Unlimited [Crime Book] ✓ Male Order - by Cassandre Dayne Ï

  • Title: Male Order
  • Author: Cassandre Dayne
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Razer Willis was used to being exploited Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he was close to being broke and homeless but no matter how desperate his situation, he refused to succumb to being yet another boy toy After rejecting sex with a man that could make or break him, Razer buried himself in his paintings for release His lover and besRazer Willis was used to being exploited Forced to work as a model after losing a high paying marketing job, he was close to being broke and homeless but no matter how desperate his situation, he refused to succumb to being yet another boy toy After rejecting sex with a man that could make or break him, Razer buried himself in his paintings for release His lover and best friend knew about the damning secret in his past and became determined to drag him out of his personal hell at the expense of their relationship His lover s gift Membership into an elite club that brought men together for business and pleasure with a contract for life Male Order was discrete, on the up and up and screened their applicants carefully Trenton Masters held ugly secrets of his own In a comforting but loveless relationship, Trenton receives a membership to the most exclusive club in the city Meeting at the club, both Razer and Trenton quickly embark into a passionate relationship exploring domination and submission only to have their damaging pasts force them to face reality Finally uncovering the truths, both men felt a heightened level of betrayal yet there was something else pulsing just under the surface feelings of real love for the first time since their private monsters kept them captive As their respective pasts slam into their comfortable lives, can two men forgive the demons that dragged them into hell or will they lose their only means of salvation
    Cassandre Dayne
    Cassandre Dayne is the award winning, bestselling author of over 200 novels and stories in several genres including BDSM, spanking stories, LGBT, D s, dark pararnormal and romance Her pieces are called edgy and terrifying as well as thought provoking and sensual She s also the radio host of The Edge, a blog talk radio show highlighting artists who take their work to the edge.You can find her works on , Barnes and Noble and iTunes Her upcoming series Texas Oil will be released from Blushing Books later this year She resides somewhere in Virginia with her husband and two special golden retrievers, MacGyver and Indiana Jones When she s not writing, you ll find her enjoying a glass of wine, listening to metal music and enjoying the outdoors.You can find her at Facebook facebook Cassandre Da author cassandredayne Bookbub bookbub authors cassandre Blog cassandredayne.wordpresstwitter twitter cassandredayne Pinterest pinterest cassandredayne

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    Plot all over the place, seriously lacks credibility, poor editing.

    Lexi Ander
    Razer Willis has been out of work for almost a year and works as a sometimes model to keep a float until he is black listed by a prominent photographer after Razor refusing sexual advances. (view spoiler)[It bugged me that he was supposed to be modeling for a vodka ad but he was naked with close up of his privates. Later on we learn that his modeling was on legitimate magazine covers so the nudes with erection made no sense. (hide spoiler)] Razer is in a relationship with his best friend, Blake [...]

    ~Mindy Lynn~
    FREEBIE 8/11/17

    First, I want to say that the blurb is a bit misleading, in terms of who all the players are and what their relationship is to each other. You have Razor who needs and craves a BDSM lifestyle but his best friend and sometimes sleeping partner, Blake, isn't into that. Blake's job is taking him to LA (the story is set in Atlanta) so he buys Razor a gift of a boyfriend who participates in the BDSM lifestyle. Then you have Trenton he's in a relationship with Dyson. Trenton's into BDSM but Dyson's no [...]

    Male Order is the story of Razer Willis and Trenton Masters, the side characters consist of Razer’s Best friend Sometime Lover Blake Meyers and Trenton’s Partner Dyson Withers.Both the main characters have a need for a Dom/sub relationship and all that it entails but however have issues concerning the lifestyle that occurred when they were younger. Razer was unemployed and not wanting a handout from Blake. Blake purchases Razer a subscription to Male Order a club that matches people, essenti [...]

    I went into this not really knowing a whole lot because I didn't spend the time reading through the blurb. I just decided to take a chance based on the first few lines. I ended up enjoying my time spent. This was a great story about two people healing from past abuse. What surprised me was how much emotion such a short story could hold. You could see the pain, anger, and fear. I not only loved the main characters, I really loved the side characters. They were necessary for this story and I don't [...]

    I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Razer Willis and Trenton Masters meet through Male Order. One a Dom and one a Sub, but neither playing in the life because of past trauma. Each one's dearest friend sets him up with Male Order to find someone to love and bind them for life. BDSM is what the story is about, but there is no play in the story, just memories. This is a love story. Good read.

    Interesting relationship, but a bit choppy writingI liked the development of both Trenton and Razor's characters and I liked both Dyson and Blake as supporting characters. But the narrative itself felt choppy in places and got a bit hard to follow. I would have liked for Trenton and Razor to have had more time together to bond and trust one another on the page, rather than having the story skip over that time.

    Katy Beth Mckee
    As this story opens you feel like maybe you've landed in the world of shallow men. But as they story progresses you begin to see that there is much more to those men. They both have dark pasts and each wants to protect the other from their past. Together Razer and Trenton each have the power to bring healing and overcome fear.

    Thomaidha Papa
    There are times where I come across a book that I really don’t like and I find it hard to review. After all it is not easy saying the why’s and the how’s when it comes to dislikes. I will however try to convey how I felt reading this book and why I didn’t liked it with outmost honestySo let’s start with the plot, the story if you will. We have Razer, who has a very abusive past, demons he keeps locked in the deepest part of his soul, yet they control his every aspect of life. He is inc [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    I'm REALLY giving this a 3.5, but my 3.5 is closer to a 4 than a 3. It would've been a 4 but I needed to see more of Trenton and Razer together, alot of the book is setting up the meeting between Trenton and Razer, and in it you get to meet both of their best friends, Dyson and Blake (who are both story worthy also). I do have to admit I'm a newbie in the M/M world. I'm not really qualified to do an educated review, only say what I felt. PLUS this is a novella so I do realize there cannot be alo [...]

    I'm not sure how to rate this1.5 I guess. It wasn't the worst book I've ever read. It started out quite well and then it just got muddled. I've read plenty of short stories that were better told than this one. The storyline was too complex for such a short story. Instead of introducing such controversial subjects, it should have been kept more basic, instead it reaches a level of unbelievability, dealing with: private illegal sex "clubs"; other sex clubs; slavery; abuse; online dating services t [...]

    What doesn't work for me:-Model almost naked but is 37 years.-Pose with close up of his erection.r an ad publish in a magazine.-He is 37 years and can live of his art. The're only one conclusion for me. -His past relation and the other point would have been credible at 25 years.-Too much sex.-Trenton has a alcoholic problem. -Lots of faults. (For that it's bother ME)-Nothing in this story is credible.-No BDSM. -One random threesome scene. The only good point:-I wanted them to have their happy en [...]

    This book was okay. I believe it had the potential to be very good had the story been presented differently.

    No longer interested in this author.

    Becky Condit
    I enjoyed the book and think if it had been a little bit longer I would have enjoyed it even more.Please see my full review at wtfbookreviews

    • Unlimited [Crime Book] ✓ Male Order - by Cassandre Dayne Ï
      282 Cassandre Dayne
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