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  • Title: Rest In Pizza
  • Author: Chris Cavender
  • ISBN: 9780758271501
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Small towns like Timber Ridge the home of Eleanor Swift s pizzeria, A Slice of Delight don t take to primadonna celebs So no one is pleased when TV s Antonio Benet roars into town and manages to insult Eleanor, her sister Maddie and everyone else within earshot Insults are one thing, but the murder that follows is quite another.
    Chris Cavender
    Chris Cavender is the pseudonym used by Agatha Award nominated author Tim Myers.

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    Eleanor and Maddy are back in a brand new adventure. When a famous chef named Chef Benet comes to town to appear at their friend Cindy's bookshop, he insults everyone including Maddy and Eleanor who thinks they are below him due to them owning a pizzeria. When he is found cut open at A Slice of Delight, the pizzeria is closed again. Can Maddy and Eleanor solve the mystery of who killed the mean and pompous wind-bag that is Chef Benet before they end up next? Find out and read this for yourself.R [...]

    I enjoyed the idea of this installment in the Pizza Parlor series, but Eleanor is really starting to get on my nerves. She is pushy and nosy and thinks that she's entitled to information that she isn't. I love the other characters, but Eleanor as the main character is just annoying me. I don't know if I'll read the next one or not.

    Well now I am craving pizza, as I always do when I read this series but the​ books are a lot of fun.

    Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    Eleanor and Maddie are at it again, this time, a chef was murdered right under their noses I mean, right inside their Pizza parlor, A Slice of Delight and all hell broke loose when possible suspects were revealed. Not that everyone's concerned about the chef's death though. Chef Benet wasn't exactly the most pleasing person you'd want to meet. I enjoyed this murder mystery suspense, Eleanor is quite a gal, knows when and where to strike and investigate. Her sister is a great company, I love thei [...]

    1. dead body in a pizza place - and it's not the first? and people still eat there?2. this whole book is basically just the two main characters bugging the same 5 people again and again. at some point I think the suspects would clam up3. also, ostensibly this amateur investigation is because the main character might be a suspect, but the police chief literally is like, "you're not a suspect"4. too much maudlin interpersonal drama. I think there were 4 different instances of "I'm so upset I'm not [...]

    Nancy Narma
    “A Savory Mystery Topped With lots of Extras”As busy as Sisters Eleanor Swift and Maddy Spencer always are in Timber Ridge, North Carolina’s popular Pizzeria; “A Slice of Delight”, they always seem to find some time to help others. Little did they know that the assistance that they offered to their friend, Cindy Rankin, would lead to a murder investigation as well as the grand opening of her book store. The opening was to be a star-studded affair featuring a cooking demonstration and b [...]

    Amy Lignor
    It’s not often you walk by your friendly neighborhood pizzeria and stare through the window to see a well-known chef sitting in a chair with a huge knife buried deep inside his chest, but that’s exactly what the scene is inside A Slice of Delight.The pizza parlor is owned by Eleanor Swift, and is located in the little town of Timber Ridge, North Carolina. Although it sounds and looks like the perfect little community to reside in, this is definitely not the first time that murder has been co [...]

    This is a fun series for cozy fans who like food related mysteries in small town settings. I wasn't crazy about the actual mystery in this one but I still enjoyed the ongoing character development. I love the descriptions of the pizza parlor and of the town. I will continue to look forward to new releases in this series.

    This book was given to me, otherwise I might have read them in order. It was a quick read with fun characters. A murder mystery that wasn't scary. Considered part of the 'cozy mystery' genre, it was a similar style to an Agatha Christie or Murder She Wrote sort of story which I enjoyed. I will now have to go back and read the other books in the series since I have heard they are just as enjoyable.

    i get tired of her doing things no proper business owner would do. but other than that i like the series. might have something to do with 14 years working for Pizza Hut

    I recently ate an 8 part pizza all by myself and I discovered that this food, however well prepared, is not my favorite meal. The pizza lovers mysteries though agrees with me extremely well. This is the fourth book of Chris Cavender about Eleanor Swift of Timber Ridge, and like its three predecessors it gets its five stars. A very juicy cozy mystery, that's what this book is. I read an review some while back saying that the main character isn't detailed enough. That was never a problem with me. [...]

