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  • Title: Cedardale Court
  • Author: Nathan Lee Christensen
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  • Full of daring fools, haunting old flames, and brimming with panicked villainy, the Oregon countryside was supposed to solve Canner Connelly s problems, not make them worse But, after their well intentioned move, the safety and peace of mind he s longed for since the passing of his wife, for him and his daughter, Chloe, might be out of sight forever A neo gothic fabulatFull of daring fools, haunting old flames, and brimming with panicked villainy, the Oregon countryside was supposed to solve Canner Connelly s problems, not make them worse But, after their well intentioned move, the safety and peace of mind he s longed for since the passing of his wife, for him and his daughter, Chloe, might be out of sight forever A neo gothic fabulation, bordered on the lines of hysterical realism, wrapped up in a quirky little murder mystery
    Nathan Lee Christensen
    Nathan Lee Christensen is a husband, father, and long lost Oregonian, currently living on a cliff overlooking the Pacific in the bay area He was born and raised in the wilds of the Willamette Valley, and hopes to someday find his way back home again His neo gothic murder mysteries are bits of broken reality with as much truth between their lies, laughter between tears, and life between deaths as possible And, though there may be better ways to portray rainbows than jumping up the ass of a thunder cloud, the author fully acknowledges his inability to do one without the other Any references to his background or tastes in fiction would be largely incomplete without mentioning a few childhood picture books or 80 s television programs, so, suffice to say, he s a happily swirled up mix of all the tasteless, classless impropriety the world has to offer Despite his shortcomings, he strives to deliver heart and courage in every tale he tells, is resigned to produce a new one every October 7th for as long as the good Lord keeps him able, and finds, as a stay at home dad, this sort of thing is as good a way to rub shoulders with adults as any.


    Cedardale Court is a delightful romp through the high drama of parental paranoia, unrequited love, blackmail, and murder. The cast of characters are interesting and imperfect and I loved them. Canner and Chloe are a father and daughter looking for a new and better life. Crippled by his fear of losing his daughter and haunted by visions of his dead wife, Canner is hoping that their move to his Uncle Henry's home in Oregon will gain stability for Chloe.Chloe is a smart and precocious ten year old [...]

    Robin or Roberta
    First time author, Christensen, has created a great murder mystery. I am always amazed how people can come up with great characters and send them through a story that makes me want to find out what happens to them, cheer when something great happens to the "good characters" and cheer again when the "bad characters" get what's coming to them. And this book is no exception. And I love the author's style. I even laughed out loud, and also said, "ewww!". I can't wait for his next book.

    Linda Bryan
    A real "thriller!"A real "thriller!"Unique characters! Surprising twists and turns. A definitely different storyline complete with some old fashion style romance. Loved the little girl Chloe.

    Larissa Hinton
    Read the full review, on my blog here: teacherwritebookaholicohmy.bloWhen I first read this book, I was swept away with the refreshing talent. The ease at which he weaves a story is amazing. However, as the story continued on I started noticing some bad habits that crept in the way in the way of a great story.The thing is, there are rules in fiction writing. I don't mind when authors break these rules, especially the tell versus show rule. This rule basically says that instead of telling us abou [...]

    David Brown
    They say you can’t pick your neighbours and whenever you move to a new area you always hope it will be a quiet neighbourhood where everyone minds their own business. If you want peace, serenity and no action then it’s probably wise not to move to Cedardale Court.Canner Connelly and his daughter Chloe move to Cedardale Court where they are taken in by Uncle Henry. The Connelly’s arrival is not greeted with silence especially when two neighbours are having a row and one drives into a fire hy [...]

    Michelle (Much Loved Books)
    I was contacted by the author himself to give the book a chance then to post my thoughts, whether I loved or hated it.  I have to admit it has taken a while to get around to reading it due to the influx of books I had received, this week being a 'work free week' gave me time to sit and read some books and try to make my way through the ever growing pile.  From the moment I started Cedardale Court I had one thought, why didn't I start this sooner??Cedardale Court introduces us to Canner and his [...]

