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  • Title: The Fallible Fiend
  • Author: L. Sprague de Camp
  • ISBN: 9780786246625
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover

  • He looked like a cross between a dragon and a catfish, and he could bend iron bars into pretzels with a flick of his hand But what Zdim the mild mannered demon really was, was a scholar of logic and philosophy That s why when Zdim was drafted for a year s servitude on the mortal plane, he felt that a monumental administrative error had been made And even though Zdim resHe looked like a cross between a dragon and a catfish, and he could bend iron bars into pretzels with a flick of his hand But what Zdim the mild mannered demon really was, was a scholar of logic and philosophy That s why when Zdim was drafted for a year s servitude on the mortal plane, he felt that a monumental administrative error had been made And even though Zdim resolved to be absolutely obedient and to do exactly what he was told, the wizard who employed him soon agreed However, being a demon of no small intelligence, Zdim perserveres against all odds not to mention against cavedwellers who freeze him stiff and nomads who behead ambassadors just for fun to save his adopted city from invading cannibals.
    L. Sprague de Camp
    Lyon Sprague de Camp, Pseudonym Lyman R Lyon was an American science fiction and fantasy author and biographer In a writing career spanning fifty years he wrote over one hundred books, including novels and notable works of nonfiction, such as biographies of other important fantasy authors.He was widely regarded as an imaginative and innovative writer and was an important figure in the heyday of science fiction, from the late 1930 s through the late 1940 s.


    L Sprague De Camp will never go down in history as a literary great, but he's never written a boring novel either, and hardly ever one that wasn't damn good fun. The Fallible Fiend is one of his best standalone works, a satirical swashbuckler with a plane-walking demon as the main character. De Camp's on top form here; the plot flies along, the laughs come thick and fast. The characters, a rumbustious procession of rogues and grotesques, never fail to entertain. De Camp also has room to squeeze [...]

    DNF with Jack Mack
    Hard to imagine this ever being a current fiction offering (in 1973.) It's an okay romp, but the language is self-indulgent, which means, unnecessarily tedious in emulating an Olde English style. I gave up on page seventy and read the ending, my guess is it lacks tension and has very little rising action. Once you've figured out the plot pattern it doesn't improve much. If I screwed up by DNfing this let me know.

    L. Sprague De Camp is famous for his numerous light fantasy novels. They are sort of the potato chips of fantasy lit, tasty but not particularly filling. This is one of his lesser works. It is told from the viewpoint of a "fiend" summoned to an Conan-esque world. The gimmick is that fiends aren't evil demons, but beings from a metal-poor alternate reality who are leased into temporary service in exchange for iron. This particular fiend is a philosopher in his own reality. The mild humor of the b [...]

    Peter Tillman
    An entertaining short novel of humorous fantasy that was just what I was looking for: light reading after a bad day. This is, to some degree, yard goods, but very nicely done. Here's a quote from near the end:"By herself, Roska sar-Blixens is a grave, reserved lady, of great dignity and presence, even if she be ever changing her mind. Admiral Diodis is gruff, positive and forceful. Both are, one would say, as mature as one would ever expect of a human being. Yet, when together, they seem as full [...]

    A fun read, filled with gleefully obscure terminology and a skewering of fantasy tropes and human foibles. It's become increasingly clear to me that the greatness of The Compleat Enchanter series was due to De Camp, not Fletcher Pratt

    This is a fun, and short, book, that takes the demon’s point of view. Wizards oft complain about the literalness of demons and come up with all sorts of outlandish theories ascribing maliciousness to the demons who so literally take their commands that the commands become worthless. Here we see that from the demon’s side.There is also a definite D&D-ish vibe in the writing, which is not surprising: this doughty author is on the infamous Appendix N. From the kind of humor to the language [...]

