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  • Title: Eloise: The Ultimate Edition
  • Author: Kay Thompson Hilary Knight
  • ISBN: 9780689839900
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover

  • If you love love love Eloise who doesn t And you cawn t cawn t cawn t get enough of her who can Then you simply MUST have this absolutely enormous book It has everything Eloise not just The Absolutely Essential and jolie Paris and fa la la la la Christmastime and dear gray Moscow, and a lovely new jacket by Mr Knight Even if you have all the Eloise books you needIf you love love love Eloise who doesn t And you cawn t cawn t cawn t get enough of her who can Then you simply MUST have this absolutely enormous book It has everything Eloise not just The Absolutely Essential and jolie Paris and fa la la la la Christmastime and dear gray Moscow, and a lovely new jacket by Mr Knight Even if you have all the Eloise books you need this one too So charge it please and THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
    Kay Thompson Hilary Knight
    Kay Thompson 1909 1998 was an American author, composer, musician, actress and singer She is best remembered as the creator of the Eloise children s books.


    Alicia Riley
    Funny. Misgive 6 year old girl name Eloise who advancers incudes:Her life living at hotel, trip to Paris, Christmas at her apartment (along with song), and trip to Moscow .

    i picked this up as a gift for my niece, who is now six, just like eloise. i had never read the eloise books as a child, for whatever reason. maybe because my parents didn't want me to turn into a brat. i read every book that anyone put down in front of me, including dune, moby dick, & cujo (all before the age of eight), so surely i would have read this if anyone had ever given it to me. eloise is a spoiled rich girl who lives in the penthouse apartment at the plaza hotel in new york. we nev [...]

    This was a really well done audiobook, and as a fictional character, Eloise is hilarious. (although she would drive me crazy in person!) My problem with this book is how much she takes the Lord's name in vain. It is constant.

    Kristen-Marie Freeman
    Not my favorite series. Some chuckle-worthy moments for adults who can read between the lines, but I prefer characters written to emphasize cleverness or kindness as opposed to naughtiness.

    Gigi Frost
    The precocious, rawther pseudo-sophisticated Eloise was the brain-child of Kay Thompson. There are four books in this Ultimate Edition. Each story contains the amusing, childish antics of six-year-old Eloise.Eloise lives at the Plaza Hotel stomping and sneaking throughout, creating her own brand of mischief with her daring high jinks and fantastic imagination. Her English, live-in Nanny is her only connection to the warm love that she misses from her own absentee mother. She finds herself preocc [...]

    I read this on Saturday - it's all four Eloise books in one. I'd heard about these 1950s children's books before, especially since getting a subscription to Vanity Fair, which seems to talk reverentially about the Plaza Hotel in every other issue, but I didn't know what they were about. They're brilliantly illustrated tales of a precocious six-year-old poor little rich girl, whose absentee mother leaves her to run amok in New York, Paris and Moscow's most exclusive hotels with only her British n [...]

    Eloise reminds me of a younger "Auntie Mame." She's precocious, imaginative, a total nuisance, but you can't help but like and admire her. Her life is fascinating - living in the Plaza with Nanny, and her pug, Weenie, along with her turtle Skipperdee. There is no mention of a father, and her mother is perpetually absent, so she becomes friends with the hotel staff. She is home-schooled, or hotel-schooled, and she is never bored for Lord's sake!I really enjoyed reading about how Eloise came into [...]

    As Eloise herself might say, she is "rawther unusual," and I can't believe it took me this long to read all four of her adventures. The drawings couldn't be more delightfully subversive, in their way, and the six-year-old-going-on-twenty-six's freeform way of describing her life in the hotel (or her Christmas adventure or trips to Paris and Moscow, since those books are also included in this anthology of all four books) very often make you laugh out loud. The humor is wry but fresh, and the abso [...]

