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  • Title: Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come / Preparate, kindergarten! Alla voy!
  • Author: Nancy Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780670036738
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Nancy Carlson s reassuring picture book about getting ready for kindergarten is now available in a Spanish English edition and to a whole new audience of young children The simple, comforting text and big, bright illustrations will ease first day of school jitters and help make the early days of kindergarten exciting and fun.
    Nancy Carlson
    Nancy Carlson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come / Preparate, kindergarten! Alla voy! book, this is one of the most wanted Nancy Carlson author readers around the world.


    I came close to giving this book, but in the end, I chose not to. "Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come" is a terrific book for children ages 4-5, approaching school-age (kindergarten). To me, there were just a couple flaws I felt scaled back my 4.5-5 rating down to a 4.First, the good, this book delivers a quality, well-rounded story for children who are in their final year of preschool or simply weeks or months away from their first day of kindergarten. The books explores common themes, concerns [...]

    Erika Bowen
    1. Book Summary in your own wordsHenry is looking forward to starting kindergarten. But he is not sure if he wants to stay when he first arrives. There are new people he does not know. His parents and teacher show him the many different things there are to do and he feels better.2. Grade level, interest level, lexileGrade K3. Appropriate classroom use (subject area)“Self-Esteem” and “Back to School”4. Individual students who might benefit from readingStudents who have difficulty starting [...]

    Guineth Ruiz
    Look Out Kindergarten is about a mouse named Henry, who is more then ready to start Kindergarten. From the moment he wakes up, he's ready to start his first day. He's very curious to find out he'll be reading, painting, practicing counting. But once they do arrive at school and sees how big his school actually is, he gets home sick and thinks twice about actually going to school, he finds everything very scary and doesn't feel ready. Once Henry examines the classroom, he sees numbers, letters an [...]

    Haley Johnson
    The only fiction thing about this book is that mice are the main characters. I loved reading this to my Pre-K class because it really prepares them for kindergarten. They may be scared or clueless, but this book helps to let students know what is to come.

    The children enjoyed this book , colorful pictures and even though the pictures are carton, it did sound like what happens at kindergarten.

    Allie Reitzell
    This book list things a student might do and learn in kindergarten. I could use this on the first day of school to ease students nerves.

    I'm not a fan of this art at all, but Henry's fears about kindergarten are dealt with quite nicely in this picture book.

    Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come was published in 1999, but I really thought this book was a good ice breaker. I know this assignment is to find books to read to future students and trying to plan what to do before, during, and after reading. This book was excellent because it is what every student will feel when going to their first day of school. Henry is the main character and he cannot wait for his first day of kindergarten. All morning he was so ready to go, but his mother kept repeating, [...]

    Jenna Jeffries
    The first day of school can be exciting yet nerve-wracking for many students. Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! is a picture book written in third person by Nancy Carlson. Carlson writes about Henry and his adventure getting ready for his first day of kindergarten. His journey starts with his mother, who guides him through the morning. All of the morning basics are covered – brushing Henry’s teeth and getting him dressed, eating breakfast, and packing his school supplies in his backpack. [...]

    This is a great book to read aloud on the first day of kindergarten. Many students feel excited about starting school, but many students also worry and have fears about the first day of school. This book is a great transitional book to help students ease their minds about starting kindergarten. This story is about Henry, a little mouse, on his first day of Kindergarten. Henry gets ready for school and very excited to go. On the way to school, Henry asks his mom about what will happen in kinderga [...]

    Genre: PB2My son started Kindergarten this year and I wanted books to help with the transition to school. This book is a great story for all new students. It is an easy read that keeps children drawn into the story with its colorful pictures and ideas that are drawn. I like that the story has interesting facts on how kids adjust to school, leaving home and their family and how kids see the new life of school. I related to this story all too well from my own children's experiences and can see how [...]

    Mariah Olson
    I believe this is the perfect book for preschoolers and kindergarteners to read because children get excited when they can relate to the book and make connections between their lives and the story. It's such a cute story about a baby mouse waking up and getting ready to go to his first day of kindergarten and he's so excited for school that he keeps forgetting important things he has to do first and his mother has to remind him. Once he gets to school, he isn't so sure about staying but he event [...]

    Rita Date
    Look out Kindergarten, here I come is about a mouse that is entering Kindergarten for his first time. This book stood out to me because of the detailed drawings and events that Henry the mouse goes through. I got the chance to read this story in a education class this semester and I thought it would be great to show to Kindergarten students. Many kids often get very nervous about going to kindergarten so I thought this book would be a good transition tool to ease the students into the first day [...]

    Kelly Thevenot
    Look out Kindergarten, Here I come is a book that could help get children ready for school. It is about a mouse who is so excited to start Kindergarten. He wakes up and starts his morning routine, eats a good breakfast and walks to school with his mother. Along the way he starts getting nervous and asks a lot of questions. When they arrive at school he starts crying and wants to go home. His teacher introduces him to some of the children and all the fun things in the classroom. Then he is excite [...]

