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  • Title: Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived
  • Author: AndrewWilson
  • ISBN: 9781451671568
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Shadow of the Titanic tells the extraordinary stories of some of those 705 who survived How did the loss of the ship shape the lives of the people who survived How did those who were saved feel about those who perished And how did they remember that terrible night
    About himself I m a journalist and author My work has appeared in the Guardian, the Washington Post, the Daily Telegraph, the Observer, the Sunday Times, the Independent on Sunday, the Daily Mail, the New Statesman and the Evening Standard magazine Source andrewwilsonauthor d

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    This book, as the title indicates, is intended to inform the reader of the post-shipwreck lives of what are presumably the survivors most worthy of note. The problem with writing a tale of this nature is that the most interesting people perished with the ship; the survivors were mostly first class passengers, and the bulk of these were women and children. There is really little to commend these people to anyone: the children are blameless, of course, and the women for the most part were passive [...]

    I saw this book listed in Entertainment Weekly. It is one of a slew of books put out to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. I have read many books on the subject, the most recent being the fictional book The Dressmaker. The thing that I really liked about this book was how it covered the lives of people after they were rescued. I knew quite a bit about who was on Titanic but not too much much about how the sinking affected their lives after. As it turns out people [...]

    Niamh Mcmahon
    I have to say I was a little bit disappointed in this book. While I definitely enjoyed it, and some of the survivors stories were amazing, I felt the writing was a bit flowery in spots and the author linked everything that subsequently happened the survivors and every decision they made in their lives to the sinking of Titanic. If they made a bad decision in their lives or ended up with an unsuitable partner then according to the author, it was because they were subconsiously punishing themselve [...]

    Sarah (Head Stuck In A Book)
    I've said before that I read anyhting to do with the Titanic and this book was so good.We all know that the Titanic sank on the 15th April 1912, we know that 1,500 men, women and children died that night, but what we don't really know is what happened to the survivors after the ship sank.This is one thing I've always been interested in, peoples lives afterward and they're not really happy stories.A tremendous amount of people refused to speak of the Titanic ever again, some people ended up killi [...]

    Oh, look, another Titanic book! But my attraction to this one was a little bit different than my usual fascination with the sinking of the Titanic - Shadows of the Titanic focuses far more on the aftermath of the sinking - what happened to the passengers, and how their experiences on the Titanic influenced the rest of their lives.Each chapter focuses on one survivor - from the high profile Madeleine Astor and the controversial Duff-Gordon's through to lesser-known survivors - and examines their [...]

    This is both a fascinating and emotional read.Just the introduction alone had me crying I will confess.The chapters after that follow the lives of several survivors, telling not only about the sinking and what came after, but also telling about the lives these people had before the Titanic.It's amazing and sad to read about how the sinking of the Titanic changed the lives of these survivors (mostly for the worst although some found strength and even love) and how even years later they still can' [...]

    Although this book has been described as "riveting" its almost a little too much so. The author gets very excited at times and its not even over the history of the story. It's more in a tabloid trash sort of way. Its a brilliant piece of work on the information and factual side , lots of detail and stories of the survivors. It seems though its largely based on some (judgemental) opinions of his own. Some survivors he clearly admired some mere footnotes , some were "promiscuous" or "cowardly". Ea [...]

    This was an interesting collection of stories and impressive amount of research into the survivor's lives. I enjoyed the different side of things in respect to their stories being shared rather than the facts of the sinking itself.

    Paul Pessolano
    “Shadow of the Titanic” by Andrew Wilson, published by Atria Books.Category – History/MaritimeThe three most recognized words in the world at supposedly, God, Coca-Cola, and Titanic.“Shadow of the Titanic” is not a story about the sinking of the “unsinkable” ship, but rather a study of those who survived. April 14, 2012 will be the 100th anniversary of the sinking and on May 31st, 2009 the last remaining survivor, Millvina Dean died. She was only 3 months old when she and her mothe [...]

    Kathleen Hagen
    Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived, by Andrew Wilson, Narrated by Bill Wallis, Produced by Audiogo ltd. Downloaded from audible.This book takes us beyond the sinking of the Titanic itself. Here we see that night from the standpoint of the passengers who survived, and then we witness the aftermath for some of these passengers whose lives were changed. None of them ever forgot that night, the horrible yelling of 1,500 people drowning as the ship went down, the s [...]

    Shawn Thrasher
    I think this book suffers on two points. One, unfortunately, is the writing. It's soppy and overly romantic - at one point, Madeleine Astor's life is described as being "too far fetched for even fiction of the lowest kind." That sounded really dated to me - what exactly is "fiction of the lowest kind?" Quite frankly, this book could probably rightly be described as "nonfiction of the lowest kind." I understand the premise of the book - what happened after the Titanic sailed - but I think there i [...]

    Excellent, moving and much needed account of those who survived and highlighting that for some their lives too ended when the boat went down, never understanably being able to shrug it off. The eternal mystery of the first class male passenger who entered the lifeboat dressed as a woman is tantalisingly touched upon but never resolved though it wrecked the lives of several men who were probably wrongly pin pointed as being the man.if he ever really existed ior was it one of the many myths to spr [...]

    Good overall. There's no "Unsinkable" Molly Brown here, but there's plenty of stories about other Titanic survivors.And, not all of them "survived" as well as Molly Brown. Many widows went through multiple post-Titanic marriages. Some survivors went heavily into debt, perhaps as a coping mechanism. And, several survivors committed suicide. Indeed, one survivor who did not commit suicide nonetheless said she had "died" on April 14, 1912.There's a bit of a depressing angle to this at times, to be [...]