    About the bookPicture a small town, where everyone knows everyone. You know when your neighbor is having a fight with his wife, when the old lady living next door is cooking, when somebody new is into town or when your neighbor is physically abusing his wife. Every day is the same and news travel really fast. So when a body is found chopped into hundreds of pieces after an accident, everyone knows about it. The victim is a school teacher with a lot of secrets.The characters in this book are amaz [...]

    Unabridged Bookshelf
    Cedardale Court by Nathan Lee Christensen is an interesting, unique twisting trail of a murder mystery, but it is also more than just a murder mystery. The story revolves around a group of characters, and through throughout the novel each sort of gets the chance to tell their story. The story starts with Canner and his daughter Chloe moving to Oregon to start a new life. They are moving in with Canner’s Uncle Henry on Cedardale Court. While they think this is the start to a new life, the next [...]

    SynopsisCedardale Court is a neo-gothic murder mystery with enough fools and old flames to keep you happily mixed up for most of a long weekend. When Canner Connelly and his daughter, Chloe, move in with their Uncle Henry, and a simple drainage problem turns a normal Sunday morning into a slighter darker affair, it's not easy to tell where everyone might end up, or even if they'll make it there at all.My ThoughtsThis was one of those books you open up the first page and dive in and never look up [...]

    Canner Connelly has been raising his daughter, Chloe, alone since his wife died during birth ten years ago. He is fearful, rundown, and lets his mourning for his wife control his and Chloe's life. When they move in with Uncle Henry for a little while until they can come up with a better plan, they expect that it will be calm and peaceful in the small town. However, the morning after they arrive, it is discovered that someone has killed a woman, chopped her up into tiny pieces, and thrown them in [...]

    Wendy Hines
    Canner has tried his best to raise his daughter Chloe. His wife passed away at her birth, so he has had to do it all alone. With the economy in the dire straits it is, Canner knows he needs help. Fortunately, his Uncle Henry has agreed to let them come and stay with him awhile until they get back on their feet. Canner hasn't been to Cedardale Court since he was a child, but when they arrive, he sees that it hasn't changed much.On their first day at Henry's, the neighbors fight and set off a chai [...]

    Canner and his ten-year-old daughter move in with his Uncle Henry in a small neighborhood. Their bags are not even unpacked yet but it doesn't stop the drama from unfolding right in front of their eyes. It all starts with a drainage problem and a severed hand. For a small community the people sure have a lot of secrets! A murderer (or murderers) is (are) on the loose. Whether they want it or not, Canner and his daughter are involved in the investigation and it's up to Canner to keep him and his [...]

    Canner has spent ten years treading water after the death of his wife. He has wrapped daughter Chloe in cotton wool and tried to protect her from every possible danger. Now in an attempt to move their lives on they arrive to live with his Uncle Henry in Cedardale Court. In an apparently tranquil setting in the Oregon countryside he is hoping for a fresh start. What he gets instead is a living nightmare. It starts when a retreating flood in the road reveals a human hand, and finishes with a drama [...]

    When Mr. Christensen e-mailed asking to review his book he had me at "neo-gothic murder mystery". I had no idea what such a novel was and decided this was the perfect time to find out, and let me tell you, I'm glad I did. This book turned out to be a very enjoyable read with great characters, plenty of plot twists, some laughs, engaging writing and a surprise ending. Christensen's characters are so different and so quirky in their own unique ways that it's hard to pick a favorite. I loved the sp [...]

    Catherine Estrada
    I totally just realized that there are a lot of "C" names in this book! Random!Completely irrelevant observations aside, Cedardale Court is definitely on the fringes of my typical genres, but I am really glad that I had the opportunity to read this. It's a murder mystery that just keeps escalating into a tangled mess, and it was virtually impossible to predict what would happen next. There's blackmail, infidelity, and crazy long term secrets that are just dumbfounding, and the author keeps them [...]

