Best Read [Elizabeth Madox Roberts] ¼ Under the Tree (Barnes & Noble Digital Library) || [Horror Book] PDF ✓

  • Title: Under the Tree (Barnes & Noble Digital Library)
  • Author: Elizabeth Madox Roberts
  • ISBN: 9781411451773
  • Page: 203
  • Format: ebook

  • This well received 1922 collection of poems launched Roberts s literary career Many of the poems charmingly recreate the world of childhood in much the manner of Robert Louis Stevenson s A Child s Garden of Verses Poems include, Mumps, Milking Time, Big Brother, and The Pulpit.
    Elizabeth Madox Roberts
    1881 1941

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    Perry Whitford
    Rural poems of the American South, written with such childishly simple perceptions, meters and rhythms that it is impossible to believe that they were written by an adult, though the author was forty years of age when they were published.Don't mistake the simplicity for a lack of quality though. The collection is actually something of a small delight, even if each of the poems could have been written on the back of a postage stamp after no more than a few minute's thought. Their guileless lack o [...]

    Simple little poems from a Kentucky native. Nothing too deep, but I was intrigued by how they reflect the local culture even now (especially the bit about the nuns ;)

    Sherry Chandler
    My review is here.

    Jane Dionne
    One of the best collection of poems Enjoyed by all ages Not just children !!!

    • Best Read [Elizabeth Madox Roberts] ¼ Under the Tree (Barnes & Noble Digital Library) || [Horror Book] PDF ✓
      203 Elizabeth Madox Roberts
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