    In Rest in Pizza, Eleanor runs The Slice of Delight, a pizzeria, with her sister Maddy. Not far away, there's a book store opening and TV host and famous chef, Antonio Benet has agreed to do a book signing and cooking demonstration for the grand opening. The owner has enlisted help from both Eleanor and Maddy. Things don't work out as planned, though, and Chef Antonio is found at the pizzeria with a knife in his back. Suspects abound as everyone from his assistants to Eleanor and her sister come [...]

    At this very moment, I can smell pizza baking in a pizzzeria oven. Eleanor along with her sister, Maddy, own a pizzzeria. They're always busy because customers around town love their pizza. However, there are times when something more important happens like a murder. When a very grouchy, snippety chef comes to town to sign and share his new book at the Bookmark, it isn't long before murder comes to town too. The chef is found sitting in The Slice with a knife stuck in his chest. There is no ques [...]

    In Rest in Pizza, Eleanor runs The Slice of Delight, a pizzeria, with her sister Maddy. Just across the way there's a book store opening and TV host and famous chef, Antonio Benet has agreed to do a book signing and cooking demonstration for the grand opening. The owner has asked for help from both Eleanor and Maddy. Things don't go as planned though, and Chef Antonio is found at the pizzeria with a knife in his back. Suspectsis quite long. Everyone from his assistants to Eleanor and her sister [...]

    Alyssa (The Shady Glade)
    I've enjoyed this series so far. I realize they're not the best cozy mysteries ever written, but I like the pizza angle. However, by this book, the descriptions of Eleanor always making pizza have gotten a little tedious. And does it seem weird to anyone else that now there have been 2 murders in her pizza place? I realize that there needs to be some sort of plot element to make the main character investigate, but I wish the author could come up with something else other than Eleanor is the main [...]

    I've read the first books in a few cozy series plus a second in one of those, but this is the farthest in a series I've gotten mostly because they were all on the shelf at one time at work, so I checked them all out. I don't know if this is true for other series or not but I have noticed a lot of editing mistakes- which kind of take you out of the story a bit when you come across them. The son of the chief of police who works at the Slice is referred to as Jason (I think) twice on a page in a pr [...]

    I just love Eleanor and Maddie's adventures! This time, the owner of Timber Ridge's pizzeria, A Slice of Delight, agrees to help neighbor, Beth, open her bookstore. The sisters agree to help with visiting Chef Benoit, think food network series, who agrees to a book signing. Problem is, the Chef has zero personality and is a diva to no end, making enemies with those around him. When the Chef turns up dead in Eleanor's restaurant, the sisters set to work investigating. They soon discover the suspe [...]

    I won this book as part of a give-away from LibraryThing. Rest in Pizza is #4 in the author's "Pizza Lovers Series". It features Eleanor Swift, who runs a pizza shop in Timber Ridge, NC. Timber Ridge is a little like Mayberry -- a small town where everyone knows everybody, and they all get along and help each other out. Eleanor and her sister are trying to make a living with the pizza shop, and are friendly with the other business owners in the town. When the new owner of a small book store asks [...]

    Was very predictable after reading the first three, hoping the next one will add more surprises.

    Jeannie and Louis Rigod
    This series is getting better with each novel. I'm feeling more comfortable with the main characters of Eleanor Swift and her sister, Madeline Spencer. Eleanor is owner/chef of "A Slice of Delight" Pizza parlor in a cozy town known as Timber Ridge, NC.Excitement hits Timber Ridge and especially the pizza parlor, when new bookstore owner, Cindy Rankin asks both sisters to come to her aid. A famous television chef, Antonio Benet, is coming to do a demonstration and book signing at Cindy's grand-op [...]

