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  • Title: Gorilla Beach
  • Author: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
  • ISBN: 9781451657081
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover

  • When you re this smokin , winning is a shore thing Jersey s sexiest guidettes are back for another scandalous summer at the Shore, and this time, Giovanna Gia Spumanti and Isabella Bella Rizzoli are raising the stakes to find thrills and hot gorillas unemployment, douchebag exes, family drama, and dingy apartment be damned But when the girls unknowingly crossWhen you re this smokin , winning is a shore thing Jersey s sexiest guidettes are back for another scandalous summer at the Shore, and this time, Giovanna Gia Spumanti and Isabella Bella Rizzoli are raising the stakes to find thrills and hot gorillas unemployment, douchebag exes, family drama, and dingy apartment be damned But when the girls unknowingly cross an overprotective mafiosa mama, all bets are off Booted from Seaside Heights for good, the spunky, sequined meatball and her sensitive, quiet cousin are forced to flee to Atlantic City Their escort out of hell is Fredo, a weird and scrawny but hooked up club manager from a prominent family, whose master plan is to pimp out Gia s psychic gifts at the roulette tables Suddenly, it s raining benjamins for the coiffed and tanned threesome Top shelf tequila and seafood dinners are not all they re scoring Bella snags a pale but talented boardwalk artist, Gia hooks up with a high stakes poker hottie, and with Gia s coaching, Fredo just might have a chance at becoming a certified juicehead Or, at least, a gorilla in training But when the casino suspects cheating, the trio is hounded by haters and tricksters determined to sabotage their endless summer With hearts and loot on the line, losing is not a chance the crew can take This time, the house isn t going to win
    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
    A native of Poughkeepsie, NY, Nicole Snooki Polizzi is a reality television hit who comes from a close knit Italian family Fun, outgoing, spontaneous, loving and loud are just a few words that describe this veterinary tech major, whose hobbies include cheerleading, shopping, tanning, working out, and of course always looking good Nicole appeared on MTV s reality show Is She Really Going Out With Him but broke into the spotlight with her trademark poof on MTV s Jersey Shore in December 2009 She helped make Jersey Shore one of the highest rated shows in MTV history, which drew in 5.8 million viewers Nicole has appeared on almost every major talkshow, as well as a few award shows, and is regularly covered by TMZ, The New York Post s Page Six, Perez Hilton, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood.


    Thank goodness for the library so there was no financial output for this book. It is definitely a read at home book as I'd be embarrassed to be seen in public with it. I have to say, however, so far it's more interesting than a lot of the other stinkers I've read lately. Quick easy read.

    I actually loved A Shore Thing and expected something similar with the sequel. This book feels weird right from the beginning. If definitely connects right back to the first book but the new adventures are just way too far-fetched, even for Snooki. After page 200, I prettying couldn't wait for it to be over.

    Danee Douglas
    If you don't take it too seriously, and you're a fan of JS, you'll enjoy it. It was different from the classics I had been reading lately so it was nice to shake things up.

    Read this hours after I finished "A Shore Thing" & I definitely recommend reading the two back to back like that. "Gorilla Beach" is a bit more out there, but still a fun read.

    Kelan O'Brien
    I have read this book before, but I highly recommend this book (and the one before it). Any reader has to go in with the proper expectations and an open mind. But this book has you flipping pages before you've even finished because you have to know what happens next. I actually am really hoping that she releases another book in this series.

    Gorilla Beach wasn't as good as A Shore Thing. I still loved Gia and Bella's adventures but I wasn't completely into the story. It took me only 4 days to complete A Shore Thing but it took me so much longer to complete Gorilla Beach. I think Snooki should end her books thier. Overall it was an OK read.

    Leslie Matey
    If you complain about who wrote the book than why read it? If you get past that, than the book isn't bad. It's a light read; probably a good one for the beach. It holds your attention. Yes, it's just like watching an old episode of the Jersey Shore, but if you watched that than who are you to judge.

    Erin Kelly
    I didn't know Snookie wrote a book let alone three, until I had time to kill at Walmart. It was on clearance for $2.50, so I figured I would see if Snookie really could write. It was a cute book, easy read. It took me about a week to read. The characters remind me of Snookie and Jwow (no surprise there). I will read her other books.

    Fun, silly, summer diversion all the way, with zany antics, unbelievable coincidences, and descriptions of clothes, hair, and tanning aplenty. Surprisingly few sexy fun times!2.5 to 3 stars for summertime hotness, learning new words, nail art, and beeaaach.

    Leave it to Snooki to keep the Seaside Heights party going! Just a continuation of her antics at the Jersey ShoreAgain, any fan of the show basically will see past episodes described in this book, just like the last one!

    do. not. judge. me. for I am already judging myselfd I like itI was looking for a trashy beach read and I found it!

    Kimberly Andersen
    She did it again! Whether or not of what you think about Snooki, this additional book from "A Shore Thing" is just as crazy, funny and lovable. I hope they'll be a 3rd book to this series.

    I loved this book it was so good I wish she would have written a 3rd book I highly recommend this book it was really good and you won't be sorry when you read this book. Go get this book right now

    Thinking I will learn about the show I have never seen. Shall be iteresting

    Debby W
    another cute zany summer read by Snooki.

    I think my brain is fried just from reading I read her first book so I thought it might have gotten better in the 2nd installment Not. So. Much

    Not as good as the first one, but I would welcome a third, as Snooki's storytelling style is lighthearted, funny, and easy summer entertainment.

    i didnt read it yet

    It was a guilty pleasure read! Just something fun and silly to end the summer with!

    This got better corny but cute.

    Danni Nicole
    Don't laugh at me for reading this it was super easy poolside reading that was actually entertaining!

    Ally Cat
    I liked it. It entertained me. Not everything has to be taken so seriously.

    Years ago, I had read her first novel "A Shore Thing." While both her novels are terribly written, I do have to give her props for not having a ghost writer.

    Samantha Pierce
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this book! hope Snooki makes some more!

    If you like Jersey Shore, then you will like Snooki's books. They are really funny with outrageous stories that would only happen in Snooki's mind.

    Michelle (Bookaholic Banter)
    Guilty pleasures of Jersey Shore.

    Michael McEvoy
    This was an enjoyable and humorous read, but I'm giving it 2 stars to maintain my credibility.

    Not as terrible as the first one.

    These books appeal to the hidden Guidette in me. :lol: Just fun, harmless beach reading. Too bad fall is upon us - I could use a dose of the Jersey Shore right now.

    Don't judge me!

    • Best Download [Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi] ↠ Gorilla Beach || [Philosophy Book] PDF ☆
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