    ☕ Kimberly
    Cedardale Court is a mystery with lots of twists in a small town in Oregon. This is the first published work of indie author Nathan Lee Christensen and I thoroughly enjoyed this captivating tale. I started and finished it in a day. There were a few grammatical errors, but once I began they disappeared.The characters of Cedardale Court are all unique, quirky and have secrets. Christensen gave each of his characters depth and spun a believable tale of secrets, lies, love and murder. My favorite ch [...]

    Jessica Bronder
    Canner Connelly recently lost his wife. He decides that he is going to take his 10-year-old daughter Chloe to go live with his Uncle Henry in Oregon. The idea is that a small town should be quiet and help both of them recover from their loss. But things in a small town are not always quiet. An accident involving a fire hydrant unearths a body. But then the dark secrets of a small town are starting to surface. Obviously, a small town doesn’t always mean quieter or better.I really liked this sto [...]

    I didn't know what to expect when I started to read Cedardale Court. The author emailed me a while back and something about the way he wrote just that captured my interest. Here was something different.I've come to love these amazing books that rather than whisk you away into some magical world filled with unicorns and double rainbows, it just gives you life. Ordinary albeit slightly off-the-rocker life. The fact that I've become addicted to crime shows like CSI kinda helped too.Cedardale Court [...]

    Book Him Danno
    I liked this book and the many different paths it took, lots of death and murder, but interesting with a good flow. I will be reviewing this title on my blog soon.I didn’t expect much from this book and boy was I completely blown away. The book ran the gauntlet of plot and I was thrown into the mix. Who knew so much went onon one tiny street. I loved the characters and especially how they easily accepted everything that came along. The love between the two seniors was so sweet and they waited [...]

    More like 4.5 stars I loved this book! So unique and unlike anything I've read before. The character development is fantastic, the antics unforgettable and the ending a real shocker. This book kept me glued till the very end. My only complaint is Chloe. Her sarcasm was over the top and honestly, I've never met a 10 year old with such a developed vocabulary and edginess. An excerpt from Chloe: "Maybe you could apply some pressure to my personal life too? Just to take the edge off. That'd be reall [...]

    Canner has been paranoid about his daughter's well-being ever since his wife died. When tough times hit and he's forced to move them in with his elderly uncle he assumes that they'll be living a quiet and safe life. The dissected corpse that washes up from the storm drain in the middle of the street on their first night there puts a quick end to that thought.The cast of characters are an interesting bunch and tied together in ways I never expected. There are dead bodies and killers around every [...]

    From the precocious 10 year old Chloe to Uncle Henry, to the well-thought-out dream-scheme of a young woman, this story is brilliant. It’s somewhat humorous. Definitely suspenseful. Keeps the reader’s interest. There’s so much going on but easy enough to follow. It’s delightful but then what place does “delightful” have to do with a murder mystery? Hmph. Just is. Think of “delightful” in this sense to mean amusing. Still maintains its believability and isn’t that what’s impor [...]

    Dori Gehling
    Pleasantly surprised! This mystery surprised me at several turns and the bumblings of the rookie criminals added some dark humor. The author's writing style made for easy reading and kept the plot moving. Ultimately, it's a great example of how the line between good and bad is sometimes blurred. I would read more by this writer.

    A solid 3.5 for me. I enjoyed this quirky, sometimes dark murder mystery. Especially enjoyed the main characters. Lots of twists and turnsa couple I didn't find very believable which keeps me from rating this higher. But it was a fun change of pace for me and I will look for Christensen's next book!

    Hilarious!Such a fun read. Made me think of the comical whodunits my Mom used to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story unfolded. The shifting perspective was well done, each character had a disinct "voice". Mr Christensen is an author I want/need to read more of.

    I started this book and just could not get into it. What I read was well written and the author captured detail. Just because I did not finish this book does not mean you will not love it. Maybe I will pick it back up another time and have better luck.This book does contain swearing.

    Reminded me of Fargo. Kind of dark but funny. Lots of curse words, though. I enjoyed it and was surprised by the ending.

    A very personable dark comic delight.

    Review coming shortly

    slow start, nice exciting finish that maybe I should have seen coming but didn't.

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