    McKenna Crimmins
    This is the perfect book to read to a group of preschoolers who might be nervous about moving up and being in a new classroom. It's showing them that everybody gets nervous about being around new faces and having a new teacher, but if you try and find the things that you already know and you are comfortable with, the whole new thing isn't quite so scary! It relates to pretty much all students who are going to be doing something new, and you could relate to other things as well, not just school, [...]

    This book is great for the first day of school. It is about a mouse who is excited for school until he is on the way. He gets really nervous and scared until his teacher let him meet some nice friends and shows him around the cool classroom. This is a great book to read the first day of school to let children know it is normal to feel scared. Also this could be an introduction to show the student all the neat things in my classroom.

    Logan Walker
    This is a great book that could help get children ready for school. It is about a mouse who is so excited to start Kindergarten. He wakes up and starts his morning routine, and begins to ask a lot of questions on the way to school. He cries and cries until he finally meets his teacher. His teacher shows him all the fun things they will be doing and all the fun kids in the class with him. He then is ready to go to Kindergarten!

    Paula Heller
    This is an awesome book for Pre-k students getting ready to enter kindergarten. Children will have an easy time relating to the main character in the book, because they too will be going through the same things as the little mouse in the story. This book will help prepare your child to enter into the next grade; they will get a taste of what goes on when they move up. It teaches them not to be afraid and the kinds of activities they will be doing.

    If I had a that child that was preparing for kindergarten and afraid to start school, this would be a perfect book to read. This book is based on everyday life experiences and children go through this all the time. Children fear new things/places. After seeing/reading what the boy went through and seeing how he conquered his fears it may make a child feel a lot better. Books that are more relatable are good reads especially for young kids.

    Sarah Jost
    Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! is a book that would be great for the first day in a kindergarten classroom setting. So many kids, especially at that age, are terrified of walking into a classroom full of so many unknowns-new setting, people, teacher, and often times new concepts. This book will help put kids at ease and it also gives an insight to what kindergarten is all about-counting, ABCs, making new friends, reading, etc.

    Elizabeth Brown
    This book was okay. I kind of thought it was a little lengthy. However, it is a perfect book to read to children who are transitioning from preschool to kindergarten. I would also use this book for an art activity. For example, I could have the children draw or paint what they think kindergarten will be like and/ or how they feel about going to kindergarten. I could address their concerns to make the transition as easy as possible.

    Rosa Cline
    This is a really nice 'get ready' for school book. It covers all the excitement of the first day from the time he gets up out of bed to leaving the house, to getting to school, etc. How he's a bit anxious but things are okay after he makes friends. A good book to read to your little one to reassure them about going to school.

    At the same time it prepares the child for the transition from home to kindergarten, it suggests to the parent the best strategies for kindergarten readiness: teaching the child good hygiene, sending the child prepared and fed to school, instructing the child how to tie shoelaces and recognize letters and numbers, how to sit still and have patience, etc.

    on top 100is one was fun. henry is SO excited to got to school--goes through steps of prepping for school day, what happens during school day and a momentary fearful moment during drop off which soon passes as henry looks at the kids having fun. much more realistic than tom goes to kindergarten.

    Holly N.
    Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson follows the endearing young Henry as he gets ready for his first day of Kindergarten. I think many young children can relate to this situation, therefore this is a great book to introduce to them as they get nearer to entering a daycare or childcare center. The illustrations are simple and colorful for children to enjoy.

    Inna Nako
    -great bilingual book to share with your kids, especailly Spanish speaking since there is Spanish and English translation-although it says "kindergarten", i think it is a good idea to substitute any grade level and read it-ELLs might enjoy this book because they can make a connection with coming to a new place, not knowing anyone or the culture

    This mouse is really excited for the first day of school, but his mom has to help him make sure he doesn't forget anything in the midst of his excitement. When he finally gets there, he is a bit scared and needs to be reassured. This book would be wonderful to read to students on the first day, because we all know that everybody is a bit nervous at first.

    Taylor Troncin
    Wesley (my son) and I read this book together for his summer reading club. He enjoyed it, but I think I was more excited about the book than he was.Wesley also had this book read aloud to him at the public library. He seemed more interested in the book when someone else read it to him. (Or maybe he just liked it more a second time around)

    This is a fun book that helps children prepare for Kindergarten. Even though both of our girls have been in school for awhile, this is a good book to initiate a discussion about what happens at school, the things they like and don't like as well as get some feedback about their teachers and what they've learned.

    Yay! This is the last book from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. It has a nice little letter inside about continuing to read, though. And it was the most accurate kindergarten preparedness book Deacon and I have read in the past few weeks. Except it talks about learning ABCs and counting to ten, which I imagine most kids starting kindergarten can do anyway these days.

    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ☆ Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come / Preparate, kindergarten! Alla voy! : by Nancy Carlson ✓
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