    In this installment of this fun cozy mystery series has a TV chef breezing into Timber Ridge and getting himself killed at Ellie’s pizzeria (how rude!). As I’ve gotten deeper into this series, I am still finding the whole cast of characters just as enjoyable as Ellie and Maddie and I liked that this book involved some of the other businesses around Slice of Delight. While I love these, it is a little odd that no one in town thinks it is at all strange that Ellie keeps getting sucked into sit [...]

    Deb Monnier
    Loved the book. Read it in two evenings. Love the characters as they seem real. Will read more by this author.

    4th in the series. My kids love TV shows like "Chopped" and it was fun to see one made into a mystery.I still love the dialog between sisters, and I saw the first reasonable relationship advice I've seen in a fictional book in a long time, "Just tell him that" - rather than playing guessing games or expecting mind reading.Other good quotes:"We all have to put up with things we don't like in order to do the things we do.""That's all most of us want these days, someone who will listen to us. It's [...]

    I love it when the person murdered is obnoxious, and everyone has a reason to want him dead! I am reminded of several people I have encountered in my life, and reading is always a convenient substitute for acting out my own nefarious deed. Another food murder mystery here, folks. No better or worse than cupcakes, catering, or cookies. Choose your favorite food and start reading. I may have rated this book a little higher, but my real life has been too distracting to get into this mystery much. B [...]

    Linda Smatzny
    This is the fourth book in the Pizza Lovers Mystery series. It features the sisters Eleanor and Maddie who love to investigate murder. Eleanor owns the pizzeria, A Slice of Delight, while Maddie works there. This time as a new bookstore is opening a famous chef comes for a book signing. The chef is not a nice person and after storming off is discovered dead in the pizzeria. Since the murder occurred in their business of course the sister have to find the murderer. The book was a quick easy read. [...]

    I really like this series and the characters in it. The only problem I have is that conversations seem to be a mutual admiration society. No matter what they are doing they are constantly complimenting each other, which is nice once in awhile but it gets a bit syrupy. I notice this happening in the cupcake series too.One makes a joke and the other takes it seriously. I do like that the character continues working keeping the reality that she has bills to pay. I enjoyed the storyline. It kept me [...]

    This was a fun cozy mystery. A guest celebrity chef named Antonio Benet comes to town and he is someone everyone loves to hate. He uses the Slice of Delight pizzeria as a "green room" prior to his appearance at a local bookstore. Unfortunately, he is knifed to death at the pizzeria. Eleanor and Maddy are sisters who run the pizza shop and they are also amateur sleuths. They go about discovering the killer in roundabout and funny ways. A little extra intrigue is thrown in as we learn about the lo [...]

    This book was good, but not as good as the others. First of all, I'd love to know why the author decided to change the last name of a character who appeared in the last book with a completely different last name. There are some other issues I have with the authors consistency. Also, this book and the one before it were way too obvious when it came to figuring out the killer. Hope the next book is a little better, and that the next book has an editor who has actually read all the books!

    Jesus Flores
    Rest in PizzaA celebrity chef goes to do a book signing but before the event is murdered at the Slice.Eleanor and Maddy decide to investigate and catch the murder while uncovering his secret. It was a nice sequence of suspect elimination. And the side story of Maddy and Bob was a nice touch. Only thing is at points it kind of re-explains thing from previous books, something that could have been cut out

    This is #4 in the Pizza Lovers cozy mystery series. Eleanor and her sister, Maddy help a friend who is opening a book store. At the grand opening a TV chef will be cooking and promoting his new cookbook. He is very obnoxious and nasty to everyone. Later that day he is found murdered in Eleanor's pizza shop. Naturally the two sisters investigate the murder. It was another fun read in this series. The friendship between the sisters makes for a very enjoyable cozy.

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