    I am not a fan of Eloise. Neither is Aaron. Or Laurel, for that matter. We bought this book on the recommendation of a friend. Eloise, in my ever so humble opinion, is a snotty little neglected child who lives in a hotel in NYC. Her nanny smokes cigarettes - that was a fun one to explain. She's mischievous but not in a cute way. More obnoxious to me. There's no point to the stories other than "hi, I'm self-absorbed and you should be endlessly fascinated by me" - not really what kids need to hear [...]

    My mother first read the Eloise books to me as a little girl - After that first time, I don't think I let her read me anything else. I still read them, even at 23! Eloise is pretty bratty, sure, but she inspired in me independence, a passion for imagination and the belief that girls can do anything. They spoke to both my tomboy nature and my girly side, and made me realize I didn't have to be one way or the other. I could like fishing, getting dirty and dressing up for parties all at the same ti [...]

    Eloise books are just such a fun combination of illustrations and stories of her adventures told in the snappy, precocious, unique voice of the character. I enjoyed finding out more about the artist and author in this collection - and about how Eloise came to be and how they came to collaborate. The books included do vary - and the Moscow one, although the material was fascinating - a visit during Cold War times - the quality overall wasn't as good. But who wouldn't like a turtle named Skipperde [...]

    My daughter loved this book when she was around eight. It is a delightfully illustrated book about a very self assured little girl, Eloise.With her pug dog, Weenie, and turtle, Skiperdee, Eloise and her nanny enjoy life at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.The Ultimate Edition are four stories complete with the fold out illustrations on quality paper making it a keepsake edition for a little girl.

    Eloise is a trip--you've gotta read these out loud, the language just effervesces. There's not really a plot per se, but the whole point is just to take you into the imaginative and impish world of a precocious child: "Then I do my champagne exercises," "we could see these reindeers zimbering through the trees in Central Park." Just joyful to read.

    Eloise has always been precocious, rambunctious, and the ideal 6 year old to share. She is very lovable, caring, and always sticks for what she believes in. She is under the care of her Nanny and constantly goes on adventures. She has high energy spirit and lives a vivacious life full of laughter and fun. She is a great young girl for other girls to embrace.

    A delightful read about one of Hollywood's great monsters, the massively talented but deeply flawed Kay Thompson. The writing, alas, descended into socko-boffo fan-magazine speak all too often. A biography as good as this one doesn't need that kind of silliness.

    pure delight!! eloise is lovable and precocious and bernadette peters reading give eloise a voice that is impossible to resist impossible, should be read in ms. peters' eloise voice 100% better than "merely" reading the books themselves ah. i love children's literature

    4 books in 1 volume, but fast reads so only counting it as 1. The original Eloise, and her life in the New York Plaza Hotel, followed by Eloise in Paris, Eloise at Christmastime and Eloise in Moscow. Book 1 came up on the CBC list.

    This has a lot of sweet stories I love these books

    i absolutely luved reading this book. oh my lord, it was a very good, good, good book! Eloise is a spoiled little girl but she has a nice heart when it comes to things she cares about!

    These books will always be my favorite!

    Eloise is not who we want to be or even who we want to friends with, but oh, I do love Hilary Knight's illustrations.

    Cute, but I think I found it too late to really love it the way some people do!

    Kezza Loudoun
    My favourite childhood story character. Eloise could be one of the reasons I'm such a traveller? Perhaps, but it's absolutely a story I'll share with my nieces/nephews!

    I saw a segment on CBS Sunday morning; it made me want to read about this well known character in children's literature. The book and illustrations were fun.

    Jen Petro-Roy
    I adore Eloise, and hadn't read anything else besides the original. Not so much a fan of Eloise in Moscow, though.

    Candice Call
    One book made up of several short stories. Can appeal to children who like any of teh eloise stories and/or movies.

    I seem to remember enjoying these books as a kid, but I guess it lost its shine for me. I only recommend, if you have children to read it to.

    Jackie Bold
    I always love reading about Eloise and her adventures.

    Lady Dixie
    Meet Eloise. She's six. She lives in the Plaza Hotel. And boy, does she wreak havoc! Hilarious, even for adults.

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