    An older, classic fantasy humor book, sort of pre-Pratchett. Zdim the demon is conjured to the swords & sorcery world as an indentured servant to a mage, and promptly begins a long series of goofing up while legitimately trying to follow the strict interpretations of fallible human commands. There's a large-scale city siege and a lot of hacking and slashing (and biting, on the part of Zdim), but the pointy thrust of the book is what nutjobs humans be. Zdim's bewilderment and confusion about [...]

    Decent quality classic fantasy with some interesting additions to the field (and some that were borrowed and extended by D&D), especially when you put them in temporal context. However, it shows its age with respect to the use of offensive cultural tropes.

    Stuff I Read – The Fallible Fiend by L Sprague de Camp ReviewSo kind of cheating here, because I was supposed to be reading Ursula K LeGuin’s Left Hand of Darkness next as part of my continuing efforts to read more female writers, but I got this book for Halloween and it’s very short and looked funny and so I’m sorry. In any event, this is (according to the internets) the third book in Camp’s series in Novaria, but really I don’t think it’s much of a proper “series,” as this is [...]

    The Fallible Fiend seems like a good idea for a novel. Instead of wizards, witches and humans telling us how awful and dangerous demons are, this is life from a demon's point of view. However, demon Zdim is a literal chap and demon or not, people who take things literally can lead to hilarious consequences. Unfortunately, the writing reflects a time when racism and sexism were acceptable. It denigrates black people and refers to rape in terms where it is not quite so bad. Demon Zdim observations [...]

    Originally posted at furiouslyeclectic/novaThe odd story of an indentured demon that reminded me a bit of Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis). I picked up this little gem in a used book store and immediately fell into it.The first half of this small book is entertaining, darkly comedic, and quick. The voice of the author is fantastic oft using archaic wording. It thickens a little in the middle and muddles around a bit.We get some vague descriptions of the world in a slightly boring section while a pre [...]

    Ann aka Iftcan
    this was a laugh out loud story of a poor fiend who was called up form the netherhells to serve a wizard for a year. The problem is--the fiend has NO understanding of the wizards world and is very literal. For instance, at the very beginning of the story the wizard has to run some errands and commands the fiend to rip apart anyone who enters the wizards home. Unfortunately, he did not specify that that order did NOT include his apprentice, so, yep, you guessed it, the poor fiend ripped the boy t [...]

    A pleasant, light humorous fantasy by L. Sprague de Camp, this is the story of the misadventures of the demon Zdim, a meticulously polite and scrupulous philosopher who is summoned to a standard fantasy world and made to serve an uncomprehending clutch of fantasy trope characters. There are a few un-PC elements.

    Michael Treadway
    This book was mildly amusing, but just didn't stick with me. So much of it was either bad puns or attempted humor gone awry and it just didn't work for me. It's one virtue was that it was very short.

    So this is what passed for humorous fantasy before Terry Pratchett. If it was just not funny, I might have given it two stars, but what with the unabashed racism and "humorous" rape scene, I'd give it 0.5 stars if I could.

    L. Sprague de Camp writes in an engagingly humorous style that rarely disappoints. This title is my favorite of his. The 'fiend' is one of funniest characters I've ever come across in the field of fantasy. I reread this from time to time, as a pick-me-up.

    Pretty enjoyable, although the demon taking everything seriously with humorous consequences got a little tired by the end.

    A classic of the fantasy genre. Well worth reading, even now.

    I really enjoyed this book. than expected. It was playful and clever. It had a more lighthearted tine than most of the stuff I read.

    Lorrie Gipson
    okay, but I don't think I will read any other books by this author

    Mark Lacy
    a demon's exploits; very poor humor, no plot, no characterization, first person narrative by demon, boring

    Worst example of fantasy writing or satire or farce or whatever this book was intended to be I've picked up since L. Ron Hubbard's decology.

    Much better than the other offerings in this setting in my opinion.

    A fast and reasonable funny read.

    A bit of a forced travelogue with the humor not always hitting the mark for me (though I don't know if that says more about me than the book).

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