Best Read [Richard Marcinko] ↠ The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success || [Science Book] PDF ☆

  • Title: The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success
  • Author: Richard Marcinko
  • ISBN: 9780671009939
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Marcinko s phenomenal 1 New York Times bestseller Rogue Warrior chronicled the astounding adventures of his 30 year career as a Navy commando Now, the Rogue Warrior employs his trademark no holds barred style and hard earned know how to spell out a surefire system for winning in any arena.
    Richard Marcinko
    Richard Marcinko is the author of the Rogue Warrior thrillers and is a living, breathing hero honored with the silver star and four bronze stars for valor, along with two Navy Commendation medals and other honors After serving in Vietnam, he went on to start and command SEAL Team 6, the Navy s anti terrorist group, and Red Cell, a high level anti terrorist unit Marcinko keeps his hand in the field as the president of a private international security company and now lives in Warrington, Virginiacmillan author richar

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    Dustin Bartlett
    Some very solid advice for the most part. Makes seem what is in practice quite difficult to do seem very simple. I'd also recommend reading his biography before you read this, changes your perspective on this book quite a bit.

    No-nonsense business advice based on the experience of a Navy Seal leader. Captivating reading for any but the easily offended, who should read it anyway.

    650.1 Strategy to become and stay successful in business - with parallel examples from the military.

    good strategy principles. Marcinko is not a great reader (audiobook version). I would recommend it.

    • Best Read [Richard Marcinko] ↠ The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success || [Science Book] PDF ☆
      445 Richard Marcinko
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