    Tony Ruffolo
    From chapter six, page 209-210:Excerpts from a letter from a young girl named Elsie Stormont to Bruce Ismay. It hurt me when I read you wished you had perished. God would never have let your life be spared had he not work for you to do. I have thought sometimes it would be easier to die & be with mother & daddy than live without their love but we haven't to wish for the easiest have we & your life is a useful one, not like mine where I am of no real use to anyone. I often wonder at G [...]

    Wow! What an engaging and fresh view of the Titanic! Many of the books I've read in the past focused on those who died, and if they mentioned the survivors, it was never beyond their voyage aboard the Carpathia. This was a fascinating look into their lives after the disaster, and how sad some of them were. So many people died on the Titanic, but the loss of life continued on long afterwards, with suicide and depression, as well as other mental illnesses, taking the survivors years later.I think [...]

    Adele Broadbent
    As a huge fan of the Titanic movie (James Cameron's), I snapped this book up when I found it in a University bookstore. Even knowing what was going to happen, knowing the fate of so many people and the aftermath, I was still caught up in the first part of this book as the 'unsinkable' ship hit that iceberg.But what I didn't know were the things that happened that could have prevented this terrible tragedy (you'll have to read it to find out more) and the stories behind J Bruce Ismay, Renee Harri [...]

    This book was basically interesting, but the writer kept psychoanalyzing the survivors when his credits don't include a psychology degree. The book gives details the post-Titanic life of some survivors. Overall, the book has a negative tone. There is little mention of Margaret "Molly" Brown. One would expect anyone who survived such a traumatic event as the sinking of the Titanic to have psychological scars. In 1912, psychology and behavioral sciences weren't as progressive as they are now. Sinc [...]

    Andrew Wilson tracked some of the survivors of the Titanic and tells their story in this book. As in any tragedy, there is a certain amount of survivor guilt. There are those who cannot stop talking about the wreck, others who cannot talk about it at all and others who find the trauma too much and take their own lives. The story starts with the sinking and the experiences of some of the passengers in the lifeboats and continues to what happens on board the Carpathia rescue ship. After that, docu [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book -- there wasn't a bad or boring spot in the whole book!It literally is the stories of those who survived this terrible ordeal. Also, there is a chapter about those who survived the initial disaster, only to die by suicide or other circumstances before their time.It is amazing the number of people who survived the Titanic disaster who passed away in later years on the date that the ship hit the iceberg (April 14th) or actually sunk (April 15th). I highly recommend t [...]

    Cat Chiappa
    I have always been fascinated by the Titanic and I have read a lot of the literature that has already been published. However, this book provided a fresh new take on some of the stories and is chockful of some really fascinating anecdotal information. It is written in a style that makes it very readable and even if you are a fan who has read a lot, this book is guaranteed to surprise you with some new information. If you have a place in your heart for the Titanic, pick this book up!

    I was hoping for more from this book. Unfortunately Wilson only related what happened to Lady Astor after losing her husband in the sinking and a couple other passengers. It just wasn't very interesting. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Brent Burch
    This was a terrific read. Most stories of the Titanic disaster have the survivors reaching New York, and then that's it. It's quite sad how this one event cast a shadow of just about all who survived her. Recommended.

    This took me a LONG time to read. It didn't hold my interest. I thought some of the survivor stories were interesting. I just wasn't a fan of his writing. It felt choppy.

    Sarah Mackey
    Good but not great. More about the lives of the few steerage passengers would have been a positive addition.


    Libbet Bradstreet
    A really beautifully-written exploration of survivors guilt. Some others have complained of the psychoanalyst angle taken by Andrew Wilson, but I found it particularly intriguing. A lot of the character narratives are speculative, of course--no one will ever know or be able to discern precisely what is was like to have survived this disaster--but I think that Wilson comes as near as possible. The book starts with a very apt analogy. A common thread among survivor narratives was traumatizing reme [...]

    I originally picked this book up at my local library, excited to start reading these "extraordinary" stories. It was . . . not quite as extraordinary as I'd hoped it would be. The author's romanticizing of the event tiring; it was as if he was writing his own work of fiction, rather than writing about the lives of actual people. His constant criticizing of the way people aboard the Titanic, both those who survived and those who did not, behaved during and after the disaster was ridiculous and un [...]

    Mike Shoop
    Very readable, well researched account relating the stories of some of the survivors of the sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912. More celebrated characters, like Madeleine Force Astor, Lady Duff Gordon, and J. Bruce Ismay, may be familiar to most, but the author includes some not so well known: actress Dorothy Gibson, theater producer Renee Harris, Philadelphia teen Jack Thayer, newlyweds Helen and Dickinson Bishop, Robert Williams Daniel (from Richmond, Va.!), and the two kidnapped Navrati [...]

    This book could be called "The Titanic - what happened afterwards". It tells the stories of some of the survivors of the disaster and how their lives were affected by the sinking of Titanic. There's a varied set of accounts here, though unsurprisingly most of the stories told are of those who were in 1st class. This is an interesting book. For some people the disaster broke them and they never recovered. They were the walking wounded or dead. Some tried to put it behind them and make a life free [...]

    Stephanie Leonard-Gries
    I've been a huge fan of the Titanic since I was younger (totally guilty of becoming fascinated with the Titanic after James Cameron's movie in 1997). I've read historical and fact books about this ship but never complete stories from the survivors. I was blown away, left in awe, and sometimes I had tears in my eyes. It's easy to view the Titanic as this story that you feel captivated by but you can forget that this seriously impacted people's lives in ways that some wish we didn't talk about the [...]

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