her previously uncollected poetry. The most complete collection and any fan of her poetry will be glad to have it.My favorites wereFrom Lines Scribbled: Shout Joy!; Medusa (fantastic piece); The Winter is Cold, Is Cold.From Weather: after Annunciation; Like Every Newborn + The Risk of Birth from Christmas 1975.From A Cry: Isaac, Pharoh's Cross; O Sapient [...]

    I was introduced to Madeleine L'Engle throughMany Waters , by a church member who wanted to show me that the Bible should be celebrated as a story. Through the twins Sandy and Dennys, I was transported back in time to the days of Noah and the seraphim and nephilim. Possibility exploded for me through that read: I was given permission to play, to contemplate Bible characters just as I loved to do with my usual literary favorites.This read was as satisfying for the same reason. L'Engle reimagines [...]

    By Madeleine L'Engle,"Medusa (Because she had angered the gods, Medusa was the only one of the Gorgons who was not immortal.) I, of all the Gorgons, I alone must die.Since death must come to me I carry deathAt all times in my face, my bitter eye,If every breath I draw is mortal breathLeading irrevocably to my endI'll give stone death to all who see my face,My span of life resentfully will spendDenying life: revenge for my disgrace.I, who should be immortal, have been shamed,But cloak my shame in [...]

    To a Long-Loved Love(v)Words must be said, and silences be kept,Yet, that word better left unheard, unspoken,Like that unsaid, can wound. O Love, I’ve weptFrom words, have thought my heart was brokenFrom the looked-for word unuttered. WhereSilence should speak loud, we speak instead.Where words of love would heal we do not dareTo voice them: From sound and silence both have fled.Yet love grows through those quiet deepening hoursWhen silence fills the empty boundless spacesTwixt flesh and flesh [...]

    The beauty of this book lies in the heretofore unpublished poems in the back. Otherwise this a collection of all her earlier poetry books, plus the poems from Irrational Season, all pulled together. It is a rich and varied feast and highly recommended for L'Engle fans, especially those who enjoy her Crosswicks books.I miss this writer! Her death last year touched me more than any other author. Diving back into her poems was a great treat.

    Beth Martin
    I found the last two collections of poems to be the most enjoyable for me. My faves were the ones that were written from the perspective of various Biblical persons, specifically Mary. Her descriptions of birthing and comparing birth to death was quite interesting to me.

    Madeleine L'Engle has the courage and faith to wrestle with God on the tough questions. I admire her honesty in her emotions and thoughts. This collection gives you a glimpse into the soul of a great saint and will make you think.

    Sarah Elizabeth
    I think I'll leave this book on my bedside table for the rest of my life. L'Engle's poetry is so utterly personal, nonchalant. She wrote these for herself, to express the moments of her life. Such openness and thoughtfulness is so inspiring.

    I love Madeleine L'Engle's poetry in this book. It's an eclectic group of poems about topics ranging from the mundane to the miraculous--from her own family life to stories from the Bible. All is told in a fresh way. I'm sad she passed away earlier this month!

    These poems are beautiful, spiritual, and sincerely religious without being preachy or, even worse, self-consciously unorthodox. This little volume is a treasure.

    David Weller
    Her writing skills are inspiring to this author. However, most of her poems in this book aren't very affecting, nor are they memorable.

    Melissa Yosua-Davis
    Madeleine L'Engle is one of my favorite authors. Her books are beautifully written, as are her poems.

    Joy Matteson
    Incredibly lovely poetry, even for those who don't read it often. Her poetry makes you want to eat her words with a spoon, slowly savoring.I think I need to buy.

    Jess Lilja
    while her adult fiction and poetry is not as moving as her young adult fiction, i love this poetry collection.

    Meredith Ellen
    Madeleine's poetry makes me weep with joy! I cannot help but be lead into worship as I read her words about salvation and God's reckless love!

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